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Managing Data in Drupal


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									Managing Data in Drupal

                        David Remsen
                Biomedical Informatics
                          Spring 2008
What is Drupal
   Content Management System Toolkit
   Open Source

   Web pages
   Blogs
   RSS feeds
   Newsletters
   Picture galleries
   Podcasts
   …more
We will use Drupal to:
   Define custom data types
       Clinical Trials data type
       Person data type (who will be enrolled in trials)
   Add data to the resultant data structures using
    customizable Drupal interfaces
   Provide multiple Views to the data
   Provide access to the views via the Menus
Drupal Components for this session
Clinical Trial Data type
   Based on data model at
   Three components
       Descriptive Information
           General Information about the trial
       Eligibility Information
           Criteria for inclusion and exclusion
       Location Information
           Physical Location of the Trial
           To be utilized in maps module
Create new records.
Define new content types
Add and Edit Content
Create new data views
Verify the views
End of Introduction
Person Data (Workshop reference only)
   Add fields
       Last Name
       First Name
       Enrollment
           Node Reference to Clinical Trials
           Forms the basis for a foreign key link to Clinical Trials
       DOB
   Set the Automated Title Generation
       Set Radio Button to Generate and Hide
       Set to Last name + First name

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