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Online Mental Health Counseling Courses


There have been a number of different health care reforms proposed during the Obama administration. The first of these reform proposals to be passed by the United States Congress is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which originated in the Senate and was later passed by the House of Representatives in amended form on March 21, 2010 (with a vote of 219212).President Obama signed the reforms into law on March 23, 2010

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									Have you ever heard of online mental health counseling courses? With this
article you can remind yourself about it peculiarities:

Ethics and Legal Issues in Counseling Course:

There is explanation of basics of mental health and professional
counseling in this type of course. There are some topics in this type of
course which include such subjects as general trends in mental health and
professional counseling, the role of counselor in social and cultural
settings, client advocacy and counselor, the general professional
standards of ethics, and philosophy and history of mental health

Mental Health Counseling - Introduction Course:

Theories, philosophy and history, with a backward of the professional
issues, credentials and the actual practice are the main principles of
mental health that students learn during this course.

Substance Abuse Counseling Course:

During this course students are concentrated on psychological aspects of
addictions that mainly include greater dependence on prescription
medications, alcohol and illegal substances, with discussion of current
research. The peculiarity of this course is different methods of
diagloses which students learn and proper treatment in every single case.

Counseling Skills Course:

The peculiarity of this course is training from different video and
audiotape, role-playing methods. Communication, sincerity and empathy
skills which are very important in mental health counseling and the aim
of this course is to develop them.

Professional Counseling Internship Course:

This online course can be considered as completion of all others programs
of mental health counseling. Students are trying to find appropriate
settings, finding good treatment centers, community agencies, hospitals
or educational institutions etc.

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