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					Get Life Insurance Quotes From SA Website

Mendham, NJ, 04-MAY-2012 - Get Life Insurance Quotes is pleased to
announce a comprehensive website where South Africa residents can check
out the options in life insurance quotes. Finding a life insurance
provider is easier when you have a website where the process is made
simple and uncomplicated for buyers.

When life insurance quotes are obtained online, there are no broker fees,
no paper work and a lump sum, tax-free amount is paid over to
beneficiaries upon the death of the policy holder. Purchasing a policy
online allows for a cooling off period of thirty days.

Buyers of a policy may decide to increase or decrease the level of
coverage at any time. The process is just as uncomplicated as the
original purchase of cover.

A spokesperson for the life insurance quotes website spoke about the
benefits of direct purchase of cover from a life insurance provider when
he stated, "Direct life insurance is still a fairly new form of insurance
when it comes to the South African market. Traditional insurance is very
bureaucratic and costs are added on each step of the way. Costs you will
have to pay, making life insurance more expensive for you."

Learn more about this relatively new form of insurance acquisition in the
South African market by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and
others who have questions about the content of this specific press
release should contact the individual identified below.

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