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A Toy Puppet Theater For Kids


									A Toy Puppet Theater For Kids

                                             A puppet is a small figure and a representation of a
                                             person or animal. It has a body made of cloth and a
                                             hollow head designed to be manipulated by hand.

                                             A puppet theater is the setting where puppets are
                                             manipulated by puppeteers using either hands or
                                             strings to entertain the audience while they hide
                                             themselves in the background. This makes it appear
                                             like the puppets are speaking on their own. Many
people may argue that a puppet is a product for kids' consumption but the truth is that we cannot
ignore the roles played by puppets even among adults. However for the sake of this conversation
we shall focus our discussion on kids and how they benefit from playing audience to kids puppet
Puppets can play a crucial role in the growth and the development of children. Children who
interact with puppets could overcome shyness, fear and also improve their use of speech. Also
their self expression, imagination and concentration is greatly improved and for this reason,
psychologists have used puppets to treat abused and traumatized kids to help them express their

Another critical advantage of puppets to kids is the educative nature. Developmental
psychologists will tell you that learning through play is one successful activity in kids
socialization. This is because they enhance role play and imitation which are the main methods
in which kids learn. Parents start getting scared when the communicative ability of their children
takes more time than expected. Research has shown that Kids puppet theaters are very effective
in initiating communication among kids. Since children will rarely get scared by the sight and the
touch of the puppet, they can express themselves to them and easily learn verbal skills.

Phobias develop in early developmental stages and thus puppets can be an avenue of dealing
with such. For example, a child who is afraid of the sight of ugly and scary animals may
overcome this phobia through using puppets of such animals.

From the above facts, we can see that puppet theaters play a big role in enhancing and
improving communicative social, creativity and language skills in developing children.
There are different types of kids' puppet theaters and their choice depends on factors such as
staging, dramatic intentions, and the influence of other forms of art. A good kid's puppet theater
will be properly constructed, attractive and engaging, easy for children to work with and should
takes into consideration the learning ability of kids.

Before deciding to buy a puppet theater you could do some analysis and see whether it is
possible to make one. The easiest to make is the box puppet theater which is made from a
recycled box, but wood is very popular as well.

If you have no time to make your own puppet stage, then we recommend viewing the selection of
toy puppet theaters for kids that you can find in stores. This will allow your children to bring out
their creative side, and use their imaginations with their puppet show stage to bring their dreams
to life.

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