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					                             CITY OF SHAWNEE
                                JUNE 2, 2009
                                  7:00 P.M.

Chairperson Distler called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.

 Committee Members Present                Staff Present
 Councilmember Distler                    City Manager Gonzales
 Councilmember Scott                      Assistant City Manager Charlesworth
 Councilmember Goode                      City Clerk Powell
 Councilmember Kuhn                       Assistant City Attorney Rainey
                                          City Engineer Wesselschmidt
                                          Planning Director Chaffee
                                          Fire Chief Hudson
 Other Councilmembers Present             Police Chief Morgan
 Councilmember Sawyer                     Information Technologies Director Doherty
 Councilmember Sandifer                   Finance Director Kidney
                                          Parks and Recreation Director Holman
                                          Deputy Parks and Recreation Director Lecuru
                                          Fire Marshal Maddox
                                          Museum Director Clemenson
                                          Human Resources Manager Crawford
                                          Senior Accountant Oldham
                                          Accounting Manager Kelly
                                          Senior Information Technology Advisor Bedsaul
                                          Public Works Coordinator Martin
                                          Court Manager Dalton
                                          Police Sergeant Larsen
                                          Deputy Police Chief Larimore
                                          Network Systems Manager Bunting

Members of the public who spoke: None.


       City Manager Gonzales stated they will begin this evening with the General Fund. She
       reminded the Committee that she came before the Council in April with a preliminary
       overview and have made a lot of progress since that time, but they are still not finished
       and have been working towards getting the budget adopted in July.

       City Manager Gonzales stated she would like to change the budget schedule. She stated
       on June 16th they will do a pre-overview of the General Fund with department
       presentations. She stated on June 16th they will do department presentations and a post
       overview of the General Fund. They will somewhat wrap things up at that time and will
JUNE 2, 2009                   FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MINUTES                         PAGE 2

       need direction from the Council and set the stage this evening. She stated before that
       time, she will have some information to provide to the Council so they can have some
       good discussion and get some direction on how to proceed.

       Councilmember Sawyer left the Council chambers at 7:05 p.m.

       City Manager Gonzales stated they can only do the things the City can afford – revenue
       and expenses. She stated as they think about the fiscal capacity, in order to maximize it,
       the staff needs to determine if they are being absolutely efficient as possible; being
       absolutely effective as possible. She stated they are asking if they are providing services
       with best practices and doing things the right way for the short term and long term. She
       stated the staff is also determining if they are providing services that people really want
       and how do they know what the people really want. She stated that is part of being an
       effective local government – are they providing the right services with the resources they

       City Manager Gonzales stated for years and years, even with Gary Montague before her
       and now this is her fourth budget as City Manager, they have done the comparison graphs
       to show how Shawnee compares to other cities. She stated it is hard to determine if they
       are being efficient. She stated the work gets done, but unless they really compare
       themselves with others, there is not a lot of other ways to measure.

       City Manager Gonzales stated last year the staff started doing internal performance
       measures and in the long term, they will be able to compare themselves with cities much
       broader than just the local geographic area. She stated they will see some of those in the
       individual department presentations – the departments that have started doing those and
       are actually very interesting measures to look at. She stated they do not yet have a lot of
       history, so it will take some time to build that system.

       City Manager Gonzales stated the first couple of slides talk about resources and how
       Shawnee compares with other cities in terms of the resources they have to provide
       services. She stated these are based on 2008 actuals from each of their neighboring
       cities. She stated it shows total sales tax numbers in 2008 and the other cities are
       experiencing similar situations in terms of lower sales taxes, but this chart shows from
       the perspective of how much revenue each of the cities get and is based on makeup; how
       much retail tax and sales tax is being generated.

       Councilmember Sawyer returned to the Council chambers at 7:06 p.m.

       City Manager Gonzales stated when dividing that by the number of people, it is
       somewhat of an odd measure but a good measure to think about – they have the
       resources, so how much are they spending per person – how much revenue are they
       getting in per person for each city. She stated Shawnee gets about $317.00 per person of
       sales tax revenue. She stated Olathe is closest to them with $344.00 and the other cities
       are a little higher.
JUNE 2, 2009                   FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MINUTES                          PAGE 3

       City Manager Gonzales stated the Council has heard the staff talk about franchise
       revenue in this budget cycle. She presented the total franchise revenue that the other
       cities are getting and the Council knows that Shawnee does not have the residential piece,
       hence the reason their number is considerably lower than the other cities. She stated
       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth has worked on estimating if they did a full 5% on
       all their residential it would come to about $2.5 million. She stated if they added the $2.5
       million, it would put Shawnee more in the ballpark of the other cities. She stated the per
       capita revenue would come from that franchise and if the City had that additional revenue
       it would then increase that ratio. That is a real important thing to think about and is a
       resource all the other cities have to provide the same services that Shawnee is trying to
       provide with considerably less resources.

       City Manager Gonzales presented the total budget divided by people. It showed how
       much each city spends on each person – theoretically. She stated they could look at it a
       couple different ways and thinks the more the City spends on the citizen the better, or the
       less they spend the better, because obviously that would mean the City was being very
       efficient and making good use of their resources. She said this was a good demonstration
       to show that they are.

       City Manager Gonzales presented Expenditures per Square Mile. She stated it is
       interesting to think about what kinds of demands for services are associated with the
       physical size – streets, parks, infrastructure, storm drainage – what kinds of things are
       related to the size of their community. She stated Shawnee has 42.25 square miles. She
       stated Leawood has 14.7 square miles so they are considerably smaller than Shawnee.
       She stated Lenexa has 34 square miles, Olathe 60 square miles, and Overland Park is 75
       square miles. It is interesting to think about the sizes of the communities.

       City Manager Gonzales continued with Employees per 1,000 Population. She stated
       these are budgeted 2009 numbers, so it does not represent what they are actually working
       with now as they have their vacancies, as do other neighboring cities. She stated she
       knows probably all of them are not filling vacancies similar to how they are doing things
       right now in Shawnee. She presented two slides showing how incredibly efficient
       Shawnee is and how they have consistently been that way for years.

       City Manager Gonzales stated in April when she came before the Council, she presented
       the General Fund projection. She stated they are most worried about a couple numbers –
       revenues over expenditures. She stated they want that number to be closer to zero and in
       April they had a long ways to go and were looking at 2009E with a million dollar gap.
       She stated getting that number closer to zero will show they are building that fiscal
       capacity and they are only spending what they are making and as they went up, the
       budgets at that time were based on a 3% increase over the previous year budget and they
       were looking at some big numbers.

       City Manager Gonzales stated the other number that is important to note is the fund
       balance. She stated the Council knows they are trying to keep that above 30 and are
       trying to get as close to 30 as possible and stay at it for a long time - consistently.
JUNE 2, 2009                   FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MINUTES                          PAGE 4

       City Manager Gonzales noted the changes in revenue numbers. She stated the staff
       received the City’s sales tax last week and it was not pretty at all and put the City about
       7% down for the year. She stated since April the numbers have changed.

       City Manager Gonzales stated the departments have been working on their budgets and
       have submitted some amazing budgets that were at or less than 2009 budgets. She stated
       they did a wonderful job and she did not set any standards and tell them to come in at any
       certain percent, they just knew what they needed to do and did it; they have worked very
       hard. She stated they compiled all that information and it is still not as close as they
       wanted. She had hoped to fill some vacancies in 2010, but they cannot. She stated they
       have to look at some restructuring and reorganization, but have pulled those vacant
       salaries back out in 2010.

       City Manager Gonzales stated they also zeroed out any kind of market or merit increase
       in 2010. She stated the number is a little closer, but the big picture shows the numbers a
       whole lot better. She stated it makes her a lot more comfortable than she was in April.
       She stated they brought the million dollars in 2009E all the way around to a positive of
       $361,000. She stated they are sitting $1 million under now with 2010 and it gets larger as
       they go out to 2011 and 2012.

       City Manager Gonzales stated 2011 and 2012 are based on a 3% increase. She stated 3%
       above a budget that does not have any salary adjustments and does not have 19 positions,
       so 2011 and 2012 are still very lean budgets, even with the 3% increase, but they wanted
       to make some kind of projection to see where they were.

       City Manager Gonzales stated they can see that this holds them up above the 30% until
       they get to 2012, so it is looking much better. She stated the staff still has work to do.
       She stated she would like to get at least 10 and it does not have to be a positive number,
       but needs to be closer. She stated that she and Finance Director Kidney have been
       playing with some spreadsheets/numbers and are looking for $800,000 to a million a year
       either less expenses or more revenue to even still be very lean, but to help fix that
       structural imbalance.

       Chairperson Sandifer asked if all the projections now are set off of what the tax numbers
       were for last month.

       City Manager Gonzales replied as of 6/2/2009, the sales tax has been adjusted down to
       -.2%. She stated they did not take it down the full 7% and are hoping it will get better at
       the end of the year.

       Chairperson Sandifer stated that is if they get some changes.

       City Manager Gonzales stated that is correct. She stated they get their next distribution
       around June 25th.
JUNE 2, 2009                   FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MINUTES                            PAGE 5

       Chairperson Sandifer stated 2% could make a major difference.

       City Manager Gonzales stated the revenue assumptions make huge differences. She
       stated they have to make these assumptions to plan and want to make conservative
       assumptions. She stated they only budgeted a -2% and are at -7%, so she is afraid they
       are not quite conservative enough, but are certainly hopeful. She stated Chairperson
       Sandifer is exactly correct, in that the assumption in the assessed value is at -.74 for 2010,
       0 for 2011, and a 2% increase for 2012. She stated they will not know that number until
       August - what 2010 will be exactly.

       City Manager Gonzales stated assumptions make a big difference on the revenues side
       and the assumptions side and they just build the best picture possible.

       Councilmember Distler asked since the City is holding off on Monticello South, are those
       funds being put back into the overall picture or is the City still holding them aside and not
       counting that here.

       City Manager Gonzales explained the Monticello South project would be out of the Debt
       Service Fund, so it would not directly impact this unless they moved mills.

       Councilmember Distler asked since they know that project is going to be put on hold for
       a while, is there any way.

       City Manager Gonzales stated when she comes back on June 16th with the wrap-up, they
       are going to look at more than just the General Fund. She is going to take the three tax
       funds, the Public Safety Reserve Fund, General Fund, and the Debt Service Fund and see
       if maybe one year one is healthier than the other and if there is room to move anything.
       She stated the fourth fund will be the Special Highway Fund with the Mill and Overlay
       Program, because she feels those funds are very critical in terms of how they interrelate
       together because three of them are mill levy funds.

       City Manager Gonzales stated the Debt Service Fund is probably in a lot worse shape
       than the General Fund, so there really is no money sitting there for Monticello South and
       they would be debt financing. She stated the $3.1 million they have in the project now
       will have to be debt financed if they stop now or spend a little more to button it up.

       Chairperson Sandifer asked where they paid the bills.

       City Manager Gonzales replied they paid the bills out of the project fund which gets
       reimbursed with the bond proceeds. She stated it is not reflected in these numbers at all.
       She stated they are getting closer.

       Councilmember Kuhn asked if it is not like it is a $13 million project and the City has
       $13 million sitting in there to write a check. She stated it is a $13 million project that was
       going to be more or less serviced like a mortgage where the City would tax “X” dollars
       out of that Debt Service Fund each year, so there is no money sitting there to transfer
JUNE 2, 2009                   FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MINUTES                           PAGE 6

       back and use, but means that would not be spent, assuming that not being spent would
       show when they get the Debt Service.

       City Manager Gonzales stated that is correct.

       City Manager Gonzales stated there is also no money in these budgets for the facility
       improvements, facility reserve funds, the capital, and they have not replaced parks and
       public works equipment in several years. She stated they scaled clear back on technology

       City Manager Gonzales stated over the next couple of weeks as the staff tries to build
       some models for the Council to look at, which is her intent, she intends to build a model
       that is the budget she thinks they really need to have going forward. She stated they may
       not be able to afford it this year, but thinks they need to have it in their minds because as
       she has said before, they cannot not replace vehicles, not take care of their buildings, not
       replace their technology, and not take care of their employees.

       City Manager Gonzales stated she has shown list after list of all the things the staff has
       cut and saved and will not go over that this evening. She stated it is a huge list and she is
       very proud of all the things that come from all the different departments that they have
       done and managed to reduce budgets.

       City Manager Gonzales stated she was looking back today at actual budgets. She stated
       the 2006 budget for General Fund and Employee Benefit which would be apples to
       apples with these was $36,715,456. She stated the 2010 budget is almost exactly the
       same. She stated they obviously have changed a lot of things and changed a lot of service
       that they produce and reduced service levels.

       Councilmember Kuhn asked with the City having the same budget going into 2010 as
       they need four years ago, if there is any way to know how many more citizens they have
       than four years.

       City Manager Gonzales stated she will get Councilmember Kuhn that number.

       Councilmember Kuhn stated she assumes that it is not just that obviously they have
       stayed within their means, but that they probably have reduced the amount of money the
       City spends on each citizen’s needs and reduced the service level buyback, so maybe they
       could get that idea as well.

       City Manager Gonzales stated Councilmember Kuhn has a good point. She stated some
       of them may have heard about the Virginia Graham Baker Act where the City had to
       replace all the grates in their pools and they got it finished at 1:00 a.m. Saturday morning
       before the pools opened. She thanked Parks and Recreation Director Holman. She stated
       there was a cost to that of about $30,000. She stated they were planning to use the
       fireworks money out of the General Fund because they had freed that up and the alcohol
JUNE 2, 2009                   FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MINUTES                           PAGE 7

       tax revenue was up, so they are going to charge that cost to the Special Park Fund from
       the Alcohol Tax. She stated it is a way of reducing expenditures to the General Fund.

       City Manager Gonzales stated they have filled some of their full time positions with
       seasonal positions. She stated there are some really good people out there needing to
       work and have hired some of them. They hired a gentleman who has a great background
       in plumbing and with he and Jeff Crouse, the City’s full time facilities person, were able
       to de-winterize the City’s bathrooms in all their facilities for the spring/summer season
       which saved the City $15,000 to $20,000.

       City Manager Gonzales stated they have had some pregnancies and babies which is
       always fun, but there have been some people who have been off work for a while and
       instead of hiring temps, which has been their practice in the past, they have moved staff
       around and covered those positions which has been a good way to save a little money.

       City Manager Gonzales stated Senior Accountant Oldham did a great job with Human
       Resources Manager Crawford calculating the actual dollar savings and they estimated the
       benefit savings. She stated there are 18 positions listed and that number is in flux
       depending on how they look at it and what day it is, but that is about $1 million for those
       18 positions, so that is a huge savings.

       City Manager Gonzales stated she has showed the Council the program inventories in the
       past and will take it one small step further. She will give the Council information
       between now and June 16th about these programs. She stated as they look for that million
       dollars, they are really down to the nitty-gritty and have cut everything they can without
       cutting programs. She stated programs mean people. She stated of that General Fund
       budget, two-thirds are people and the other third is the stuff they need to do the work they

       City Manager Gonzales stated they have reduced service levels of the things they are not
       doing as much of as they have in the past. She stated they are going to have to dig a little
       deeper this year if they are going to fix that structural imbalance. She stated if things do
       not turn around by 2011, it will be even deeper.

       City Manager Gonzales stated the Council has seen these things before. She noted on the
       slide that the blue list includes things the staff has already reduced service levels on. She
       stated that she lined through things that the City is not doing any more, such as going to
       Topeka and going to D.C. to do the programs. She stated they did a little of that, but not
       nearly as much as they would have liked.

       City Manager Gonzales stated the red items are the things the staff is now going to try to
       cost out for the Council and bring forward. She stated it is a list of programs and what it
       might in savings if the City were to cut these programs. She stated she will not go
       through all of them, but one is Animal Licensing. She stated if the City were to rescind
       their order on animal licensing and just not do it, they would probably save $40,000 to
       $50,000 and a person that handles that job and manages that program. She stated the City
JUNE 2, 2009                    FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MINUTES                            PAGE 8

       would lose some revenue from the licensing, so they will do that calculation and is the
       type of thing they will include for the Council.

       City Manager Gonzales continued with Public Information. She stated they have talked
       about the CityLine and no one wants to cut it back, but it costs around $25,000 a year.
       She stated they may just be at the point where that they just can’t do that.

       City Manager Gonzales stated economic development flies in the face of just about
       everything the City is about and is the last thing she would want to reduce, but she and
       Jim Martin work very closely and have talked about doing with less and not do quite as

       City Manager Gonzales stated there are cities that did not open their pools this summer
       because they just could not afford it. She thinks Wichita was one of those cities. She
       stated it is not a desirable thing, but they are really trying to find programs that are things
       they can put costs with. She stated maybe they do not necessarily have to cut the entire
       program, but parts of programs.

       City Manager Gonzales stated the snowflake decorations cost about $15,000 to $20,000
       to put up every year and maybe they will skip a year.

       City Manager Gonzales stated the staff gave the Council the benefit presentation a while
       back. She stated the staff is looking at some of the programs that they felt could be
       reduced. She stated they ran numbers to some programs and not necessarily cancel the
       program, but possibly tailor back the benefits a little.

       City Manager Gonzales moved on the firefighters are a program that has a long history in
       Shawnee. She stated they have probably outgrown the program, but keep it because of
       the tradition and history, but is about a $20,000 program. She thinks they can honor
       those people and appreciate those people, but not have that program and will be looking
       into it further and talk with Fire Chief Hudson about it.

       City Manager Gonzales stated the downtown program on neighborhood planning is truly
       a program and is a person who supports those programs. She stated they could reduce
       that program and spread the work to other staff and lose one position.

       City Manager Gonzales continued with codes enforcement which is near and dear to all
       their hearts. She stated they have three codes enforcement officers and get 120 hours a
       week of codes enforcement work and could cut it back and do 80 hours a week or 40
       hours a week. She stated that means with someone calls her about a person who have
       weeds in their front yard it will take even longer to get back to them.

       City Manager Gonzales stated they are doing 80 hours a week of street sweeping and
       could run 40 hours a week and the same with storm water maintenance.
JUNE 2, 2009                  FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MINUTES                         PAGE 9

       City Manager Gonzales stated one option they do have is moving some of the positions
       that are currently funded in the General Fund that do stormwater work into the
       Stormwater Utility, because it is a separate funding source and a more certain funding
       source. That would keep the people hole and the maintenance hole, but would mean they
       would have to cancel some projects. She stated right now they are using that utility more
       for those small projects that they were unable to fund in the past that are not big enough
       to be SMAC eligible. That will be part of the options they will look at and if they do not
       have any additional revenue options that is a ‘have to’.

       City Manager Gonzales stated the Police Department has done a fantastic job. She stated
       they have a bigger organization and have moved their organizational structure to move
       people around wonderfully over the past year and a half to two years to try and reduce
       costs. She stated they have reduced overtime, but have in the process lost the D.A.R.E.
       Program and most of the City’s Community Policing and the Crime Prevention Program.

       City Manager Gonzales stated the only one that is still out there, which is hard to think
       about losing, is the School Crossing Guard Program. She stated she knows there are
       some other cities that have looked into volunteer programs and there are some cities that
       do not pay for crossing guards because the schools pay for them, but the schools do not
       have any money either. She stated that is a $170,000 program, which is part of the

       City Manager Gonzales stated she knows some of these are very difficult to think about,
       but the staff is going to provide them some good information. She stated the staff is
       reading everything they receive and are talking with other cities. She stated she went to
       the Spring City Manager’s Conference and she and Finance Director Kidney are going to
       a seminar on Friday being put on by Springsted called Developing Sustainable Budgets.

       City Manager Gonzales stated the good thing about those conferences is when she attends
       and hears what they have to say, they are doing all the right things here in Shawnee. She
       stated it is not easy for anyone and there is no silver bullet missing. She presented an
       article she found in her Public Management Magazine. It talks about using good
       information and not holding back before they make decisions – the longer they hang on
       the worse things are going to get and don’t forget about the future which is her other
       message about what to keep on the Council’s mind as they think about things they need
       to scale back on.

       City Manager Gonzales stated they need to think about what kind of community they
       want Shawnee to be in 2015 to 2020. She stated if they do not do any street maintenance
       for 10 years, this community is going to look drastically different and be a different
       community than it is today.

       City Manager Gonzales stated as they think about all these hard decisions, they try to
       keep in mind at a staff level, as well as she knows the Council always thinks about, the
       long run in trying to protect the community in the long haul.
JUNE 2, 2009                   FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MINUTES                        PAGE 10

       City Manager Gonzales stated these are still her goals and she is going to bring the
       Council some models that help start meeting these goals. She stated the other two will be
       a little less close, but will head that direction. She stated the next step is there are
       difficult choices ahead of them and she knows the Council, staff, and all the employees in
       the organization get it.

       City Manager Gonzales stated with all that depression news, she does not want the
       Council to not enjoy the department presentations, because they have great people doing
       lots of really good work. She stated the Council is going to be amazed with some of the
       numbers they have of the things they have done in the last year in 2008. She hopes the
       Council is proud of that and enjoys hearing about it because the staff is very proud of the
       work they do.

       Councilmember Kuhn stated she knows the Council is going to receive more specific
       numbers when they put it together, but according to her math there are 16 red line items.
       She asked if City Manager Gonzales has a ballpark number [idea] if they willy-nilly cut
       everything that was in red.

       City Manager Gonzales answered no, but she hopes by Friday, the latest by Monday. She
       stated she has a spreadsheet on the Intranet that all department heads are feeding into
       called the Drastic Cut Spreadsheet. She stated some of it is based on some of the
       questions Councilmember Distler was asking about, tying together the CIP and mill and
       overlay stuff and they have not done any of that yet. She has not gone in her mind what
       that total might be yet.

       Councilmember Kuhn stated she was just trying to get an idea between the differences
       and revenue sources they do not have and things Shawnee cuts that other cities might not
       have to and is trying to come up with those numbers.


       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth began with the Council budget. She stated there
       are nine (9) positions budgeted – part-time positions. She presented the Council’s
       mission statement. She stated the most significant difference is between Contractual
       Services where there is a $15,000 increase. She deducted costs for those councilmembers
       who did not attend the NLC meetings in the spring in Washington, D.C., the
       transportation reception fees, and the registration fees. She stated she included them back
       in the 2010 request.

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth moved to the Administration budget. She stated
       there are six divisions and will talk about five this evening. Jim Martin with the
       Economic Development Council will present at the meeting on June 16th and talk about
       economic development.

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth presented the mission statements for all the
       different divisions and noted the Council has seen them all in the past. She presented
JUNE 2, 2009                   FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MINUTES                           PAGE 11

       staffing levels. She pointed out that the City Manager appoints the municipal judge, so
       he is shown in the organizational chart but his actual dollar figures are budgeted under
       Municipal Court in the Finance Department’s budget.

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth presented the organizational chart. She noted the
       positions in blue are vacancies. The positions in green are part-time positions.

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth presented the highlights from Legal. She thinks
       the most significant difference she saw are that all the numbers are down, with the
       exceptions of cases set for plea which are up. That means more people are pleading their
       tickets this year rather than setting for trials, video arraignment, or motion hearings.

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth continued with the City Clerk highlights. She
       presented some statistics about some of the work they do. She pointed out the ordinances
       they codify. She stated they have 71% of those up on the webpage posted within five
       days of the effective date, so they are available to the public.

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth stated the staff processes the business licenses
       within two days of someone coming in and applying for them at 100% rate. She stated
       they responded to 95% of the open records requests within three days. She stated the
       ones they do not respond to within three days are the more difficult ones that take a little
       more staff time.

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth stated in 2008, the Licensing Division collected
       $368,000 in revenues from businesses and regulatory licenses. She stated they collected
       a little over $16,500 in animal licenses and a little over $1,800 in pet permits. She stated
       the Council does not see those anymore, but they are still being processed.

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth presented highlights from the Human Resources
       Division. She stated the first one is the Employee Wellness Program. She stated their
       goal for this program is to keep health insurance costs affordable for both the City and
       employees. She stated they may remember from Liz Crawford’s recent benefit
       presentation, that the City’s overall health insurance rates are lower than all the other core
       comparable cities so that program is really effective.

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth stated just today in their staff meeting, they talked
       about how they have gone 78 days without an accident. She stated they will see a slide a
       little further down into her presentation related to performance measures about what the
       City’s cost for workers compensation insurance as compared to the ICMA costs for other
       cities that participate in the ICMA performance measures.

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth stated even though they are not filling some of
       their full-time positions, they have still been filling their seasonal positions. A lot of
       those positions take as much paperwork as their regular full-time positions, so the work is
       still there.
JUNE 2, 2009                   FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MINUTES                         PAGE 12

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth stated they like to keep their turnover rates low.
       She stated they have stayed pretty close to the medium in the last few years.

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth stated the City Manager has made receiving
       employee performance reviews on time a priority. She stated it is directly tied to
       employee satisfaction and she thinks everyone in the organization recognizes that. They
       are going to try to bring that number up next year.

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth presented the workers compensation expenditures
       per $100.00 of jurisdiction, salaries, and benefits she was talking about earlier and the
       City’s numbers are way lower. She stated they participate in the Kansas Eastern
       Regional Insurance Trust, which is made up of cities in the eastern part of Kansas. That
       helps them keep their costs down along with the progressive safety program.

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth continued with Work Plan Projects. She stated
       City Manager Gonzales has talked about some of these in the past. She stated there is
       integrating Council direction on priority of City programs and services and that is what
       they will see in the next few weeks. She stated the staff has already done presentations
       on the County’s Solid Waste Program and are continuing to work on recycling.

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth moved to the Energy Efficiency and Conservation
       Block Grant. She stated the City has been notified that they will be awarded a little over
       a $500,000. She stated City Clerk Powell has worked very hard to identify projects that
       will qualify, so they get the biggest bang for their buck to help the City save money in the
       future for energy conservation. The Council will see a presentation at the next City
       Council meeting.

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth stated the Council has seen the Comprehensive
       Review of the Compensation and Benefits on the employee Intranet. She stated they
       used to do a monthly newsletter for employees and have been able to do the same
       infrastructure they are using for the new webpage to use for an Intranet. She stated it
       allows the staff to communicate daily with their employees and they found that to be a
       great asset.

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth presented additional projects. She stated each year
       the prosecutor reviews new State legislation to make sure that the City’s standard traffic
       ordinance and their public offence codes are in line with state statutes and recommends
       modifications. She stated they also do annual training for the Police Department to help
       the prosecution.

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth continued with Future Challenges. She stated City
       Manager Gonzales talked about some of these earlier, such as balancing expenditures
       with revenues and determining citizen priorities for services. She stated in the past the
       staff has put in as a decision package a citizen survey and has not been able to fund it.
       She stated there is no money in it for the 2010 budget. She thinks it is a really good tool
       to use to determine some of the priorities, but cost is certainly a factor.
JUNE 2, 2009                  FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MINUTES                        PAGE 13

       Councilmember Distler stated her thought may not be as efficient as the survey, but just
       for the time being with the new website, she wonders if they could some type of their
       own informal-type thing to try to keep a pulse on the community while they are not doing
       the surveys.

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth deferred to Information Technologies Director

       Senior Information Technology Advisor Bedsaul stated they could certainly incorporate a
       survey and have actually already done an internal one.

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth stated there are a lot of funds out there through the
       American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. She stated one thing they found is that
       sometimes it is not clear about what qualifies and what they need to report. She stated
       they found it takes staff a lot of time to weed through all that. She stated City Clerk
       Powell has spent endless hours on it, but they do not want to miss out on anything.

       City Manager Gonzales stated they have been very successful so far. She stated just
       yesterday they were notified of an additional water quality project that Mike Gregory put
       together. She stated they were awarded an amount to help subsidize the project out at the
       Justice Center that they were going to do anyway with SMAC funds and City funds
       which means they will have funds to do something else. She stated the people have been
       putting some good applications together and have been very successful.

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth presented the Administration budget. She stated
       the most significant is in Services. She stated there were some people who went on
       maternity leave, so they backed out their salary for the time they were gone in 2009 and
       had to put them back in for 2010. She stated they had $25,000 in the Municipal Court
       budget for professional services for a temporary person to assist the prosecutor. She
       stated they have always thought they should not be using the Municipal Court staff to do
       all the paperwork for the prosecutor and should keep that separate. She stated they have
       budgeted for that in the past and thinks it would be more efficient to have a part-time
       employee do that, rather than a temporary employee.

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth stated it was moved. She stated it is still only 2009
       Municipal Court Professional Services and has been moved to Salaries and Legal in 2010
       – these are the two significant differences.

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth stated the 6% difference for Contractual Services is
       the 3% increase for the City Attorney fees. She stated she would argue that they get great
       bang for their dollar with their attorneys. She stated they looked at other legal budgets
       and Lenexa’s is a little over $1.4 million, Leawood’s is a little over $500,000, and
       Shawnee’s, for 2010, is $515,000, so they do really well.
JUNE 2, 2009                   FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MINUTES                           PAGE 14

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth stated they also increased the City Clerk’s
       contractual services budget by $52,000 to pay for the election in 2010. She stated they
       have talked a little about moving the election cycle, but that would not happen until a
       future time, so they will still have to pay for it in 2010. She stated she talked to Election
       Commissioner Newby who suggested that $52,000 would probably be a good number.

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth stated they will see a $16,000 increase in capital
       outlay. She stated that is actually for the Council chambers. She stated they want to pull
       the benches out of the Council chambers and put in chairs so they can also use this as a
       large conference room. She stated right now they hold the Downtown Partnership
       meetings downstairs and prop open the back door with a brick to let people in and out.
       She stated when she held her recycling meetings, they tried to have them in the Council
       chambers, but there was just not enough room to set up a table to have people sit around.
       The meetings were then moved downstairs which made it harder for the public to find

       Assistant City Manager Charlesworth stated the Council Chambers is a really good room
       for the staff to have bigger meetings which justifies the $16,000 expense.


       Finance Director Kidney explained that the Finance Department includes both
       Accounting and Municipal Court. He introduced Court Manager Dalton, Accounting
       Manager Kelly, and Senior Accountant Oldham. He stated Senior Accountant Kelly not
       only works in the Finance Department but is also very instrumental in working very
       closely with everyone to put together the entire presentation making sure numbers tie.

       Finance Director Kidney presented the Finance Department’s Mission Statement. He
       stated the City’s Municipal Court Division also strives to provide dedication of municipal
       citations in a prompt, fair, knowledgeable, and respectful manner. He stated he thinks
       both the Accounting and Municipal Court divisions are very proud of their customer
       service and what they have been able to provide to citizens. He stated he is really glad to
       be working with this group of people.

       Finance Director Kidney continued with staffing levels. He stated there is the Finance
       Director, Accounting Manager, Senior Accounting, and two Payroll Accountants and an
       A/P Accountant within the Finance/Accounting portion.

       Finance Director Kidney stated within Municipal Court, there is the Municipal Court
       Manager and the Judge. He stated the dollars are paid for out of the Finance Court
       account, but reports directly to City Manager Gonzales. He stated they have four court
       clerks and a part-time court security officer/bailiff. He stated out of those positions, there
       is one part-time person, which is the court security officer/bailiff. He stated they are
       currently fully staffed. He stated in the Accounting Department, there is currently
       someone on maternity leave and have moved one of the Court Clerks over into
JUNE 2, 2009                   FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MINUTES                          PAGE 15

       Accounting to help with the Payroll several days a week. He stated that is also helping
       their bottom line budget.

       Finance Director Kidney presented highlights. He stated the department processed more
       than 30,000 invoices. There were also the payroll checks. He stated they are still
       receiving the budget award and the financial reporting award and they are very proud of
       that achievement. He stated the Municipal Court did not move over to the new Justice
       Center this year and they are still working on that.

       Finance Director Kidney stated they have started over the past couple of years turning
       bad accounts over to collection agencies and have collected $16,000 since 2007. He
       stated that is just current outstanding – people have not paid. He stated they have not had
       a chance to go further back and just started in 2007 of what is currently (90 day past
       dues) turning those over and have never actually had the opportunity to get the staffing
       together or even bring someone in on a fee service to go through the hundreds of files of
       people who are out on warrants that the City can not collect. He stated that is possibly a
       long-term project of theirs – being able to service those better.

       Councilmember Kuhn asked about the firms they are using to do the collections and if
       they are a percentage of collection-based firm, or straight fee firm.

       Finance Director Kidney replied they use two collection firms. He stated one is more of
       a passive collection agency. He stated there is a debt set-off program. He stated the City
       just submits those to the State and any time they have a tax refund or an A/P check where
       someone actually hits the City’s system, then they collect that and charge the City a fee.
       He stated he believes it is less than 15%, but does not have that number right now.

       Finance Director Kidney stated the other agency is called the Collection Bureau of
       Kansas. He stated they went through a bidding process on them, but they are very
       customer-friendly, if there is anything such as a customer-friendly collection agency. He
       stated he went to cosign his son’s lease by being contacted by this group and they were
       just very good people and good to get along with making payments on everything they
       would expect.

       Finance Director Kidney stated there has been recent legislation back in 2008 that
       actually allows a municipal court to charge the collection fee on top of what is owed, so
       that is what they are doing with that firm. He stated if someone owes $100.00, they are
       charged $115.00 and the collection agency collects the money and the City is made
       whole with that $100.00. He stated that actually includes Court. He stated if it actually
       goes to the district court, they are charged an additional fee, but that does not come out of
       the City’s fee. That is really good legislation.

       Finance Director Kidney continued with 2009/2010 work plan projects. One of the big
       goals he has had is working with developers to use the best incentive tools possible. He
       stated there has been TIF, TDD, and recently there has been the CID. He stated they
JUNE 2, 2009                   FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MINUTES                         PAGE 16

       have those tools now and are more proactive going in. That is one of his goals if a
       developer comes in and asked what they can get and work out the best way to do that.

       Finance Director Kidney stated the staff is trying to intensify their cash flow analysis and
       their debt management. He stated the City has less cash and less interest income coming
       in, so they are working on going back and using three year’s history. He stated they
       really need to know of the money they have sitting in the bank what they can turn around
       and place in higher yield investments, so that is a major project he has been working on
       this year.

       Finance Director Kidney stated they recently updated the City’s purchasing manual. He
       stated Debbie and her staff went out into the departments to make sure they are all trained
       properly and know the right way to do things when they have to go out for bid and do
       purchase orders, etc.

       Finance Director Kidney stated they researched and implemented an electronic capital
       project database. He stated that goes more into the cash flow area. He stated as funds
       gets tighter and tighter, he is trying to make sure the City has just enough money to pay
       their vendors – their large contracts when they need them. He stated in order to do that,
       they really need to be on the same page with all the departments who are involved in a
       major project. He stated the staff is working on making an in-house reporting structure,
       so he knows how much money he can turn around and invest.

       Finance Director Kidney stated they are also developing strategic plans for Finance and
       Court. He stated they have never really gone back and said how they are doing business,
       so they are taking a step back looking at what they can do to make changes and make
       things better for their customers.

       Finance Director Kidney continued with additional projects. He stated they have several.
       He stated there is the IRB tracking database. He stated they are utilizing their in-house
       IT Department to help them put this together. He stated wants to get some administration
       training. He stated City Manager Gonzales mentioned they are working on making some
       changes and just want to make sure they are on top of everything.

       Finance Director Kidney stated they recently implemented a City-wide fuel card system.
       He stated they are doing a cost analysis of bulk fuel, versus using fuel cards.

       Finance Director Kidney stated they want to continue becoming paperless in their court
       system. He stated they are really becoming more and more efficient in their transactions
       between the Police Department and Court making sure everything is paperless for the
       judge and prosecutors. He stated it is a long term project and they are still moving
       through it all.

       Finance Director Kidney stated they continue to learn more and more about the software
       the City already has. He stated by bringing in Court Manager Dalton, they are
JUNE 2, 2009                  FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MINUTES                        PAGE 17

       determining what the City can do for their customers to make things even more efficient
       and get people in and out quicker.

       Finance Director Kidney stated they are collaborating with the City’s Police Department
       to work on projects.

       Finance Director Kidney stated some Future Challenges obviously involve funding
       necessary City services during this downturn. He stated with their fund balances, they
       are maintaining the recent Moody’s AA2 rating.

       Finance Director Kidney stated on the Courts side, they want to meet statutory
       requirements for fingerprinting and DUI arrests. He stated it is a new statutory
       requirement that everyone has to be fingerprinted right when someone is charged with a

       Finance Director Kidney stated the bottom line is some very recent news that hit home.
       He stated they need to meet the need for more stringent court security and ensure the
       safety of the public, as well as court employees. He stated there was a person recently
       arrested for the shooting in Wichita who actually had an open case that was to appear in
       Shawnee’s municipal court. He stated they step back and acknowledge that Shawnee
       really does have some dangerous people coming into their court with probably not the
       best security.

       Finance Director Kidney stated the overall combined budget of Court and Finance shows
       a big number with Personnel Services. He stated they had the maternity leave in 2009
       and put back in 2010 at the full amount. He stated Assistant City Manager Charlesworth
       mentioned about the services going from Court to prosecutors and is where it has gone
       down, but has gone up in the Legal Department.

       Finance Director Kidney stated with commodities, they are upgrading a server for their
       finance software. He stated that concludes his presentation.

       Information Technology

       Information Technologies Director Doherty stated the Council has all seen their mission
       statement from last year. He stated the primary thing is supporting all the technology for
       the City staff and ultimately the citizens of the City.

       Information Technologies Director Doherty started with staffing levels. He stated there
       is ten (10) full time equivalents, himself, two (2) in Geographical Information Systems
       (GIS), one in Network, and three (3) in Systems Support, one in the phone system, one in
       E-Gov, and one in Application Support.

       Information Technologies Director Doherty stated there are no open positions at this
       time. He stated with regard to Performance Measurements and Highlights for 2008, there
JUNE 2, 2009                   FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MINUTES                           PAGE 18

       are 375 PCs, 100 laptops, 32 servers, and numerous printers. He stated were over 4,500
       problem request tickets. He stated all of those they tried to resolve within 24 hours.

       Information Technologies Director Doherty stated they received 41,000 sessions on the
       City’s web page and maintained 278 layers of GIS information. He stated, as he
       mentioned last year, that is hyphens like roads and CSR information and capital projects.
       He stated Susan and Doug presented some of that at one of the last committee meetings.

       Information Technologies Director Doherty stated they want to implement the City
       internet – the internal webpage. He stated work plan projects include continued
       implementation of document imaging, complete implementation of the City’s new phone
       system. He stated they only have two locations left to do on that for the City. He stated
       there is implementation of fiber optic between Town Hall and the Aquatic Center Pool.
       There is implementation of the new website redesign that they had covered in a recent
       committee meeting and the development of an information technology strategic plan.

       Information Technologies Director Doherty stated some additional projects include the
       implementation of the electronic timesheets for City staff, the new Police in-car digital
       video system which they will soon be working on, and replacement of the Finance
       Department system server.

       Information Technologies Director Doherty continued with Future Challenges. He stated
       the department has eliminated their replacement program for the PCs and printers. He
       stated that will be a challenge. He stated there is also the support of the complex
       technology of the new Justice Center. He stated there is about 30 miles of wiring in that
       facility and they are constantly putting in technology into that facility, such as the new in-
       car digital video system where they use wireless capabilities, so there is a lot of
       technology involved in that area.

       Information Technologies Director Doherty stated they also have responsibility for the
       Citywide phone system and are currently doing that with in-house staff.

       Information Technologies Director Doherty stated the IT budget is primarily going
       through and looking at things. He stated they do some training and travel associated with
       that. He stated they have a net reduction of 1.5% for the year.


       Planning Director Chaffee presented the Planning Department’s Mission Statement. He
       stated his department deals mostly with the growth of the City and try to maintain
       adequate development opportunities for different types of development within the City
       and also maintain the high quality of life that all citizens of Shawnee have come to
JUNE 2, 2009                   FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MINUTES                        PAGE 19

       Planning Director Chaffee stated they are a small department. He stated there are six
       employees. He stated in the past they have budgeted for an intern position and removed
       that position from the budget. He stated all of their positions are currently full.

       Planning Director Chaffee presented the 2008 highlights. He stated last year the
       department processed a fewer amount of applications, although it did not mean that any
       of them were any easier than in the past. He stated they have had some interesting
       projects come through this year and did their first review on a TIF project with
       Cobblestone which was interesting. He stated they not only had to teach their staff how
       to go through the process, but also the Planning Commission and their obligations.

       Planning Director Chaffee stated the department issues 274 sign permits. He stated that
       number was encouraging. He stated that number is about the same as they have been
       issuing in 2005, 2006, and 2007, so it is an indication that the City is still getting new
       businesses coming into the City.

       Planning Director Chaffee stated they removed almost 2,000 illegal signs. He stated
       2008 is an election year and unfortunately there are some candidates who can not read
       instructions about where to put their signs, so the number was a little higher this year.

       Planning Director Chaffee stated the department reviewed 84 special use and special
       event permits, five rezoning applications, 16 variance applications, processed 41 site
       plans, and began a comprehensive rewrite of the City’s zoning regulations.

       City Manager Gonzales stated as they talk about those vacancies, they are due to attrition.
       She stated staff looked at that and still has to do critical work, so when vacancies occur,
       they do not need any vacancies and still have plenty of work to do. She stated one of
       thing that was left with Sara’s position, is that she was chairing the Safety Committee and
       was in charge of the City’s safety efforts. She stated Mark, in Paul’s office, was on that
       committee and stepped up to be the chairman, going on his second year now. She stated
       part of that was just planning. She stated there is not as much development going on
       right now, so the staff felt that would be a good place to put it and Mark has done a
       phenomenal job at that committee. She stated some of the numbers Assistant City
       Manager Charlesworth showed earlier are attributable to Mark’s leadership, in addition to
       the Safety Committee, but that is a huge accomplishment that one would not normally
       think would come out of the Planning Department and a Citywide effort, but is certainly
       due largely to the work done by Mark.

       City Manager Gonzales stated they guessed on hours and he is spending a lot of hours on
       it and it has been a great use of resources.

       Planning Director Chaffee continue with some of the department’s work plan projects for
       2009 and 2010. They want to complete the comprehensive review of zoning regulations
       and think they are almost there. He stated they should be finished up in August. He
       stated they have really looked at doing some regulations that will compliment the City’s
       new stormwater regulations, encourage environmentally sensitive development and some
JUNE 2, 2009                   FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MINUTES                         PAGE 20

       of the new regulations have to do with landscaping and parking. He stated rather than
       just having minimum parking requirements of what a business has to have and take a
       look at doing maximum parking, so perhaps they do not end up with so many huge seas
       of parking that no one uses or if they feel they need to have additional parking above a
       maximum, then give them a menu of choices of things they can do to perhaps collect
       some additional stormwater on site and do some other features on the site that they may
       have otherwise.

       Planning Director Chaffee stated the department is also looking at developing some wind
       energy ordinances and requirements for those types of uses.

       Planning Director Chaffee stated the department did the review and update of the
       development fees. He stated they prepared a series of PowerPoint presentations that
       include individual slides on demographics within the City, the downtown incentives, the
       Neighborhood Revitalization Program, and City financial incentives. He stated Cheryl is
       putting together a traffic count PowerPoint right now with different traffic counts at
       different intersections.

       Planning Director Chaffee stated they intend to use that study not only for the staff’s
       knowledge if they just want one entire presentation on demographics, but if a business is
       coming to town and they need to pick and choose how they want to put together a
       presentation, the slides are already there and they can just pull out of the different
       PowerPoint presentations. He stated those slides can somewhat cater to the business
       coming in or to a neighborhood group who may be interested in some of those things. He
       stated along the line throughout the year, the staff will be thinking of other things that
       may be beneficial to them that they can just continue to add in.

       Planning Director Chaffee stated they the I-35 corridor study should be done by the end
       of this month. He stated the department is getting ready to wrap up a land use study
       between Midland Drive and Woodland. He stated the staff has completed the study and
       will be holding a neighborhood meeting in June or July. He stated one of the businesses
       out there has agreed to open up their place of business – Christ Tots, a preschool out there
       who is kind of in the middle of that road. He stated that was nice of them when he asked
       that they would be willing to allow the City to use their place in the evening.

       Planning Director Chaffee stated the department has developed and implemented the
       downtown retail attraction plan. He stated this is already started. He stated one of the
       PowerPoint presentations put together was for the Downtown Incentive Program and they
       did a mailing to developers, realtors, and property owners about the benefits and why the
       City wants them to come downtown and what is available.

       Planning Director Chaffee stated the department just wants to continually actively
       promote the incentive programs and support the road improvement committee.

       Planning Director Chaffee continued with additional projects. He stated they are refining
       the Planning Department procedures for the development tracking system. He stated his
JUNE 2, 2009                   FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MINUTES                          PAGE 21

       department is basically finished with their entries and how that development tracking
       system is set up, but they are finding that as some of the other departments enter into that
       system, there are some refinements they need to do since the Planning Department is the
       initial one that enters that information to get a project listed and follow through.

       Planning Director Chaffee stated the department provides updates for the IRB database,
       basically going in and taking a look at how the appraised and assessed values have
       changed, what taxes are being collected, and what amount is attributable to an abatement,
       and how much they really collect and sort of tracking through their 10 year period to see
       what that is, so he thinks that will be a real good example. He stated one slide is an
       example of what they use for their City-wide incentive program that they can pull in to
       show a business a sample of someone and what they have saved and the taxes the
       collected and now they are off the books and on full time.

       Planning Director Chaffee stated at the Council’s request late last fall, the staff is in the
       process of establishing a fourth neighborhood in the Neighborhood Improvement

       Planning Director Chaffee continued with Future Challenges. He stated once they get the
       I-435 study completed, they need to identify those opportunities and stick with what the
       plan indicates they should do and the policies the City should follow to make sure I-435
       develops to the best benefit for the City of Shawnee. He stated it is Shawnee’s only
       chance along an interstate highway, so they need to make sure they do it right.

       Planning Director Chaffee stated they need to ensure office, commercial, and industrial
       development is high quality. He stated the higher the quality, the better building
       materials they have and the higher value that building has initially and throughout its

       Planning Director Chaffee stated they want to encourage continued redevelopment efforts
       and continue to coordinate with water and sewer districts to provide adequate services.
       He stated they need to keep on them and try to keep them ahead of the game that they
       know development may occur in such and such an area and if they can start taking a look
       at what it would cost or where an extension may be run in the future. They also need to
       ensure continued compliance with the sign ordinance.

       Planning Director Chaffee stated the Planning Department budget’s big item is personal
       services which are salaries. He stated there is a small increase in contractual services.
       That is because Rebuilding Together Shawnee has requested some human service
       funding this year. He stated they have not received any human service funds in the past.
       The transfer is out of the General Fund to fund the Downtown Partnership Program. He
       stated last year in the budget it was $64,000. He stated 2010 is $50,000. He stated the
       staff expects maybe in the estimated budget that they may only need to transfer $25,000
       over this year. He stated each year is a little different not know the business needs.
JUNE 2, 2009                   FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MINUTES                        PAGE 22

       Planning Director Chaffee stated he knows there is a chance for three pretty large loans
       coming through with Donovan’s and Bates City Barbecue, so they replenished it at the
       high end at the beginning of the year and by this time next year they can kind of know
       how 2010 will fall out and will come in with an estimated number at that time.

       City Manager Gonzales stated that money goes into the Neighborhood Revitalization
       Fund, so the reason that 2009E number is so much lower is because they had fund
       balance, so they really are not reducing the downtown contribution. There was fund
       balance at the end of 2009, so they did not have to move as much over from the General

       Planning Director Chaffee stated another thing they are doing is continuing what they
       promised the Council they would do the first two years. He stated in 2003 and 2004, they
       made a transfer of $100,000 and promised that along the way as they received money
       from the Neighborhood Improvement Program and from the various incentives that they
       would reduce the City’s contribution to those programs and are still continuing to do that.

       Councilmember Sawyer asked for clarification.        He stated the City is not loaning
       businesses money, but just buy down the loans.

       Planning Director Chaffee stated that is correct. He stated the City buys down 1 ½

       Councilmember Sawyer stated they tend to have some difficulty with people not
       understanding the English language on this Council.

       Parks and Recreation

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman stated he is here this evening to present the 2010
       Parks and Recreation budget. He recognized two staff members who helped him a lot
       during this process – Deputy Parks and Recreation Director Lecuru and Museum Director

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman stated the Parks and Recreation Department is
       made up of seven (7) division:

       Park Maintenance
       Civic Centre
       Shawnee Town
JUNE 2, 2009                  FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MINUTES                        PAGE 23

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman presented the mission statement which comes
       down to providing the citizens of Shawnee the best quality of life possible through their
       programs and facilities.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman presented staffing levels:

       Administration – 2
       Park Maintenance – 11
       Civic Centre – 4.8
       Aquatics – 2
       Shawnee Town – 5.2
       Pool Staff – 204 (concession, lifeguard, swim and dive team)

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman presented the layout of all the employees. They
       have three positions unfortunately all on the Park Maintenance side that are vacant. They
       have part-time staff that does their Civic Centre and Shawnee Town rentals.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman presented Park Department highlights:

       Maintain 562 acres of parkland (440 acres in high use)
       Maintain 35 sports fields
       16 playgrounds
       21 park shelters
       2 inline skate parks
       Offer more than 650 recreation programs at the Civic Centre, but also go out to
       businesses, i.e. wine classes, barbecue classes.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman stated the pools had an annual attendance of
       135,000 in 2008. He stated that was down from 2007, which was 147,000 – due to
       weather conditions.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman stated Shawnee has two pools and Lenexa has
       three pools and only had 77,000 in attendance. He stated Merriam has one pool with an
       attendance of 18,000, so what Shawnee has done with their pools has really paid off.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman stated they instructed over 1,847 swim lessons
       which was up from the previous year at just over 1,500. He stated the Aquatics’ staff has
       a goal for 2010 of 2,000.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman stated the municipal pools brought in $673,000
       which was down a percentage from the previous year, but the recovery rate is 74% which
       is not bad.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman stated since the department does snow removal,
       they performed 14 snow removal operations. The recreation division had 100% direct
       cost recovery and generated $255,000 and returned $38,000 to the General Fund. He
JUNE 2, 2009                   FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MINUTES                          PAGE 24

       stated they do pay for a staff person and indirectly pay for a teacher, all the costs for the
       class and if they are at the Civic Centre it is a free room, but if they have to pay for the
       room that is counted into the cost.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman stated it was Shawnee’s 12th year to receive the
       Tree City USA distinction. He stated they received $700,000 from KDOT for Clear
       Creek Phase II and have already started that process.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman stated the $500,000 from the Deffenbaugh
       Foundation is a very nice show of support for Shawnee Town.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman continued with Work Plan Projects. He stated
       they have the completion of the farmstead in the works. He stated hopefully within the
       next month or two, they will start getting the ball rolling. He stated Phase I of Clear
       Creek is currently under construction and Phase II is in the design process. He stated at
       the end of June they will bring forth bids for the repair at the aquatic center.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman stated they still have completion of the farmstead
       interpretative plan. He stated this is a plan where the volunteers will actually teach about
       the farmstead and it is an interpretive guideline to teach the kids and get the message

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman stated the Civic Centre is being trained on the Rec
       Trac System for registrations and past sales so it is not just the staff during the day.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman stated as far as additional projects are concerned,
       they plan to update the Parks and Recreation information on the website. Collaborate
       with other City departments in development of the City’s Facebook and twitter to
       improve communication.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman stated Deputy Parks and Recreation Director
       Lecuru, Desiree, Bridget, and Assistant City Manager Charlesworth have all been
       working on Facebook and Twitter.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman continued that they plan to develop the Parks and
       Recreation Strategic Plan and all divisions will help in that effort.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman stated Future Challenges include the ability to
       attract and maintain highly motivated and skilled employees to help achieve their
       mission. They want to develop a funding system for the fleet and facility expansions and
       replace programs for the needs and aging inventory.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman stated they plan to implement more
       environmentally friendly green practices into their parks operations. He stated doing all
       their own plumbing has been fantastic. He stated they have light sensors in the restrooms
JUNE 2, 2009                  FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MINUTES                       PAGE 25

       now. He thinks next year to save on water they might go with waterless urinals. It is
       good for the environment.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman continued with Future Equipment and Staffing
       Forecasting and Preventive Maintenance. He stated that is a big one. He stated they have
       older equipment and the department is just trying to keep up. He stated Ramie and the
       Parks staff did a fantastic job doing the paint on the awnings.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman presented the overall budget for all the
       departments. He stated they have looked at everything, came down, and are at a -.5%.

       Councilmember Kuhn reminded everyone of Old Shawnee Days this coming weekend.
       They are having the 1st Annual Old Shawnee Days Baking Contest. She hopes to see all
       of them in attendance.


Councilmember Goode, seconded by Councilmember Scott, moved to adjourn. The motion
carried 4-0, and the meeting adjourned at 8:27 p.m.

Minutes prepared by: Cindy Terrell, Recording Secretary


Stephen Powell, City Clerk

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