Foundation Statement for the Catholic Schools Archdiocese of Seattle by jennyyingdi



                 OUR LADY OF THE LAKE
                    PARISH SCHOOL
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                           3520 NE 89th Street

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                         Seattle, WA. 98115
                      Telephone: (206) 525 9980
                        FAX: (206) 523-2858

Dear Parents and Students:

The following pages help communicate how we can work together to have a school
environment that is safe, organized and respectful. The Family Handbook is
prepared for your use, to help answer questions you will have throughout the year.
Please read it carefully now, and refer to it as needed. It is expected that each person
will make a sincere effort to comply with the School's regulations, and that each
family will support the Catholic nature of the School.

Statements made herein reflect Archdiocesan as well as Our Lady of the Lake Parish
School policy. This handbook should be considered as part of the family
responsibilities at Our Lady of the Lake Parish School. This handbook may be
amended at any time by the school commission and/or school administration. All
changes to the handbook will be communicated to the families through the school’s
family letter.

Not all situations are described nor every question answered. The school
administrators are available to answer questions and anxious to cooperate with you
in any way possible. Please do not hesitate to ask questions and make suggestions as
they occur. You may access the handbook on-line at the school web site –

It is one of the intentions of The School Commission and principal to update policies
as needed and to make these revisions known to parents via the family letter.
Please note that this handbook can be updated or amended at any time.

Thank you for all you do for your children.

Vince McGovern
Our Lady of the Lake Parish School

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The schools of the Archdiocese of Seattle, in communion with the Archbishop, in
collaboration with parents, parish leadership, and the community, and in the service
of teaching Gospel values and the faith of the Catholic Church, educate students in
grades K to12 for leadership and service to the church and society through excellent
religious, academic, and co-curricular programs that strive to be accessible to all.

Through each of their programs, especially religious education, Catholic schools
collaborate with parents as the primary educators of their children in faith, hope, and

          Supported by their parishes and communities, Catholic Schools educate
           the whole person – mind, heart, and spirit – by teaching, modeling, and
           instilling the teachings of the Gospel and of the Catholic faith.

          These teachings, expressed through sacraments, religious traditions, and
           lived example, foster in students an ethical and Christ-like way of life.

          By learning to value this way of life, students grow to respect the intrinsic
           dignity of each person and to serve as leaders in search of a just and
           peaceful society and church.

The Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of Seattle develop the growth of each
student toward his or her full potential by providing high quality instruction in all

          Catholic schools offer programs designed to develop the spiritual,
           academic, artistic, athletic, and leadership potentials of their students.

          Catholic schools encourage and prepare students to attain high standards
           of achievement.

          All schools seek accreditation through an established process of review.

Teachers receive certification from the State of Washington, and teachers of religion
from the Archdiocese of Seattle.
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Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of Seattle respect all students and strive to be
accessible by:

            Providing tuition assistance for families with financial need.

            Serving a population that comprises the rich ethnic diversity of the

            Providing reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities.

            Ensuring the viability of present schools.

            Opening new schools in under-served areas of the Archdiocese.

            Welcoming children who value a Catholic education, regardless of
             religious background, depending on space available.

         Approved by Archbishop Alex J. Brunett, June 18, 2002.


Dear Lord,
Just as Christ said: “Let the little children come unto me.”
So too may we follow in His footstep to honor and serve the learners in our care.
We thank you for the blessing of volunteers whose time, energy,
and talents enrich our school and support our educational efforts.
We ask for your wisdom as we work with the learners of our school.
Help us understand their needs, share their challenges, and celebrate their progress.
Guide our steps in this act of service as we strive to follow in the path of
Christ as teachers, working with the learners ,
who are made in your image.
Grant us wisdom and patience when they are needed.
Help us see how best to support, without restricting.
Bless our efforts with success.

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OLL School Mission Statement
The school’s mission is to carry out the teaching ministry of Our Lady of the Lake
Parish by providing an excellent K-8 school program that provides a strong academic
foundation and encourages OLL graduates to live out the values of the Catholic


Together with the parents, we will build on the individual talents and needs of each

We believe that the formal education at Our Lady of the Lake Parish School:
                       1. Offers a strong basic education
                         2. Promotes lifetime learning
                      3. Is value-based in Catholic beliefs
   4. Provides the atmosphere that fosters individual potential, self-sufficiency,
                                 and self-esteem
   5. Provides the atmosphere that fosters the development of social interaction

Non-Discrimination Statement
Our Lady of the Lake Parish School admits students of any sex, race, and color,
national and ethnic origin and provides all the rights, privileges, programs, and
activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not
discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national and ethnic origins in
administration or its educational policies, scholarship and loan programs and
athletic and other school administered programs.

School Accreditation
The Western Association of Schools and Colleges and Western Catholic
Educational Association accredit Our Lady of the Lake Parish School.

As an elementary school fully accredited by the State of Washington and the
Superintendent of Public Instruction, Our Lady of the Lake Parish School follows all

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of the rules and regulations governing approval of private schools as required by
Washington State Law: (RCW 28A, 02.201 and RCW 28A, 04.120 (4) and WAC
180-90-110 to 160) Our Lady of the Lake Parish School is a member of the National
Catholic Education Association (NCEA), the Washington Federation of
Independent Schools (WSFIS) and the Association for Supervision, Curriculum and
Development (ASCD).

Student Learning Expectations
           demonstrate a knowledge of Catholic doctrine
           demonstrate a respect and care for all of God’s creation
           demonstrate Catholic/Christian values
           demonstrate reverence for sacraments and liturgical celebrations
           find a sense of joy in life

           demonstrate mastery of basic academic subjects
           show a continuing curiosity and desire to learn
           use critical thinking and problem-solving skills techniques
           are self-motivated
           demonstrate an ability to work independently and collaboratively
           use technology, research skills, and human resources to obtain
           have acquired strong study and organization skills
           appreciate the fine arts

           skillfully express themselves through writing
           demonstrate an ability to speak effectively
           competently express themselves in a clear, concise and creative
           listen and respond to the views of others

          exhibit a strong sense of self-worth
          demonstrate the ability to make independent, critical decisions
          confidently approach challenges
          are able to set realistic goals
          show a respect for discipline and develop it within themselves
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           apply Christian values in a multi-faceted complex, changing world
           show respect for physical and emotional health
           listen critically and empathetically to others' problems
           respect self and others' property, opinions, beliefs, rights, and
           recognize needs of and participates in community service
           use interpersonal skills to promote a peaceful world
           demonstrate compassion towards others

Students' Rights

       I have the right to be happy, to express myself and to be treated with
       understanding at school.
       I have the responsibility not to laugh at others or hurt their feelings.

       I have the right to be safe at school.
       I have the responsibility to keep my hands and feet to myself,
       and to follow school rules.

       I have the right to hear and be heard in school.
       I have the responsibility to listen to others and wait my turn to be heard.

       I have the right to quiet times to learn and study at school.
       I have the responsibility to be respectful of other peoples' quiet time and
       to complete my assignments.

       I have the right to use learning materials.
       I have the responsibility to respect property and materials.

       I have the right to enjoy playing safely on the playground.
       I have the responsibility to follow school / safety rules on the playground.

Student Responsibilities

It is the students' responsibility to: actively participate in the educational program of
the school, help maintain an orderly learning environment throughout the school,
and in no way deprive other students of their right to a positive learning
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environment. In order to accomplish these objectives, the student will observe the
following standards of behavior:
    1. Model Christ's teachings about love for one's neighbor in all interactions with
    2. Arrive at school on time; in proper attire, and prepared with all necessary
              books and supplies.
    3. Obey all school rules.
    4. Behave in a respectful and friendly manner toward all school personnel,
       volunteers and visitors.
    5. Respect all property including books, desks, bathrooms, school buildings and
    6. Oppose behavior in students whose behavior does not conform to these
    7. Use acceptable and appropriate language.
    8. Act honestly.
Parent / Guardian Responsibilities

Since the greatest influence, by far, on a child's thinking and behavior is his/her
Parents/Guardians, the school depends heavily on the active support in attaining its
discipline goals. It is the Parent's/Guardian's responsibility to encourage a positive
attitude toward learning in their child, and to guide the child in becoming a
responsible, caring human being. Parents/Guardians are asked to:

         1. Support the spiritual development of your child by attending Sunday Mass
         together weekly, or if non-Catholic, attending weekly services of your own
     2. Foster in your child a Christ-like concern for all classmates; their feelings
     and reputations.
     3. Send your child(ren) to school on time and in proper attire.
     4. Uphold the rules and policies of the school.
     5. Support the authority of school personnel by not criticizing or questioning
     their judgment in the presence of children.
     6. Consult the teacher or Principal before forming a final opinion regarding
any situation in which the child seems to be treated unfairly.
     7. Take personal responsibility for your child before and after school as well
     as at any and all school or social functions.
     8. Be available for conferences.
     9. Assist your child to establish a specified time and place to complete
     10. Seek professional counseling and/or diagnostic evaluation when
     recommended by school personnel.

Teacher Responsibilities

It is the teacher's responsibility to educate students in a manner that ensures not only
intellectual growth, but their spiritual and emotional growth as well.

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Teacher responsibilities are:

       1. Maintain an atmosphere, which ensures each student's right to
          educational and personal growth without fear of intimidation or criticism
          of others.
       2. Provide academic instruction appropriate and challenging to students.
       3. Help students develop pride in their school based on respect for
          themselves and others.
       4. Encourage positive choices with regard to school rules.
       5. Foster respect for all students, school staff and parent volunteers.
       6. Deal promptly and consistently with any unchristian behavior.
       7. Keep Parents/Guardians and Principal informed about the behavior and
          academic performance of students.

Our Lady of the Lake Parish School Volunteer
Hours Policy – Grades K-8

Our Lady of the Lake Parish School is part of a very active parish community and
both the school and parish need volunteers to complete many tasks throughout the
year. Washington State Patrol checks are required to be on file for all volunteers
who supervise students without a staff member in the room. These must be on file in
the Parish Office.

The Volunteer Hours Program is an effort to:
      - Build and foster community
      - Keep tuition / fees as affordable as possible
      - Encourage Parents/Guardians to become involved in their child's education

Parents/Guardians will be provided with a list of the majority of volunteer positions
needed for the school year. This MUST BE COMPLETED AND RETURNED TO
This list is not exhaustive; other volunteer activities are appropriate. It is hoped,
however, that this list will maximize opportunities to become involved in activities in
which families are interested and which accommodate their family schedule. The
Parents' Club Volunteer Chairperson is available to answer any inquiries about the
Volunteer Hour Policy. Twenty-five (25) hours may be spent on parish activities and
25 hours on school activities. The parish hours may be completed with service to the
parish or the services rendered as a volunteer to one of the Social Ministry groups
listed in the parish Red Book (position adopted by Parish Council October 19, 2000).
Parents with children in Preschool and Pre-K are invited and encouraged to
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It is the responsibility of each Parent/Guardian to seek out and fulfill their
annual volunteer hour requirement. If extenuating circumstances occur, please
contact the school Principal.

The volunteer hours are accumulated from during the course of the school year
(August – June). Parents/Guardians confirm their volunteer participation by
submitting a brief statement to the Parents' Club Volunteer Coordinator describing
the task performed, the date and number of hours served. Usually this is written on
the monthly calendars and returned to school at the end of each month.              In
February, families in arrears of hours will receive a status report which reflects the
number of volunteer hours that have been reported, as well as a statement of the
family's financial responsibility for hours not fulfilled or hours not reported.

Parents/Guardians will be asked to sign the following statement regarding their
volunteer hours commitment: “Active parent involvement in fund-raising is a high
expectation at Our Lady of the Lake Parish School. It is imperative that we all take an active
part in fund-raising. I agree to volunteer 36 hours of time over the course of the school year per
family. I am aware that half of these hours must be donated to school or school related projects
and that half might be at-large parish involvement. I do realize that if I cannot fulfill this
obligation I will be charged at the prorated fee of $20 per hour that is unmet.

 School Commission
Our Lady of the Lake Parish School has an active School Commission. Members serve
a three (3) year term, with one third of the nine (9) Commission members elected yearly.
Meetings are held monthly and portions of the meetings are open to all school
Parents/Guardians, Staff or Parishioners. Some of the Commission's meetings may be
closed, therefore anyone wishing to address the Commission regarding matters under the
School Commission's purview should contact the Chairperson or the Principal two weeks
in advance with a written statement of the matter to be discussed.

The primary purpose of the School Commission is to advise and support the Pastor/PLD
and the School Principal in the formation of a strategic plan for Our Lady of the Lake
Parish School. The Commission also recommends school policies within the context of
parish priorities and goals, and is consulted before the parish administrative team makes
School Commission responsibilities include:
       - Establishing a mission statement for the school.
       - Developing long-range goals for the school.
       - Developing means to finance the school and its programs
       - Promoting communication and evaluating the school's goals and plans.

Parents' Club
Research has shown a high correlation between parental involvement in a school and the

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level of success their children attain in the education process. Many programs at Our
Lady of the Lake Parish School are made possible by the generosity of school families.
The mission of Parents' Club is to promote a sense of community, sharing and caring by
supporting the school's mission to provide quality Catholic education at an affordable
price. All Parents/Guardians of children at the school are members of the Parents' Club.

Parents’ Club Mission Statement:
The OLL Parents’ Club exists to support the school’s mission to provide high-quality
Catholic education. The objectives used to accomplish our mission are to:
    Raise funds for the betterment of the Our Lady of the Lake Parish School.
    Encourage and coordinate volunteerism by school families.
    Provide educational opportunities for parents.
    Obtain close cooperation and communication between the school and home.
    Cooperate with the Pastor, school principal, teachers and staff.
    Stimulate a greater appreciation of Catholic education. Provide opportunities
       for community building and fellowship

The Parents Club and School Commission were merged during the 2008-09 school year.
This merger allowed for better cooperation between the two leadership groups.

Parent’s Club Fundraising – 2009/2010 School Year

Recognizing the need to raise funds for the benefit of the Our Lady of the Lake
Parish School, the Our Lady of the Lake Parents’ Club has adopted the following set
of fundraisers to help support our school’s monetary needs:

* Gift Wrap Sale                   * Magazine Sale
* SCRIP program                    * Bi-Annual Gala Auction

The money raised by these fundraisers goes directly into the Parents’ Club account.
From this account the Parents’ Club makes an annual contribution of $70,000 to the
school’s operating budget. Overall, approximately 60% of the funds raised by the
Parent’s Club go directly towards the school operating budget, which helps lower
tuition costs for all school families. The remaining 40% of funds are used to support
expenses incurred as part of the annual Parents’ Club operating budget. This budget
is reviewed with the general Parents’ Club membership at various times throughout
the year.

Specific Fundraisers
Gift Wrap Sale
The gift-wrap sale takes place in mid to late October, a few weeks before the official
start of school. Our gift-wrap supplier is Sally Foster. They offer a wide variety of
high quality wrapping papers and gifts at very reasonable prices. Each registered
school family receives an informational packet in mid-August that contains a

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product catalog along with a set of order forms. The gift wrap sale runs for
approximately 3 weeks, during which time each family solicits orders, collects
payment and turns them into the gift wrap committee. The committee places the
orders with Sally Foster and all purchased items will be delivered to the school and
distributed to the participating families in approximately 3 weeks.

This fundraiser has a 50% profit margin, so for every $100 in gift-wrap sales the
school realizes $50 in profit. Each school family receives the gift-wrap packet and is
strongly encouraged to help support the school by participating in this sale.

Magazine Sale
The magazine sale typically takes place in late September a few weeks after the
beginning of the school year. QSP Reader’s Digest is our magazine supplier. They
offer a large selection of magazines to choose from along with a selection of music
compact discs and miscellaneous other items at reasonable prices. The sale lasts for
a period of two weeks. During these two weeks magazine orders are taken,
payments collected and turned into the magazine committee. The magazine
committee then places the order with QSP Reader’s Digest. Typically the magazines
start arriving at the purchaser’s home in 4 to 8 weeks.
This fundraiser has a 40% profit margin, so for every $100 in magazine sales the
school realizes $40 in profit.
Each school family receives a magazine sales package and is strongly encouraged to help
support the school by participating in this sale.

SCRIP- (Gift Cards / Gift Certificates)
The SCRIP program is a year-round fundraiser. With this program, you buy gift
cards/certificates from the Parents’ Club at face value. The Parents’ Club originally
purchased these gift cards/certificates at a discounted price. The difference between
the actual sales price and the purchase price is the Parents’ Club profit.

SCRIP is a unique fund raising program in that it does not cost the purchaser
anything or require them to spend beyond their normal household budget. For each
$1 of SCRIP that someone purchases, they receive a gift card / gift certificate worth
$1 of merchandise.
On average the sale of SCRIP produces a 5% profit margin. Thus for every $100 of
SCRIP that is purchased, the school realizes approximately $5 in profit.

Live SCRIP sales take place throughout the year. During the school year, SCRIP
can be purchased on a regularly scheduled basis in the school lobby either before or
after school. It is also available on the weekends in the Parish Hall after the
Saturday evening and Sunday morning masses. The days and times that SCRIP is
sold are subject to change based upon the availability of volunteers. Special one-time
SCRIP orders can also be purchased by making prior arrangements with the SCRIP
Note: SCRIP is not available from the school office staff.

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Each school family is strongly encouraged to help support the school by purchasing a
minimum of $500 worth of SCRIP during the year.

Our Lady of the Lake DEVELOPMENT
In recognition of the growing financial concern and the need to identify additional
non-tuition funds, the Parents of Our Lady of the Lake Parish School and the parish-
at-large have directed that a comprehensive Development Program be established to
integrate and expand current fundraising efforts.

The OLL Development Committee is comprised of parish members and school
parents who oversee a fund drive once a year in support of the following activities:
 Supplement the school-operating budget to keep tuition more affordable for
 Parish Capital Facilities Fund
 Sponsor a special annual project
 Contribute to the OLL School Endowment Fund. This fund is a long-term
   investment whose interest is used to supplement the School Operating Budget.
   The fund will also provide scholarships for parishioners who cannot afford
   Catholic education.

In addition to raising money, the OLL Development Committee is also involved in
the following activities:
 Development of an Alumni Association to foster a close relationship among
    OLL alumni, our parish, and our school.
 Communication of school events through the Development Committee
    newsletter, "Ad Multos Annos".
 Search out grants, which are appropriate for parochial education.
 Coordination of special events for raising funds and keeping the connection
    between parish and school as close as possible for the future of the OLL parish

Matching Gifts
Many businesses match the financial gifts and/or volunteer hours of their
employees. Please check with your employers’ Human Resources Department to
initiate the process. These businesses include but are not limited to: Microsoft,
Boeing (and Boeing retirees), , Kimberly-Clark, Federated Stores, Wells Fargo
Bank, and U.S. Bank.

Donations may be made to the Development Fund; school operating budget or a
gift may be restricted to a donor’s request that is in line with the school mission
and vision.

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Our Lady of the Lake Parish School Admission Policy

Our Lady of the Lake Parish School exists primarily to educate those parish children
whose families are committed to the Catholic faith and education. Children
admitted to the school must meet acceptable academic and behavioral standards for
each grade level as determined by the school principal and teaching staff.

1. Registration for preschool and pre-Kindergarten opens the first Monday of
October the year preceding entrance. The preschool child must be 3 years of age by
August 31. The pre-kindergarten child must be 4 years of age by August 31 for
acceptance to pre-Kindergarten. Students entering preschool and prek must be potty
trained. Students entering Kindergarten must be 5 by August 31. Call the school
office @ (206) 525 9980 for information on early entrance to kindergarten.
Acceptance information will be mailed out to applicants by early February.

2. Registration for the following school year for families presently enrolled in the
school will be confirmed by mid-April of the current school year. Confirmed
registration is based upon compliance with all financial / volunteer agreements and
responsibilities. OLL preschool families must notify the school by January of their
intent to register their child for the upcoming school year in order to reserve
placement for their child.

3. A non-refundable registration fee per family is required to hold each child's
position in the respective classes.

4. Once a student is accepted in the school, and for as long as he/she remains in
good standing, he/she will retain his/her eligibility for continued enrollment.
Admission or readmission is an annual process.

As openings occur for each grade level, applications will be considered in the
following order:
    a) Students of families who have children presently enrolled in the school,
       Catholic or non-Catholic
    b) Students of applying families who are registered, supporting and active
       parishioners of Our Lady of the Lake Parish.
    c) Students of applying families who are registered in Our Lady of the Lake
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      d) Students of applying families who are registered in other Catholic parishes.
      e) Students of applying non-parishioner families.

5. Admission of new students depends upon interviews with the Principal and/or
staff, as well as student test scores and a review of school records.

6. Upon registration a current parenting plan must be presented if a family has a
court issued document. In the case of child custody disputes the following
Archdiocesan guidelines will be used: “Procedures: Ensuring Our Children’s
Welfare and Safety” It is required that the custodial parent provide the principal with
an official, updated copy of the court-ordered parenting plan. If a school has on
record a court order indicating that one parent has limited visitation rights or no
visitation rights, and such parent makes application to volunteer in the school, the
principal need not accept the volunteer services of that parent. If the principal
determines that such parent is volunteering in order to increase contact with the
child, the principal will notify the custodial parent and have him/her settle the issue.
The school may release a child to a non-custodial parent after school hours or allow
said parent to visit a child outside the school hours, unless officially informed in
writing that a parent is not permitted to have unqualified access to the child.
Archdiocese Policy and Procedure Manual Student Guidelines 4.14 p.10

7. Students admitted in grades K - 8 are accepted on a probationary basis. The
student’s enrollment is dependent upon their ability to maintain the academic and
behavioral standards of Our Lady of the Lake Parish School.

8.   Families who transfer students out of the school, or choose not to re-register
          during the designated time, and later seek re-admission must meet the
following    conditions prior to re-admission:
              - State in writing the reasons for wishing to re-register.
              - Meet with the school Principal to discuss the registration.

If a family has left the school for reasons other than health, finances or a
geographical move, re-admittance will be at the discretion of the Pastor and School
Principal. Families applying for re-admission under these circumstances will not
necessarily be given priority on the school's admission waiting list. Registration fees
are non-refundable.

9. Students enrolled in OLL pre-kindergarten are not guaranteed admission to
kindergarten. Admission criteria is spelled in #4 of the OLL Admission Policy.

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The School Commission is responsible for setting non-refundable fees as well as the
yearly tuition rates. An annual budget which is based on the school's operating
expenses, income from the subsidy provided by the Our Lady of the Lake Parish,
school tuition, fundraising monies, as well as budget contributions from Parents'
Club and the Development / Endowment Fund is presented to the Parish Council
for ratification in the spring.

All tuition / fee contractual obligations must remain current to ensure a student's
registration for the following year. Tuition contractual obligations for eighth graders
must be paid before graduation. Final report cards and school records, including
eighth grade diplomas, will be withheld until all fees are paid. If special
arrangements are necessary for tuition / fee payment, please contact the Principal
no later than March 1st of the current school year.

The Tuition Payment Policy is as follows:

       1. Our Lady of the Lake School uses FACTS Tuition Management to
          oversee all family tuition accounts. Parent and guardians must enroll in
          FACTS Tuition Management. Tuition payments are due on the fifth or
          twentieth day of the month beginning in July and ending in June, unless
          an approved written tuition payment plan is on file in the school office
          and with the Pastoral Assistant for Finance. Preschool and Pre-K
          payment plan is as agreed on tuition contract. Families may opt to pay
          the tuition in full before the end of the first full week of school. Families
          who pay tuition in full do not have to enroll in FACTS.
       2. A late fee will be applied to the balance of tuition if payment is received
          late unless the school Principal is aware of and has approved a different
          payment plan.

       3. If no payment is received by the fifteenth of the month, a note will be sent
          to remind the Parent/Guardian that tuition is in arrears, and that a late
          fee has been assessed. The family will be asked to notify the Principal

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            immediately regarding when tuition will be brought current.

       4. Should a Parent/Guardian fall two payments behind, the following
          procedure will be followed:
              On the sixteenth of the second month in which a family makes no
              payment and/or does not contact the Principal, a certified letter
              signed by the Principal and Pastor/PLD will be sent requesting that
              the Parent/Guardian contact the Principal or the Pastor/PLD within
              five (5) days so that an equitable solution can be worked out to bring
              the tuition current.
       5. If the Parent/Guardian does not contact the Principal or the
          Pastor/PLD, or an equitable solution cannot be worked out, the child
          (ren) will finish the current trimester and withdraw from the school at the
          end of that trimester.

       6.    When a family’s tuition account is overdue and no communication has
            be made to the school to resolve this, the school may not allow a student
            to return or participate in school activities until the situation is resolved.

Any amount of the remaining unpaid tuition, fees and any late charges may be turned over to
a collection agency for collection.

In-Parish Tuition and Non-Parishioner Tuition
Families receive the in-parish tuition rate because they:
       - Participate regularly in Sunday Mass at Our Lady of the Lake Parish.
       - Have a Stewardship Pledge Card on file at the Parish Office
         which is signed and dated, and which states a specific contribution amount.
       - Financially support the Parish regularly through collection envelopes.

Our belief in Jesus Christ, in sharing the Eucharist, in good works as expressed in
stewardship contributions and participation in the communal life of the Church, are
seen as basic to being a "parishioner". These criteria are established to be as
objective as possible so they can be monitored, but not in such a way that would
stand in judgment of a person's depth or quality of faith.

School tuition and all fees are paid according to one of two payment rates.
      1. In-Parish Tuition Requirements:
              - Family is registered as members of Our Lady of the Lake Parish.
              - Student(s) Baptismal Certificate on file in the School office.
              - Family has a Stewardship Pledge Card on file at the parish office.
                        The pledge card must state a pledged dollar amount.
              - Family attends Mass regularly at Our Lady of the Lake Church.
              - Family is involved to some degree in parish life.
              - Family financially contributes regularly to the parish.
      2. Non-Parish Tuition. This rate is established for families who are not

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       active parishioners at Our Lady of the Lake Church.
The Parish notifies parishioners in writing once or twice a year of the total dollar
amounts donated to the parish. Parents may call at any time to inquire about status
of stewardship.

Qualification of Tuition Rate for New Parishioners:

Families who do not presently qualify for the in-parish tuition rate will qualify for
the parishioner rate if they meet one of the following criteria:

    1. Provide a written statement from their previous Pastor/PLD about worship
       and Sunday envelope commitment that is satisfactory to the Parish office; or
    2. The family has been registered in Our Lady of the Lake Parish, and meets the
       criteria set forth under the “In-Parish Tuition Requirements”.
Financial Assistance
A limited amount of financial assistance is available for families who are unable to
meet the full cost of tuition and fees. Those seeking financial assistance must apply
the spring before the next school year or as early in the school year as possible or
when an emergency arises. Parents/Guardians will be required to apply for aid from
the Fulcrum Foundation first (due in the school office by early March each year) and
then from the Our Lady of the Lake Parish School Scholarship Fund. The
application for tuition assistance is considered complete when the applicant has
successfully completed a Fulcrum application and OLL Tuition Assistance
application. Our Lady of the Lake Parish School scholarships are distributed by the
end of June for the upcoming school year.

An alternative to financial assistance, is applying for an extension of time to pay
required tuition and fees. It is the responsibility of Parents/Guardians to contact the
Principal to make the necessary arrangements. In all cases, all accounts should be
cleared by July 1.

Parish Subsidy
After tuition, fundraising and fees have been applied to the school-operating budget,
Our Lady of the Lake Parish subsidizes the educational cost of each parish child. At
the present time, the parish subsidizes each OLL student at least $866. The parish
subsidy for the 2009-2010 school budget exceeds $150,000.00.


The basic curriculum at Our Lady of the Lake Parish School complies with
Washington State and Archdiocesan requirements and provides for the development
of the students' spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional and physical growth. Our
Lady of the Lake Parish School exists to teach the message of Jesus Christ to its
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students. Therefore, the teaching of the Catholic religion is of primary importance in
the school curriculum. Christian attitudes and actions are integrated throughout the
day. The Education Office for the Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle updates all
Elementary School Curriculum Guidelines on a regular basis.

Parents, rather than the school, exercise the greatest influence regarding attitudes
towards instilling the Catholic faith in their children.              Attendance at
Saturday/Sunday Mass is expected of all Catholic families. The entire Student Body
participates in the Eucharistic Celebration and seasonal paraliturgies at least once a
month and other special occasions. Sacramental preparation is done with the Parish
Faith Formation program.

Our Lady of the Lake Parish School provides an Academic Program which
includes classes in the following subject areas:
     Religion,
     Mathematics,
     Reading,
     Language Arts,
     Social Studies,
     Science,
     Family Life,
     Music,
     Physical Education,
     Library Skills,
     Art,
     Computer Education,
     Steps to Respect, and
     Second Step.

Outdoor Education is offered to students in grades 4 and 5. Teachers use a variety of
teaching methods. Journaling may be part of the class exercises. Journals are not
held confidential especially in life, safety and/or health concern situations.

A Reading Specialist is on staff to assist Teachers and Parents/Guardians with the
diagnosis and evaluation of students who have learning difference needs. The
Specialist works with students in grades K-8 during school hours. Parents who
request special accommodations for their child must provide documentation from
the Seattle School District that describe the child’s diagnosis and detail suggested
accommodations. A copy of this report will remain at the school.

Class size at Our Lady of the Lake Parish School shall be no more than 28 students
in grades K-4 and 30 in grades 5-8. Class size could go to 30 in grades 5-8 per
principal/pastor/PLD discretion if there are special circumstances. The school
Library extends student learning and is available to all students.

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Enrichment Activities offered at Our Lady of the Lake Parish School include:
    Altar Serving,
    Science Fair,
    Student Government, (see special section),
    Annual Spring Musical (8th grade),
    Competitive Speaking, (grades 6 - 8),
    Math Counts – if there are parent volunteers (grades 6 - 8),
    The Art Docent Program (includes classroom art activities K - 8),
    Foreign Language classes Gr. 1-8 (extra fee) and
    Group Band Lessons coordinated through Blanchet High School (grades 5 8).

Christmas Program – The annual school Christmas Program is a mandatory school
event. If students cannot be at the program they must have a written note sent to the
music teacher at least three weeks in advance of the program.

Catholic Schools Week Mass – Students are expected to attend this Sunday Mass
scheduled on one of the Sundays of Catholic Schools Week. The date of this event is
listed in the school calendar. If they are unable to be there a parent must have a
written note sent to the homeroom teacher no later than January 10 each year.

Student Government
The purpose of Student Government is to:
    Promote leadership and to encourage good citizenship throughout the school.
    To create a bond of unity, school spirit, and pride among students.
    To promote more understanding between students and teachers, and to
      encourage greater cooperation among all members of the school.
    To plan events and projects that promotes the welfare of the school.
    To make students more aware of the world beyond the school and to respond
      to the needs of the world around them.
    To give students experience in student government and in wise decision-

Students in grades K through 8 are active members of the Student Body. They are
represented through the Student Council. The Student Council is composed of
Student Body Officers and Class Representatives from all grades. Representatives of
organizations sponsored by the school are also voting members of the Student
Council. The process for participation in Student Government is outlined by the
teacher moderator and principal.

School Families
In addition to Student Council activities, each eighth grader acts as the head of a
"School Family ". Students from each grade are grouped to make up a "School
Family". Various activities are planned for the families throughout the school year
including community awareness efforts (such as the Thanksgiving food drive) and
school spirit activities (such as Jr. Olympics games).

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Extra-curricular athletic opportunities are offered at Our Lady of the Lake Parish:
    CYO Sports field’s girls and boy’s teams in Soccer,
    Cross Country,
    Basketball, Volleyball and
    Spring Track.

Team registration fees are collected for each event. Registration forms are available
in the “School Rack” in the main school hallway and are sent home in the family
envelope with each sports season for applicable age group. Contact the CYO
coordinator listed in the school directory or the school office for more information
about these activities. Concerns about CYO are to be addressed to the coach, then to
the CYO coordinator. If issues are not resolved they are handled at the CYO Office
at the Archdiocese of Seattle Chancery building. Children who are enrolled in Our
Lady of the Lake School or are registered parishioners at the parish, may be eligible
to participate in CYO sports.

Scouting for boys and girls (beginning in grade1), Altar Servers (grades 6 -12) and
Youth Ministry (Gr. 7 and up) are additional Parish programs. Contact the Parish
Center for more information.

A music instructor, from Bishop Blanchet High School, teaches instrumental music
lessons after school. Information is sent home in the Family Envelope.

Student Testing
The Iowa Test of Basic Skills is administered in the spring of the school year in grades
3,5,and 6. Students in grade 8 take the ITBS in the fall of their 8th grade year. These test
results are sent to parents in the late spring.

The Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL) is administered in the late
spring to Grade 4 and 7. These test results are sent to parents in the fall of the following
school year. Decision to participate in the WASL is made at the beginning of each
school year.

Student Report Cards
Report cards are issued to students in grades K - 8 each trimester of the school year.
Percentage grades are given in fourth through eighth grades with a different format used
in the primary grades. If there is a question about a grade on the child's report card, the
Parent/Guardian should contact the Teacher within one (1) week of issuance of the
report card. There is a $5.00 replacement fee for lost report cards. End of year report
cards are mailed out within two weeks of the last day of school and may not be
distributed if a student’s tuition is not paid in full.

Interim Reports
Interim reports are sent home midway through each trimester (or at any time if the
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student is failing) to any student in grades 4 - 8 who is in danger of receiving a letter
grade of "D" or "F". If a students’ grades begin to decline to “D” or “F” range after
interim report time the teachers are required to send an interim report at that time to the
child’s parent(s)/guardian.
The school staff strongly encourages parents/guardians to initiate a conference with the
teacher if an interim report is sent and there have not been any communications to date.
You are asked to discuss these reports with the student and to work cooperatively with
teachers in their efforts to help your child succeed in school. The use of Powerschool by
teachers, students and parents should help families know how children are performing.
Communicating student progress is done primarily through the use of Powerschool for
grades 6-8.

Parents are required to sign and return the interim report attached within one week of receipt
so that we know you have been informed of your child’s progress to date. Please return
the signed forms to the teacher initiating the progress report. Interim reports will be sent
out twice a trimester during the second and third trimester of school year. Some
specialists grades are +, check or-. Please refer to the teachers’ handouts regarding late
work and making up tests.

Promotion and Retention
Students are promoted once a year in June. Promotion is based on the student having
fulfilled the requirements of the grade. Whenever, in the judgment of the Principal and
Teachers, a student may need more time to master the work of a grade, it would be to the
student's educational advantage to be re-placed in the grade rather than be promoted to
the next grade. If a student is in danger of retention, the Parents/Guardians will be
advised of this situation at least three (3) months prior to the end of the school year. In
order to be retained, a student must have received an "F" in at least two academic
subjects for at least two trimesters. Principal will make final retention decision after
consultation with parents and classroom teacher(s).

If a student is allowed to advance to the next grade against the professional judgment of
the Principal and Teachers, Parents/Guardians will be required to sign a document
stating that they know such placement is against the advice of the professional educators
involved and that they accept full responsibility for the consequences of the placement.

Home Work Policy
Homework is given to supplement and reinforce class-work. Homework assignments
are an extension of classroom work and should be completed by the student
independently. Parental support (in terms of reinforcement, encouragement and
interest) is most valuable, not only for student productivity, but for personal growth in
responsibility, initiative and creativity.         Much can be accomplished if
Parents/Guardians will foster consistent home study habits in their children and provide
adequate study space, lighting and an environment that is free from distractions.

Homework is assigned on a regular basis for all grades on Monday through Thursday.
At times, long-range assignments are given and students may choose to work on them

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during the weekend. The amount of homework is geared to each grade level, but should
generally fall within the following ranges:

Grades K             10 - 15 minutes             Grades 4 - 5 30 - 60 minutes
Grades 1 - 3         15 - 30 minutes             Grades 6 - 8 60 - 90 minutes

If a student consistently spends more quality study time than indicated above, (without
television, phone or other distractions) the Teacher should be notified. If a student is
consistently spending less time on homework, it should be determined if he/she is doing
the quality of work that is consistent with his/her ability. Grades 7 and 8 may have
homework on weekends. This is practical preparation for high-school where weekend
homework is the norm.
If homework cannot be completed on a particular occasion, the Parent/Guardian is
asked to write a note to the Teacher explaining the circumstances, and arrange to have
the homework completed as soon as possible. A student who chooses not to complete a
homework assignment, and brings no written excuse from a Parent/Guardian by the
time the assignment is due, will accept the consequences of that choice. After-school
detention may be required if homework completion becomes a problem. Students are
expected to be responsible for making up assignments missed through absence. If a
student is ill and will miss for three (3) or more days, the parent must contact the
classroom teacher to arrange for assignments to be sent home.

Special arrangements can be made with the Teacher, but in general, students will have
one (1) day to make up work for each day absent. See "Absence Section" of this
handbook for making up homework due to vacations taken during school time.

       Parents can do their part by:
                   Providing suitable study conditions
                   Encouraging the child
                   Expressing an interest in the child’s work
                   Insisting that poorly done work be redone
                   Cooperating with the school’s homework policy
                   Requiring a nightly study time, even if assigned work is “done”
                   Helping the child plan long term assignments, scheduling work in

Rules and Code of Ethics for Our Lady of the Lake Parish School
Computer Users

It is the goal of Our Lady of the Lake Parish School to encourage students to work
independently and collaboratively using technology skills and resources. With this
in mind, as a computer user, I agree to follow the rules and code of ethics in all of
my work when working with a computer while attending Our Lady of the Lake
Parish School.

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I        I recognize that all computer users have the same right to use the equipment;
               I will use the computer resources for assigned academic purposes only;
               I will respect equipment and supplies provided by the school;
               I will respect the rights of others to work.

II       I understand that the school does not make any warranties of any kind,
         whether expressed or implied, for the service it is providing; therefore,
              I will be responsible to evaluate the information gained through the
               Internet for its reliability and accuracy;
              I will be responsible for reporting to the person in charge, any websites
               that may violate school policy and/or this policy.
              I will not access email accounts, chat rooms, or make other,
               unauthorized direct electronic communications of any kind using
               school computers.
              I will not order or purchase or attempt to purchase any item or goods
               for sale from Internet vendors.

III      I recognize that not all information found on the Internet is correct, ethical,
         or appropriate for school use; therefore,
               I will respect and comply with the school’s authority on the
                monitoring of Internet use;
               I will respect the authority of those in charge who are monitoring the
                selection and use of Internet sites and defer to their decision regarding
                whether any particular site is inappropriate and should not be
               I understand that just because the filtering system does not prevent me
                from accessing a particular site, this does not automatically guarantee
                this site is appropriate for me to visit;
               I will not post information that is harmful to myself or another
                person’s character regardless of where the act of posting took place
               I will not use the internet either at school or elsewhere to harass or
                threaten another person
               I will not use the internet (either intentionally or note) to damage the
                reputation of Our Lady of the Lake School

IV       I recognize that software is protected by copyright laws; therefore,
               I will not make unauthorized copies of software found on school
                computers by copying them onto my own diskettes or other mediums,
                or onto other computers through electronic mail or bulletin boards;
               I will not give, lend, or sell copies of software to others unless I have
                written permission from the copyright owner or the original software
                is clearly identified as shareware or in the public domain. I will not

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               upload copies of software I own onto any OLL computer without the
               express permission of OLL Administration or Faculty.

V       I recognize also that the work of all users is valuable; therefore,
              I will protect and respect the privacy of others;
              I will not copy, change, read, or use files in another user’s software,
               without that user’s prior permission;
              I will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the system programs,
               computer equipment, or school servers;
              I will not use computer systems to disturb or harass other computer
              I will not download information onto the hard drives of any school
               computers for permanent storage. (I will download information with
               permission of the instructor onto diskettes or other mediums when
               planning to store information.)

VI      I recognize that included in the definition of vandalism is any malicious
        attempt to harm or destroy data of another user, the Internet, or any other
        agency connected to NWLink, or other internet service provider, which also
        includes, but is not limited to, the uploading or creation of computer viruses,
        and/or “spam” email.

I will follow the code of ethics given in this document.

Violations of the rules and code of ethics described above will be dealt with
seriously; therefore, I understand that violators will lose computer privileges and
may be subject to other disciplinary actions.


Daily Schedule
The first bell rings at 8:20 am. Class begins with the tardy bell at 8:25 am. School is
dismissed at 3:00 p.m. Early dismissal dates and times will be noted on the monthly
calendar. School is dismissed at 2:00 each Wednesday for teacher in-service time.
The daily schedule for preschool and pre-k is 8:30-12:30 Monday to Friday.

Lunches / Hot Lunch
Students bring their lunches to school or buy hot lunch. If a student forgets his/her
lunch, Parents /Guardians may leave the lunch in the school office with the child's
name clearly marked on the bag. Children should be advised to come to the office to

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see if lunch has been delivered. Please do not deliver the lunch to the classroom.

Nutrition First is contracted to serve hot lunch Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and
Friday each week. Menus and cost for a lunch card is sent home in the family
envelope. Parents are to order lunch cards; students order lunch on days of choice in
the classroom at 8:30 a.m. Punch card is punched when lunch is served.
OLL Traditional Hot Lunch: Volunteer Parents serve Hot Lunch on most Thursdays.
Menu items can be found printed on the monthly calendar. Meals are purchased in
advance each trimester. Watch the family envelope for the order form.
Federal Aid is NOT available for either Hot Lunch program.

Milk is available for purchase either by the year (paid in September) or on hot lunch
days (@ 25 cents per carton). Federal aid is available for those who qualify.
Information about this program will be handed out in the initial package received in

Extended Care Program
Our Lady of the Lake Parish School offers extended care to enrolled students during
the school year and during the summer. Hours are from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm.
Registration is required. Contact the school office for more information regarding
enrollment, cost, etc.

Kids Club
This program is available for students in preschool and pre-k and is provided
Monday – Friday from 12:30 – 3:00 p.m. on an as needed basis (minimum number
of students required). Contact the school office for more information regarding
enrollment, cost, etc.

Emergency School Closure Procedure
School may be closed in the event of inclement weather. The principal will make
this decision with the full understanding that the safety and well being of school staff
and families is paramount.
     In the event of a school closure or emergency schedule, this information
       should be on TV Channels 4, 5 and 7.
     By 6:00 AM, families may call 525.9980 x23 to hear if school is closed.
     Please listen to more than one station, as at times television stations have not
       announced a closure though it has been called in. The decision will be made
       by 5:45 A.M., however, this may take time to post on the TV. stations.
     When leaving children at school or extended care please be sure an adult is present
       and the child is in their custody.
     Closure of Seattle Public School MAY impact our OLL’s schedule.
     Emergency schedules (unless otherwise noted in the radio announcement)
       will mean that school opens at 10:00 am. If there is a late opening on
       Thursday, No Hot Lunch will be served.

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     When possible, Extended Care will be open on school closure days.
     An Emergency Closure Directions Form will be distributed at the beginning
      of the school year. The original of this form is returned to the school office.
    A copy at the back of this booklet should be filled in with the same
   **Pertinent emergency form information should be kept current at all times.

NOTE: School emergency closures are added to the school’s voicemail system.
Please call 525 9980 x23 to hear the closures. Closures will be announced by
6:00AM Please be patient as we use this process. If the voicemail messages do
not occur please let us know so we can make future corrections.

Earthquake / Other Natural Disasters
*Please know that we treasure each student and will take great care of your child.
In case of an earthquake or any other natural disaster it is important that certain
safety precautions be followed. Our goal is to maintain a safe environment for all
students and adults at school. Please review this list carefully.
Cooperate fully with Public Safety officials.
    1. Do not telephone the school. The phone is to be free for emergencies.
    2. Listen to the emergency radio stations for pertinent information.
    3. Do not attempt to enter the building after the earthquake or disaster has
                         occurred. Go to the lower playground area to meet your
    4. Never take a child from the premises without checking out the child in
        writing in a designated “office area” with the staff member or adult in
    5. Earthquake Emergency Kits are available at the exits to the school.
    6. Make sure the Emergency Form and Out-of-State Contact Phone Numbers
        are current. These forms will be kept in the school office.
    7. School personnel will remain to supervise students.
    8. Do not go to a classroom until you have checked in at the office. We
        sometimes get overwhelmed with too many helpers in some classrooms and
        not enough in others. If you wish to check in with your child please go to the
        office. We are more than happy to call students to the office to talk with
        parents. We cannot have parents going to the classrooms as it causes too
        many disruptions as we try to calm the children.
    9. Students are not to call out on school or other phones.
    10. The school and parish continue to add to and upgrade emergency supplies to
        be used by students and parishioners (if an emergency were to occur during a
        parish function). They include food for up to three days, temporary shelter,
        medical supplies and other basic supplies.

All parish and school staff receives ongoing training in standard first aid to manage
emergency situations. Again, our goal is to maintain a safe environment for all those
present, which is why we appreciate your cooperation during emergencies.
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Release of children following a Major Emergency or Disaster
In the event of a major emergency or disaster, when the school building has been
evacuated parents should be familiar with procedures that will be in place when
picking up students.
              1. Upon arriving to pick up students, parents should look for signed
                  that say “Child Request Point” and “Child Release Point”.
                  These signs will be near the main entrances.
              2. At the “Child Request Point” parents will complete a list of all the
                  children they want released to them. Emergency cards on file with
                  the school will be checked to make sure that adults picking up
                  children have parental permission to pick up the requested
                  children. If the person at the table does not personally recognize
                  the adult picking up children, photo ID may be required before
                  children are released
              3. Parents will wait for their children to be brought to them at the
                  “Child Release Point” table.
              4. When children are released to an authorized adult, that person will
                  sign that they have received the child(ren) and have been informed
                  of any injuries or emotional situations that may have occurred.
              5. In the event of serious injuries or emotional trauma qualified staff
                  will talk with parents and children before they leave if possible.
              6. Parents may volunteer to stay to help with the emergency by
              completing a volunteer form at the “Child Request” table. Volunteers
              will be given assignments based on need and qualifications of the


Absence and Tardiness

Regular attendance is necessary if high standards of achievement are to be met.
Every effort should be made to schedule dental work, doctor appointments, etc.
during non-school times.

       1. Arrival of Students / Extended Care
       Students should not arrive at school before 8:15 am or stay later than 3:00 pm
       unless they have a class or are participating in an authorized school activity
       that is supervised by an adult or teacher. Students must remain outside the
       building until the first bell at 8:20 am. Supervision is not provided on the
       playground before or after school except through the Our Lady of the Lake
       Extended Care Program. Any student(s) arriving before 8:15 am or left at
       school after 3:00 pm will be sent to Extended Care and charged $5.00 per
  Please go to, where you can download million word documents .

       hour or portion thereof.

       2. Absence
       Much of the learning in the classroom takes place through teacher
       presentations, thus it is important that students not miss class. It is
       imperative that all children enrolled at Our Lady of the Lake Parish School
       are accounted for each school day. If your child will not be attending school
       on any given day or days, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to
       notify the school secretary by telephone (525.9980 x10) before 7:30 a.m. on
       the day of the each absence. If the Parent/Guardian does not telephone the
       school to report the student's absence, the school will telephone the
       Parent/Guardian at home or work to verify the absence.

       Reasons for excused absence from school include:
          1. illness (doctor’s excuse could be required in some cases),
          2. illness in the immediate family (with limitations),
          3. death in the immediate family,
          4. death outside the immediate family (permission for absence must be
             obtained from the Office) or
          5. school is closed by the administration.

 In the event of absence for any reason, a written note stating the nature and dates of
the absence is to be sent to school secretary upon the child's return to school even if a
phone call notifying the school of his/her absence has been made.

As stated in the Archdiocesan Policy & Procedure Manuel Student Guideline:

4.10 – Student health care is the primary responsibility of parents. School personnel
will cooperate with parents and medical and dental providers and comply with
Washington State law in matters regarding student health.

Excessive absences (13 per trimester) may result in the loss of credit, and the student
may be required to repeat the grade. Notification will be sent to parents when a
student reaches nine (9) absences. When a student reaches thirteen (13) absences, a
Parent / Student / Teacher / Principal conference will take place to determine
credits earned. Eighth graders who wish to visit high schools are to do so on days
when Our Lady of the Lake Parish School is in session half-day or not in session at

       3. Tardiness
        Students should be at their desks ready for class to begin when the tardy bell
        rings at 8:25 a.m. It is the school's belief that teaching children to be prompt
        is an important part of developing a sense of personal responsibility. It is
        important that both Parent and Child accept responsibility for arriving at
        school in plenty of time, so that the child(ren) are ready to begin the day.

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     Late arrivals disrupt class and cause loss of instructional time. If the child
     arrives to class after the 8:25 a.m. bell, the child should go to the office and
     present a written note from his/her Parent/Guardian stating the reason for
     being late or the child provides an explanation to the school secretary. The
     child will be given a TARDY slip and is expected to proceed promptly to
     class and give his/her teacher the tardy slip. The school secretary will
     document the tardy. If a child receives three (3) tardies within one trimester,
     the Principal will hold a conference with the student and parent(s) to resolve
     the problem.

    4. Appointments
    Whenever possible, doctor/dentist appointments should be made outside of
    school time. If the appointment is necessary during school time, the child is to
    be picked up in the school office only. A note stating the purpose of the mid-
    day absence is required. Since the homeroom teacher and the school Principal
    are legally responsible for each child's whereabouts, Parents/Guardians are
    asked to come to the school office to pick up the child. Please do not disrupt the
    classroom. It is required that Parents/Guardians sign the child "out" of school
    and back "in" again upon the student's return to school.

    5. Vacations Taken During School Time
    Vacations taken when school is in session are discouraged. Good Friday is
    an expected day of attendance as this prepares the students for the greatest
    Church feast day, Easter. Children miss important instruction as well as the
    introduction of new class material. If a child(ren) is going to miss more than
    one, but less than fifteen school days, the following procedure should be

        o Parents/Guardians are asked to notify the school of the planned
            absence at least one (1) week prior to the absence.
        o Parents/Guardians will be responsible to see that all missed
            assignments are completed when the child returns to school. The
            teacher and student will mutually agree upon a reasonable amount of
            time. The teacher is not required to supply work ahead of the vacation
            time for the student to complete while away from the classroom.
    If a child is going to miss more than 15 school days in a trimester due to an
    extended vacation or educational opportunity:
    a) The parents will notify the school at least two weeks before the planned
        trip so that adequate time is available for the teacher to prepare
    b) The teacher will give some assignments before the trip begins – but the
        parent must realize that some work cannot be made up i.e. class
        discussions, science experiments, current events, etc. This may have an
        adverse effect on the child when testing take place upon return. This may
        result in a lower grade than the child may have earned if present the entire

Please go to, where you can download million word documents .

       6. Students Leaving School Grounds
       No student is allowed to leave the school grounds without explicit written
       permission from his/her Parents/Guardian. Such permission must be cleared
       with the Principal. Students who leave without permission are considered

       Important: No member of the school staff will release any
       student to any person who calls at the school unless the release
       is to the child's Custodial Parent or Legal Guardian or their
       delegate and is verified in writing.


Good communication between home and school is an important factor in living out
our school mission and implementing our school's philosophy of Catholic education.

Directory Information

Each year, Parents' Club prints a School Directory. Directories may not be given to
anyone outside the school community or be used for business reasons beyond OLL
School. The first directory is free, and additional directories are available for a
nominal charge. Items considered directory information include: students’ name and
school activities, family members’ names, addresses and telephone numbers. This
information may be given to anyone who requests it inside or outside the school (i.e.
newspapers, room parents, Parents Club). Parents will need to notify the school by
September 10th of each year of information they do not wish to release.

Family Envelope - School Communication to Families
Family Communication Envelopes are sent home each Wednesday with the youngest
child in the family unless otherwise requested by the family. The Principal and school
staff strives to keep families informed of school news and important information through
this process.

The envelope will contain letters, calendars, schedules, notices etc. Please be sure that
all contents have been removed and read. Parents are responsible for the information
sent in the Family Envelope. If there are two households in a family who wish to receive
the family envelope, arrangements can be made through the school office. Materials
other than staff-initiated communications may not be distributed or sent home with
students without prior authorization of the Principal. Notices sent in the Family
Envelope do not necessarily imply school endorsement of the material. All letters sent
through the school must have administrative approval. Give at least 48 hours (school
days) for approval. Preschool and pre-k parents are to pick up packets on Wednesday or
Thursday and return at the next class day. The Principal’s letter and announcements are
   Please go to, where you can download million word documents .

posted each week to the school web-site @

Procedure for Contacting Teachers
Call the school office and leave a message for the teacher to return your call with the
school secretary or on the teacher’s voice mail. A note to the teacher to request a
callback is also appropriate. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to use the Conference
Request forms available in the rack (found in the main hallway). Communicating via
email is also encouraged. Please allow 24 hours for staff to return messages. Teachers
are not to be expected to access e-mails and voice mails during the teaching day. (8:20-
3:00) Please be considerate of student learning time.
OLL faculty and staff should not be contacted at their home unless the staff member
gives prior permission for such calls.

Procedures in Case of Dissatisfaction with School Policy or Decisions
Problems are not always solved the first time and in order to allow the teacher time to
work on problems adequate information and time is needed. Please allow at least three
conferences with a teacher prior to moving to a higher level.
       1. Contact the individual Teacher involved. It is fair and reasonable to consider
       that 2-3 conferences with the teacher will be needed to solve a problem. Those
       conferences should result in plans to remedy concerns.
       2. If you have made those efforts and not been satisfied the Principal should be
       contacted. In exceptional cases parents may need to request the principal be
       present at meetings with teachers and parents. When in doubt please ask the
       principal for guidance. Parents/guardians who wish to speak with the principal
       about their concerns, should expect the teacher to be present when appropriate. It
       is in the best interest of all parties to have the situation resolved by the teacher
       and parent/guardian.
       3. In the rare situations where the procedures (1) and (2) do not result in a
       satisfactory resolution, a hearing procedure may be requested:
           a) The Pastor acts as the hearing officer to review facts and determine the
               fairness of the action.
           b) Pastor, Principal, Teacher, and Parents/Guardians are present at the
           c) Within three (3) school days following the hearing, the Pastor states the
               findings and evaluations of the issues involved.
           d) These findings and evaluation are sent in writing to the following:
               Parent/Guardian, Student, Principal and Teacher.
           e) The decision of the Pastor/PLD is deemed final.

Formal student-involved conferences are scheduled in the fall. Students are an
integral part of the learning process and these student-involved conferences
encourage students to show responsibility for their learning. These conferences are
mandatory. Other Parent/Guardian conferences are encouraged and can be
requested at any time by parents or teachers. To schedule a conference,
Parents/Guardians may call the school or send a note to make an appointment to

  Please go to, where you can download million word documents .

see the teacher. Preschool and Pre-K will have parent-teacher conferences.

We believe it would build the best foundation for teacher/student/parent relationships if the
parent would inform the teachers of any physical, emotional or learning needs that affect a
child’s learning within the first few weeks of school or when identified.

Teachers are not available for conferences before or after school without a previously scheduled
appointment. Unless initiated by the teacher, contacting him/her at home regarding student
issues is discouraged.


School Records
Washington State Law, under the direction of the State Superintendent of Public
Instruction, requires each accredited school in Washington State to maintain certain
school records. Our Lady of the Lake Parish School complies with the law in
keeping the following permanent records.

        1. Attendance Records
        Student attendance is recorded daily. Permanent attendance records are kept
        on file at the school.

        2. Permanent Record Cards
        A Permanent Record Card is kept for each student. These records show the
        student's grades and attendance while they attended Our Lady of the Lake
        Parish School. The Record Card is photocopied at the time of graduation or
        transfer. The originals of this permanent record are never destroyed.

        3. Health Records and Immunization Records
        Washington State requires Health Cards and Immunization Records for each
        student. A current and updated Certificate of Immunizations Status Form
        must be on file for all students before entering school.

        The following additional immunizations are required according to WAC 246-100-166:
                a. Hepatitis B
                A three-dose series of Hepatitis B vaccine is required for children
                entering school for the first time in grades K-3.
                b. Pertussis Vaccine
                Since the fall of 1997, immunization against pertussis is required.
                Most small children have received the required four (4) doses of DPT
                (diptheria, pertussis,tetanus) before entering school, so a separate
                pertussis shot is not needed.
                c. MMR Vaccine **
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               Beginning in the Fall of 2000 students is required to have a second
                      dose of measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) before entrance.
               Note: the "old" law required this booster as the child entered 6th grade.
               d. Tetanus
               Since 1997, a "booster" dose of tetanus is required before age 17.

** Laboratory evidence of immunity for measles, mumps or rubella may be
substituted for the vaccine. Medical exemption to this policy requires a physician's
signature and titer results.

The Principal is responsible for ensuring that the Immunization Program as defined
by Washington State Law is implemented in each school. RCW 28A.210.060-170.

Educational Records

Education records are available to Parents and guardians. The school will grant
Non-Custodial Parents or Legal Guardians the right of access to information and to
unofficial copies of records, unless there is a court order to the contrary on file in the
school office. The court certified Custody Section of the divorce decree or the Legal
Guardian documents must be filed with the school Principal.

Rights with respect to the student’s education records are:
              1. The right to inspect and review the student’s education records
                 within 45 days of the day the school receives a request for access.
                 Parents or eligible students should submit to the school principal a
                 written request that identifies the record(s) they wish to inspect.
                 The principal will make arrangements for access and notify the
                 parent or eligible student of the time and place where the records
                 may be inspected.
              2. The parent or eligible student has the right to request the
                 amendment of the student’s education records they believe are
                 inaccurate or misleading. Parents or eligible students may ask the
                 school to amend a record that they believe is inaccurate or
                 misleading. They should write the school principal, clearly
                 identify the part of the record they want changed, and specify why
                 it is inaccurate or misleading. If the school administration decides
                 not to amend the record as requested by the parent or eligible
                 student they will be notified of the decision and advise them of
                 their right to a hearing regarding the request for amendment.
                 Additional information regarding the hearing procedures will be
                 provided to the parent or eligible student when notified of the right
                 to a hearing.
              3. The parent has the right to consent to disclosures of personally
                 identifiable information contained in the student’s education
                 record. One exception that permits disclosure without consent is
                 disclosure to school officials with legitimate educational interests.

  Please go to, where you can download million word documents .

                   A school official is a person employed by OLL as an administrator,
                   supervisor, instructor or support staff member (including health or
                   medical staff and law enforcement unit personnel); a person
                   serving on the School Commission; a person or company with
                   whom OLL has contracted to perform a special task (such as an
                   attorney, auditor, medical consultant, or therapist); or a parent or
                   student serving on an official committee, such as a disciplinary or
                   grievance committee, or assisting another school official in
                   performing his or her tasks. A school official has a legitimate
                   educational interest if the official needs to review an education
                   record in order to fulfill his or her professional responsibility.
                   Upon request, OLL discloses education records without consent to
                   officials of another school district in which a student seeks or
                   intends to enroll.

Student Transfer Records
If a student is transferring to another school, his/her records will be sent to the
receiving school following a written release by parent/guardian. All financial
accounts must be brought current before the records are released.

In the event a student is withdrawn from the school mid-year, please contact the
school office in writing so that tuition and fees and records can be appropriately
completed. Families receiving financial aid may not use this aid to pay off tuition if
a child is withdrawn during the school year.


In order to assist in maintaining a safe and positive learning environment, the Pastor,
Principal, School Staff, School Commission and Parents’ Club have authorized the
following Uniform Policy for dress and grooming:

    School uniforms and a uniform policy create an environment that discourages
     using fashion as a status symbol or arena for competition.
    The uniform is a symbol of the students’ pride in themselves and a representation
     of the school to the community.
    Within this Uniform Policy, parents have the opportunity and responsibility to
     teach their children about values and attitudes regarding dress and peer pressure.
     No dress code can replace good parental judgment. Parents must encourage
     adherence to the uniform policy.
    The school administration will determine the appropriateness of any clothing not
     specifically covered in the Policy.

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Every school day, each student is expected to possess a complete uniform (including
a sweater, vest or sweatshirt). Official scout uniforms may be worn on meeting days
in lieu of the school uniform. All clothing worn to school should be clean and in
good condition. All clothing should represent good moral values and not present
any safety or health issues.

The Administration expects the staff, parents and students to support the following
uniform policy. The administration has the right to ask a student to change his or
her clothes if the clothes are deemed inappropriate for school. Students are not
allowed to change clothes before/after school unless specific permission is given by
staff member. Any day a student is unable to appear in full uniform, a written excuse
from the parent or guardian is required. Failure to adhere to the Uniform Policy will
result in a uniform infraction slip or loss of free dress. Repeat violations will result in
disciplinary action from the administration.

The Year-Round Uniform
All uniforms are to be no larger than two sizes larger or smaller than regular fit.
Except for school sweatshirts, all uniform clothing can be purchased at The Uniform
Store (Monday through Friday 9:30 am until 5:00 pm and on Saturdays from 10:00
am until 4:00 pm). They will also take orders by phone and deliver by mail. The
OLL uniform standards are set by what is available at The Uniform Store. Some
uniform clothing items must be purchased at the Uniform Store. Other items may be
purchased at other stores (such as Nordstrom, JC Penney, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Sears,
Land’s End, and others), as long as the style and colors are the same as those
designated at The Uniform Store. School sweatshirts are to be purchased through
the OLL Parents’ Club. Uniform orders can be made on-line at
The Uniform Store (206) 431-2000
12608 Interurban Avenue South
Tukwila, WA 98168
In general, the standard uniform choices are as follows:
 Pants, shorts, skirts: Boys: Navy blue pants or navy blue shorts. Girls:
    Rampart plaid jumpers (grades K-5), Rampart plaid skirts (grades 6-8), navy blue
    skorts, navy blue pants or shorts. . Skirts and jumpers are to be no more than
    two inches above the top of the knee cap in a standing position. The discussion
    at School Commission suggests that parents assure that skirts and jumpers are at
    the knee when purchased which allows for the growth spurts our youngsters
    experience through the school year
 Shirts: White polo shirt (long or short sleeves), white turtleneck t-shirt, or blue
    polo shirt (short sleeve only) with school insignia. Shirts must be tucked in for
    assemblies, prayer services and school masses.
 Socks: White or navy blue socks.
 Sweaters, sweatshirts, vests: Navy blue cardigan sweater, navy blue pullover v-
    neck sweater, navy blue v-neck sweater vest (embroidered insignia optional on all
    sweaters), navy blue fleece vest with embroidered school insignia or sweatshirt
    with school insignia (grades K-5: navy blue; grades 6-8: navy blue or gray).
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    Shoes: Students should wear sturdy dress shoes/tennis shoes to school. Sandals
     or flip-flops should not be worn.

The complete uniform (including sweatshirt/sweater) is to be worn at all school
Masses and assemblies.

Other grooming and dress code issues:

HAIR. For both boys and girls, only natural hair colors are allowed. No unnatural
colors, bleached blonde, colored gels or other applications. Boy’s hair should be no
longer than their shirt collars. Any cut, color or style considered distracting by the
administration is not allowed.

HAIR DECORATIONS. The Uniform Store sells a scrunchie and headband in
Rampart Plaid. Other types of hair decorations are also allowed unless they are
large or distracting in which case they are not allowed.

JEWELRY. Religious medals and watches are allowed, but must be removed
during P.E. Students may wear small hoop or post earrings, one earring per ear
only. No other jewelry may be worn.

MAKEUP. No makeup is allowed. This restriction applies to all school days,
school functions and tournaments.

NAIL POLISH. Only clear nail polish is allowed. No other nail colors or coverings
may be worn. This restriction applies to all school days, school functions and

TATTOOS. No visible tattoos are allowed. This restriction applies to all school
days, school functions and tournaments.

P.E. CLOTHES. Clothing appropriate to the weather, the sport being taught, or per
the teacher’s instruction should be brought to school on P.E. days. Generally this
means shorts and a T-shirt (please adhere to the appropriate T-shirt guidelines under
the Free Dress section below). The school uniform shorts may be worn for P.E., but
sport shorts are preferred. If P.E. is the first period of the day, students may wear
their P.E. clothes to school and bring their uniform to change into after P.E. class.
See P.E. teacher’s specific requirements in beginning of year letter for grade level

FREE DRESS DAYS. Free dress days are noted on the monthly calendar. Students
are allowed to wear clothes that are appropriate for school. The following is a list of
appropriate and inappropriate choices for Free Dress Days:
         Neat, clean, properly fitting, age and event appropriate.
         Clothes that fit comfortably without being over-large or sag fashion.
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          Slacks, pants, sweatpants, jeans, shorts, overalls and shortalls.
          Shirts, blouses, sweaters, sweatshirts or T-shirts (see T-shirt restriction
        Dresses or skirts (shorts are recommended to be worn underneath).
        Shoes that completely enclose the foot.
       Inappropriate. (Wearing any of the following will result in disciplinary
        T-shirt restriction: No shirts allowed that display any tobacco, drug or
           alcoholic product or bear any subject matter inconsistent with our
           Catholic teachings or the school’s educational philosophy.
        No tight fitting, spandex, sheer or otherwise revealing clothing, including
           excessively short skirts or shorts, tank tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps or
           thin shoulder straps. No exposed underwear, or manner of wearing
           clothes that exposes underwear or any part of the trunk of the body.
        No clothing more than two sizes too large or too small.
        Full length dresses or skirts are not recommended for safety reasons.
        Any clothing or manner of wearing clothing, which is distracting, creates
           a safety or health issue or reflects “gang” styles is not allowed.

Field Trips
The OLL Field Trip Guidelines are hereby changed in accordance with the OLL Child
Passenger Restraint/Booster Seat Policy:

In compliance with Archdiocesan guidelines, "all field trips must have the
enrichment of the curriculum as their core purpose." (Catholic Schools Policy
Manual). Field trips and Outdoor Education, as an extension of classroom
experience, are encouraged provided that adequate supervision and insurance
coverage are assured.

Field trips are a privilege afforded to students; no student has an absolute right to a
field trip. Students can be denied participation if they fail to meet academic or
behavioral requirements upon recommendation by the teacher to the principal. The
principal will have final authority.

The following Field Trip Guidelines will be used:
   1. Written Parent/Guardian permission is absolutely necessary for all students
       participating in the field trip. Students who do not return a signed
       Archdiocesan Field Trip Parental/Guardian Consent Form and Liability Waiver
       will not be allowed to go on the field trip (no exceptions). Phone calls will
       not be accepted in place of the written permission form.
   2. Each child must have a Student Emergency Information Form on file in the
       school office. This form must accompany the child on the field trip.
   3. Money collected for field trips is non-refundable unless the trip is canceled.
   4. Drivers must carry a copy of the signed Archdiocesan Filed Trip
  Please go to, where you can download million word documents .

       Parental/Guardian Consent Form and Liability Waiver and Student Emergency
       Information Form with them during the field trip. These forms are returned to
       the office when the students are checked back into school.
   5. Under normal circumstances, carpools will be used for transportation and
       teachers will assign carpools.
   6. Field trip drivers must have a current Field Trip Driver Information Form on
       file in the school office. All drivers must present proof if insurance in order to
       be able to drive on a school field trip. The school does not carry liability
       insurance for injuries to passengers or damage to the car. Drivers will be
       responsible to see that students assigned to their car leave and return, seat-
       belted or otherwise appropriately restrained, in the same car.
   7. No additional stops are allowed.
   8. Drivers returning from field trips should park in the marked parking spaces on
       NE 90th St. The driver must accompany students into the building and
       personally check their group through the teacher.
   9. Drivers must return all Archdiocesan Field Trip Parental/Guardian Consent Form
       and Liability Waiver and Student Emergency Information to the office or the teacher.
   10. Field Trip Drivers are required to have appropriate passenger restraint in
       accordance with Washington law for each Student transported.
   11. The payment of any ticket received by the Field Trip Driver for violation of the
       law is the responsibility of the Driver.                            Revision Effective:

Child Passenger Restraint/Booster Seat Policy
Washington law requires all children riding in private motor vehicles to be properly
restrained. Consistent with Washington law, it is OLL’s policy that children under the
age of six traveling in a private motor vehicle use an approved booster seat with lap and
shoulder belt, unless the child weighs more than sixty pounds. Any child who is six
years of age or older, or who weighs more than 60 pounds, must be restrained by a

The following procedures shall also apply.
   1. It is the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian to determine whether their child
       requires a booster seat under the law.
   2. Neither the School nor the Field Trip Drivers are responsible to determine
       whether a booster seat is or is not required for any student.
   3. Field Trip Drivers are required to have appropriate passenger restraint in
       accordance with Washington law for each Student transported.
   4. Payment of any ticket for any violation of the law by a Field Trip Driver,
       including improper passenger restraint, is the responsibility of the Driver.
   Policy Effective: 1/15/03

Students are encouraged to have all personal belongings marked with their names,
especially school sweaters, vests and sweatshirts. Periodically, after due notice,

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items in the lost and found box are donated to St. Francis house. (Revised May 4,
Parents' Club sponsors a uniform exchange for all uniform items. Items donated to
exchange should be clean and in good condition. Items may be "exchanged" one
size for another or purchased. Contact the school office for more information.

The health of the students and staff is a high priority at Our Lady of the Lake Parish
School. As stated in the Archdiocesan Policy & Procedure Manuel Student
Guideline: 4.10 –
      Student health care is the primary responsibility of parents. School personnel
      will cooperate with parents and medical and dental providers and comply
      with Washington State law in matters regarding student health.

At least two staff members are trained and certified to administer First Aid. First
Aid will be given in accordance with Washington State Law, for minor injuries that
occur at school. If a child is seriously ill while at school, Parents/ Guardians will be
notified immediately. Emergency 911 or a doctor will be called as needed. Be sure
the emergency number you leave in the office is current, and that the number is for a person
who can come to school to pick up the child quickly if needed. Be certain you have an
agreement with this person before you send the name and number to school. Be sure
your child knows the designated person and is comfortable with him/her.

In accordance with Washington State Law, students are screened for vision, hearing
and scoliosis during the school year. Archdiocesan Policy and Procedure Manual
Student Guidelines states: 4.10 (I)
     “All schools should devise a means to screen for and assess the health needs of
     students. Schools accepting students with a medically complex condition,
     defined as “a health condition that can put the child in danger of death during
     the school day or that requires close monitoring,“ will work with the family of
     the student and the health care professional to devise a plan of support. This
     plan should include medications, medical supplies, and alternate foods, if
     necessary, to meet the student’s needs. This individual Health Care Plan
     (HCP) must be developed, signed in collaboration with the student’s parents
     and a health care professional, be acceptable to the school, and be within the
     resources of the school to provide. These plans shall be kept on file and
     updated annually.”

Children who are ill must be kept home until they have recovered sufficiently to
return to the regular school routine. General guidelines for keeping children at home
would include not returning to school until the child has been treated with antibiotics

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as needed for 24 hours, the child's temperature is normal for 24 hours or vomiting /
diarrhea has stopped for 24 hours. If your child is feeling ill, please keep them home
so as to avoid spreading the illness to others in the school.
Additionally, in the case of lice, the Public Health Department recommends that
students not return to school until they are "nit" free to ensure that the lice are
completely gone.

Reporting Child Abuse
Washington State Law requires teachers and the school Principal to report suspected
child abuse or neglect. "It is not the educator's responsibility to determine if abuse or neglect
has occurred; that duty belongs to the police and social services departments. It is, however, the
clear responsibility of school personnel to report any situations that raise reasonable suspicions
in their minds". (RCW 26. 44)

NOTE: Special attention to this policy is needed for overnight field trips such as
Pioneer Farms and Outdoor Education. A copy of both the Medication Policy and
Medication Authorization Form are found at the back of this booklet.

Infectious Diseases and / or Life Threatening Illnesses (including AIDS)
The Archdiocese of Seattle considers infectious diseases and/or life-threatening
diseases as a medical condition and considers it as a disability. Catholic schools in
this Archdiocese do not discriminate on the basis of these diseases. However, there
may be some particular situations in which limitations may be placed on the
admission/retention of a student with infectious and/or life-threatening illnesses that
is medically justifiable. Education on infectious diseases and/or life threatening
illnesses will be current in content and consistent with the moral teaching of the
Catholic Church. A complete copy of Archdiocese of Seattle AIDS Policy is
available in the school office.


The philosophy of discipline at Our Lady of the Lake School flows directly from our
educational philosophy that the school exists to provide a Christian atmosphere
whereby the total person is developed. Children require adult role models whose
lived values and actions are in accord with our Catholic Christian philosophy. Our
approach to discipline considers the needs of the unique person while attempting to
balance the common interests of whole community. We also believe that the process
of learning is a life-long journey consisting of a series of choices with respective

Our Lady of the Lake Parish School staff agrees that a consistent approach to
discipline is essential for creating a positive atmosphere in our learning community.
We substitute the words "Respect and Responsibility" for the word "discipline", thus

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focusing on the individual's responsibility for his/her own actions. The “Second
Step” curriculum has been proven to be an effective conflict resolution program as
well as a program designed to sensitize children and adults to the feelings of others.
We believe that misbehavior provides students, teachers and parents with a teachable
moment that must be used to learn what is acceptable behavior. We believe in
positive discipline that promotes self-control, personal responsibility and the dignity
of each child.

Overall the school has five basic expectations for students. These expectations are
outlined in the school report card and posted in every classroom. They are:

Be Respectful - students will:
Respect rights, feelings, & ideas of others
Respect property of school and others
Respect adults and classmates
Show courtesy to others
Speak respectfully to others

Be Responsible - students will:
Solve problems with peers effectively
Allow others to speak and be heard
Choose and accept tasks that challenge abilities
Use time wisely
Produce quality work
Work independently
Control talking and interruptions

Be Safe - students will:
Demonstrate self-control
Act reasonably
Follow school and classroom guidelines

Be inclusive – students will:
Cooperates and interacts positively with others
Welcomes others
Shares willingly

Be Ready - students will:
Listen attentively to teachers, classmates and all adults
Persevere even when things are difficult
Maintain a positive attitude
Arrives prepared for class
Transitions effectively

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Keep space and materials organized
Participate constructively

Respect and responsibility reinforces appropriate behavior through praise, rewards
and privileges. "Appropriate behavior" is defined as following the basic rules of the

   1. He/she will respect self and others.
   2. He/she will respect and care for school and personal property.
   3. He/she will observe playground rules and school safety rules. Specifics of
      these rules are discussed and defined by Teachers and students in their
      homerooms. Classroom rules are posted in every classroom as well as sent
      home to each family the first week of school.
   4. School Rules are:
    Follow all directions the first time given
    Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
    Walk inside buildings using an inside voice
    No fighting, swearing, spitting, or destroying property
    No gum on school grounds
    No snowball throwing
    All personal cassette players, radios, CD players, MP3s and headphones, cell
      phones and other electronics must be kept in a child’ backpack or locker.
      These may not be used during the school day.
    No toys at school without the teachers' permission
    No weapons (including toy weapons)

Disciplinary consequences will result from:

          o Willful, reckless and/or repeated physical or emotional harm
          o Willful, reckless and/or repeated destruction of property
          o Willful, reckless and/or repeated defiance / disobedience

Disciplinary Actions
Corrective actions will be taken as necessary and progress interventions will be used
to address student behavior. These may include time after school, service during
recess and/or after school, restitution for damage, loss of school privileges, written
accounts of infraction, a telephone call to the Parent/Guardian at home or work,
sending a child home, suspension, or other appropriate consequences. The Principal
is the final recourse in all disciplinary situations and may waive any disciplinary
regulation for just cause at his/her discretion. Parents/Guardians are responsible for
making any car pool adjustments necessitated by imposed disciplinary actions.

1. “After-school” detention is held most days after school. Teacher is to give
   written notice of detention, which must be signed and returned the next day for
  Please go to, where you can download million word documents .

      detention that day. Detention ranges from 20-45 minutes depending on student
      age and the frequency and behavior of student. Detentions are held the next
      school day after school in the kindergarten classroom. If detention sheet is not
      signed time is doubled.
2.    Parents must be notified by 1:30 of after-school detention or detention waits until
      parent is informed of the detention. (usually served the following day unless there
      is an exceptional reason to postpone detention).
3.    Students are to report to detention by 3:00. If student reports to detention late or
      does not show up he/she may have to serve double the time beginning the next
      school day.
4.    Students are to complete “How to Solve a Problem” worksheet and have it
      signed by parent and returned to teacher giving the detention.
5.    Patrol students with detention need to report immediately after patrol but MUST
      inform detention teacher prior to serving patrol that he/she will be late.

Probation is a formal warning that unless set conditions are met, more serious action
will be taken. The student and Parent/Guardian will be informed of the fact and
conditions of the probation. Probation will be used for serious or repeated offenses
occurring during the school year. Terms of the probation will be set forth in writing
by the Principal and Teacher, and reviewed with the child and Parent/Guardian.

Suspension from School
Suspension means that the student will remain at home for a period of one (1) to five
(5) days. The student is responsible for the work missed during the suspension.
The following offenses committed by a child while under the jurisdiction of the
school may be reasons for suspension:
    1. Willful disobedience or refusal to do assigned work.
    2. Vandalism, which includes damage, destruction, or defacing school or parish
    3. Truancy - Leaving School grounds without permission.
    4. Unauthorized entry to or use of school facilities or materials.
    5. Stealing or Cheating.
    6. Fighting.
    7. Arson.
    8. Possession, distribution, or use of alcohol, tobacco, hallucinogens or any
        illegal substances or drugs.
    9. Possession of weapons or use of objects as weapons, including toy weapons.
    10. No weapons or objects that could be used as weapons are allowed at school.
        Toy swords, guns, grenades, etc. are not allowed for Halloween, Junior
        Olympics, the Talent Show or other similar events. Special permission from
        the Principal may be granted for the use of fake weapons during supervised
    11. Harassment toward others for the purpose of threatening, coercion, or
    12. Forgery of documents and/or signature of Parents or school personnel.

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   13. Profane, vulgar, obscene, or suggestive language; and gestures whether verbal
       or written.
   14. Repeated disruption of the learning environment.
   15. Disrespect shown toward school volunteers or personnel, verbally, in writing
       or by use of gestures.
   16. Repeated and flagrant violation of any school rules.
   17. Failure to meet a condition of probation.
   18. Buying or selling anything without prior permission from the school
   19. Use of technology to harass, intimidate and/or harm him or herself another
       person, their reputation or the reputation of the school.
   20. Behavior that is detrimental to the best interest and reputation of Our Lady of the Lake Parish
Weapons at School – Archdiocesan Policy and Procedures Manual – Student
Guidelines 10.11 (Policy 5.17)
                    1. Any object used to intimidate, threaten or cause bodily
                        harm must be considered a weapon. If the principal
                        determines that a weapon falls into the category of
                        dangerous weapons that require expulsion, he or she shall
                        promptly notify law enforcement and the student’s parent
                        or guardian regarding any allegation or indication of such a
                    2. Any knife used to threaten, intimidate or injure should be
                        treated as a dangerous weapon.
                    3. Likewise, a facsimile of any weapon used to threaten,
                        intimidate or coerce should be treated as a real weapon.
                    4. Some fireworks, such as M-80s and other high-powered
                        fireworks, should be considered dangerous weapons as they
                        are capable of causing grave bodily harm and are basically
                        small bombs. They should be treated as dangerous
                        weapons and the fire marshal should be notified in addition
                        to the police referral.

Search and Seizure
Lockers are the property of the school. They may be opened and inspected at anytime.
Searches are done if there is individualized particular suspicion, or reasonableness,
and/or totality of the circumstances. Searches will also happen in each case where there
is a suspected violation of school rules, and/or commission of a crime on school
premises. Searches are done to ensure the safety and security of all members of the OLL
community. Students may not use personal locks on lockers.

In-House Suspension at School
In-House Suspension may be the consequence for a breach of behavior. In order for
a student to be separated from peers and still be supervised by a teacher, the in-house
suspension time will be spent in a classroom whose students are not his/her peers or
in the Principal's office. Lunch and any recess times will be spent away from peers.
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Expulsion is defined as a directive for the student to leave the school and find
educational accommodation in another school. (WAC 180-40-205) This would
occur when, in the opinion of school authorities, the student would not gain by
continuing in the school and / or the student's continued presence would be
detrimental to the good of the whole.
The following offenses would be reason for immediate expulsion:
       1. Vandalism toward school or parish property.
       2. Arson.
       3. Possession, distribution or use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs.
       4. Possession of weapons or use of objects as weapons, including toys.
       5. Serious interpersonal violence
       6. Ongoing academic issues

Procedure for Probation, Suspension or Expulsion
In the event that Probation, Suspension or Expulsion of a student is necessary, the
following procedures will be used:
    1. Parents/Guardians will be notified before a student is sent home, and they
       are expected to conference with the Principal and Teacher(s) before the
       student is allowed to return to school.
    2. At the occasion of a conference regarding suspension, a parent may be
       notified by the Principal / Pastor/PLD that probation or expulsion could
    3. Terms of probation will be in writing by the Principal.
    4. In cases of expulsion, Parents/Guardians and/or the student has the right of
       appeal. A hearing with the Pastor/PLD or delegate may be requested.

Hearing Procedure in Case of Expulsion
The Due Process procedure for expulsion of a student is as follows:
   1. When a student is expelled, a certified letter is sent to the student and
      Parents/Guardians stating the observed behaviors of the student and noting
      the disciplinary action. The letter acknowledges the student's rights to a
   2. If a hearing is requested, Parents/Guardians must reply within five (5) school
      days. If a reply is not received within this five (5) day period, the student and
      Parents are deemed to have waived a hearing and the disciplinary action
      takes effect. If a hearing is requested, it is held within five (5) school days.
   3. The Principal has the right, if necessary, to exclude the student from all
      school activities during the time of due process.

Our Lady of the Lake Parish School, as part of the Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle,
is committed to a positive and productive community environment free of
It is the explicit policy of Our Lady of the Lake Parish School to prohibit harassment

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or intimidation whether committed by student, staff member, volunteer and/or
Parent/Guardian. Allegations of harassment will be taken seriously, and will be
reviewed and investigated in a timely manner. Such allegations will be treated in as
confidential a manner as possible, and where appropriate, Our Lady of the Lake
Parish School will address the complaints as necessary.

According to the policy outlined by the Archdiocese of Seattle, harassment is defined
as verbal or physical conduct towards an individual because of his/her race, color,
creed, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, marital
status, political ideology or that of his/her relatives, friends or associates. The full
Archdiocesan Harassment Policy is available in the office.


Controlled Substances Policy
Our Lady of the Lake Parish School recognizes that the use or abuse of alcohol and
other drugs is a societal problem that may impair the normal development, well-
being and academic performance of students. It is the requirement of Our Lady of
the Lake Parish School that students will abstain from possessing, distributing,
selling, using or giving evidence of having used alcohol or other drugs. Our Lady of
the Lake Parish School will maintain a zero tolerance policy for the use, possession,
selling or transmission of drugs or look alike drugs.

Our Lady of the Lake Parish School provides a tobacco free campus. In addition to
the school and parish facility the campus is defined to include drop off zones,
playfields, and surrounding streets and school sponsored off site activities and
transportation. Faculty, students, and guests will not use tobacco products on

The primary obligation to seek assistance rests with the student and parent. Staff
development will be provided for faculty to disseminate information regarding signs
of use and addiction. Faculty will work with parents and community resources to:
1)assist in referral to appropriate alcohol and drug education programs, 2) to
reasonably facilitate cooperation with out of school treatment programs, and 3)
provide reasonable support for students and their families consistent with our
Christian values and the needs of the total community.

If a student is found to possess or to have used controlled substances within school
campus or at school sponsored events off campus, the parents will be immediately
notified to assume custody for the student. Depending on the severity of the action,
disciplinary actions may include probation, suspension, expulsion, community
service and usually alcohol/drug assessment be a professional agency. If it is

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determined that a students continued presence at school would be detrimental to the
good of the whole, then we believe that it is consistent with our values and traditions
to ask the student to leave Our Lady of the Lake Parish School.

Selling or distribution of controlled substances may result in immediate expulsion. If
school personnel have evidence that a student is attempting to sell or give alcohol or
other drugs to others, the incident will be reported to parents and to law enforcement
officials for their investigation. Appropriate school disciplinary action will be taken
regardless of law enforcement action.

As a matter of both school policy and religious obligation, it is recognized that
bullying behavior is not tolerated at Our Lady of the Lake Parish School. Students
who are victimized by the abusive power exerted by bullies suffer serious harm to
their self-esteem and their feeling of safety as they pursue their academic and social
lives, often resulting in feelings of isolation and insecurity. In the extreme, a bully’s
victim can suffer serious physical and/or psychological injury. The OLL Parish
School seeks to create an environment of learning, compassion and safety by
educating parents, teachers, staff and students concerning respect. All members of
the OLL community are expected to discourage, prevent, intervene, report and
otherwise appropriately address bullying behaviors.

Bullying is defined as an abuse of power by an individual (or group) who deliberately
targets others for repeated physical or psychological abuse. Examples of bullying
behaviors include, but are not limited to, a pattern of intimidation, threats, menacing,
taunts, teasing, the spreading of rumors, and other psychological abuse; and/or
physical contact aimed at either provoking a defensive or aggressive response, or – in
the extreme – causing injury. Bullying can also include a pattern of deliberate
isolation or exclusion of another with the intent to be hurtful.

This section is intended to serve notice to students, their parents and all members of
the OLL Parish School community, that bullying conduct is an immediate cause for
intervention consistent with the disciplinary policy outlined in the School
Handbook. In addition, we seek in the section to alert all concerned parties –
whether students engaged in bullying behaviors (and their parents or guardians);
victims of bullying (and their parents or guardians); or witnesses to the victimization
of another by a bully – that bullying is a community concern requiring community-
wide accountability and commitment to both its prevention, as well as prompt,
appropriate and effective response if and when it occurs. The Archdiocesan Bully
policy is available in the school office.

Playground Use Policy

A copy of the Policy on Playground Use is sent home at the beginning of each school
year. Parent/Guardian signature is required and kept on file in the school office.

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       1. School staff, support staff, or volunteers will supervise the playground
          during arrival time in the morning, during recesses, and at dismissal time.
       2. Playground Equipment
          - Hardballs or baseball bats are not allowed at school unless the baseball
             game is being supervised by an adult.
          - Jump ropes are to be used for jumping only and used in a manner which
             will not interfere with other games, or cause harm to anyone.
             Swinging rope overhead or playing "horse" is not allowed.
          - Students may bring their own athletic equipment from home under the
                    following conditions:
          - Children accept responsibility for their own equipment.
          - Other children may not be excluded from games whether the recess
             equipment is from school or home.
           - Playground rules are designed to ensure the safety of all students and to
             provide an environment in which children can enjoy their playtime with
             classmates. The classroom Teacher explains playground rules.

       3. In the name of safety for students please do not visit with students on the
       playground. If you wish to visit please stop in the office and get a visitor pass.

Use of School Grounds
Our Lady of the Lake Parish School or Parish is not responsible for any accidents
occurring on the school grounds during weekends, vacation days and before or after
Accidents occurring during school time that are due to failure to follow the safety
rules are not the responsibility of Our Lady of the Lake Parish School.

Traffic Procedures
Students are to enter and exit the school through the four main doors (kitchen and
gym doors are not to be used except in emergencies such as fire or unless
accompanied by a school employee).
The school is located on a busy city street, and extra care should be taken to ensure
the safety of all children, the neighbors adjacent to the school, other
Parents/Guardians and their vehicles.

Student Crossing Guards are posted at the following locations from 8:15 to 8:25 am
and 2:55 to 3:05 pm on all school days:

   1. Two Students are stationed at the corner of 35th Ave. NE and NE 89th St.
      There is also a city streetlight at this corner, which allows traffic to be
      completely stopped for crosswalk traffic.
   2. Crossing guards may be stationed in the drop off area.

All students who walk to school must use this designated crossing area or the street
light on 35th N.E.

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Please be careful of our sixth grader crossing guards by observing the following
safety rules:
    1. If a crossing guard is holding out a flag or in the intersection please stop –
        DO NOT GO BEHIND THE CROSSING GUARD – we are having many
        reports that parents
        drive through the crosswalk with crossing guards in the middle of the road.
    2. Please do not stop and drop your child off in the middle of the road. There
        are many reports of this happening. This happens most frequently on 90th at
        the steps of the school. Stopping in the road is unsafe for your child, even if
        you sit in the car and watch your child walk out to the street and get in.


Children who ride a bike to school must observe all bike safety rules including
wearing an approved bicycle safety helmet. Bike racks are provided and students
are required to park and lock their bikes at this location. Bikes and other bike
equipment are brought to school at the student's risk and the school is not
responsible for lost or stolen items. Students using scooters/skateboards must follow
the school handbook rules for riding a bicycle at school. Scooters/skateboards
should not be ridden on school grounds and helmets should be worn for your child’s
safety. Students are to fold up the scooters and put them away upon arriving in the

"Drop-Off and Pick-up" Plan
A Car Pool Plan has been set up to allow for the orderly and safe "dropping-off"
and "picking-up" of students. To ensure the safety of children and their families, it is
expected that everyone will follow this plan. "Car pool" is defined as any car with
one or more students being driven to, or picked up from, school.
The "Plan" is in effect from 8:15 to 8:30 am and 3:00 to 3:10 pm (Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday and Friday) 8:15 to 8:30 am and 2:00-2:15 pm (on Wednesday) as follows:
   1) Students driven to, and picked up from school by car may be dropped off in
       the car pool lane. Entering the school playground from 38th NE forms this
       car pool lane. Students are to be picked up from the waiting area near the
       school. Please pull forward to the drop off area . After dropping the
       student(s) off, cars should proceed out through the exit gate. If you are
       waiting for students please park on the street or in the space in the lower
       parking lot. No off-street pedestrian traffic, U-turns or parking in the
       schoolyard please.
   2) Students who enter the school yard from the east side of the school, may
       enter the lower playground from 89th St. and enter the school building
       through the east entrance. Students may not use the entrance used by cars
       entering the schoolyard in the car pool lane unless accompanied by an adult.
   3) Those who wish to enter the building with the student should do so at either
       the NE 90th St. entrance (or the east entrance before and after school).
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      Parents entering the building from the NE 90th St. entrance should park their
      cars in the designated parking strips only. If parents park on the north side of
      NE 90th, they must walk the child across the street and into the school
      building. Do not pull up to the school door and allow your child(ren) to
      leave the car without parking or allow them to cross NE 90th in the middle
      of the street.
   4) Preschool and Pre-K and Extended Care drop offs are to be in the parking
      lot on the east side of the school or, parents may park and bring their child
      into the school.
   5) Children must be supervised – at all times – especially during dismissal
      time.      Please do not allow your child to wander the playground


All Parents/Guardians and visitors are required to report to the school office
upon entering the building to sign in and receive a Visitor's Pass if they are going
to be anywhere in the building except the school office. School personnel may
occasionally escort a visitor to his/her destination. Please return the Visitor's
Pass and sign out when leaving the building. The exception to this request
applies to Hot Lunch workers who will have a designated Hot Lunch badge.
If you see unauthorized adults on the school campus please do not hesitate to
greet them and request their destination.

Pets Brought to School
Some people may experience a serious allergic reaction if they come in contact with
certain animals. Please check with the teacher at least one (1) day in advance before
bringing any animal to school.

Money Sent To and From School
All money sent to school should be placed in a sealed envelope and clearly labeled
with the student's full name, homeroom, purpose and amount enclosed. Students
should not bring money to school unless needed. Likewise, students should not be
asked to bring cash home from school e.g. contributions for class projects,
fundraisers etc. Checks should be used and made out to OLL. When necessary,
large amounts of money can be checked in at the office. The school is not
responsible for lost or stolen money brought to school for any reason.
Parents/guardians may not bring home any school related monies to count or store
for safe keeping. All money must be stored in the school safe and never in the
classroom or lockers. Parents seeking reimbursement for approved expenses must
use the required Check Request forms in the office.

Students who bring any money to school must always keep it secure.

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The teacher and room parents plan classroom holiday parties. The classroom
teacher will handle individual birthday celebrations. He/she will advise parents by
Curriculum Night as to how classroom birthdays will be handled. Invitations to
private parties such as birthday parties or graduation parties may not be distributed at
school unless the whole class is invited. Likewise, students and families must check
with the teacher when planning for treats so as to be aware of any food allergy in the
class. Generally speaking, when families bring in treats, they are suitable for
students with any type of nut allergy.

Telephone Use and Teacher Workroom
The office telephone is limited in the number of lines available for school business
and emergency situations. Students must have staff authorization to make phone
calls from school. Plans to arrange playtime after school should be made outside
school time. The telephone and business machines in the workroom are for the use
of teachers and staff first and then parents conducting school business. Volunteers
who wish to use the copy machines or telephone should check with the office for
codes and machine availability. Classroom phones are for staff use. Phones can be
used only with an assigned code except for 911 calls.

Oral Medication Policy
In the event there exists a valid health reason which makes the administration of oral
medication to a student advisable during school hours or the hours in which the
student is under the supervision of school officials, (i.e. Extended Care) the following
procedures shall apply. Medication is defined as all prescription or over-the-counter

   1. Any medication to be administered to a student by an employee must be
      requested and authorized in writing by: (a) a parent or legal guardian and (b)
      from licensed health professional prescribing within the scope of their
      prescriptive authority. Medication forms may be requested from the school
   2. Such request and authorization will be effective for the current school year
      only, unless a shorter period is specified.
   3. A school staff member who has been designated by the principal may only
      administer medication.
   4. Before administering any medication, the school nurse or other employee
      authorized under #3 above, shall determine that medication is in the original
      pharmacy or manufacturer's container, labeled medication form or pharmacy
      label, if available, with the following information:
       Name of student
       Name of medication
       Dosage, mode and time of administration
       Name of physician prescribing medication

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 5. No medication shall be administered until it is determined that the dosage
     conforms                  with the direction and/or authority from the parent
     and/or physician.
 6. Non-prescription medication must be in the original retail container.
 7. All medication must be kept in a secure place as determined by school
 8. The administration of any dose of medication must be recorded on an
     individual medication log sheet.
 9. The administration of medication to any student may be discontinued during
     the period for which it has been prescribed, provided a parent or legal
     guardian gives oral or written notice in advance of the date of discontinuance.
 10. Medications that parents ask school staff to administer should be brought to
     the building office by the parents, guardian, or designated adult substitute.
 11. For medication given for less than 15 days the properly labeled medication
     container with the name of the medication, student name, date, quantity,
     strength per dosage unit, physician or dentist name, and how often the
     medication is to be given; signed parent request and physician (MD, DO) or
     dentist request are required. For medications given more than 15 days,
     physician or dentist instructions are required in addition to the above.
 12. No more than a 20 day (one month) supply of medication may be brought to
     school by the parents.
 13. Prior to the end of the school year, parents of students with left over
     medication will be notified in writing and provided the opportunity to pick up
     the medication. If they do not pick up the medication in time, two school
     staff, will count and dispose of the medication and a statement verifying the
     counting and disposal will be dated and signed by the staff members.
 14. Students are primarily responsible for going to the school office for
     medications. If a student fails to go to the office for any particular dose,
     school staff will make one attempt per dose missed to contact the student and
     administer the medication.
 15. A medication error report form will be sent home to parent on day of
     medication error
 16. For early dismissals parents are to notify the school in writing how to handle
     the medications.
 17. The designated staff person shall be trained and supervised in proper
     medication administration by a licensed professional person pursuant to
     chapter 18.71 RCW(Physicians (MD, DO)                       or chapter 18.79
     RCW(Registered Nurses).
 18. Medication given by routes other than the oral route are considered nursing
     and regulated by the law relating to nursing care. Medications such as
     ointments, eye or ear drops, suppositories or injections that are ordered by a
     physician can only be administered by the student family members, registered
     nurses (RNs) or licensed practical nurses (LPNs) or self-administered by the
     student. The administration of medications by routes other than by mouth
     cannot be delegated to unlicensed schools staff except in an emergency

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   19. Only a licensed nurse can take the verbal/phone/fax order from the
   20. In situations where the parent, physician and principal believe that it is in the
       best interest of the student that he or she carry medication, students in grades
       5-8 shall carry written permission from the parent indicating the name and
       dosage of the medication and the dates and times to be taken and the
       “Authorization for Administration of Oral Medication At School” form must
       be on file in the school office. Only one day’s dosage (in the originally
       labeled container) and the parent’s written permission shall be carried by the
       student (except in the case of inhalers and other multi-dose medication
Reference: Chapter 195, LAWS OF 1982 - RCW 28A.31
SPI Bulletin No. 31-98 Education Support

The following section is to be completed by the PARENT/GUARDIAN:
(please print)

Student's Name________________________________________________Sex_____
                Last            First

Grade:                                 Birthdate:

Health Care Provider's Name           Address         Phone

I request that authorized persons at school assist my child in taking the medicine(s)
described below. I also give my permission for exchange of information between the school
staff and the health care provider.

________ _________________________ ______________ _____________
Date      Parent/Guardian Signature    Home Phone       Emergency Phone

The following section is to be completed by the HEALTH CARE PROVIDER: please

Diagnosis for which medication is given:______________________________________

Name of medicine:______________________________________________________

  Tablet/Capsule        Liquid         Inhaler            Injection      Nebulizer        Other

If medicine is to be given DAILY, at what time?________________

If medicine is to be given WHEN NEEDED, describe indications:___________________

How soon can it be repeated?______________________________________________

Is child authorized to medicate himself/herself?    yes      no (i.e. asthma, diabetes)
  Please go to, where you can download million word documents .

List significant side effects:_________________________________________________

Length of time this treatment is recommended:__________________________________


Date:_________ Health Care Provider's Signature:___________________________

Volunteer Handbook

The staff and students of Our Lady of the Lake Parish School welcome active and
visible parent involvement in the life of the school. Voluntarism enriches the leaning
environment of our children and the lives of those donating their time.

We look forward to your continued interest, support and involvement in our school
community. Enjoy your time with us and do not hesitate to share your insights,
question and concerns. We rely on your feedback for the continued improvement of
our volunteer program.


       Research indicates that parent voluntarism in schools enhances student self-
esteem, increases academic achievement and cognitive development, and improves
student behavior and attendance.
       Teachers come to see parents as valued partners in extending and enriching
the educational program. In addition, parents come to know they make a difference
through contributions of time and talent. Parent/adult involvement allows staff to
draw upon supplemental and often unique adult resources and expertise.

The volunteer program serves as an outlet to utilize skills and develop more
positive attitudes about oneself and as a resource to acquire new knowledge about
the educational process, child development, and the Archdiocesan learning


       Administration is committed to:
          Facilitating
          Monitoring

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            Evaluating
            Providing continuity for the success of the volunteer program

      Staff is committed to:
          Welcoming volunteers
          Informing them about their tasks
          Providing materials
          Encouraging their initiatives and celebrating their efforts

      Volunteers are committed to:
          Respecting school rules and procedures
          Performing assigned tasks to the best of their ability
          Working cooperatively with all staff and seeking clarification when
          Respecting the confidentiality of the students, staff and parents


     Classroom help
         o Tutoring
         o Reviewing work with students
         o Supporting art projects
         o Teaching an area of skill (art, music, speech, etc.)
         o Computer lab support
         o Filing and paper work
         o Decorating bulletin boards
         o Write and/or type dictated stories
         o Read stories
         o Assist with a cooking or other hobby experience
         o Work with a group
         o Help a group move from one place to another
         o Play and/or teach games in classroom and play yard
         o Monitor students working on assignments
         o Assist class in library
         o Other ………………………..

     Supervision (recess or lunch times)
         o Assist at dismissal, with crossing guard
         o Supervise lunch room
         o Accompany group on field trips

     Working in Volunteer Room
        o Clerical Tasks
                Type as needed
                Make phone calls for teachers

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                  File materials
                  Put names of children on lists, materials, notes
                  Copy materials
                  Gather materials for projects
          o Work on projects left for parents or take home
          [If projects are taken home have volunteers sign out, so teachers know
          where the projects are.]
                  teaching aides such as games and flashcards,
                  prepare materials such as cutting paper with the paper cutter,
                  maintain art supplies by washing paint brushes,
                  correct papers,
                  trim laminated papers

      Parish Opportunities
          o CYO
          o Outreach
          o Faith Formation

      Field Trips
          o All field trips must have the enrichment of the curriculum as their core
              purpose and must be carefully planned as an extension of the
              classroom experience.
          o Children not enrolled in the school should not accompany the class
              field trip.
          o All drivers follow the teacher provided directions driving directly to
              and from the field trip destination without stopping or detouring. It is
              very important to meet at designated times and locations as directed.
          o The following requirements must be met for all field trips and other
              school-sponsored events involving vehicles that are privately owned
              and driven:
          o The driver must be at least 21 years old;
          o The driver must submit to a background check and show no felony,
              DUI, or reckless driving convictions;
          o The vehicle must be insured by the driver for the minimum limits
              required by the Archdiocese’s insurance company;
          o Students must wear seat belts at all times; and
          o Children under 6 years and/or 60 pounds must be strapped into
              approved booster seats

Accident or Injury:
    The designated person representing the school must report all student
      accident or injury to the parent/guardian. The volunteer should report to the
      teacher or administrator giving details of how accident occurred and filling
      out an accident report form.

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      Do not leave an injured child to seek assistance, send a child or another adult
       to report you need assistance.

Medication Procedures:
   The administration of medications at school is allowed upon written request
      of the parent and a physician.
   Any medication dispensed by a volunteer must be supervised or directed by a
      school staff member.
   Any medication dispensed must be noted in writing and signed by volunteer
      and staff. The note should include: student name, medication, dose and
      person administering.
   A volunteer may NEVER administer any over the counter medications to a
      student, unless prescribed as above.

NOTE: Each classroom has a copy of Emergency Response Procedures hanging on
the red clipboard by the classroom door. Please refer to this for all situations.

      Fire Drill – Students are to be instructed as to the safe fire escape route from
       each classroom including specialists within the first two days of school. See
       Fire Safety      information.        .

     2. Earthquake Drills and Safety -see additional Earthquake Information
        Students are to be instructed as to the safe steps to take in case of an
        a. Stay calm.
        b. Inside - stand in a doorway or crouch under a desk or table, away from
                       windows or glass dividers. Cover your head.
        c. Outside - stand away from buildings, trees, telephones and electric lines.
        d. On the road - drive away from underpasses/overpasses, stop in a safe
     Intruder or lock down:
        a. Intercom system will be sued
        b. If the intruder is in the hall, a staff member or volunteer is to call or escort
           stranger to the office. If the intruder is in a classroom, send a student or
           volunteer to the office for help or use the intercom system. If the intruder
           presents a threat, the intercom system will be used to notify teachers to
           evacuate students to a safe location away from the intruder.
        c. Steps of Action:
               a. Staff member who spots the intruder will inquire as to his/her
                   business and will report the situation directly to the principal. If
                   principal is not on campus the report is made to the vice-principal.
                   If she is not on campus report to school secretary.
               b. Principal will assess the situation and determine whether to give
                   the intruder alert signal to initiate a lock down. All classroom

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                 doors, offices and doors to the other areas of the building should be
              c. Call 911.

School’s Discipline Plan:

The philosophy of discipline at Our Lady of the Parish Lake School flows directly
from our educational philosophy that the school exists to provide a Christian
atmosphere whereby the total person is developed. Children require adult role
models whose lived values and actions are in accord with our Catholic Christian
philosophy. Our approach to discipline considers the needs of the unique person
while attempting to balance the common interests of whole community. We also
believe that the process of learning is a life-long journey consisting of a series of
choices with respective consequences.

Our Lady of the Lake Parish School staff agrees that a consistent approach to
discipline is essential for creating a positive atmosphere in our learning community.
We substitute the words "Respect and Responsibility" for the word "discipline", thus
focusing on the individual's responsibility for his/her own actions. The “Second
Step” curriculum, which is taught in every grade, has been proven to be an effective
conflict resolution program as well as a program designed to sensitize children and
adults to the feelings of others. We use the “Love & Logic” process and believe that
love allows children to grow through their mistakes. Logic allows children to learn
from the consequences of their choices. We promote shared control, shared thinking
and decision-making, applying empathy before delivering consequences and provide
opportunities for building self- concept.

Overall the school has these basic expectations for students. OLL students must be:
   Be respectful
   Be inclusive
   Be safe
   Be ready to learn
   Be responsible

Respect and responsibility reinforces appropriate behavior through praise, rewards
and privileges. "Appropriate behavior" is defined as following the basic rules of the

1. He/she will respect self and others.
2. He/she will respect and care for school and personal property.
3. He/she will observe playground rules and school safety rules. Specifics of these
rules are discussed and defined by Teachers and students in their homerooms.
Classroom rules are posted in every classroom as well as sent home to each family
the first week of school. 4. School Rules are:
     Follow all directions the first time given
     Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
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      Walk inside buildings using an inside voice
      No fighting, swearing, spitting, or destroying property
      No gum on school grounds
      No snowball throwing
      All personal cassette players, radios, CD players, MP3s and headphones, cell
       phones and other electronics must be kept in a child’ backpack or locker.
       These may not be used during the school day.
      No toys at school without the teachers' permission
      No weapons (including toy weapons)

Disciplinary consequences will result from:
       Willful and/or repeated physical or emotional harm
       Willful and/or repeated destruction of property
       Willful and/or repeated defiance / disobedience

Disciplinary Actions

Corrective actions will be taken as necessary. These may include time after school,
service during recess and/or after school, restitution for damage, loss of school
privileges, written accounts of infraction, a telephone call to the Parent/Guardian at
home or work, or other appropriate consequences. The Principal is the final recourse
in all disciplinary situations and may waive any disciplinary regulation for just cause
at his/her discretion. Parents/Guardians are responsible for making any car pool
adjustments necessitated by imposed disciplinary actions.


      Parking
             May wish to leave valuables, such as a purse, locked in your vehicle as
             we have no place in the school to secure them
      Entrance (Please call if unable to come when expected)
          o Sign in
          o Pick up name tag and wear at all times on campus or with field trip
          o Sign out and return name tag when leaving

Work routines will be explained by the school staff and on-the-job-training will be provided

      Familiarize yourself with the rules and routines of the school and classroom.
       Please ask questions if unsure about a direction or routine.
      Respect the teaching learning process by not using your volunteer time for an
       informal parent-teacher conference or conversation.
      Be aware that the staff room is often a workroom for teachers and children
       are not allowed in this area.

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     When volunteering in classrooms or on field trips make other arrangements
      for siblings.
     Be open and honest in your communication to the staff and administration.
      If you feel a problem exists, help to identify the problem and communicate
      your concern directly to a staff member.
     As a volunteer you are not expected to be responsible for the actions of the
      children or for administering discipline. If a student is disruptive seek
      assistance from the teacher or administrator.
     Confidentiality
          o In the course of your volunteer work at our school, you may learn
              confidential information about students, parents or teachers. You are
              expected to keep this information confidential in any setting inside or
              outside the school, just as you would wish your own privacy rights to
              be respected.
          o There are times when student confidences cannot be kept. If a student
              confides a desire to commit suicide to a volunteer, that confidence
              must be reported. If a child reports any type of abuse to the volunteer
              that must be reported to the administration, who may ask you for a
              statement to be forwarded to Child Protective Services.            The
              guideline to follow is: Any information which, if shared with parent
              and/or administrators may save someone from harm must be shared.


      A volunteer operates in a position of trust. Personal information pertaining
      to students must be kept confidential, as well as conversations between
      parents, teachers and students.

      Always direct other parents’ concerns to the classroom teacher. Written
      notes and comments are most helpful to the teachers because of time. If there
      is a conflict or difference in opinion, please go directly to the source and deal
      with the challenge. It is the school’s responsibility to inform parents of
      student progress. If problems or concerns arise, first discuss them with the
      appropriate staff member, and if necessary, the Administrative team.

      If you don’t think you can do the job, please be honest and talk to the teacher
      involved. If directions need clarity, please ask. The office workroom is a
      space to be shared to work on projects here at school. Please notify the
      school secretary if supplies are running low.


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       The school relies on your support. Follow through on tasks by attending to
       scheduled times and please give notice of absence whenever possible. If your
       schedule changes throughout the year, just let us know.

       Children learn from watching you. Practice patience and understanding
       toward the children and staff which helps learners value and apply these


      ROLE
       At all times a volunteer is there to support the needs of the teachers, students,
       or program. Observations of staff must never be evaluative in nature, and
       tasks should be carried out according to the teacher’s request.

**** It is important that as a volunteer you are realistic about the amount of time
that you can offer the school and what you are unable to handle. Being at Our Lady
of the Lake Parish School should be a positive experience; however this may not be
possible if your commitments outweigh the amount of time or energy that you have


** Background check must accompany application.

Name: ______________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

Home Phone: ___________________ cell or work: _________________

Email: ______________________ Religion: ______________________

Areas of Strength (what do you want to help with)
   o ________________________________________________________

   o ________________________________________________________

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  o ________________________________________________________

Areas I am not comfortable with
   o ________________________________________________________

  o ________________________________________________________

  o ________________________________________________________

Times and Days Available
   o ________________________________________________________

  o ________________________________________________________
  I commit myself to service to this school, and I agree to be bound by the
  principles, policies and procedures contained in the volunteer handbook.

  ______________________________              ______________________________
            signature                                     date

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