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Specimen of Recommendation letter


									Specimen of Recommendation letter
                              STANDARD AUTOMOBILES LTD.
                                  25 Tejgoan Road, Dhaka
10th April, 2012
Human Resources Division
Agro Bangladesh Ltd.
Gajipur, Dhaka

Dear sir,
Ref: Application of Mr. Sabbir Ahmed

Many thanks for your letter of 5th April 2012. I am glad to know that Mr. Sabbir Ahmed is being
considered or a position that suits his qualification and experience.
As asked for I am giving below the necessary information about Mr. Sabbir Ahmed

    1. Mr. Sabbir Ahmed has been working in our concern since 1990. He joined us as a junior
       accountant and is now working as Chef Accountant.

    2. I am confident that he can successfully works as and accounts manager of a large
       concern such as yours.

    3. I consider I am capable of liiking after the accounts division independently.

    4. I have no hesitation to say that he is honest, reliable and punctual. He is efficient and
       maintains good relation with his co-workers.

    5. He has the ability to supervise the staff successfully. He is an enthusiastic Youngman
       with initiative to raise higher positions.

The high qualifications and proficiency that Mr. Sabbir Ahmed possesses in accounts work him
worthy of a job prospect which medium sized concern as ours con is offer.
I have best regard for Mr. Sabir Ahmed and hope that he will be joining you. I am sure that both
you and Mr. Sabbir Ahmed will be befitted by this association.
Yours Truly

Naheed Imani
Personnel Manager,
Standard Automobiles Ltd.

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