; VP Real Estate Asset Manager in NYC Resume George Tockstein
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VP Real Estate Asset Manager in NYC Resume George Tockstein


George Tockstein is a hands on manager with strategic leadership skills in all facets of real estate leasing and management.

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									George C. Tockstein
South Salem, New York 10590
Home (914)533-6474
Cell (917)846-4408
Fax (914)533-6550
Email georgetock@aol.com

                       Real Estate Executive
                       A hands on manager with strategic leadership skills in all facets of real estate
                       leasing and management. Real estate background complemented by strong
                       financial and systems experience. Results oriented and progressive. A creative
                       problem solver with excellent communication, presentation and negotiation
Demonstrated                  Developing and implementing real estate strategy and solutions to support enterprise
Competencies                  goals, capitalizing on opportunities and minimizing costs
                              Financing including leasing options, layering, financial controls and budget
                              Increasing financial value and maximizing ROI of assets
                              Directing the acquisition and disposition of properties
                              Asset management of large commercial portfolio
                              Assuring legal compliance based on working knowledge of real estate laws and
                              government regulations
                              Managing site selection and evaluation, design and construction

Education              Fordham University
                       B. A. Economics

Experience             The Olnick Organization                                                2004-2011
                       Vice President and Commercial Division Head
                       Managed commercial portfolio of over 5 million square feet of office, retail, medical and
                       hotel properties. Managed all aspects of leasing and operations including marketing,
                       account collection and cash flow projections. Developed and implemented portfolio wide
                       database for all lease activities. Developed and implemented strategy to sell urban city
                       center high rise for peak value while retaining major tenant.

                       Wien & Malkin LLP                                                      1997-2004
                       Senior Asset Supervisor
                       Managed commercial portfolio of over 10 million square feet of prime office space.
                       Approved all lease transactions (over 2000) and improvements to properties. Supervised
                       all of managing agent's activities for owners including marketing, account collections, cash
                       flow projections and litigation. Implemented standard brokerage agreements, improved
                       lease standards and benchmark development for each property. Developed and
                       implemented portfolio wide database for all lease activity.

                       Consultant                                                                1996-1997
                       Advised diverse client base on real estate and facility projects. Client base included law
                       firm, international commercial bank and foreign import company.

                       Coopers & Lybrand                                                        1986-1996
                       Director of Real Estate and Administration
                       Directed all aspects of real estate function including planning, design, construction and
George C. Tockstein

                      completion of newly acquired facilities, as well as asset and property management.
                      Negotiated complex transactions as owner, lessor, lessee and seller. Managed team of 21
                      professionals, six in real estate. including one director, two managers, and three project
                      leaders. Reported to CFO and Vice Chairman interfacing with five Vice Chairmen
                      responsible for different lines of business. Responsible for purchasing, travel and risk
                      management functions.
                              Managed the leasing of over 4 million square feet of space at over 100 locations
                              across the United States. Performed strategic site selections for each city
                              identifying locations which maximized the firm's exposure.
                              Represented C & L in 15 acquisitions and sale of free standing buildings, sale
                              leasebacks (from 1000 square feet to 600,000 square feet).
                              Negotiated leases for Puerto Rico facility, U. K. subsidiary, and offices in Cairo,
                              London and the Virgin Islands.
                              Performed real estate and risk management due diligence on fifteen large scale
                              transactions, many with multiple locations.
                              Averaged 40 new development and renovation projects per year and initiated
                              strategic plan successfully disposing of surplus space nationwide saving $20
                              million including implementation of alternative office concepts such as hoteling.
                              Initiated changes to prevent/minimize risk to people, physical assets and
                              operations. Initiated loss control procedures for Worker's Compensation, General
                              Liability and Property coverage.

                      J.P. Morgan & Co.                                                    1985-1986
                      Assistant Vice President
                      Managed facilities for Personal Banking Division and J.P. Morgan Investment
                      Management Company.
                              Managed major base building renovation and tenant improvements in New York
                              for $17 Million.
                              Developed renovation of 150,000 square foot facility.

                      Becker Paribas Incorporated                                              1982-1985
                      Assistant Vice President, Real Estate Services
                      Responsible for real estate including site selection, negotiation of property acquisitions
                      and divestitures of 21 offices in 16 cities.
                              Developed and implemented Real Estate Expense Allocation System to control $8
                              Million of expenses allocated to profit centers.
                              Leased space in such countries as Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, U.K., France and
                              Switzerland in addition to U.S. and Puerto Rico.
                              Managed disposition of assets upon sale of firm reducing cost exposure to parent.

                      Citibank N.A.
                      Assistant Vice President, Financial Markets Group
                      Managed the planning, design, construction and start-up of new trading facilities in six
                      major cities.
                              Developed and installed group's Strategic Telecommunication Plan to optimize
                              fiber optic, satellite, microwave and leased line networks.
                      Various Line management and staff positions in Corporate Banking, Public Affairs and

                      Memberships: Real Estate Board of New York, International Council of Shopping

                      New York State Real Estate Salesperson License


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