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					                          Straight Talk with Rubber Ducky
                              News & Information for Scouts and Families of Troop 345 Eagan, MN
                           Online at                      December, 2004

     Troop Committee Chairman      Jim Brothen   651-688-7914
     Scoutmaster                   Ken DuBois    651-688-8183 or
     Scoutmaster                   Mike Bates    651-452-2350

        Calendar of Events                                     Eagan Community Center Lock-in
        Troop Meetings begin at 7 p.m.                               Saturday, January 15
December                                             Sign-up and pay Mrs. Orlando no later than January 3
13    Northview Gym
20    Northview Gym – Court of Honor              Cost:       $10
27    Winter Break                                Time:       Boys should be at the Community Center between 8:00-8:30 p.m.
                                                              and be picked up between 5:30-6:00 a.m. Sunday morning.
January                                           Activities: Blast Indoor Playground
3     Northview Gym                                           Teen Center – Pool Table ($1/game), Air Hockey (.50/game), Ms.
10    Northview Gym                                              Pacman Arcade Game (.25/game), Foosball (free) and more
17    Trapp Farm Park (weather permitting)                    Three Gymnasiums with use of Basketball, Volleyball and Dodge
24    Northview Gym – Elections for Patrol                       Ball equipment
      Leaders and Assistant Senior Patrol                     TV/VCR/DVD player
      Leader                                                  The Oaks Banquet room (can be divided into 3 rooms – sleeping,
29    Junior Leader Training - Tentative                         table games, and movies for example)
31    Northview Gym – Snow Base Training          Food:       Pizza, Chips, Cookies and unlimited Soda – Vending machines will
                                                                 also be available
February                                                     No outside Food or Beverages allowed!!!
7     Northview Gym – 1st Annual Pizza Bash
14    Northview Gym                                        5th grade WEBELO’s are welcome to attend also.
21    Location to be Announced                        They must also sign up and pay Mrs. Orlando by January 3.
28    Northview Cafeteria

PLC and Parents’ Meetings
Second Tuesday each month - held at
BridgePointe Church - 4100 Lexington Way
1/11 PLC at 6:00 p.m. - Parents’ at 7:00 p.m.                                  Court of Honor
2/8 PLC at 6:00 p.m. - Parents’ at 7:00 p.m.
                                                                          Monday, December 20
Upcoming Events                                                                at 7:00 p.m.
Jan. 15-16   Eagan Community Ctr. overnight                              At Northview Elementary
Feb. 11-13   Snow Base - Tomahawk                                       Please bring a Holiday treat to share.
Mar. 11-13   Fred C. Anderson
Apr. 1-3     Spring Lake Park
                                                                               Service Patrols
June 27      Summer Picnic
                                                      When your Patrol is scheduled as the Service Patrol you should be at the
July 1-12    Double H Ranch High Adventure
                                                  meeting by 6:45 p.m. to help bring in the flags, set up tables and, when
July 16-23   Summer Camp at Tomahawk
                                                  necessary, chairs. The Service Patrols are also responsible for taking these
                                                  things down before Dodge Ball begins.
                                                              12/13 Ram                         1/31     Dragon
                                                              12/20 Gecko                       2/7      Bison
                                                              1/3      Rubber Ducky             2/14     Tiburon
                                                              1/10     Lightening               2/21     Eagle
                                                              1/24     Scorpion                 2/28     Fire
                             Summer 2005 High Adventure Trip Opportunities
1. Hiking the Appalachian Trail       Early August      $350
   Price includes train ride to and from Harrisburg, PA

2. Bike Trip                        August 6-12     <$100
   250 mile Bike Trek from Reedsburg, WI to Eagan. We need adults to Bike, Drive Support Vehicle (w/trailer) and Transport Scouts
   and Bikes to starting point. Contact: Mr. Bates

3. Apostle Islands Sailing Trip     Early August        $300-400
   4-5 days

4. Horseback Riding                  July 2-9             $400-$600
   Colorado - 10th Mountain Division Trails – Will include fun activities and service projects. Contact: Mr. or Mrs. Schlank

5. Double H Ranch                  July 1-12        $600          There’s still room for 2 more people. Boy’s must be
   14 years old by 1/1/2005 or have completed 8 grade and be at least 13 years old. $50 deposit required immediately,
   plus monthly payments of $100/month November through March. Contact: Mr. Clark

                                     There will be sign up sheets at meetings for these trips.

           2006 Philmont Trek                                                   Snow Base
       Our Troop has reserved 12 spaces with the                         Tomahawk Scout Reservation
  Council Contingent to Philmont in 2006. There
  is space for 2 Adults and 10 Scouts who will             There are still a few opening in both Snowhuskies and
  form into a single crew. Boys must be 14 by           Spearhead. Sign up and pay Mrs. Orlando immediately if
  January 1, 2006 or completed 8th grade prior to
                                                        you are interested in attending.
  arrival at Philmont.
                                                            Snowhuskies for Scouts age 11 and older – Outdoor activities with indoor
  Dates: Sunday, June 11 through Saturday,
                                                             sleeping arrangements.
           June 24 plus travel days
                                                                     Dates: Saturday, February 12 – Sunday, February 13
  Cost:    Approximately $1,050
                                                                     Cost: $48.00 per person
  Signup: Give Mrs. Orlando a deposit of $100 no
                                                            Spearhead for Scouts 13 and older – Cabin sleeping on Friday night.
           later than January 10th, 2005
                                                             Outdoor activities and outdoor sleeping on Saturday night.
     See Mr. Bates for more information.                             Dates: Friday, February 11 – Sunday, February 13
                                                                     Cost: $50.00 per person
         Troop Elections                                     Please make sure your Medical Forms are up-to-date.
        Monday, January 24
    We will be having Troop Elections for
                                                                       Snow Base Troop Training
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol
                                                          All scouts attending Snowhuskies and Spearhead are REQUIRED to
Leaders and Assistants and Patrol
                                                      attend the January 31 Troop Meeting and participate in this important
Quartermasters. We need an excellent
                                                      preparatory session.
turnout for this election! Please come so
                                                          We will be discussing the clothing and equipment requirements
you can help choose the leadership for
                                                      necessary to participate in this winter outdoor activity.
your Troop.
                                                          Parents are encouraged to attend so they can help their boy obtain
                                                      and pack the necessary gear.

    Troop Summer Camp Picture
       Tony Clark is trying to find a CD with the
  original Troop Picture from Summer Camp
  2003. He would like to get copies of the
  picture made and needs the high resolution
  copy. If you have this CD please let him know.
                                       It’s Time for Rechartering for 2005
      Forms will be given out December 20 and need to be turned in by January 10.
 1.   Review the form and update information as needed – adults be sure to include your auto insurance information.
 2.   Write the name of your patrol on the bottom of the form.
 3.   Adults, list skills that you would be willing to teach.
 4.   Include a check for fees and dues. Boys’ Life Magazine is optional:
               Registration fee:      $10.00
               Troop dues:           $25.00
               Total:                $35.00
               Optional Boys’ Life: $10.80 (Total with Boys’ Life - $45.80)
    Return the form with your check payable to Troop 345 no later than January 10 to Mrs. Orlando. IF MRS.

                                                Troop 345 Word Search
                      U    J   Y   V    B   P   I    L    C   M X     H   E   W R      M T     X   W S
                                                                                                                 Baden Powell
                      B    Y   X   E    F   I   L    U    X   W E     D   X   U   J    U   A   L   W E           Bison
                      B    A   D   E    N   P   O    W E      L   L   R   B   E   O    X   E   R   X    C        Dragon
                      D    H   Q   U    T   S   S    W T      F   T   B   I   C   A    R   Y   E   K    O        Dubois
                      O    D   N   A    L   R   O    M O      M E     O   S   T   A    G   A   Q   C    N
                                                                                                                 Eagle Scout
                      S    B   P   E    R   I   F    Y    C   R   S   K   O   N   B    S   L   E   B    D        Fire
                      N    G   Z   R    R   S   X    E    D   T   S   L   K   F   E    A   P   E   W C           First Class
                      O    N   E   N    Y   A   S    U    U   D   A   I   Y   V   R    D   D   T   S    L        Gecko
                      G    C   F   G    L   N   C    O    D   Z   L   F   T   A   M E      J   G   S    A        Life Scout
                      A    L   S   J    E   K   C    X    A   T   C   E   N   O   E    E   D   C   E    S
                                                                                                                 Merit Badges
                      R    Y   R   Z    Y   S   N    R    I   J   T   S   G   B   I    S   O   N   T    S        Mom Orlando
                      D    J   C   I    E   T   Y    W T      N   S   C   T   K   E    R   Z   T   E    M        Ram
                      F    M Q     L    V   G   E    S    T   P   R   O   Z   A   P    C   K   D   Z    T        Rank
                      L    I   G   H    T   E   N    I    N   G   I   U   S   I   R    N   B   U   J    Q        Rubber Ducky
                      I    A   H   G    Z   C   O    D    O   W F     T   O   I   P    S   E   W S      X
                      E    V   L   T    R   K   A    S    U   K   T   N   X   E   O    S   C   W X      H        Second Class
                      F    X   K   C    Y   O   I    J    X   W Z     N   K   M T      B   K   O   F    A        Star Scout
                      S    K   F   O    Z   D   L    Q    N   G   H   B   Q   A   R    T   U   A   U    V        Tenderfoot
                      U    E   W H      S   T   K    B    Q   S   O   O   E   B   Z    I   Y   D   T    T
                      D    N   O   R    U   B   I    T    G   H   L   V   G   P   A    V   D   J   T    Z

                                                         Adult Training
                District Roundtable - Second Thursday of each month – 7:00 p.m. - at LDS Church in Burnsville
                For more information check out:

                New Leader Essentials –1/12/05 - 6:30-8:00 pm - at Apple Valley Comm. Center (Hayes Building)
                        Youth Protections - 1/13/04 - 5:45-7:00 pm – at LDS Church in Burnsville
         For more information check out: or contact Mr. Clark.

                                                    E-mailing the Ducky
    If you would like to receive your copy of the Ducky via e-mail, please send your e-mail address to:
Feel free to include as many addresses as you’d like. The Ducky will come to you as an attached PDF document.
If you would prefer a Word Document, please e-mail me and I’d be happy to send it to you.

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