NOVA Series Long Range Pan-Tilt-Zoom sophisticated security camera

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					                                                                                       The NOVA Series
                                                                                             True Day/Night PTZ Cameras

  NOVA 200M-37X                NOVA 140M-37X                       NOVA 120M-37X                 NOVA 50M-12X              NOVA 40M-12X-IN

                Resolution                                                                                                   Vandal
    Model #     (Day/Night)    Zoom Lens        IR Distance        Pan Angle Tilt Angle   Speed WDR         Environmental     Proof   Power
   200M-37X       600/700     3.5-129.5mm       656ft / 200m         360°        90°      200°/s •          -45°C to +60°C      •     24VAC
   140M-37X       600/700     3.5-129.5mm       525ft / 160m         360°        90°      200°/s •          -45°C to +60°C      •     24VAC
   120M-37X       600/700     3.5-129.5mm       459ft / 140m         360°        90°      200°/s            -45°C to +60°C      •     24VAC
    50M-12X       580/680       4-46mm           180ft / 55m         360°        90°      200°/s            -45°C to +60°C      •     24VAC
  40M-12X-IN      580/680       4-46mm           131ft / 40m         360°        90°       50°/s                Indoor                12VAC

Key Features
•	Long and mid-range day/night PTZ surveillance solution                     •	Pelco D/P communication protocol vis RS-485
•	37X or 12X IR-corrected motorized zoom optics                              •	120 Programmable presets with 3 guard tours
•	Active IR night vision 40M-200M                                            •	High	speed	endless	360°	rotation	with	auto-flip
•	Adjustable EPC for auto day/night and IR activation                        •	Micro-Step 0.01° Pan-Tilt positioning
•	OSD for easy installation and operation                                    •	Rugged IP 66 enclosure for harsh environments
•	Optional IP server or HD imager for network video                          •	Extreme weather -45°C to +60°C heater/blower

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Description: After months of research and development Ascendent is pleased to announce the NOVA Series PTZ. This series focuses on mid and long-range applications from border patrol to general observation scenarios. Top models contain features such as Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and Zoom-Laser IR Diodes (ZLID) in order to provide crystal clear images both day and night. All models come equipped with Micro-Step technology, providing accuracy up to 0.01° with pan speeds of up to 200°/s. The high quality 37X zoom modules give up to 592x zoom to capture the most minute details at great distances. The 37X's contain a 3.5mm-129.5mm to offer both extreme wide angles and narrow fields of view. The built-in OSD programming allows extensive customization to suit any application from high-contrast environments to pitch black (0 Lux). The OSD allows the use of PTZ control, presets, tours, auto-flip, and proportional pan-speed to provide unparalleled situational awareness with no blind spots. All of these features are contained in an IP 66 rated enclosure to provide protection from the most severe assaults while maintaining an aesthetic profile. The enclosure is complete with a heater/blower allowing it to function in extreme temperatures, from -45°C to +60°C (-49°F to +140°F).