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									Creation and Destruction

It was a hot noon of a summer. There was no sufficient wind. Sultry weather. In addition load
sheding of electricity was in action. That's the lives came into lips. I tried to take rest in my bed
after having my lunch but I didn't indulge myself into sleep. I began to go through the
magazines. The day advanced to after-noon. I rememberd that I had to go to khalishpur to meet
a man named Mr. Biddute. The word “Biddute” means the electricity. I went out from my house.

I reached khalishpur by taxi within twenty-five minutes. I walked for a little to reach the house of
Mr. Biddute. I became disheartened because I couldn't meet with him. He went out for a picee
of business. His wife requested me to wait for him but I didn't agree and said to her, “I'll come
next-day” I took permission and began to walk in the street again.

I was walking in the street. I had to go to the taxi-stand to return khulna. Suddenly I looked black
cloud in the east-north corner. I became afraid thinking it was a signal of a storm. Exactly it was
happended as per my calculation A storm was started within short time. Sand-dust
overwhelmed the locality. My mouth and eyes became full of dust. I took a shelter in a small
Shop. Rain was started with the strong wind. The storm became furious. My Chest was
frequently vibrating with the roaring sound of the thunders. I became much afraid. Suddenly I
became puzzled with a tremendous sound of a thunder. Perhaps it hit very near to my location.
Fury of the storm was continued for half an hour. Then the environment gradually became quiet.
I went out from the shop.

Again I was in the street. It was raining in small drops. Dark overwhelmed every where. There
was no electricity. The town became massacred. Torn electric wires're found here and there. I
went there to meet Mr. Bidduyte but I had to meet with Mr. Thunder-storm which made me
forgetful to meet further with Mr. Bidduyte. Being Throughly wet I reached the taxi-stand. There
were a few taxi but none would go to khulna because there were no considerable numbers of
passengers. So there was no alternative except waiting. After sometime considerable numbers
of passengers gatherd and I could return to khulna.

To reach our house I had to walk for a little. I remembered the massacre by the storm. After that
the nature became calm and quiet. The disordered town became some how innert. A little
before the nature was how much furious but after then its fury had been disolved by the rain
water. I felt cold. I entered into our dark house with wet dress.

Creation and Destruction

My wife inflamed a candle. Seeing me in such a condition she asked, "Why would you not get
any shelter. You're thoroughly wet" I answered, “ At the time of storm I had taken a shelter in a
shop but I became wet when I was advancing towords taxi-stand.” My wife said "Change your
dress quickly. Cold may attack you" I changed my dress rapidly and sat on a sofa. My wife gave
me a cup of tea and said "Take a cup of tea. You'll feel comfort." I took the tea and felt comfort.

I was seated on the sofa. Various thinkings're revolving in my mind. I thought that the Almighty
sometimes becomes furious and does massacre. Thunderbolt is just like his whipping. As it
were it is his rule to the nature. His fury gradually becomes reduced. The nature becomes quiet.
When children commit wrong, their parents rule them. Just like this the Almighty rules the
mankind through natural calamities. The fury of the Almighty doesn't exsist for a long time. The
Almighty is our benefactor. He is merciful. So he becomes kind and gracious.

Due to storm electric wires're torn here and there in the city. For that reason electric supply was
discontinuous. Temperature of the night became less to some extent due to rain. So we felt no
discomfort and slept plainly. I went for a walk early in the next morning.

I saw the city massacred by the storm. Torn branches of the tree, dead crows were found in the
roads. The dimension of the destruction was still then not estimated. I knew the matter in the
newspaper in the next morning.

I was walking in the street. A thinking was created in my mind. I felt that the morning was a new
morning after a destruction. The nature would be as usual soon. It was an eternal play of
creation and destruction by the Almighty. The Almighty is kind and gracious but sometimes he is
much furious also. I remembered a renowned song of our national poet Kazi Nazurl Islam.

You're a giant baby,

Playing with nature listlessly.

Destructions and creations're just

Creation and Destruction

Like your playing with dolls.

Lonely, My lord, lonely.

In the infinite space

You're playing your pleasure-games

Of creations and destructions with

Frequent changes of your principles.

Lonely, My Lord, Lonely.

Stars, sun and moon are

Just like your toys

Oh! Melancholy,

All these're sheded

Creation and Destruction

In your red feet

You're eternal melancholy,

Your're unchanged

In sorrow and pleasure.

Your're loughing and playing

In yourself lonely.

Lonely, My lord, Lonely.

(Original in Bengali)

When I was at the bottom of the thinking-atlantic I heard a sound "The pleasure games of the
Almighty are the creations and destructions.”


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