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									Eel Fish

I had a friend named shahid. He was a man of Satkhira, a district-town of Bangladesh. He was
one of my class-mates and there was much intimacy between us. He often invited me to visit his
house in his native village but due to various reasons it was not executed on my part. One day
such a situation was created that I couldn't refuse his invitation. I went to his house along with
him. It was a journey of two and a half hours by bus and it was much enjoyable.

I used to live in urban area. My life became much monotonous in the environment of machine
like urban life. So I was much happy to visit village after many years. The village was quiet,
tree-shaded, free from urban-noises and resounded with birds chatterings. All these attracted
my mind and made me free from urban monotony. Seeing the perpetual sceneries of
Bangladesh, smelling the eternal smell of the soil and coming in contact with simple men of the
village my heart became full of joys.

Coming to my friend’s house I was introduced with his family members and neighbours. All're
happy to meet with me. The mother of my friend took much care of me and fed me with various
delicious foods. I became highly satisfied to take tasteful cake, curd, cheese, etc., made by her.
My friend said to me, “My friend, let us go to our farm. We'll catch fishes. You'll see how many
kinds of fishes would have been caught by the net.” We went to their farm. There're two types of
fish-fields. One was marsh of saline water where mainly shrimps're cultivated and other was
shallow ponds where various types of fresh water fishes're cultivated. My friend took an
arrangement to catch fishes from fresh-water shallow pond by net. A plenty of various typs of
fishes like trout, carp, fry, etc. were caught. I became very glad to see the jumpings of alive
fishes immediately after catching.

After catching fish a flock of young boys're gathered to catch fish by hands. They're searching
fishes in the mud. They turned the pond muddy. Some of them got fishes. One of them caught a
eel fish. The body of the eel fish was some what like snake. Its body was so oily and slippery
that though it used to live in mud yet mud couldn't adhere. What an astonishing matter which
led me to think deeply.

We returned from their farm at noon and took our lunch. They intertained me heartedly and
arranged various rich foods for me. Talking about our past memorable events we spent the

Eel Fish

whole day. They didn't permit me to back in that day. Due to their worm entertainment I thought
that if I could stay some more days it would be more enjoyable for me but I had no opportunity
to stay as I was an employee. I had no leave. So I had to return back to town next day with their
permission. The memory of the day remained in my life as a sweet memory.

Now when I think alone the memory of that day comes to my mind and the picture of the eel-fish
comes to my inner eye. I realise there're some noble men in the world who’re just like the
eel-fishes. Though they live in the society yet the evil matters of the society can't adhere them.
Doing good and honest deeds they convert their souls so plain and transparent that bad things
of the society can't touch them. So I would like to cite the example of eel fish to interpret their

I remembered the tales of two persian saints. They're friends of each other. One of them lived in
the west side and other in the east of the river Tigris One of them who lived in the west side
arranged a religious assembly in his hermitage and said to his wife to invite his friend-saint of
opposite side. Taking some bread and fried meet the wife went to invite the friend-saint It was
deep night. Finding no boat on the ferry she returned back and informed the matter to her
husband. The husband said to her, "Again you go to the ferry and say to the river-- Oh river,
give me a way to cross you for the sac of the man who’ve never done any sexual meet with his
wife.” The wife did that and got a way to cross the river. Arriveing the other side of the river the
wife met with the friend saint, fed him bread and fried meat and invited him to join the religious
assembly. The friend saint accepted the invitation and ate the bread with fried meat. At the time
of return the wife faced the same problem as before. She returned to the friend saint and
informed the matter. The friend saint said to her, "Please again go to the ferry and say to the
river, "Oh river, give me a way to cross you for the sac of the man who’ve never eaten any food"
The wife did that and got a way to cross the river and returned to her house. The wife clearly
understood that she could cross the river at so deep night only due to good wishes of the two

Return to her own house the wife thought that both of the two saints told her lie. She asked her
husband for the explanation. Her husband replied, "I'll give you the answer in the proper time
but you'll have to do a job." His wife asked "What I have to do?" Her husband said to her, "At
the time of assembly you'll have to stand in the centre of the assembly with a full-cup of milk in
your hand and you have to be much cautious lest a single drop of milk might be droped.” The
wife did the job as per her husband’s word.

Eel Fish

In the fixed date the religious assembly was started. Worship to the Almighty, valuable
discussions and singing of religious songs were dedicated. The assembly was continued
throught the whole night. In the dawn the respected guests were permitted to go to their own
destinations. Still then the wife remained herself standing with the cup of milk. Her husband
called her and asked, "Tell me what're songs have been sang, what’re the discussions’re
discussed and what type of worships’re dedicated in the assembly?" The wife replied, " I don't
know." The husband asked her, "You remained yourself standing in the middle of the assembly
all throughout the night. Why are you not able to answer the matters?'' The wife replied, “I
devoted my whole attention so keenly in keeping the cup of milk undisturbed that I couldn't
know anything what was happened in the assembly”. Then her husband said to her. "Remaining
in the middle of the assembly as you know nothing about the assembly similarly though we live
in the earthly lives yet we don't take the taste of these lives. We always remain connected with
the divine power and the eternal spiritual lives. For that reason both of we opined so. Do you
understand the matter?" The wife said, "Yes, now it is clear to me the mystery"

When I remain alone in a meditative mood the picture of that eel-fish comes to the screen of my
mind and I think that there're few men in the world who're perfect and though they live in muddy
society yet the grey clay can't adhere their hearts. They're really just like eel fishes. My mind
says if I would be a real spiritual eel fish then my life will be a perfect one.


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