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									What are freckles on face ?
Get rid of freckles
Get rid of freckles with 7 steps

I don't know how many spots on my face long, a few
days ago a friend saw my long freckles, I want to
consult an expert, what are freckles?
The freckles are a light brown spots, the tip to
the grain size, often appear in the forehead, nose
and cheeks, etc., and occasionally in the neck,
shoulders, back of the hand, etc.. In addition to
impede the beauty did not have any subjective
feeling or other effects. what are freckles
Different evaluation of freckles, some people
think freckles affect the appearance, some people
think freckles can make the girls look lovely, and
adult women appear to be warm, natural. Europe
take often freckles as a sign of female beauty.
what are freckles : Chinese medicine believes
that : blocked meridians, resulting in the
bleeding stops, block poor effort can not reach
the skin, face, nutrition, skin, skin metabolic
waste, hazardous substances, and melanin can not
be discharged as the body's normal metabolism,
gradually deposited on the formation of freckles.
This is the face of TCM, plaques, in vivo stasis
block, there are spots, there is stasis, freckle
must circulation.what are freckles The stain is
difficult to cure because of the generic drugs can
not be directly in-depth lesions, it is difficult
to adhesion purulent like rubbish on the meridian,
the complete removal, stain patients, most have
some degree of blood loss symptoms.

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