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									Every New Year's eve people create resolutions about getting healthier.
These resolutions typically incorporate things like "I want to lose lots
of weight" or "from now on I'm only eating healthy foods." Wanting to
improve your quality of life is a brilliant goal. The basic truth of the
matter is there are not many people who don't need to make improvements
to their health. At the same time, it is easy to get very gung ho when it
comes to New Year's resolutions. Sadly, most of the people lost their
resolution enthusiasm before spring sets in because they try to do too
much too soon.

 So how do you make the investment to getting healthy without going
overboard? There are a couple of possibilities here. The first says to go
slowly and produce small goals for yourself. The other school of thought
says to think big and long-run and then prepare your route. Both schools
are beneficial approaches to getting healthy and realizing your
resolutions. More significantly, if you think about the larger picture it
is easy to break that picture down into a number of littler pixels that
you can accomplish in order. Here are several good examples.

 If you want to drop fifty pounds by 2012, that breaks down to committing
to drop 4.17 pounds per month, or a pound per week. That then breaks down
to somewhat more than a single pound per week. That's manageable. Simply
cutting the soft drinks out of your diet is enough to help you get there.
Obviously just cutting out soda won't be enough to reach the fifty pounds
lost goal, but it will help you build momentum as you learn approaches to
keep off the pounds you shed each week.

 If you are interested in animal rights and would like to grow to be a
vegan, don't go vegan overnight. Your health will suffer, you'll
experience withdrawals and you'll feel so awful that it will be
incredibly difficult for you to stick to your new food commitment. Start
out simply by eliminating one type of meat. And subsequently, after two
or three weeks, cut out another type of meat. After you've ceased feeding
on all of the important kinds of meat, work on cutting out the dairy
products. Once you've overcome your dependence on dairy you can start
looking for small ingredients in bigger foods which might be animal based
(like the gelatin in jello, for example). This will help you learn what
to look for on ingredients labels over a longer period of time (which can
help you commit things to memory) and figure out what new things you can
eat to make up for the foods that you've cut out.

 There are lots of ways to get healthy over the year. New Year's
resolutions certainly are a great way to get motivation in the beginning.
Small goals to meet over the course of the year is how you will stay
motivated past the usual resolution drop date.

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