Contradictions in Our Society

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					                          Contradictions in Our Society
At times, you can judge that people pay attention to your whispering for no reason. They just consider
that you might be talking about them but in fact, there is nothing as such. You may also consider that
people always interrupt in your conversations from which they have no concerns. They just make a fuss
of little things and criticize the acts of others in a negative aspect. These prevailing contradictions in our
society are against the teachings of Islam. Islam has provided a complete platform to us for leading our
lives with peace and satisfaction. But we just practice these Islamic rituals just for showing off ourselves
and for making ourselves the most famous personalities of our community. Take an example of our
charities. We just pay thousands of rupees as charities just because we want our name to be included in
the list of famous personalities of our society and not for the sake of Allah’s affection. Why we don’t do
exactly what we have in our minds. We don’t consider our close relatives who actually deserve these
charities. It is said that we should pay to them who never asks for any kind of help but they really
deserve the financial assistance. But the truth is that, we all have grudges in our hearts and that is the
main reason that joint family system is now eliminated from our society. Now we prefer to live
separately from our parent and siblings. We are just involved in gathering wealth and money. For more
comprehensive details on this interesting topic of “Contradiction in Our Society”, read the below
content in Urdu.

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