The Vampire Diaries Books : Stefan's Diaries #2: Bloodlust by sandrakamutzki86


									The Vampire Diaries Books : Stefan's Diaries #2: Bloodlust

The Vampire Diaries Books series provides young and old readers alike new reading material to
engage them in both the series and the world of the vampire characters they so love. While the
first book focuses on the creation of the characters, specifically Stefan, book two, called
Bloodlust, continues to carry the story into its more graphic portions. No vampire story is
complete without blood and this story provides graphic depictions that are sure to please those
who want more of it. The following explains more about this book in the series and how it relates
to the first book, as well as the popular CW series.

Beginning Story

The second installment of Stefan’s Diaries does not hold back on the graphics. The story begins
following the death of Stefan and his brother, Damon. Unlike their mortal counterparts, the two
wake up to life as the eternal beings known as vampires. Stefan must now turn toward the blood
drinking nature for survival rather than the air breathing he once did as a mortal. Early on, he
accomplishes his vampire necessities by devouring the blood of a flirtatious object of his

In a violent manner, he attacks her jugular, ending her life and sustaining his own. The brothers
must learn to live together in their new blood laden world. However, unlike his brother, Damon
does not find the prospect of ending lives as easily accomplishable. Rather, as they travel to New
Orleans, Damon walks away from his brother believing that he has taken to the vampire
bloodletting with too much ease.


On his own, Stefan is a rabid killer, drinking and killing for blood with no trouble. When he
meets a girl named Lexi, he becomes tamer. Lexi helps to teach Stefan how to control his wants
and his needs. Lexi quickly becomes his best friend, and greatest resource, making it all the more
heartbreaking when she is taken from him. Bloodlust also introduces new love to Stefan and
shares what it is like to be a vampire in love. Some reviews criticize the character of Stefan’s
affections while others praise the introduction of this character.

Story Overview

The written story of Bloodlust has many similarities and parallels to the televised series,
however, it creates a world unique from the show. In the same way as the CW addition, this
series incorporates the love and romance, and barbarism that are appealing to many viewers.
However, the stories are from a different era not seen on the show. It allows for insight into the
characters rather than a rehashing of who they have already portrayed themselves to be. If one is
looking to understand Stefan more, or his brother, as well as their complicated relationship, this
book is a must read. Further, it shares some of the earliest moments of the popular vampire’s
lives, making it an important asset to those who are invested in the characters and their


The reviews for the second book in this series are equally as strong as the first. One complaint,
however, that has been raised is the graphic nature of the work. There is violence as well as
attack scenes that may not be for the weak of stomach or of heart. Intertwined throughout the
book, however, is the softer sides of the characters that make them dualistic and appealing. For
that reason, those who enjoyed the first book in the series or who enjoy learning more about the
characters depicted on the small screen, will most likely enjoy this intriguing work.

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