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									                                             KERALA PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION                                                   W1000009
                                                     ADMISSION TICKET (Provisional)

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 Name of Post         : STAFF NURSE GRADE II                                                            Scale of Pay      : 7480 - 11910
 Department           : HEALTH SERVICES                                                                 District          : WAYANAD
 Category             : 201/2010

 Name of Candidate       : RUKKU RADHAKRISHNAN
 Address                 : PARAMBIL (H), MEENAMKOLLY
                             PULPALLY P O, WAYANAD, 673579

                                                        DETAILS OF EXAMINATION
 Register Number         :   W 101161
 Date & Time of Exam     : 21/05/2011                                     (From 11:00 am To 12:15 pm)
 Examination Centre      : G H S S KANIAMBETTA, KANIAMBETTA, WAYANAD, ,, ,

 Type of Examination     : Objective Type (OMR Valuation)

                             OF QUESTIONS - ENGLISH ) , . ,

Candidates should fill in the Identification Certificate and affix their photograph as specified in the instruction (Item 3) and put their signature
as specified in the instruction (Item 4).

                                                                                             Kerala Public Service Commission
 Attention: Candidates should occupy their seats allotted in the Examination Centre half an hour before the commencement of

                                                      Instructions to the Candidate
                                          (Instructions in Malayalam Language are posted in the website)

  1   Candidates shall occupy the seats allotted to them in the examination centre, half an hour prior to the commencement of examinations,
      for verification of their identity.
  2   Candidates shall produce a photo affixed Identity Proof in original and a self-attested copy of the same to prove their identity. [Voters ID
      (issued by Election Commission), Driving License, Passport, Identity cards issued by Social Welfare Department to physically
      handicapped persons, photo affixed Passbooks issued by Nationalized Banks, PAN Card, identity cards issued to government
      employees by the departments/institutions concerned will be accepted in this regard]. Candidates should also enter their Register
      number on the copy of Identity Proof
      Candidates who fail to produce identity proof and its self-attested copy will not be permitted to attend the examination.
      Candidates should not bring with them any electronic/communication device such as Mobile Phone, Digital Diary etc. in the
      examination centre.

  3   Candidates should enter their name, address, register number and other relevant details in the space provided in the identification
      certificate. They should also affix their passport size photograph (colour or black & white) taken within the last six months in the space
      provided for. The photograph should be 4.5 cms x 3.5 cms in size. Face and shoulders should be clear, background should be white or
      light colored. Image should be front facing with face centrally focused and eyes open. Photographs which are not in passport size, which
      are not recognizable and clear, with side view of the face etc. should not be affixed in the Identification Certificate
      The candidates who produce Identification Certificate without affixing photograph or affixing a photograph not in the
      prescribed size and format will not be permitted to attend the examination..

  4   Candidates should put their signature in the presence of the Assistant Superintendent, beneath the declaration in the Identification
      Certificate and also on the photograph affixed to the Identification Certificate in such a way that part of the signature is on the
      photograph and the other part on paper. They should also put their signature against their name in the address list provided in the
      examination hall.
  5   Candidates should enter their register number and date of birth in the appropriate boxes in part A of the OMR sheet and darken the
      relevant bubbles. The name and date of the examination should also be entered in the appropriate places. The candidate should darken
      the appropriate bubble pertaining to alpha code in the Question Booklet, in part B of the OMR Answer Sheet. They should ensure that
      the alpha code entered in the OMR Answer Sheet is the same as the one in Question Booklet. Answers are to be marked in part B of
      the OMR Answer Sheet. Only the bubble corresponding to the right answer against each question should be darkened. The bubbles
      should be completely darkened. No other marking should be made anywhere on the answer sheet.

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6   No fresh OMR Answer Sheet / Question Booklet will be supplied for any reason other than printing/manufacturing defect.

7   Candidates should use only Blue/Black ink ball point pen to darken the bubbles in the OMR Sheet.
8  No candidate will be allowed to enter the examination hall after the commencement of the examination nor will he/she be permitted to
   leave the hall until the examination is over.
9 At the end of the test, Part A and Part B of the OMR Answer Sheet should be separated along the perforated line and both
   parts should be handed over to the Assistant Superintendent in the examination hall itself. Part A and Part B of the OMR
   Answer Sheet should not be separated before the examination is over. No candidate shall leave the examination hall without
   handing over the both parts of the OMR Answer Sheet.
10 Candidates who misbehave with the officials engaged in examination duty and those who commit any sort of malpractices or resort to
   unfair means in the examination will be expelled from the examination hall.
   The answer scripts of the candidates who violate the above instructions will be invalidated and legal action will be taken
   against them.
11 The candidates who are eligible for Travel Allowance should get attendance certificate from the Chief Superintendent on the day of the
   examination itself.
12 No change of examination centre will be allowed under any circumstances.
13 Candidates are admitted provisionally for the examination, as detailed scrutiny of the applications has not been completed. If any
   discrepancy in the applications is found on detailed scrutiny, such applications will be rejected.
14 If the examination is postponed due to any reason whatsoever, the new date will be notified in print and visual media and the
   website of the Commission ( . No individual communication will be issued to candidates in this regard.
   Candidates should produce the same admission tickets for the examination on the new date.


1   Candidates shall occupy the seats allotted to them in the examination centre 30 minutes before the commencement of the test.

2   The only materials allowed inside the examination hall are the admission ticket, identification certificate, Identity proof and copy there of,
    ball-point pen with blue or black ink and writing board.
3   OMR answer sheets which can be evaluated using an Optical Mark Reader (OMR) will be supplied for the test.

4   Fresh OMR sheet/question booklet will not be supplied for any reason except printing/manufacturing defect of some kind.

5   Avoid perforation, dampening or soiling of the answer sheet.

6   Read the instructions on the reverse of the OMR sheet. Do not tamper with the barcode in the centre of the OMR answer sheet or your
    answer sheet will be invalidated.
7   Part A of the answer sheet is for entry of register number, date of birth, name of post and date of test and Part B is for marking answers.

8   In the column provided in Part A for register number, write your register number in the boxes and fully darken the corresponding
    bubbles. In the case of common test for two or more posts, write your register numbers and darken the bubbles in separate columns
    provided for the purpose. The English alphabet prefixed to the Register Number should be entered in the separate box provided.

9   Errors in marking entries in Part A of the answer sheet will lead to invalidation; fresh OMR sheet will not be supplied.

10 In the column provided in Part A for date of birth, write your date of birth in the boxes and fully darken the corresponding
   bubbles provided.
11 Your question booklet alpha code(A/B/C/D) will be marked next to your register number on your seat. Ensure that you receive the
   question booklet having the alpha code allotted to you.
12 In Part B, darken completely the bubble corresponding to the alpha code of the question booklet you received.

13 The answer script will be invalidated if the alpha code bubble is not darkened or partially darkened. The candidate is entirely responsible
   for the same.
14 In Part B, for each question, darken only the bubble corresponding to the right answer. E.g. If the right answer is C
   A B ~ D
15 Each correct answer will fetch 1 marks. Each wrong answer will lose 1/3 mark (negative mark).

16 Marking more than one answer or making alterations after marking an answer will result in negative marks.

17 Use the blank sheet at the end of the question booklet in order to make calculations, if any – do not use the answer sheet.

18 No candidate will be permitted to leave the examination hall until the examination is over.

19 After the time allotted for the test is over, separate Part A and Part B of the answer sheet along the dotted line and hand over both
   parts to the Assistant Superintendent. Failure to do so will result in invalidation.
20 A specimen OMR sheet illustrating items 8, 10 and 12 above is given for your assistance.

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                                                                            Sample of OMR Answer Script

  ............................................................................................Cut Here.........................................................................................
                      KERALA PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION                                                                                                         W1000009
                                 IDENTIFICATION CERTIFICATE
Name of Post              : STAFF NURSE GRADE II                                                                                   Category           :   201/2010
Department                : HEALTH SERVICES                                                                                        District           :   WAYANAD
Register Number                    : W 101161

Date of Test                       :

Exam Centre                        :

Name of Candidate                  :
Address                            :

I hereby declare that all the particulars furnished above are true and that the
                                                                                                                                              Affix here your passport
photograph affixed in this identification certificate is of me, taken within six months                                                       size (4.5cm X 3.5cm)
and it is me who has signed on the photograph and that I have carefully read all                                                              photograph taken within
the relevant instructions posted in the website.                                                                                              six months and sign on
                                                                                                                                              it in the presence of the
                                                                                                                                              A s s i s t a n t
Place                                                                                                                                         Superintendent.
                                                  Signature &
Date                                              Name of the Candidate

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