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Pay Per Click Campaign


Why use a pay per click campaign to market your business.

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                    PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns

Pay-per-click campaigns are one of the least expensive and most effective forms of internet

advertising available. If you have ever used Google’s search engine (and chances are if you use

the internet, you have), you may have noticed the links listed in a column along the right-hand

side of the page. These links are the result of pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

Getting your web site to show up on the first page of results in a major search engine like

Google, Yahoo or MSN can be a difficult and time-consuming process. PPC campaigns allow

you to do so much faster—sometimes even on the same day you begin your campaign. The

way it works is:

             1. You sign up for a PPC campaign with a major search engine. The most popular

                 programs are Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing.

             2. You generate a list of keywords relevant to your web site, and write a series of

                 four-line ads describing your business: the first line is your title or headline, the

                 next two lines are descriptive text, and the last line is your site’s URL

                 (http://www.flowersforever.com). Note that both AdWords and Search Marketing

                 will write your ad text for you on request.

             3. You deposit a minimum amount of money in your PPC account, usually $20 to

                 $50. These funds remain in your account until they are used; you pay only when

                 someone clicks on your link and visits your web site.

             4. You “bid” a certain amount on each keyword you provided for your site. The

                 minimum bid for both AdWords and Search Marketing is two cents. Raising your

                 bid amount changes your results position relevant to other PPC advertisers who
   are bidding on the same keyword: for example, if you bid 10 cents on “fresh

   flowers” and the remaining advertisers with flower companies set their bid

   amounts lower, your web site will hold the top position on the first page of results

   when a web browser searches for “fresh flowers.”

5. Internet users search for terms related to your company and see your web site

   listing. The amount of your bid for the keyword used to generate your ad is

   deducted from your account only when someone clicks through to your web site,

   and not each time your listing is viewed.

6. The PPC company provides you with a report detailing which of your keywords

   and ads generated the highest number of hits. You adjust your bids accordingly

   by raising the amounts on the keywords with high activity and lowering them on

   less active ones.

7. Your web site traffic increases exponentially and your virtual corporation grows.

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