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					English Teaching & Integration
    of Teaching Resources

          By Liu Zhaohui
    Guizhou College of Education
         Beijing, July 2005
I.     New National Curriculum
A. Five Points Required by the NNCS
    How to change or implement the insufficient
    situation: through the development of resources!
B. Three Concepts Concerning the
       Integration of Resources
1. “Make full use of and create any useful
  teaching resources so as to offer students
  information familiar and close to their
  won:audio & visual,CAI, Newspaper,
  Magazines , Internet etc
2., “The curriculum reformation should
  begin with consideration of students’ own
  learning interests, life experience and
  sponsor the idea of experience,practice,
  participation, cooperation, communication
  and task-based teaching method.”
3. “The manipulation and development of
  teaching resources should be in
  accordance with the the local economic
  developing level and the financial
  supporting power of the parents so as to
  avoid adding economic burden to the
  students on one hand and wasting the
  resources on the other.”
     II. Teaching Resources
1.What Is Curriculum Resource?
General Understanding: Teaching Material
2. What Is Teaching Resource?
Broadened Understanding: Any useful
  material designed under the guidance of
  the New National Curriculum.
3. Types of Teaching Resources
a. Resources offering materials containing teaching
   goals & suggestion, typical examples, teaching
   plans, extending capacity etc.
b. Media resources
   Resources offering materials supplying audio &
   visual, music, graphs & pictures, CAI soft wares,
   internet etc.
c. Resources on competence training
   Resources focusing on task-based exercises,
   research activities.
d. Latent resources
    Individual deposit of knowledge, skills,
    experience, methods, emotional attitudes
Eg: A teacher’s accent----imitated by students;
    Students’ can be useful to each other and
    may help teachers in some aspect.
As for the resources mentioned above, in
    practice we should use them creatively
    and sometimes redesign the established
    ones to meet the local needs.
III. Significance of Integration of
 Resources & English Teaching
1. The development of resources will greatly
    enlarge the narrow education content, and will
    promote the development of students to full
2. The development will lead to the reformation in
    education, such as in teaching methods and the
    organization of teaching etc.
3. The abundance of resources will be sure to
    activate students’ interests so as to increase the
    efficiency of learning power.
  IV. Problems about Resources
1. Unbalanced distribution of resources---
   more exercises, but less useful resources
   for preparing lessons, audio & visual etc.
2. The time of teaching arrangement is
   sometimes not in accordance with the
   issue of materials by some resources.
3. Teachers usually have strong interest and
   need in using resources, but are frustrated
   at these unsystematic resources.
4.Contents in some resources are stale while
  some resources are not practical in either
  teaching methods or improvement of
  teachers’ qualities.
5. Some resources are not proper for common
6. Few resources are offered in consideration
  of the minority area.
    V. Integration of Resources
1. Comprehensively utilize the present resources:
    Combine the four kinds of resources into one
    lesson design.
a. Choice of the resources---not only using the
    resources provided by the publisher of the
    textbooks, but also making good use of some extra
    Eg: English Learners’ Lighthouse(英语学习辅导
    English Teachers’ Net(www.enteacher.cn)
b. Allocate the mature resources reasonably and try to
    localize the ready made resources---School-
Eg: Go for It---resources offered by the People’s
     Publishing House;
     School-based materials---individualities
2. Static supplements & Creative Development
a. Static supplement
     Teaching resources should be added with some
     new information from time to time so that the
     validity of the resources can be extended and the
     quality of teaching can be guaranteed.
b. Creative development of useful resources
(1)The solidity of the present resources----
  insufficient design
(2)The limitation of the present resources----
  designed for all but “ignore” the uniqueness
  of individuality
(3) So abstract that it is hard for teachers to
  operate it in practice
  VI. Sample of How to Integrate
   Internet Resources with Your
         English Teaching
1. Preparing a Lesson
a. Reading tools---internet Explorer, Netscape, QQ
     explorer etc
b. Searching Engines--- Goggle, Sina search engine,
     tom search engine, bai du etc.
c. e-mail sender or receiver—yahoo messenger, msn,
     hotmail, g-mail etc
d. Media player---real player, window player etc
e. ppt—power point
2. Teaching a lesson
a. Email---teaching how to write
b. Media player/real audio--- teaching how to
   do listening comprehension
c. Video-conferencing/chat-room(keyboard
Oral English
d. voa.com/bbc.com, cnn.com etc—go to the
   given websites------reading practice
        VII. Useful Websites
A. Language Knowledge & Skills
1. www.english.ac.cn 英语之声
2. www.esl-lab.com Randall’s ESL Cyber
    Listening Lab
3. www.eslcafe.com Dave Sperling’s ESL Cafe
4. www.eric.edu      Educational Resources Info
9. www.ell.net  etc.
B. Cultures
1. www.cnn.com
2. www.bbc.net
3.The websites of the English speaking countries’s
    embassies through goggle search engines etc.
4. www.ipl.org/reading/books/ 网上图书馆
5. www.aitech.ac.jp/-iteslj/

C. Teaching & Research(Learning & Teaching
1. www.accesseric.org/resources 免费教案
2. www.eric.syr.edu/virtual/lessons
3.www.eol.com.cn 中国教育在线
4. www.teacher.edu.cn中国园丁网
5. www.k12.com.cn 中国基础教育网
6. www.pep.com.cn 人教社
7. www.hongen.com 洪恩在线
D. Movies & Dramas websites:
1. www.oscar.com 奥斯卡英文网
2. www.ziyue.com 子曰英文剧本
3. www.owl.teacher.xjtu.edu.cn 环球影视
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