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									  IT Support Newsletter
A Challenging Term                                                  Contact Us:

In the past term we have had    slow you down as they will        You can contact the
some disruption and             increase the time it takes to     Helpdesk in three ways; by
challenges, most notably        login. You can make sure          visiting the IT Office which
with the discovery of a         your profile is not               is in the front of the Manor
serious vulnerability in        excessively large by making       Road Building on the
Adobe Acrobat.                  sure that you don’t save files    ground floor and is accessed
                                to your desktop. It is always     through the Social Science
     _________                                                    Library. Alternatively you
                                best to save files to your
                                network drives (Drive N: or       can phone or email us.
Problems with                   S:). Here they will be            IT Helpdesk telephone
Profiles                        backed up.                        number, guaranteed to be
                                                                  answered in office hours.
First what is a profile? Your                                                  84240
profile enables you to have     The symptoms of a
                                corrupted profile include         This number can also be
the same environment                                              used out-of-hours. You will
wherever you log in within      errors in Outlook and Word
                                (messages that         be asked to record a message
Manor Road. It holds your                                         – which will be forwarded to
Desktop, your Favorites and     can’t be saved), and
                                problems with Adobe and           the Helpdesk email address.
all the other information
about you as a user.            Firefox.
                                                                  Our IT Support email is:
Each time you login this        I think my profile is corrupt
profile information is loaded   If you get these please           We prefer you to use these
from a central storage area     contact the IT Team. Your         methods rather than try and
to customise your Windows       old profile (and its copies       contact a particular member
session. Finally when you       on all the Terminal Servers       of the IT staff, as it ensures
log out this information is     and PC’s you have used)           your call is properly
then saved back again to        will need to be deleted and a     recorded and processed
preserve any changes you        fresh profile created. In         through our helpdesk
have made.                      most cases we can preserve        system. This then allows us
                                your customised data,             to chase up any subsequent
In the last few weeks we        though it can take some time      problems with your request.
have noticed a dramatic         for us to sort out in the more      ______________
increase in the number of       complex cases.
people reporting profile
corruptions. We are not sure    AutoSaving in                     Terminal Server
exactly what has triggered      Word                              Disconnections
this and are working to
                                Word tries to ensure that its     Users of the Terminal
resolve the issue. In the
                                users don’t lose work in the      Servers have been reporting
meantime there are some
                                event of a power failure or       that they have been
things you can do to help
                                through carelessness. This        disconnected from their
                                protection isn’t perfect and it   sessions. We would be
                                can be important to               grateful if users could report
How to help yourself            understand what it does and       this to the IT Team. Send an
Large profiles are more         doesn’t do.                       Headed ‘TS Disconnection’
likely to corrupt. They also
                                (Continued on page 2, col 1)      (Continued on page 2 col 3)
(Autosaving in Word cont.)           that they are included on        (Terminal Server
                                     their Department’s upgrade       Disconnections cont.)
The early versions of Word           list.
simply had a mechanism                                                to itsupport@manor-
that saved the current file          The IT Team will be talking It would be
periodically. This was               to Departments shortly to        helpful to us if you could
useful but had limitations           put in place an upgrade          specify which TS cluster
so now there is an auto-             programme for each unit and      you were using and the
Recovery mechanism                   will be asking for a list of     time(s) this occurred.
instead, which is different.         users from each.
                                                                      Without this feedback from
This saves a recovery copy           So if you are a Financials       users it is difficult for us to
instead in parallel. If Word         user make sure you don’t get     isolate the reason for these
suspects that you have lost          missed out.                      events.
or have failed to save it
gives you the option of using
this recovery copy instead.          Looking after
                                                                      New Arrival
                                     your Laptop
In your Word options you                                              We have a new member of
can specify where these              We get regular requests          the IT Team, Stephen
recovery copies are to be            from users asking if we can      McVay. Stephen will be
saved. By default they go in         fix problems with their          taking your calls and sitting
local user storage on the            personal laptops.                on reception in the IT Room,
hard disk of the machine you                                          so callers should soon get to
are using. If you are a              Unfortunately our remit only     know him.
Terminal Server user, this           allows us to maintain and
area only persists while you         support Departmentally           It will obviously take some
are logged in. So once you           owned equipment, but this        time for Stephen to become
log out there will be no             doesn’t mean you need to be      familiar with the ways of the
possibility of recovering            on your own.                     Manor Road Building, so I
your unsaved files.                                                   hope you will all help him
                                     OUCS run an excellent            and show him some
So as ever it is best to save        computer hardware                patience.
your work regularly. Don’t           breakdown service (see
automatically assume Word  
                                                                      Your Feedback
is doing it for you. It will do      down/ ). You can register
its best, but it isn’t infallible.   your equipment for a             We hold a termly MRB
                                     reasonable fee and know          Computer User group
                                     that there is someone to help    meeting. Any topics for
Oracle Financial                     you when the worst happens.      discussion on the IT service
Update                               Oh and it covers Mac’s too.      are welcomed. Comments
A new update to the Oracle                                            can also be sent directly to
Financial package has been                                            me or through your
released. This has to be                                              Departmental Administrator.
rolled out to all Financials         Published by:
users by April 9th, when the         The Manor Road IT Team,
current version will stop            Manor Road Building,
working.                             Manor Road, Oxford OX1 3UQ

Users of Oracle Financials                                            Andrew Chapman
are asked to check with their                                         IT Manager
Departmental Administrator                                            March 2009

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