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					                           Pros and Cons of Facebook
Facebook is the most popular social network website in the world having 7.5 billion users all over the
globe. Social network website is a website which provides you a platform to communicate and be
informed about the daily lives of your friends and family. Here you can share your picture and place your
comments on any topic as well. All things have advantages and disadvantages and Facebook is no
exception to this criteria. We will be discussing the pros and cons of Facebook in the next paragraphs.

Advantages of Facebook:

First of all you have to create your own account on Facebook website. Then you add your friends, family
and coworkers in that account. You can also make relations with people from whom you do not have
any kind of recognition. On Facebook, you can also make new friends. Wherever you are in the world,
you can easily share your pictures and videos with your friends and family through Facebook. Many
popular advertising campaigns assist greatly in the promotion of your business or any kind of product or
service. Along with entertainment, it has become a central point for the business class community.

Disadvantages of Facebook:

When you create your own page on Facebook, not only your friends send you requests but also
thousands of other users try to communicate with you. To be undisturbed, you have to hide your
identity from all other users except your friends and family. The wrong people can use your pictures and
the information about you for false purposes. Your friends can tag your name on other pictures and they
can tag on your pictures as well, which could be traumatic for you. Therefore, if you think about the
disadvantages only, there are many to state that can force you to terminate your Facebook account.

The only thing you should consider is to be careful while surfing on the Facebook. You can also concern
the Facebook pros and cons in Urdu, under this content.

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