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      A newsletter published for the Central Florida Ronald McDonald House® Family     Orlando                             Volume XIV, Issue 1, Spring 2008

      Amazing Mother of Twins
      Through A Father’s Eyes
      M           y wife Sandy is amazing. She spent December 2006 on
                  bed rest at home as complications arose with our twins
                  in the womb.
            January 2007 found us in Tampa considering surgery. One
      baby was growing faster than the other. Our specialist advised
      against surgery and gave us a 10% chance. Our local doctor
      immediately admitted Sandy to Florida Hospital for full time bed
      rest/monitoring-one long month.
            Sandy made it to 28 weeks. We celebrated with cupcakes and
      party hats. Our twin girls decided they wanted to join the party
      at 28 weeks 4 days. Lura Grace and Mattie Grace were born via
      C-section at 2 pounds 1 ounce and 1 pound 7 ounces. We were
      thrilled they had made it this far, but our journey was far from
      over. The Newborn ICU was to be their home for 2 months.
            Enter Ronald McDonald House, which offered Sandy a
      wonderful place to stay and be moments away from Lura Grace
      and Mattie Grace. Sandy spent every day in the ICU and each                               The Shepherd family of Apopka and Ronald McDonald.
                                                              (continued on page 3)

       K92FM Radiothon Raises More Than $100,000
      K92FM’s fourth annual “Home-Away-From-Home”                                     vice president/general manager WWKA-FM and WDBO-AM. “I
      Radiothon, raised more than $100,000, to help the children                      am pleased to announce that this year’s Radiothon surpassed last
      and families served at Central Florida’s two Ronald McDonald                    year’s two-day total by more than $25,000.
      Houses.                                                                                Thank you to K92FM and their wonderful listeners for their
            The station and their on-air                                                                                  continued support and to all our
      team interviewed families who are                                                                                   RMHCCF volunteers including
      staying at the Ronald McDonald                                                                                      Universal, H & R Block, Wachovia,
      House while their ill children are                                                                                  Junior League of Greater Orlando,
      receiving treatment at area                                                                                         and Southwest Airlines who answered
      hospitals and medical facilities.                                                                                   our phones! In addition, RMHCCF
      They shared their stories of how                                                                                    was the beneficiary for K92FM’s
      important it is to be able to stay                                                                                  Bowl-A-Thon and Acoustic Jam held
      close by their ill child.                                                                                           in January. ❤
            “We are so grateful to our
      listeners who share our passion for
      helping families facing the hardest
      of times—dealing with a very ill or
                                                   Above: K92FM’s Doc and Grace pose with one of our families.
      injured child,” said Susan Larkin,         Right: RMHCCF board member and Universal Orlando executive
      RMHCCF board member and                  Trisha Engler (center) is pictured with the terrific Universal volunteers.

                                          “Share-A-Night” Celebration Overview - see page 5
                                                                                          RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE CHARITIES OF CENTRAL FLORIDA, INC.
 Chairwoman’s Message . . .                                                                                    BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                                                            The Ronald McDonald House of Orlando program is operated by Ronald McDonald

 I  t is with a great deal of excitement and
    anticipation that I look forward to this year and
 my service as chairwoman of the Ronald
                                                                                              House Charities of Central Florida, Inc., a not-for-profit Florida corporation. The
                                                                                                Board of Directors is an all-volunteer board which is comprised of members
                                                                                             representing the medical, business and social services community, parent groups
                                                                                            and local McDonald’s franchises. The board meets regularly and provides direction
 McDonald House Charities of Central Florida                                                          for the management, fundraising and operation of the Houses.
 Board.                                                                                                                      Chairwoman
         Having served as a member for several years, I                                                                    CARLA WARLOW
 am pleased to be a part of such an active and
                                                                                                       Vice Chair                                    Treasurer
 engaged board. As we poise for the future growth                                                    KEN McKENNA                                  KATHY CHONODY
 of our organization, we will continue to look to our
 community for support. Our mission to serve as                                                      Secretary                                  Immediate Past Chair
 many families with an ill child as possible, remains                                           CHARLES HAWKINS, II                              BRIAN M. BUTLER
 steadfast in our minds.
         One only has to look around Central Florida to see how lucky we are to                                              DIRECTORS
 live and work here. The flowers and trees are blooming, arts and cultural                     Kellie Ashton                 Michael Cooper                  David Maus
 activities abound, our transportation systems are undergoing changes, and the                 Pete Barr, Jr.               Betsy Culpepper                  Guy Nicosia
 medical community is planning for expanded quality healthcare to meet the                     Clint Bullock                  Trisha Engler                 John Petrakis
 needs of our area.                                                                          John Bultema, III               Tracy Garbers                 Joe Robertson
         As I participated in the recent K92FM Radiothon, I met some of our                     Tom Calato                     Paul Iandoli                Carter Schultz
                                                                                              Toni Caracciolo               Tammy Jacobson                Jean Seawright
 families…all of whom were in medical crisis with ill children receiving
                                                                                               Kelly Cohen                     Mary Kenny               Marla Santos Silliman
 treatment in Orlando. These families were from Oviedo, Orlando, Leesburg,
                                                                                                Kari Conley                   Susan Larkin                   Bill Winder
 Deltona, Merritt Island, Dominican Republic, and Curacao. These are the
 families we help with your support of our charity. Families find a warm, caring
 place to stay and be close by their children.                                                                      CHAIRMAN’S COUNCIL
         These are the families, more than 10,000 of them now, who tell us how
                                                                                          Gregor Alexander, M.D.          Frank S. Ioppolo, Jr.                Darryl Perry
 grateful they are for the services we provide at our two Houses. As projected,                Pete Barr, Sr.                Darrell Kelley                   David Powers
 we surpassed this milestone around the first of this year.                                     Barry Bloom                    Leo Lopez                       Alexis Pugh
         When you visit Our Houses over the next few months, you will notice                   John Bozard                     Dick Leigh                 Clifford Selsky, M.D.
 that a refurbishing is underway, as we continue to maintain our high standards                  Matt Certo                  Anne Marconi                 Cynthia Allen Smith
 of service to families. Our reception areas, kitchens, and bedrooms are being             J. Thomas Chandler             Richard McCree, Sr.                Annetta Wilson
                                                                                          Susan Chicone Chapin                Mark Nation                  Betty Jane Wilson
 updated as needed to better serve our guests. Thank you to all who are                       Des Cummings                   Ania Nitzsche                      Jim Wood
 making these changes possible.                                                                Kim Hellstrom                 Gary Oerther                       Tim Wright
                                                                                               Alan Helman                    John Payne                       Tom Yochum
 Sincerely,                                                                                 Elizabeth Hughes                Paul Perkins, Jr.
 Carla Warlow
                                                                                               Our Houses is published by the Ronald McDonald House Charities
                                                                                                of Central Florida, Inc., a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization.
                                                                                                  Your comments, questions and suggestions may be sent to:
                                                                                                   Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Florida, Inc.
From the Executive Director                                                                         1350 N. Orange Avenue, #200, Winter Park, FL 32789
                                                                                           The following trademarks used herein are owned by McDonald’s Corporation
                                                                                           and affiliates: Ronald McDonald House, Ronald McDonald House Charities,
“Good actions give strength to ourselves and                                                 Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Florida, Ronald McDonald,
inspire good actions in others.” —Plato                                                       McDonald’s, The House That Love Built, RMH, RMHC, and RMHCCF.

A    s we surpass the 10,000th family served by
     our Central Florida Ronald McDonald
House program, I am reminded of how many
                                                                                                    E-mail: Web site:
                                                                                                        Newsletter Editorial Board: Linda Mayfield, editor;
                                                                                                  Barbara Gehrmann; Ruth Garriques; Bette Jore; Phil Manahan;
                                                                                                               Laura Heidrich; and Josh Hendrix.
people have taken action to help us reach this
milestone and of how many people who have                                                        Phone: 407-898-6127 Fax: 407-896-3562 (RMH Alden Road)
                                                                                                 Phone: 407-581-1289 Fax: 407-581-1392 (RMH Kuhl Avenue)
taken words of caring and turned them into                                                           Phone: 407-206-0957 Fax: 407-581-0434 (Charities)
deeds of love.
      Our families, all of whom have an ill
child receiving treatment in our area, tell us
every day how grateful they are for the services we provide. They feel so                                   Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central
much love and support from people they have never met and who are                                           Florida finds, creates and supports programs that
helping them through the illness of their children in so many ways.                                         directly improve the health and well being of
      Good actions taken by our wonderful volunteers, dedicated board                                       children and families. The cornerstone program,
and staff, our “Share-A-Meal” participants, our partners in the
McDonald’s family, dedicated doctors and nurses, the thousands of school
                                                                                                            the Ronald McDonald House, provides a “home-
children and community groups who are saving pop tabs for us, and the                                       away-from-home” that offers comfort and care to
companies and foundations who give of their financial support. Actions                                      families with children receiving medical treatment
from corporations, who leave the competition at the doors of the Ronald                                     at local hospitals and medical facilities in Orlando.
McDonald House, and join together to help families facing the most
stressful times.                                                                                                           When you Leave a Legacy through charitable
      Thank you does not seem enough for all who are a part of our                                                         giving in your will or trust, you help ensure that
family. We invite you to tour one of our Houses to see first-hand the                                                         assistance is there for those who need it.
faces of the families and children who benefit from your good actions.                                                         Many of these gifts can also provide you
                                                                                                                                           with tax savings.

                                                                                                 For more information about the Leave a Legacy program,
Lou Ann DeVoogd                                                                               and how you can join others in helping Ronald McDonald House
                                                                                               Charities of Central Florida, Inc., please call (407) 206-0957.

                                                                             - page 2 -
                     Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Florida
                        Names New Officers and Board of Directors
                                                                                                                                                   CNL Financial Group; Mary C.

        onald McDonald House
        Charities of Central                                                                                                                       Kenny, The Kessler Enterprise,
        Florida, Inc. has announced                                                                                                                Inc.; and Carter Schultz, Volvo
the following officers and                                                                                                                         Rents Construction Equipment.
additions to the board of directors:                                                                                                                    The board of directors is an
Carla Warlow, The Sigmon                                                                                                                           all-volunteer board, which is
Warlow Group, chairwoman; Ken                                                                                                                      comprised of members

                                                                                                                     Photo by Scott Morris / Moments, Inc.
McKenna, Dellecker Wilson King
                                                                                                                                                   representing the medical, business,
McKenna & Ruffier, LLP, vice-
chair; Charles Hawkins, II,                                                                                                                        social services, community, parent
Orange County Government,                                                                                                                          groups, and local McDonald’s
secretary; and Kathy Chonody,                                                                                                                      franchisees. The board meets
FAIRWINDS Credit Union;                                                                                                                            regularly and provides direction for
treasurer.                                                                                                                                         the management, fundraising and
     The following new board                                                                                                                       operation of its cornerstone
members were announced: Michael                               New RMHCCF Chairwoman, Carla Warlow                                                 program the Ronald McDonald
Cooper of Empagio; Tracy Garbers,
                                                             meets some of the children whose families we serve.
                                                                                                                                                  House in Orlando. ❤

RMHCCF Leaders 1995-2008                                                                  Leadership Initiative to Help Charity

                                                                                                  dynamic group of about twenty up and coming leaders in
                                                                                                  our community joined us in late January for the first
                                                                                                  meeting of this new committee. Betsy Granade is chairing
                                                                                          the group. They already have some amazing, innovative ideas for
                                                                                          reaching the next generation of donors. Welcome to: Jason
                                                                                          Adams, Drew Carr, Amanda Forbes, Kimberly Henderson,
                                                                                          Robert High, Giti Khalsa, Ashley Lowry, Meredith McGrath,
                                                                                          Nicole Montoya, Christina Pinto, Jennifer Pitts, Amanda
                                                                                          Rantuccio, Keith Reyes, Ellis Searl, Noah Sigman, Emma
                                                                                          Starling, Brie Turek, and Elizabeth Villegas. ❤

 Past RMHCCF Chairs are pictured recently as Carla Warlow assumes her new role
                                                                                          Through a Father’s Eyes
  with the Board. (left to right) Brian Butler, Carla Warlow, Tom Chandler, and           (continued from page 1)
           founding Chair Darrell Kelley. (Matt Certo is not pictured).
                                                                                          night at the Ronald
                                                                                          McDonald House.

             ❤ Wish List ❤                                                                Here she found a place
                                                                                          to rest, have a hot meal,
                                                                                          take a shower, and be
                   Tickets to Area Attractions
                                                                                          back at the hospital
   Gift Cards from: Restaurants, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target,
     Wal-Mart, Grocery Stores, Phone Cards, Movie Passes                                  when she was allowed
                                                                                          to visit them.
                        Also visit                                             Eventually she was able
          registered under RonaldMcDonaldHouseOrlando.                                    to change their diapers,
  Or call either Ronald McDonald House for current items needed.
                                                                                          hold them, and feed
                                                                                          them. We cried tears of joy when she held them both at the same
                                                                                               God has blessed me with an amazing wife. Our home is full
         Do We Have Your E-mail Address?                                                  of joy and two beautiful babies. Thank you Sandy for being such
    If not, allow us to communicate with you faster                                       a wonderful mother to our beautiful twins. Thank you to the
                                                                                          doctors and nurses who helped us through the most stressful time
            by sending your e-mail address to:
                                                                                          in our lives, and to the Ronald McDonald House for all the
                                                              services you provide families like ours. I love you Sandy. ❤
                                                                                                                             Tom Shepherd, Apopka, Florida

                                                                               - page 3 -
                                              Volunteer Profile
              George and Ann Green in Their Own Words
                      “Ronald McDonald House – The Perfect Fit”
     “From the day we met, it seemed like there                                              They were either too heavy on organization,
was never enough time for all the things we                                                  without enough going back to the community, or
wanted to do together. Finishing school,                                                     so disorganized they were unable to maintain
working, relocating twelve times in 30 years,                                                quality service.
raising two children…. time just flew by so                                                     Then, we looked into the Ronald McDonald
quickly.                                                                                     House, and while we consider ourselves as
    Then, after a four-year stint in Shanghai,                                               providing a ‘home-away-from-home’ for our
George decided to retire after 36 years as a sales                                           guests, it really did feel like we were ‘at home’
and marketing executive with General Motors.                                                 with the entire RMH organization from day one.
We landed in Orlando where we have stayed in                                                 From the straightforward, yet easy to use systems
the same house longer than anywhere else we                                                  and processes, to the low maintenance operations
have lived. We both wanted to become seriously                Ann and George Green         and the efficient use of contributions, to the care
engaged with our community, and looked at several                                          of the entire staff, it is crystal clear that the focus is
different opportunities, separately and together, to see how we            always on making families as welcome and comfortable as possible
could best contribute.                                                     during a very stressful time.
    Each group we looked at just did not seem to meet our                     We are the parents of two children, Aaron and Angela, and now
expectations as an organization we wanted to be associated with.           the proud grandparents of Max and Mya who live in Quatar.”

                                                                              Alexis Pugh Presented 2008
                                                                              “Hearts Behind The Houses” Award

  Orlando Magic Youth Foundation
  Awards Grant to Help Families
 RMHCCF received a grant award in the amount of $31,350
 from the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation (OMYF), a fund of
 the McCormick Tribune Foundation. OMYF will be the
 Presenting Sponsor for the 2008 “Share-A-Night, Light-A-
 Light” annual giving campaign and holiday celebration on
 December 14th. ❤

         “The greatest use of life is to spend it                                                   Alexis Pugh, and Carla Warlow.
          for something that will outlast it.”

                                                      William James                   lexis Pugh, former RMHCCF board member and long-
       A will is an important legal document that allows us to show                   time supporter of our Ronald McDonald House program
   who and what we valued during our lifetime. If we do not specify                   was presented the 2008 “Hearts Behind The Houses”
   our wishes, the people and organizations which meant the most to
   us during our lifetime might not be remembered. Thank you for
                                                                              Award recently at the Honorary Board Luncheon held at Leu
   considering Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Florida             Gardens.
   in your estate planning.                                                        Alexis is a Founding Board Member, serving more than 12
       Call Lou Ann DeVoogd 407-206-0957 for details about                    years on the board, and continues as a part of our Chairman’s
   making a lasting impact on our organization and the children and           Council. ❤
   families we serve.

                                                                      - page 4 -
      “Share-A-Night, Light-A-Light”
2008 Celebration – Sunday, December 14th
              ore than 1,000 people attended our event in 2007, met Pete and Penny Penguin and played in the
              snow. Thanks to our 2007 Major Sponsors: Presenting Sponsor: David Maus Foundation Light
              Tower Sponsor: The Dr. P. Phillips Foundation Luminary Sponsor: Orlando Magic Platinum
   Sponsors: Arthur Rutenberg Homes, Fifth Third Bank, Florida Children’s Hospital, Central Florida McDonald’s
   Association, Orlando Utilities Commission, and Walt Disney World Resort. Thanks to ALL our sponsors and:
   Winter Park Ice, Central Florida Fools Firefighters, Orlando Police Department, Lake Highland Preparatory
   School, GKI/Bethlehem Lighting, Bob and Lynn Ziener, City of Orlando, Eric Camden Photography, Florida
   Hospital and Florida Children’s Hospital, K92FM, LOCAL 6, Orlando Camera Club, SeaWorld Orlando,
   Telemundo Orlando, Universal Orlando, Trade Show Decorators International, Wachovia, Walt Disney World,
   Ronald McDonald, Knightro from UCF, Toys ’R Us, Trees at Baldwin Park, and our terrific volunteers.
       Our fabulous food sponsors were: Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Oerther Foods McDonald’s Bistro Gourmet,
   Sonny’s BBQ, Whole Foods, along with Rita’s Italian Ice, Confectionery Artists Guild, and Coca-Cola.

                                                                                                                 Photos courtesy of: Eric Camden Photography and Orlando Camera Club

                                           - page 5 -
❤ UCF Football &                                                       ❤ Annual “Taste of College Park Food and Wine
  McDonald’s                                                             Festival” Presented by College Park Rotary at Dubsdread
  “Run for Ronald”                                                           Country Club April 24, 6:00 - 9:30 p.m. Come out and enjoy
   Due to an outstanding                                                     wonderful food and wine provided by College Park restaurants,
   performance by the UCF                                                    a chance to bid on a great selection of auction items and mingle
   Knights, the Central Florida                                              with friends. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Ronald
   McDonald’s Association                                                    McDonald House Charities of Central Florida. For tickets and
   donated $11,744 to                                                        event information, go to
   RMHCCF. Through the
   “Run for Ronald” program, McDonald’s contributes $1 for
                                                                       ❤ Valentine Cookie
                             each yard gained and $100 for each
                                                                         Project 2008
                             touchdown scored by UCF.
                                                                             Wendi Arthur,
                             Interested in getting involved this
                                                                             mother of twins
                             season? Contact us at 407-206-
                                                                             who stayed with
                             0957 or watch our website
                                                                             us a couple of
                             beginning this summer for more
                                                                             years ago,
                             information on how you can “Run
                                                                             chaired our
                             for Ronald” too! GO KNIGHTS!
                                                                             Cookie Project
❤ UCF Cornerstone Groups Help Create Awareness
                                                                             2008. Twenty-five
  and Raise Funds for Our Houses
                                                                             groups baked more
   Cornerstone groups from the University of Central Florida
                                                                             than 7,000 heart-shaped
   College of Business participated in raising awareness and
                                                                             and homemade cookies for
   donations for RMHC in the Fall 2007 semester. Teams
                                                                             us to share with our families
   “Business Knights” and “@Java” together raised $2,000 for the
                                                                             and our special donors. Thank you
   “Share-A-Night, Light-A-Light” campaign. Team “Knight
                                                                             to everyone who baked, packaged, and delivered cookies.
   Riders” promoted the joint RMHC/UCF Football fan
   program “Run for Ronald” to the community during the
   team’s first season at their new on-campus stadium.                 ❤ School Pop Tab Recycling Contest
                                                                             Thank you again to LOCAL 6 for our school initiative to save
❤ David Maus Chance Drawing Winner                                           pop tabs which are then recycled to raise dollars for our
   Thank you to David Maus who donated a 2008 Toyota                         families. To date more than 100 schools from throughout
   Camry Hybrid for our chance drawing.                                      Central Florida are participating. Recycle Day is set for April 15
                                                                             in six locations and LOCAL 6 Day at the winning school is
                                                                             April 22. Deadline for entry was April 1. Contest information
                                                                             is available on our website at

                                                                       ❤ Nationwide Foundation Makes Donation In
                                                                         Memory of Employee and Baby
                                                                             A $10,000 donation was made to Ronald McDonald House
                                                                             Charities of Central Florida recently by the Nationwide
                                                                             Foundation in
                                                                             memory of an
                                                                             employee and her
              Ruben Kilber - awarded the Toyota Camry Hybrid                 baby who died as a
                  at the 2007 Clambake by David Maus.                        result of a tragedy
                                                                             which occurred at
❤ Touch-A-Truck                                                              their office. The
   This kid’s event allowed children to get up close to all kinds of         extended family
   trucks…and yes, touch them! Admission was free with all                   stayed at our House
   donations benefiting Ronald McDonald House Charities of                   while the employee      (Left to Right) Ramon Jones, James Larsen, Laura
   Central Florida. This year’s fun event raised more than $1,600.           and her baby were          Heidrich (RMHCCF), Jeff Rommel, Kenneth
                                                                             receiving treatment.     Stowell, Scott Headley, Peter Lore, Cathy Allocco.

                                                                - page 6 -
       Share-A-Meal Program Provides Comfort Food
                                  The many community groups and companies that provided dinner every night
                               have no idea how many lives they changed by demonstrating the true spirit of giving.
                                                                                               — Mylene Robinson, Winter Haven, Florida

        American Society of Civil Engineers                                   Alpha Delta Pi                                Pulte Homes prepares a meal and tours RMH.

                     Embarq                                                       Boy Scouts                                                   UCF

                     Custom Playhouse Winner from Stuart, Florida

                                                                                                      illiam H. Addeo, from Stuart, was the high
                                                                                                      bidder, at $13,000, for the Arthur Rutenberg
                                                                                                      custom-built “Every Child’s Dream Playhouse”
                                                                                           – The Whimsy. Thank you to Philip Bressler of Bressler
                                                                                           Custom Homes, Inc. and Barry Beck of Brightfield
                                                                                           Homes, LLC and their team and vendors who hand-crafted
                                                                                           the one-of-a-kind playhouse. ❤

Lonnie Bell, past president of the OUC Commission, presents a check for $25,000
   from the OUC Charity Golf Tournament to Lou Ann DeVoogd, RMHCCF;
Clint Bullock, OUC VP of Strategic Planning and board member of RMHCCF;                                     Southwest Airlines held their annual MCO Fall Classic
 and Brian Butler, RMHCCF immediate past chair. These funds will underwrite                                at Eagle Creek Golf Club, raising $2,500 for RMHCCF.
      a room in Our House on the campus of Arnold Palmer Medical Center.                       Southwest employee and tournament organizer Joe Langa, with Ronald McDonald.

                                                                                  - page 7 -
                       ♥ Gifts From the Heart ♥
 Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Florida, Inc. recognizes and thanks the following individuals, businesses, service organizations
         and groups for their generous support and friendship. Contributions are noted August 1, 2007 through January 31, 2008.
                     Donations of $100 and above are listed below. If we have erred or omitted anyone, we apologize.

Donations                                 The Reed Cole Area Women’s              Mr. and Mrs. James McKenna                 In Honor of Chad Rimsky
Alaska Transmission Rebuilders              Missionary Society                    Ms. Elaine Netterstrom                    Mr. William Walden
AT & T United Way Employee Giving         The Reichert Foundation                 Mr. and Mrs. Guy G. Nicosia                In Honor of Mr. and Mrs.
  Campaign                                Triangle United Way                     Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Nikles                 Ronald Walden
Borders Group                             UCF Federal Credit Union                Mr. and Mrs. Ren Nitzsche                 Dr. Brent Weinman
Brasfield & Gorrie LLC                    USA Today                               Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O’Connor                In Honor of Sarah Rowen
BSR Electrical Inc.                       Volvo Rents                             Mrs. Allison M. Peeples                   Ms. Barbara White
CAR Research Inc.                         Winter Park Benefit Shop Assoc. Inc.    Mr. Jose Pinto                             In Honor of Anita Brooks
Cars 4 Causes                             Mr. William Addeo                       Mr. and Mrs. David Quartier               Ms. Colette Wilson
Centex Homes                              Mr. and Mrs. Mario H. Alvarado          Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Quartier              In Honor of Levi Brokaw
Central Florida McDonald’s Association,   Mr. and Mrs. Todd Andersen              Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Quinn
  Inc.                                    Mr. and Mrs. Jasen Azeltine             Mr. and Mrs. David Reckart                Memorials
Central Florida YMCA                      Ms. Sharon A. Baker                     Mr. and Mrs. David Reed                   Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Appleman
Christopher Caroline Salon                Mr. and Mrs. John Bandy                 Mr. Russell Reynolds                        In Memory of Margaret & James
Church of the Holy Spirit Inc.            Mr. and Mrs. Gary Berkson               Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Roth                Vevera, David Vevera, Rita Colvin,
Citi Foundation                           Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Bernicky          Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Scheidegg              Vicki Vevera and Don Symth Sr.
CNL Financial Group, Inc.                 Mr. and Mrs. Rob Burgess                Mr. Joseph Siciliano                      Ms. Sonia Bayne
Coca-Cola USA                             Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Chandler         Mr. Wayne Siegworth                         In Memory of William Earl Phelps
Dellecker Wilson King McKenna             Ms. Jane E. Chonody                     Mr. W. Kelly Smith                        Mr. and Mrs. Pete Denney
  & Ruffier, LLP                          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cooper             Mr. Lawrence Stiles                         In Memory of Megan Kralovec
Delphini Construction Co.                 Mr. James Currie                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert Suggs                 Ms. Linda C. Erickson
DeMatties Group, Inc.                     Mrs. Kelly Dicristina                   Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Switzer                In Memory of Irene Dufrain
Dillard’s, Inc.                           Mr. Donathan Durden                     Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Templin                Ms. Alison Guardino and Ms. Stacey
DMG World Media (USA) inc.                Ms. Susan Dykes                         Mr. and Mrs. Larry Turnage                Guardino
Dr Pepper                                 Mr. Cliff Earp                          Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Van Petten          In Memory of Parker Anthony Smith
Drivetime Car Sales Tampa                 Ms. Jeanne Edminster                    Mr. David Veliz                           Mr. and Mrs. John Hayward
East Balt Bakery of Florida, Inc.         Mr. Scott Ellis                         Mr. Ken Veneziano                           In Memory of Megan Kralovec
Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation, Inc.    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas England             Mr. and Mrs. David Walton                 Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kelly
Employees Community Fund of               Mr. and Mrs. Nathan English             Mr. and Mrs. Jim Weite                      In Memory of Fay Moxley,
  The Boeing Company                      Ms Charlene Essex                                                                   Patricia Ogrean, Tanner Spears and
Fannie Hillman & Associates, Inc.         Ms. Carolyn A. Euliano                  Honorariums                                 Andrew Serros
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund             Mr. and Mrs. Charles Evans              VFW Post 10084                            Leesburg Lodge 1271
Fifth Third Bank                          Mr. and Mrs. Tony Finocchiaro            In Honor of the Chance Family              In Memory of Eileen Varner
First Southwestern Title Co of Florida    Mr. Larry Franks                        Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bencomo              Mrs. Margaret McCoy
Fry, Hammond, Barr                        Ms. Loretta Fredrich                     In Honor of Gabriella Bencomo              In Memory of Megan Kralovec
Guignard Company                          Mr. and Mrs. Murray W. Garbrick         Mr. Thomas Butler                         Mom’s Club of Longwood/Altamonte
Heart of Christ Christian Church          Mr. Blaine Gillespie                     In Honor of Erin & Peter Mueller,        East
Heart of Florida United Way               Mr. and Mrs. Craig Gionta                Colleen Butler, Justin & Lynn Flamily,     In Memory of Brighton James
HSBC Philanthropic Programs               Mr. Paul Goddard                         and Megan Butler & Edward Irvin            Niebrugge
Iandoli Financial Group                   Mr. and Mrs. C. Andrew Gossett          Ms. Natasha Cartagena                     Mr. and Mrs. Jim Pugh, Jr.
Insight Financial Credit Union            Mr. and Mrs. Brian Grady                 In Honor of Levi Brokaw                    In Memory of Carl Owens Sr.
Insurance Bonds and Benefits              Mr. Frank Grasso                        Ms. Barbara Casperite                     Ralph M. Williams, Jr. Elementary
Invitation Creations by Denise            Ms. M. Linda Hambright                   In Honor of Ethan Matthew Roberts        School
ISEC Foundation                           Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harmon             Ms. Rhonda Felder                           In Memory of Megan Kralovec
Isleworth Golf & Country Club, Inc.       Mr. Walter Harwell, Jr.                  In Honor of Corbert Felder               Ms. Judi Roscoe
JCC of Greater Orlando                    Mr. Charles Hawkins II                  Mr. William Harrington                      In Memory of Nick and Mary Roscoe
John D. Brennan Financial Services        Laura and Frank Heidrich                 In Honor of Courtland Moore              Mr. and Mrs. William Royster
Jonco, Inc. / McDonald’s                  Mr. Glen R. Heinmiller                  Mr. Steven Hopkins                          In Memory of Joan Rotenberger
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex      Mr. Josh A. Hendrix                      In Honor of Joshua Payne                 Ms. Patricia Titer
Lee Constantine’s Charity Challenge       Mrs. Charika L. Hodo                    Mr. Leon John                               In Memory of Isabelle Moore
  Inc.                                    Ms. Josephine Jeanot                     In Honor of Lauren Balkaran              Vision Research
Legacy Financial Group                    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Joson               Mr. and Mrs. Chet Little                    In Memory of Joan Rotenberger
Lodema Development                        Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kasunic               In Honor of Grace Weite
M&I Bank                                  Mr. and Mrs. Craig Kittleson            Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Markey                 “Share-A-Night”
Martin-Brower                             Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kwentus              In Honor of Kailey’s 14th birthday       AAA
MassMutual Financial Group                Mr. and Mrs. Terry Lamberth             Ms. Joy Lynn Myers                        Airport Lanes LLC
McCree, Inc.                              Mr. and Mrs. Christopher LePorte         In Honor of Kailey Markey’s birthday     All About Travel
McDonald’s Corporation                    Ms. Lori J. Loftis                      Mr. and Mrs. William A. Smith             Alpha Delta Pi / Zeta Omega Chapter
McGladrey & Pullen LLP                    Ms. Theresa L. Mathews                   In Honor of the Smith Family             American Culinary Federation
MCO Culture Committee                     Mr. Scott McCurdy                       Ms. Alison Vernon                           Central Florida Chapter, Inc.
Micai Productions                                                                                                           American Legion Aux. Unit 53
Michrick, Inc.                                                                                                              American Pools & Spas, Inc
Nemours Children’s Clinics                                                                                                  Arthur Rutenberg Homes
Noble Foods                                                                                                                 Autotronics
Northcoast 88, Inc.                                                                                                         Basich Inc.
  & Oglesby Construction, Inc.                                                                                              BIP DiPietro Electric Inc.
Northland Church Children’s Ministries                                                                                      Bishop Engineering Company
Orlando Magic                                                                                                               Boardwalk Bowl
Orlando Utilities Commission                                                                                                Brown & Brown, Inc.
Park Avenue Previews                                                                                                        Bucom International
Pulte Homes Corp.- Orlando                                                                                                  Budget Appliance Service Inc.
Resource Consulting Group, Inc.                                                                                             CAR Research Inc.
Roll Giving                                                                                                                 Carisma LLC
RSM McGladrey & Pullen                                                                                                      Carse Charitable Family Foundation
Sealy Outdoors, Inc.                                                                                                        CFE Federal Credit Union
SeaWorld Adventure Parks                                                                                                    Color Master Inc.
Seawright & Associates, Inc.                                                                                                Consulting CFO, Inc.
SFC Charitable Foundation                                                                                                   Convergys
SunTrust Bank                                                                                                               Cutter Exploration, Inc.
T.G. Lee Dairy                                                                                                              Cymbal Family Restaurant, Inc.
The Carmax Foundation                                                                                                       David Maus Foundation
The Galloway Foundation                                                                                                     David Maus Toyota Detail Dept.
The Martin Andersen-Gracia Andersen                                                                                         East Balt Bakery of Florida, Inc.
  Foundation, Inc.                                                                                                          Eric Lee Bensen, PA
The Nation Law Firm                                  Bob Frier, LOCAL 6 News anchor, interviews Jaime Crosby                FAIRWINDS Credit Union
                                                                 at the “Share-A-Night” Mini Telethon.
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                       ♥ Gifts From the Heart ♥
Femmes de Coeur, Inc.                                                                                                         Ms. Nicole R. Fogus
Fifth Third Bank                                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Forman
Flooring Center                                                                                                               Ms. Sharon Fort
Florida Hospital                                                                                                              Mr. Scott A. Fosgate
Foliage Sertoma Club of Apopka                                                                                                Mr. Robert Fournier
Four Towns Moose Lodge No. 655                                                                                                Mr. Larry Franks
Glatting Charitable Trust                                                                                                     Ms. Loretta Fredrich
Glory Psychiatric Center Inc.                                                                                                 Mr. Charles A. Freis
Gray, Smith & Commander, Inc.                                                                                                 Mr. Dave Fry
Greater Allen Chapel AME Church                                                                                               Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Gantt
Harper Family Charitable Foundation,                                                                                          Mrs. Tracy Garbers
  Inc.                                                                                                                        Mr. Nicholas Garofalo
Harriett Lake Family Trust                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. John Gatch
Homes4uu-Travel Professionals, Inc.                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Wallace W. Germond
HSBC Philanthropic Programs                                                                                                   Mr. Andy Gettel
Imperial Auto Auction                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Martin Gibbons
Inspirational Enterprises LLC                                                                                                 Mr. Earl Gill
Insurance by Ken Brown, Inc.                                                                                                  Ms. Donna Gopani
Ivy Trading, Inc.                                                                                                             Ms. Shirley Gray
J & D Builders of Central FL, Inc.                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Henry Griffin
James Alan Security & Investigations                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Mark Griffith
  Agency                                                                                                                      Mr. Brian Griffith
JCB Construction, Inc.                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Albert Griffith
JHT, Inc.                                                                                                                     Ms. Kathy Grosse
                                                         Thank you from the Robinson Family of Winter Haven.                  Mr. Kenn Grosse
Kaminski Custom Homes                                                                                                         Mrs. Karen Gudinas
Keiser University                          Mr. Dominic Abitino                       Mr. Vincent Clark                        Mr. and Mrs. James Gudinas
Lincoln Properties                         Mr. and Mrs. John S. Adams                Ms. Karen Clary                          Ms. Kimberly Haan
Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor             Mr. and Mrs. Tom Alday                    Ms. Gina Cole                            Ms. Katie Hall
  & Reed, PA                               Mr. and Mrs. James Aliberti               Mr. Phillip Collins                      Ms. Barbara Hall
M&I Bank                                   Mr. Gordon Allen                          Mr. Travis Collins                       Ms. Katie Hall
M&M Auto Collision, Inc.                   Mr. and Mrs. Deryck Alphonso              Mr. Emilio Concepcion                    Ms. Kristy Hammond
Magic Marcite                              Mr. Jaime Anderson                        Mr. Tim Cooke                            Mr. and Mrs. Nick J. Harbilas
Manheim Remarketing FLA at Orlando         Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Anderson               Ms. Linda M. Cooke                       Mr. Walt Hardee
Martin-Brower                              Mr. Chuck Anderson                        Mr. Steve Cotton                         Mr. and Mrs. David W. Harris
Marty’s Auto Works                         Ms. Nancy Andreatas                       Mr. and Mrs. James Crosby                Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Harris
Measutronics Corporation                   Mr. Val Angelino                          Mr. and Mrs. George Crudo                Ms. Tracy Harris
Mes Marschand Etheridge Sales              Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ansley               Dr. Humberto Cruz                        Ms. Martha A. Hartle
Mike Heaton Air Conditioning               Mr. and Mrs. Bill Arrowsmith              Mr. Clinton Curby                        Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Hartman
Mike’s Complete Pool Services              Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Arthur               Mr. Connor Curley                        Mr. David Hase
OMS Employer Services, LLC                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Arthur               Ms. Tammie Cuttitta                      Ms. Judy Lynn Hastings
Orange County Retired Educators            Mr. Mark Aspinwall                        Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D’Andrea             Mr. and Mrs. Leonard I. Hayes
  Association                              Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Atkinson           Ms. Georgia Daigle                       Ms. Joanne Hayes
Orange County Sportsmen’s                  Ms. Tina Authier                          Mr. Frank N. Davis                       Mr. Daniel Hayiahwazi
  Association, Inc.                        Ms. Maggie M. Babb                        Mr. Ramon Dawes                          Ms. and Mrs. Scott Heffner
Orlando Longwood Auto Auction              Ms. Cynthia Bain-Parish                   Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Deems               Mr. Josh A. Hendrix
Orlando Magic Youth Foundation \           Ms. Sharon A. Baker                       Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dembitsky             Mr. Robert Herrmann
  A Fund of the McCormick                  Ms. Bridgette Baker                       Ms. Kathy Denard                         Mr. Peter Hetherman
  Tribune Foundation                       Ms. Ann H. Barkley                        Mr. Darrell DeVor                        Ms. Felicia Higdon
Orlando Utilities Commission               Mr. Larry Barnes                          Mr. Preston Dewey                        Ms. Hermania Hill
Patriot Consulting Services                Mr. Robert L. Barnett                     Mr. Ray F. Didley                        Mr. Chase Hite
Pennachio and Pennachio, Inc.              Mr. and Mrs. Pete Barr, Sr.               Mr. and Mrs. Michael Didomenico          Mr. Ron Hite
Quality Vend. Services                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beck                 Mrs. Debbie Dillion                      Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hitzeman
Reed Co. LLC (McDonald’s)                  Ms. Dawn Behm                             Ms. Liza Donselaar                       Mr. Daniel Hogue
Reich Properties                           Mr. and Mrs. Dale Bellows                 Mr. Scott Doshan                         Mr. Jason Horowitz
Rockledge Animal Clinic                    Mr. Craig Berry                           Mr. John Doshan                          Mr. and Mrs. Edward Houstoun
Roth Family Fund                           Mr. Huey Bickerstaff                      Ms. Donna Dowless                        Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Jaffe
Seawright & Associates, Inc.               Mr. and Mrs. Randy Bigum                  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Drake            Mrs. Julie Jaworski
Seminole Masonry, Inc.                     Mr. Donald Binder                         Mr. and Mrs. Allan Driggers              Mr. Paul Jimenez
Siemens Power Generation Inc.              Mr. Derek Blakeslee                       Mrs. Elaine Driver                       Mr. Keith Jones
Southeast Steel Sales Company              Ms. Michelle L. Blankenship               Mr. and Mrs. David Duda                  Mrs. Susan Jones
Southwest Airlines                         Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Bollo                Mr. Randy Dulaney                        Ms. Bette Jore
Sts. Peter and Paul Church                 Ms. Eleanor Booth                         Mr. Jeff Duncan                          Ms. Michele Katz
Summit                                     Ms. Carrie Borho                          Mr. and Mrs. Alan C. Dunn                Ms. Nellie Keegan
Sweetwater Episcopal Academy               Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Bowman            Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Dunnavant         Mr. and Mrs. Lael Kellett
Talon Marine Services Inc.                 Mr. Greg Bowshier                         Mr. Levern Earley                        Mr. Donald Kennedy
Tempus Resorts International               Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Boyd                Mr. Tom Eason and Ms. Michelle           Mr. Kenny Kennedy
Terry Hunsinger Associates, Inc.           Mr. Robert Brach                           Radaszewski                             Mr. Donald Kimbel
The Bond Foundation, Inc.                  Mr. Bruce Brandt and Ms. Cynthia Harris   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Egan                Mr. and Mrs. Craig Kittleson
The Central Conference Young People’s      Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Brant                  Mr. Mike Ellenberg                       Mrs. VaCelia Koumendouros
  Division                                 Mrs. Cindy Brewington                     Mrs. Trinaty Elliott                     Mr. and Mrs. David M. Kramer
The Christ School                          Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Briggs               Mr. and Mrs. Robert Elwell               Mr. and Mrs. Terry Lamberth
The Dr. P. Phillips Foundation             Mr. and Mrs. David Brown                  Mr. and Mrs. Ken Emerson                 Mr. and Mrs. Phil Lappies
Tile Supply Inc.                           Jeremy Brown                              Ms. Trisha Engler and Mr. Jeffrey D.     Ms. Rahat Lateef
Touch-A-Truck                              Ms. Suzie Brown                            Baker                                   Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Laube
Transition Consulting, LLC                 Mr. Tom Buck                              Mr. Matthew Englett                      Mr. Jonathan Lauer
                                           Ms. Christine Buehler                     Ms. Diane English                        Mr. and Mrs. George Lawson
Trinity Automotive Service Systems
                                           Mr. and Mrs. John Bultema                 Mr. David L. Evans                       Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Lear
U.S. Conveyor Solutions, Inc.
                                           Ms. Catherine Butera                      Ms. Honey Everly                         Ms. Kyle Lee
UCF Business Knights- Cornerstone
                                           Ms. Kris Bychinski                        Mr. James F. Farrell, Jr. and Ms. Lisa   Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leigh
UCF Cornerstone @Java
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Calder              N. Nguyen                               Mr. Pate Leone
USA Today
                                           Mr. Charles Calhoun                       Mr. Andrew Ferguson
Volvo Rents                                                                                                                   Ms. Janet Lerchey
                                           Ms. Andrea Canelos                        Mr. and Mrs. Damon Ferguson
VOX Printing, Inc.                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Michael LeRoy
                                           Mr. Richard Carbone                       Ms. Tessa Ferreira and Mr. Gregory
Wedgefield Golf Club                                                                                                          Ms. Sandy Leventer
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carruthers            Noone
William C. Demetree Jr. Foundation, Inc.                                                                                      Mr. Joseph Liegeois
                                           Ms. Christine Carson                      Ms. Dorothy Fifita
Wilshire Plaza, L.L.C.                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Lipscomb
                                           Mr. and Ms. Frank S. Casscells-Hamby      Mr. Perry Fisher
Ms. Kathleen Abad                                                                                                             Mr. Wesley Long
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Michael Clancy               Mr. Douglas Fisher
Mr. David Abad                                                                                                                Mr. J W Longman
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Jim Clark                    Ms. Barbara Fleischer
Mr. Patrick V. Abad                                                                                                           Ms. Kimberly Luedecke
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                       ♥ Gifts From the Heart ♥
Mr. Jeffery MacBeth                                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ellenburg
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Malcolm                                                                                                     In Honor of Travis Taylor
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Joseph Maloney, Jr.                                                                                           Mrs. Elizabeth M. Ervine
Mr. Mark Manfre                                                                                                                  In Honor of: Ruth Witt
Ms. Carol Manning                                                                                                                Peggy Ervine,Thomas Ervine Jr.,
Mr. Fred Marlov                                                                                                                  Thomas Ervine Jr., Linda Meek
Mr. Will Martin                                                                                                                  and John Ervine
Mr. David Maus Jr.                                                                                                              Mrs. Britta Hooker
Ms. Beth Maus                                                                                                                    In Honor of Caroline Hooker,
Ms. Linda E. Mayfield                                                                                                            William Hooker and Alexis Beaulieu
Mr. Jeremy McCarthy                                                                                                              and in memory of Jamie Sayer
Mr. and Mrs. F. Robert McClintock                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Robert Horan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter McCormick                                                                                                     In Honor of Rainey Horan
Mr. Kevin McCreight                                                                                                             Ms. Jennifer Klinger
Mr. and Mrs. Guy McCumber Sr.                                                                                                    In Honor of Carrie Carelton’s birthday
Mr. Melvin McCune                                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Ben Milam
Mr. Kenneth McKenna                                                                                                              In Honor of Zane Milam
Mr. Mike Meadors                                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. David Morris Jr.
Mrs. Mindy Meadows                                                                                                               In Honor of Zachary Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart J. Meldeau                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Amir Memon                                                                                                          In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Al Fussell
Mr. Jose Mendes                                                                                                                 Ms. Angela Petrucelly
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Meyers                                                                                                      In Honor of My Family
Mr. Will Mitchell                                                                                                               Ms. Kimberly Smith
                                          Family enjoys firetruck experience at the “Share-A-Night” celebration and lighting.    In Honor of Roy Smith Jr.’s birthday
Mr. Paul Mitchell
Ms. Susan C. Mix                                                                                                                Ms. Susan Stoddard
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Moeller         Mr. and Mrs. David Rosbury                    Ms. Sandra Tucker                          In Honor of Justin & Jennifer Hatchitt
Ms. Leila Moghim                        Mrs. Joan Rotenberger                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Tyson               and Matthew Stoddard
Mrs. Elizabeth Molgren                  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rotolo                   Ms. Patricia Uhl                          Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Thornton
Mr. and Mrs. George Molnar              Ms. Carolyn Ryan                              Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Underwood               In Honor of our families
Ms. Sherry G. Moquin                    Ms. Brenda Sagram                             Ms. Ada Urdanetta                         Mr. and Mrs Quinton Warren
Mr. Mark Morgan                         Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Salinas                   Ms. Sharon D. Valach                       In Honor of Hannah Warren
Ms. Janet Morris                        Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Santana                    Mr. James F. Vandergriff                  Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan C. Wise
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Morrison          Mrs. Shirley Sapp                             Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Vaughan           In Honor of Payton Wise
Mrs. Gerri Morrison                     Mr. Mark Schaeffer                            Mr. Ken Veneziano                         Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Woolm
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mosler              Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Scheidegg                Mr. and Mrs. Tim Vickers                   In Honor of Kellen Woolm
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Murphy           Mr. Kellan Schneider                          Ms. Rachael Vinas
Mr. Jayson Nazario                      Mr. Chris Schoenbohm                          Master Casey Waldrop                      “Share-A-Night” Memorials
Mr. Trang Nguyen                        Mr. Joseph W. Schottborgh                     Mr. and Mrs. Tim Walker                   Swiss Village
Mr. K.T. Nguyen                         Ms. Denise Schou                              Mr. Mike Wallace                            In Memory of Harvey Ahring
Mr. and Mrs. Guy G. Nicosia             Ms. Lauren M. Schrim                          Mr. and Mrs. John E. Walsh                Mrs. Anna Mae Ahring
Ms. Laura Norrill                       Mr. Jeffrey S. Scott                          Ms. Jackie Walther                          In Memory of Harvey Ahring
Ms. Jennifer Norris                     Mr. Russ Selerno                              Mrs. Jeannine Ward                        Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Berthiaume
Dr. Thomas Norris                       Ms. Irene Semenick                            Mr. Dyron Watford                           In Memory of Joan Tartis
Mr. and Mrs. Neill O’Brien, III         Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Serio                     Mr. and Mrs. Ken Weber                      and Gerry Berthiaume
Mr. Pat O’Gwynn                         Mr. and Mrs. Ray Shahen                       Mrs. Carol G. Wesson                      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Costante
Mr. Edward Oberzut                      Ms. Caryl Shapiro                             Mr. James R. Wheelock                       In Memory of Chris Szuba
Ms. Maria Okonski                       Ms. Lisa Sharinus                              and Mrs. Patti Wheelock                  Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Dameron
Mr. James Oliver                        Mr. Mark Shaw                                 Ms. Denise White                            In Memory of Harvey Ahring
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Oram                  Ms. Virginia Shelby                           Mr. Dannie Wilbanks                       LouAnn and Richard DeVoogd
Ms. Maritza Padua                       Mr. William Shoup                             Mrs. Sharon Wilcox-Byrd                     In Memory of Janet E. Keyser
Mr. Chris Palmer                        Ms. Lorna Shrigley                            Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wills                  Ms. Audrey Donald
Mr. Hugh O. Palmer                      Mr. Joseph Siciliano                          Mr. Trig Wilnao                             In Memory of Fred Donald
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Palmer                 Mr. Ralph Sierputowski                        Mr. Robert S. Wilson                      Ms. Joyce C. Ellis
Ms. Delores Parker                      Mr. Chip Sierputowski                         Dr. and Mrs. Cecil B. Wilson                In Memory of Raymond T. Cook
Mr. Robert Parsons                      Mr. William Simcox                            Mr. Kenneth Wing                          Ms. Jenny Forbes
Mrs. Kathleen Patenaude                 Mr. Don Simpkins                              Ms. Maureen Witt                            In Memory of John Wright and
Mr. James Paul                          Mr. Fred Skelton                              Mr. Randall F. Wolcott                      In Honor of Carolin Wright
Mrs. Allison M. Peeples                 Mr. Reggie Smith                              Ms. Karen Wonsetler                       Mr. and Mrs. John H. George
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Pendrak              Mr. Ryan Smith                                Ms Arleen Yogi                              In Memory of Danny George
Ms. Xiara Peng                          Ms. Deborah Ann Smith                         Ms. Ashley Young                          Col. Wilson Guilbeaux
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Pequignot          Mr. and Mrs. Scott Smith                      Ms. Sallie Zayac                            In Memory of Joseph Guilbeaux
Mr. Russell Perkins                     Mr. and Mrs. David T. Smith                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hanish
Ms. Karrie Perrigo                      Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Soler                                                                  In Memory of John Gerald Ostby
Dr. Wendy Perrott                       Mrs. Dorothy Soltis                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Darin L. Hays
Mr. and Mrs. John Petrakis              Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Spencer                    “Share-A-Night” Honorariums                 In Memory of Jean Lindburg
Ms. Angela Piano                        Mr. Steven Squillo                            Margaret Toole Associates Inc.            Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kelly
Mr. Jose Pinto                          Mr. Michael Steele                              In Honor of Jenna Ann Toole               In Memory of Claire Clark
Mr. John J. Pletscher                   Ms. Birgitta Stefansdottir                    Jim Frattarola, Inc.                      Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lundberg
Mr. Rod Poole                           Mr. Peter Stetler                               In Honor of James Gino Frattarola         In Memory of Samuel and Egan
Ms. Jackie Prince                       Ms. Diane Stone                                 and In Memory of Mary Valentino         Mr. and Mrs. James Mayes
Ms. Danya Proud                         Mr. and Mrs. Jim Stone                        Pool and Spa’s by TJ and Keatan, Inc.       In Memory of Madalyn Burns
Ms. Maria Quintero                      Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Stoumbos                   In Honor of Keatan Nicastro             Ms. Lisa Meigs
Ms. Kelly and Ms. Linda Rawley          Mr. Paul Sushereba                            Ramski and Company, Inc.                    In Memory of Landon Fleeman
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Rehm                  Mr. and Mrs. John Suskey                        In Honor of Tom Chandler                  and In Honor of Lilly Fleeman
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Reid               Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Taht                     Mr. and Mrs. Elpidio Andujar              Mr. and Mrs. Michael O’Brien
Mr. Anthony Reynoso                     Mr. Ajay Taleloveidi                            In Honor of Nicholas Andujar              In Memory of Parker Underwood
Ms. Sugie Riley                         Ms. Trudie Tan                                Mr. and Mrs. Buck Arthur                  Mr. and Mrs. J. David Odom
Mr. Larry Riley                         Mrs. Sandra Taylor                              In Honor of Benjamin and                  In Memory of Paul Turner
Mr. Steve Rivette                       Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Templin                      MacKenzie Arthur                        Ms. Janet Poirier
Mr. James Roberts                       Bonnie Teymouri                               Ms. Elsie L. Baptista                       In Memory of Timothy
Mr. Dave Roberts                        Mr. Jim Thomas                                  In Honor of Amber Baptista’s            Ms. Sylvia Serrano
Mr. Arthur P. Robitaille                Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas                        16th birthday                             In Memory of Sandy Lerman
Mr. Francisco Rodriguez                 Mrs. Louise Thompson                          Mr. and Mrs. Milton O. Campbell             and Eddie Montenes
Mr. Diosvanny Rodriguez                 Mr. Kenneth L. Tillman                          In Honor of John and Kathy Gatch
Mr. Andrew Rodriguez                    Mr. James Timberlake                          Mr. and Mrs. William Crosby
Ms. Ileana Rodriguez-Acosta             Mrs. Gladys Toth                                In Honor of Finn Thomas Crosby
Mr. Nick Rodriquez                      Mr. Bill Tracey
Mr. Chris Rogo                          Ms. Claudia Traver

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             Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation Awards Grant to
            Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Florida
                                                                              than $85,000,000 has been disbursed, chiefly in Central Florida

           onald McDonald House Charities of Central Florida is
           pleased to announce a grant of $70,750 from the Edyth              and Florida.
           Bush Charitable Foundation to provide funding for a full-               “Thanks to this grant from the Edyth Bush Charitable
    time volunteer coordinator and volunteer intiatives in addition to        Foundation,” Lou Ann DeVoogd, RMHCCF executive director
    underwriting site visits to designated Ronald McDonald Houses             said, “we now have a full-time volunteer coordinator, Natalie
    in other states for the purpose of planning for future expansion in       Brier, to assist in identifying, recruiting, and retaining our Ronald
    Central Florida.                                                          McDonald House Charities volunteers including volunteers for
         This grant was made possible through the generosity of the           our cornerstone program, Ronald McDonald House. Natalie
    late Edyth Bush (Mrs. Archibald Bush) of Winter Park, Florida,            most recently worked in the community relations department at
    who established the Foundation in 1973. Since that time, more             Progress Energy and is a student at the Hamilton Holt School of
                                                                              Business at Rollins College.” ❤

    New Staff Announced
“              e are pleased to announce the appointment of Soorya Arsala to assist
               with our special events and special projects,” said Lou Ann DeVoogd,
               executive director of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central
    Florida. “Her most recent work with the Hard Rock has provided her with a
    wealth of experience in event planning and coordination and web design.
         Additionally, Natalie Brier has joined us as our first, full-time volunteer
    coordinator funded by a generous grant from the Edyth Bush Charitable
    Foundation.                                                                                                             Natalie Brier
         Please join us in welcoming these new staff members to our Ronald
    McDonald House Charities of Central Florida family. ❤                                            Soorya Arsala

    David Maus Foundation Returns as Presenting Sponsor
    for Clambake 2008 Set for October 3
    at SeaWorld Sea Harbor Pavillions

        Enjoying lobster are Amy and Chad Stachnik.        Ken McKenna and Joe Robertson,
                                                       RMHCCF board members enjoy the evening with
                                                            Jennifer Pitts and Adell Robinson.

                    e’re having our 9th annual Clambake with the David Maus Foundation returning as our Presenting Sponsor. An
                    annual tradition, this must-attend event is set for Friday, October 3 at SeaWorld Sea Harbor Pavilions. Join us for
                    a fabulous all-you-can-eat lobster buffet, entertainment and a new spin on our auction. To register, contact us at
          407-206-0957 x102 or Last year’s event was sold-out, so don’t miss the fun - reserve your table today!

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                                                                                                                              Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                               U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                               Orlando, FL
                                                                          ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED                           Permit No. 641

2201 Alden Rd. • Orlando, FL 32803   1630 Kuhl Ave. • Orlando, FL 32806
         on the campus of                     on the campus of
    Florida Children’s Hospital         Arnold Palmer Medical Center
          (407) 898-6127                       (407) 581-1289

Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Central Florida, Inc.:
1350 N. Orange Avenue, Suite 200 • Winter Park, FL 32789
(407) 206-0957 • Fax: (407) 581-0434

          Help us keep our mailing information current! Check any of the following that apply:
  ❑ My name is misspelled ❑ My address is incorrect ❑ I received more than one copy ❑ I wish to unsubscribe
        Clip and return mailing label to us with your request, or email your change to

                                        2008 CALENDAR OF EVENTS
      April 15 – Pop Tab School Contest Recycle Day

      April 22 – LOCAL 6 Day at Pop Tab Contest Winning School

      April 24 – Annual “Taste of College Park Food and Wine Festival”
      Dubsdread Country Club 6:00 - 9:30 p.m. Come out and enjoy wonderful food and wine provided by
      College Park restaurants, a chance to bid on a great selection of auction items and mingle with
      friends. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central
      Florida. Tickets and event information are available at

      “We’re having our 9th annual Clambake”                                                          Presented by
      October 3 – SeaWorld Sea Harbor Pavilions
      Guests will enjoy a traditional New England-style clambake.
      Our auction offers the opportunity to bid on vacation packages,
      gift certificates, jewelry and other enticing items!

      November 2008 - January 2009
      “Share-A-Night, Light-A-Light” Annual Giving Campaign.
      Help “Light Up” the lights at both Ronald McDonald Houses during the holidays. This fundraiser
      benefits the families who stay at our Ronald McDonald Houses of Orlando. Call or check our
      website for sponsorship and donor information. Sponsorships begin at $500 and lights are available
      for $15 each.

      December 14 – “Share-A-Night, Light-A-Light” Open House and Lighting
      Fun for the entire family, this holiday celebration includes entertainment, food,                              Presented by
      games, and an open house followed by the Lighting Ceremony. The
      festivities will be held at the Ronald McDonald House located near Florida
      Children’s Hospital at the intersection of Princeton Street and Alden Road.
      Each light is symbolic of a $15 donation by the Central Florida community
      through the “Share-A-Night, Light-A-Light” campaign to help families
      staying at Orlando’s two Ronald McDonald Houses.

          For more information and to donate now online visit: or call 407-206-0957
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