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									(Revised Cover Phrasing)

                        COST-EFFECTIVE            RELIABLE         SMART

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                       TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT OUTSOURCING
                               YOUR MAINFRAME …
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                                        With Infocrossing.

                       The Economical Path To Enhanced Productivity

 If you must reduce your data center operating expenses, need to outsource while you are
moving to different technologies, or when heavy information demands require significant
expansion of your environment – it’s time to outsource with Infocrossing. We have the expert
staff, support personnel and sophisticated facilities necessary to ensure your data is in a secure
environment, that your systems are always running, and that your data is always available –
while cutting your operating costs.
 Infocrossing can be your most rewarding business partner, by providing you with a cost
effective competitive edge. Our loyal client base has depended on us for superior outsourcing
solutions for over two decades. That’s because we’re a customer focused service enterprise,
dedicated to heightening company performance with the many advantages we can provide.

                        A Smart Financial Investment In Your Future
 Partnering with Infocrossing gives you a number of financially sound business solutions.
We’ve heightened our economies of scope and scale to offer you economically feasible
mainframe outsourcing solutions that allow you to function better by:
* Budgeting costs more accurately, and fully accounting for all expenses.
* Keeping your data processing costs stable.
* Reducing the risk of investing in short lived hardware and software upgrades.
* Eliminating the tasks of recruiting and training technical personnel, vendor selection, and
 facilities costs and maintenance.
* Freeing up time and capital needed to integrate new technology platforms, and redirecting
 them to your core business.

                 Unmatched Controlled Data Safety For Your Peace Of Mind
  Infocrossing’s “lift and drop” method ensures your applications, communications systems and
processing platforms will not be affected during data migration. We maintain your technical
structure and controlled processes, to minimize the impact on your operations in the short run.
  Infocrossing also employs the software you’re using, to minimize the risk of errors and
downtime. Only minimal training is needed, so there’s no effect on your organization. We can
later make suggestions on how your environment can make better use of these processes, such as
changing software to improve your efficiency.
 With Infocrossing, your data is maintained in a dedicated environment. This ensures your
programs run insulated from those of other customers, so your processing is not slowed down by
their demands when you need timely data. This also prevents unauthorized data access.
 Systems reside on EMC DASDs, and we utilize the latest IBM CMOS processors. Along with
standard tape systems, we use the IBM Virtual Tape Subsystem, one of the most advanced
handling systems available. Infocrossing can also process data in mid-range and server based
system environments within our secure, redundant facility. Our other services include 24 x 7
operations monitoring, production control, scheduling, disaster recovery, systems programming
and more.

                       An Essential In Today’s Volatile Business Markets
 By outsourcing with Infocrossing, you’ll be able to place resources and personnel where they
are needed most. You’ll be much more competitive, since you can serve your client base more
efficiently, with a larger field staff and data that is timely and always available.
 When you choose Infocrossing, you’re interactively connected to a technological leader with a
technical staff and support personnel dedicated to your total satisfaction.
Can your company benefit from such a productive partnership?

To schedule an appointment with an Infocrossing representative, and to enter our drawing, call
1(800)xxx-xxxx, or fill out and return the attached business reply card.


 Yes, I’d like to speak to an Infocrossing representative about mainframe outsourcing. I have
completed the supplied questionnaire, and would like to be entered in your random drawing for a
Palm V organizer without any obligations.
 Please have an Infocrossing representative call me. Best time to call is__________________.
 Please send me more information on mainframe outsourcing.

Questionnaire section:
Is your firm currently outsourcing your mainframe operations? __________________
If you currently outsource, when does your contract expire?___________________________
Have you ever evaluated outsourcing as a solution?   Yes      No
If so, when was the last time you evaluated outsourcing as a solution?___________________

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