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									Affordable Wedding Centerpieces Double As Party Favors
In today's economy, brides are searching for ways to cut costs but still have the wedding reception of
their dreams. What is a wedding without stunning centerpieces, a knock-your-socks-off gown, and of
course, wedding favors that your guests can take home as a memento? Each of these items alone
can be cost-prohibitive--not to mention the total potential price tag. Nonetheless, they have each
become essential items for the typical American wedding.
Finding a way to afford these indulgences, and wow your wedding guests without breaking the bank,
can be challenging for today's bride or wedding planner. Centerpieces are an example of a costly
item that is integral to a beautiful setting, but that can add a hefty sum to your wedding budget's
bottom line. Guests will routinely clamor to take home the expensive, beautiful centerpieces at the
end of the evening. Well, what if EVERYONE was able to take home the centerpiece? Or, a piece of
the centerpiece, if you follow...
Distinctive favor boxes, filled with delicious confections, embellished with colorful ribbons and
arranged as a unified display in the center of each guest table are an economical and bounteous
alternative to flower arrangements. Each centerpiece contains as many favors as there are guests at
each table, so that each guest may take home a favor--but not before the centerpieces do the work of
adding color and height to your reception's tables.
The centerpieces can be created using any color palette or design theme that can be dreamed up.
There are a remarkable number of box options available, and an infinite array of ribbon colors and
patterns. These smart centerpieces, along with inexpensive table props, coordinating candles and
table linens make the possibilities endless for an eye-catching table setting. Try one of these ideas:
ASIAN--Evoke the beauty and elegance of the Far East while retaining a distinctly modern
sophistication. Starting with stylish black and white dotted boxes, choose your favorite ribbon color--
from rich, but subtle burgundy to bold, bright shades of fuchsia and orange. Stack the boxes in the
center of the table, like a pyramid, surround the centerpiece with votive candles covered with rice
paper, and rest chopsticks on a smooth river stone at each place setting. Your guests will be
transported to an Oriental paradise.
CITRUS--Few things say summer better than fresh, juicy, bright colors--think lemons, limes and
oranges. Acollection of coral colored dotted and striped boxes with kiwi green striped ribbon will add
refreshment and cheer to any warm weather celebration. Start with a long picnic table or other family-
style setting, and cover it with a bright, whimsical tablecloth--perhaps a green, tangerine or gold linen
with dots or stripes. Set the favors in the center, creating one long row down the middle of the table.
Then fill long, rectangular, white platters with fresh lemons and miniature glass votive candles, and
place these in line, alternating with the favors. This will create a sweeping, summery swash of color
and excitement in the center of the table, capturing the essence of the season, with little cost or effort.
GARDEN PARTY--Hues of rich pink and bright green are ideal for a lively, contemporary garden
celebration. Green and white striped boxes trimmed with bright pink polka dotted ribbon set the stage
for a subtly elegant shower or luncheon. Add a pink polka-dotted tablecloth, linen napkins of leafy
green, and a single pink peony on each of your guests' white china plates, and you'll have a chic,
fresh look for the sunny months.
SOPHISTICATED--Bright colors set against black are the latest trend for refined celebrations. Black
polka dotted and striped boxes can be adorned with any color ribbon, including fuchsia, orange, lime,
aqua, violet and yellow. Combine two or more of these colors, such as violet and lime, for even more
depth and drama. Start with a black linen or satin-finish tablecloth, coordinating your napkins with
your bright ribbon color. Use the embellished boxes to build a pyramid in the center of a round table,
with the ribbons all facing out, creating a cascade of color and texture. Orange- or lime-colored
candles and some stylish stemware lend additional flair.
OCEAN--Tranquility, beauty, and majesty will be the hallmarks of your event when your colors and
motif are reminiscent of the ocean--no matter where your venue is located. Combine richly-colored
azure ribbon with earthy brown "treasure chest" style boxes, filled to the brim with fresh confections.
Natural elements from the beach, such as seashells, sand and tumbled stones can provide an
underwater backdrop for floating starfish-shaped candles. Nautical rope, tied with a decorative knot,
can be used to create napkin rings. Inexpensive and easy to assemble, this theme will transport your
guests to a relaxing, windswept moment in time.
ROYAL--Having a winter wedding? Select warm, deep and luxurious tones for your event. Shades of
red and gold make for a vibrant indoor setting, imparting a festive character to the space, and
contrasting with seasonally austere weather. Regal gold boxes with rich ivory and gold-starred
ribbons will shimmer on a plush, red table linen. Place a red rose at each place setting to finish the
scene with an aura of elegance.
Whatever the season, occasion, or venue, given a bit of resourcefulness, you will be able to create
lavish-looking tables with much less expense than anyone would ever suppose. Your guests will be
delighted by the magnificent setting, and will leave with a personal memento and scrumptious sweets
for the ride home!

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