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					Budget Issues ............................................................................................. 2
Business and Consumer Issues .................................................................. 2
Campaign Finance Issues........................................................................... 2
Choice Issues ............................................................................................. 2
Crime & Public Safety Issues .................................................................... 2
Economic and Financial Issues .................................................................. 2
Education Issues ........................................................................................ 2
Energy Issues ............................................................................................. 2
Environmental Issues ................................................................................. 2
Ethics Issues .............................................................................................. 2
Foreign Policy Issues – Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea ................... 2
Gay and Lesbian Issues.............................................................................. 2
Gun Issues ................................................................................................. 2
Health Care Issues ..................................................................................... 2
Immigration and Border Issues .................................................................. 3
Israel .......................................................................................................... 3
Labor and Working Family Issues ............................................................. 3
Other Social Issues .................................................................................... 3
Senior Issues .............................................................................................. 3
Social Issues .............................................................................................. 3
Political Issues ........................................................................................... 4
Tax Issues .................................................................................................. 6
Tea Party .................................................................................................... 6
Transportation Issues ................................................................................. 6
Budget Issues

Business and Consumer Issues
Campaign Finance Issues
Choice Issues
Crime & Public Safety Issues
Economic and Financial Issues
Education Issues
Energy Issues
Environmental Issues
Ethics Issues
Foreign Policy Issues – Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea
Gay and Lesbian Issues
Gun Issues
Health Care Issues
Parker Said He Would Repeal Health Care Reform

In March 2012, Parker said that while Congress’s top priority must be attracting more jobs to the United
States, which he said can be done by lowering the country’s high corporate income tax rate, repealing
Obamacare was a close second.

 “If we don’t do something about Obamacare, it will destroy future generations because they will be
paying for something that has failed across the world,” Parker said. [Arizona Capitol Times, 3/21/12]

Pledged to Repeal Healthcare Reform and Replace it with Legislation to Take Care of Pre-Existing

In 2012, Parker pledged to repeal Obama’s healthcare program when he announced his second run for the
U.S. House.

Parker said one of his priorities, if elected, would be to replace Obama's health-care reform law with one
that would take care of pre-existing conditions, allow individuals to choose their plans and give tax
deductions to families for all health-care costs. [Arizona Republic, 3/21/12]

Immigration and Border Issues
Parker Supported SB 1070 Which Allowed the Police to Question Immigrants During Police Stops

In 2012, Parker said he supported SB 1070, which among others things gave police the power to question
and arrest suspected illegal immigrants encountered during police stops.

“It's not about race. It's not about color. It's about protecting our border, and it's about doing what the
federal government has failed to do,” Parker, a small-business consultant, told the crowd of about 100.
“This is a national-security issue. People can walk across the border and bring weapons of mass
destruction that can harm our citizens.” [Arizona Republic, 4/24/12]

Parker Said He Supported Building Fence with Mexico in Arizona

In 2012, Parker said he supported building a fence at the border with Mexico in Arizona.

 “I look at the border not just as a national security issue, because of terrorists that could walk across the
border without being checked, but more importantly to me I’ve seen so many lives destroyed because of
illegal drug activity,” Parker said. [Ahwatukee Foothills News, 4/23/12]

Labor and Working Family Issues

Other Social Issues
Senior Issues
Social Issues
Personal Financial Issues
Parker Faced Foreclosure – Said Issue was Resolved Before Home was Auctioned

In 2012, Vernon Parker faced foreclosure. Parker said the foreclosure notice was part of an attempt to
refinance his mortgage and that the foreclosure auction was canceled. It was reported that “foreclosure
notice was part of an attempt to refinance his mortgage and that the issue has been resolved.”

Although Parker’s monthly mortgage payment remained unknown his MetLife mortgage was for
$417,000. And Parker had a $500,000 line of credit taken out in 2004. Parker’s spokesman said he was
working on refinancing his mortgage to get a lower interest rate. Parker’s spokesman would not answer
whether Parker had missed mortgage payments. It was reported “Homeowners wishing to refinance their
homes typically do not miss payments.” [Arizona Republic, 4/13/12]

Parker Said He Ran Small-Business Consulting Group – Lost $2 Million Lawsuit to Federal

In 2012, Vernon Parker said although he didn’t get paid as a council member in Paradise Valley, he ran a
small-business consulting group, VBP Group LLC. In 2008, Parker’s firm was barred from doing
business with the SBA after the federal agency said he submitted misleading information to get the
company certified to work. Parker appealed the decision and lost in 2009. He filed a lawsuit against the
federal government, claiming $2 million in damages for making false allegations against him. It was
dismissed in 2011. [Arizona Republic, 4/13/12]

Submitted Misleading Information to Get Government Contract

In 2008, a federal report showed that Parker submitted misleading information about his status as a
federal employee to his consulting firm certified through a small-business program. As a result, Parker’s
company VBP Group LLC, received a contract worth $1.2 million from the U.S. Small Business
Administration. The contract paid VBP Group to coach small businesses on how to apply for government

As a result of Parker’s actions the SBA began a process to prohibit Parker from getting other government
contracts. The Inspector General also found that Parker was a consultant March 19, 2006, but continued
collecting health and life insurance benefits from the USDA until he left in September 2006. The report
also said that Parker submitted documents “that were false or of questionable authenticity” to show proof
that he had fulfilled other federal contracts. [Arizona Republic, 7/28/08]

Political Issues
Had Support of Sports Business Backers

In 2012, Parker had the support of sports business backers for his Republican run for Arizona’s new 9th
Congressional District. Diamondbacks managing partner Ken Kendrick, his wife Randy, former D-backs
and Phoenix Suns owner Jerry Colangelo and Nicole Bidwill of the Arizona Cardinals’ Bidwill family
are all part of Parker’s campaign committee. Former Insight Enterprises chairman Eric Crown was also on
Parker’s campaign team. [Phoenix Business Journal, 4/9/12]

Re-Elected to Paradise Valley Town Council

In March 2012, Parker was reelected to the Paradise Valley Town Council. [Arizona Capitol Times, 3/21/12]

Lived Outside of 9th District - Said he Would Move Into District

In March 2012, Parker, who lost the 2010 Republican primary in the old 3rd Congressional District, lived
outside of 9th congressional district. But, Parker said, he would move into the district, and noted that many
of the other candidates don’t live in the district either. [Arizona Capitol Times, 3/21/12]

Called a “Political Opportunist” by Protestor

In March 2012, a protestor at Parker’s congressional campaign kick-off held up a sign calling him a
“political opportunist.” It was reported that he “He formed an exploratory committee for the 2010
governor’s race, but switched to CD3 after longtime Republican incumbent Congressman John Shadegg
announced his retirement.” [Arizona Capitol Times, 3/21/12]

Said he Stayed in Town Council Race at the Request of his Colleagues

In March 2012, Parker said he stayed in the Paradise Valley Town Council race, despite his congressional
ambitions, at the request of his colleagues on the council.

“I care about the town and my fellow council members, they all encouraged me and they told me, ‘Would
you please keep your name on the ballot and would you please stay on the council?’ It was really urging
from the mayor and the vice mayor and all of my other fellow town council members. It was their
request,” Parker said. [Arizona Capitol Times, 3/21/12]

Said he Could Appeal to Independents

In March 2012, Parker said he could appeal to independents in CD9 who want a fiscally responsible
federal government, more jobs, a secure border and an end to President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.
[Arizona Capitol Times, 3/21/12]

Kicked off Campaign Claiming He was the “Only Candidate Who Can Win”

In March 2012, at Vernon Parker’s official campaign roll-out at Arizona State University’s Old Main
Building, the newly reelected Paradise Valley town councilman said he was the only candidate who can
win in a district.

“The Democrats right now, they are huddling and they are trying to figure out how they can capture CD9.
And make no mistake about it, this (would) be a huge pickup for them. But make no mistake about it, they
will not prevail. They will not prevail because they did not count on all of us,” Parker said. [Arizona Capitol
Times, 3/21/12]

Parker Touted Endorsement of Business Leader Jerry Colangelo

In 2012, Parker touted the endorsement of Arizona business leader Jerry Colangelo. A press release from
the campaign touted that Colangelo joined Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman, Paradise Valley Mayor Scott

LeMarr, Paradise Valley Vice Mayor Mary Hamway, former State Representative Mark Thompson,
Paradise Valley Councilmembers Michael Collins, Paul Dembow, Lisa Trueblood, and Dan Schweiker in
endorsing Parker. [Sonoran Alliance, 3/27/12]

Tax Issues
Advocated for Lowering Corporate Tax Rate

In March 2012, Parker advocated for lowering the U.S. corporate income tax rate. [Arizona Capitol Times,

Tea Party
Transportation Issues

generation. Greece and Portugal are examples of countries whose politicians have tried to ignore
their crushing debt problems, simply hoping the crisis would go away. Avoiding a similar fate will require
tough decisions in the short term, and real reforms for the future, but we must make them now.”
[, 7/24/11]

Voted in Favor of Cut, Cap and Balance Plan

In July 2011, XXXX voted in favor of the Cut, Cap and Balance Act, legislation requiring deep spending
cuts, a federal spending cap and a balanced budget amendment in order to raise the federal debt ceiling.

Under Cut, Cap and Balance, discretionary spending in fiscal year 2012 would be reduced below fiscal
year 2008 levels except for Defense, Homeland Security and Veterans affairs. The plan provided a
universal spending cap after 2012. The legislation contained no revenue increases.

The bill was approved by the full House, 234-190. [New York Times, 7/21/11; HR 2560, 7/19/11]

Supported Cut, Cap and Balance Plan

In July 2011, Fitzpatrick said the debt ceiling bill to be introduced in the House will “cut spending on the
current year by $111 billion, it will put some spending reforms in place and pass a balanced budget
amendment. A balanced budget amendment would, essentially, balance the budget by the year 2020 or
2021…and in order to do that you have to have caps on annual spending as a percentage of GDP.”
[, 7/16/11]

Said He Would Vote Against Debt Limit Deal Without Spending Reductions

In July 2011, Fitzpatrick said that a debt limit vote “without serious spending reductions…will not have
my support.” [, 7/08/11]

Voted Against Clean Debt Ceiling Raise

In May 2011, Fitzpatrick voted against HR 1954, a clean federal debt ceiling raise of $2.4 trillion.

The bill was rejected by the full House, 97-318. [HR 1954, 5/31/11]

Supported Paul Ryan’s Budget Proposal

In April 2011, Fitzpatrick, while not fully committed to Paul Ryan’s Republican budget proposal,
expressed that the proposal by Ryan puts America on the “path” to stability.

“I was sent to Washington to get government spending under control, instill confidence in private sector
job creators and spark economic recovery. The spending status quo is no longer acceptable and the budget
proposed by the President does nothing to alter this unsustainable course. The Republican budget cuts
$6.2 trillion over the next decade and puts us on a path to a balanced budget, important steps towards
America’s long-term fiscal stability.” [, 4/08/11]

       Fitzpatrick: Previous Budgets Have Not “Reflected Our National Values”

       In April 2011, Fitzpatrick suggested that previous budgets had not reflected America’s values as a

       “Budgets must reflect our national values and priorities. Over the last three years, our national
       debt has increased to an unsustainable $ 14.3 trillion. This means that out of every dollar the
       federal government spends, 42 cents of it are being borrowed. Such reckless spending does not
       reflect our national values and passes a terrible debt burden to our children and grandchildren.”
       [Fitzpatrick Newsletter, 4/08/11]

Voted Against Legislation that Would Prevent Congress and the President from Receiving Pay
During A Shutdown

In 2011, Fitzpatrick opposed legislation that would prevent members of Congress and President Obama
from receiving pay in the event of a government shutdown. The legislation also prevented those officials
from retroactively receiving any lost pay. [, 4/04/11]

Voted to Reduce Government Spending by Over $100 Billion

In March 2011, Fitzpatrick stated that he had voted to reduce government spending by over $100 billion
and hoped that the Senate and the President allowed a final appropriations bill to be enacted later that
year. [Fitzpatrick Newsletter, 3/25/11]

Fitzpatrick: “Pelosi-led Congress Doubled the National Debt and Unemployment”

In 2011, while discussing how the political climate in Washington had changed, Fitzpatrick said that in
addition to having more transparency and being a freshmen Congressman, that “the Pelosi-led Congress
doubled the national debt and unemployment.” [, 3/21/11]

Voted to Cut Funding for Mortgage Refinance Program

In 2011, Fitzpatrick supported legislation that would cut funding for a program designed to help seniors
refinance their mortgages. [Fitzpatrick Floor Remarks on the Motion to Recommit HR 830, 3/10/11]

Voted to Cut Community Block Grants by 62%

In 2011, Fitzpatrick voted to cut community block grants by 62% in the 2011 federal budget.

Fitzpatrick said “the federal government is and has been spending money it does not have. Forty-two
cents of every dollar we spend in Washington is borrowed, and much of it from the Chinese.”
[, 3/07/11]

        Cuts Hurt Local Autism Foundation

        Part of the money set aside in the community block grants was financial help for a foundation that
        helps people with autism. [, 03/07/11]

        … Local Fire Department

        Part of the money set aside in the community block grants was to buy equipment for the Third
        District Fire Company. [, 3/07/11]

        …and Low-Income Housing Residence

        Part of the money set aside in the community block grants was for emergency repairs and
        renovations of homes of low-income residents. [, 3/07/11]

Fitzpatrick Opposed Obama’s Budget Proposal

In February 2011, Fitzpatrick criticized President Obama’s budget proposal. Fitzpatrick said, “It spends
more, taxes more and borrows more and will pass on a greater debt burden to future generations…The
American people spoke very clearly in the last election that they expect this Congress to cut wasteful
spending and to get the deficits under control. If we don’t, in the view of just about every economist, it
will harm the economy and slow the recovery. The president’s budget turns a deaf ear to the warnings of
the economists and the demands of the American people.” Fitzpatrick said that he wanted a freeze on
spending and overall cuts in spending as well. [, 2/15/11]

Business and Consumer Issues

Campaign Finance Issues
Held High-Dollar Fundraiser at Key Largo Resort

In March 2012, a CBS hidden camera report revealed that Fitzpatrick was one of 11 congressmen who
held a fundraising event at an upscale resort in Key Largo, Fla. The price of admission for donors and
lobbyists was a minimum of $10,000

The reported suggested that “special interests got the kind of access ordinary Americans can only dream

Fitzpatrick defended his attendance at the event, saying, “A great majority of the fundraising I do comes
from my donors right here in Pennsylvania.” [, 3/20/12]

Raised $248,000 in Q4

In February 2012, Fitzpatrick revealed that his campaign raised $248,000 in the fourth quarter of the 2011. In total,
Fitzpatrick took in $1,100,000 in 2011. [, 2/03/12]

Fitzpatrick: Out-of-District Contributions Should Be Banned

In January 2012, Fitzpatrick called campaign spending “out of control,” and proposed a rule that would
prevent people from making contributions to political candidate “unless you live in [the] district and can
vote.” [, 1/17/12]

Announced Plans to Take Part in “2012 Freshman Family & Fishing Weekend” Fundraiser

In December 2011, Fitzpatrick along with 11 other House GOP freshman announced plans to take part in
the “2012 Freshman Family & Fishing Weekend” fundraiser as an exclusive club in Key Largo, Florida
that had 2 18-hole golf courses, a private airport, and a marina with room for 175 boats. The fundraiser
cost $20,000 per PAC or $10,000 for an individual. [Washington Post, 12/14/11]

Received $500 From Exelon

Fitzpatrick received $500 from EXELONPAC on August 15, 2011. [Mike Fitzpatrick for Congress, 2011
October Quarterly FEC Report, Filed 10/14/11]

Received $20,000 on Legal Consulting

From July to September 2011, Fitzpatrick spent $20,000 for legal consulting from Patton Boggs, LLP.
[Mike Fitzpatrick for Congress, 2011 October Quarterly FEC Report, Filed 10/14/11]

Accepted $5,000 in Campaign Contributions from Palin

In July 2011, Sarah Palin’s finance report released that she donated $5,000 to Fitzpatrick’s campaign
committee. [, 7/14/11]

Crime & Public Safety Issues
Protested Cop Killer’s Conference Call

In December 2011, Fitzpatrick sent an angry letter to the National Lawyer’s Guild after it planned to host
a conference call with Mumia Abu-Jamal, the killer of police officer Daniel Faulkner.

Fitzpatrick said the NLG’s actions, “would demonstrate indecency and disrespect not only for Officer
Faulkner and his family, but also for the greater police community. Mumia has had 30 years of due
process with trials, endless appeals and rehearings. The death penalty in Pennsylvania used to be the
electric chair and lethal injection. For all intents and purposes, it’s become hardening of the arteries.”
Fitzpatrick in 2006 sponsored a resolution, which passed 368-31, in 2006 to condemn the naming of a
street in Paris Abu-Jamal. [, 12/11/11]

Economic and Financial Issues
Voted Against Forcing Big Banks to Pay For Their Own Bailouts

On April 18, 2012, Fitzpatrick voted against an amendment that would have forced banks with over $50
billion in assets to pay for any future bank bailouts by the government. [Amendment #2, Record Vote No. FC-
70; Reuters, 4/18/12]

Voted for Extending Congressional Pay Freeze

In February 2012, Fitzpatrick voted in favor of H.R. 3835, which would extend the existing pay freeze for
Members of Congress and federal employees.

“I am glad that my colleagues in the House have joined me in my efforts to rein in out-of-control federal
spending and restore fiscal sanity to our nation’s capital,” Fitzpatrick said. “As Congress continues to find
savings in the massive federal bureaucracy, it should start with its own payrolls. At a time when we are
asking all federal agencies to live within their means, it is important that Congress follows suit.”
[, 2/02/12]

“Honk For Jobs” Protestors Planned to Meet Outside Middletown Office

In November 2011, a group of protestors frustrated with the economy planned to present about 900
signatures from Bucks residents who supported the American Jobs Act to Fitzpatrick’s Middletown
office. [, 12/1/11]

Fitzpatrick Questioned if Treasury Orchestrated Downgrade

In 2011, Fitzpatrick questioned whether the U.S. Department of Treasury manipulated capital markets to
pressure S&P into a decision to downgrade the credit rating.

Fitzpatrick said, “I want to know what the Treasury Department knew and when they knew it. Retirement
investors and individual investors have lost significant amounts of money, and the net result is that
President Obama can now borrow more money at cheaper rates. The American people need to know that
was not orchestrated. Folks at Treasury knew it was going to happen before the public did. What was said
between S&P and Treasury privately the public has the right to know.”

In addition, he said, “The SEC commissioner is appointed by the president. That’s a conflict of interest.”
[, 08/10/11]

Fitzpatrick: “Waste and Abuse in Every Agency of the Federal Government”

In July 2011, Fitzpatrick said, “The American are demanding that Washington get its affairs in order and
reduce wasteful government spending…It’s hard to find an agency or division in federal government that
does not have an opportunity to reduce spending that will not require it to reduce services. There’s waste
and abuse in every agency of federal government and it’s our requirement as representatives to eliminate
that waste and fraud and to require that those agencies operate more efficiently…There’s an adage we use
in Washington, ‘For every dollar that Washington spends, 42 cents is borrowed.’ The debt crisis that’s
being debated is a spending driven debt crisis.” [, 7/12/11]

Education Issues
Voted to Support School-Voucher System in Washington D.C.

In 2011, Fitzpatrick voted to revive the District of Columbia’s school-voucher system at a cost of $100
million over five years in deficit spending. [, 4/03/11]

Energy Issues
Fitzpatrick Attended Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for Solar Project

On July 18, 2011, Fitzpatrick attended the formal unveiling of a solar electric generation system at Bucks
County Gardens in Plumstead, Pa., and praised the project. “It’s a whole lot more American to produce
American energy,” he said. “That’s one less American dollar sent overseas.” [, 7/18/11]

        Solar Project Received Federal Grant

        Bucks County Gardens owner and president Tom Hebel said that 30 percent of the cost for the
        new solar electric generation system was funded through a federal grant for sustainable energy.
        State funding accounted for an additional 8 percent. [, 7/19/11]

        Fitzpatrick Refused to Restore Funding for Renewable Energy

        On July 12, 2011, Fitzpatrick voted six times against restoring funding for the Department of
        Energy’s energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. [CQ Floor Votes, 7/12/11; H.R. 2354, Vote

       #541, 7/12/11; H.R. 2354, Vote #543, 7/12/11; H.R. 2354, Vote #544, 7/12/11; H.R. 2354, Vote #546, 7/12/11; H.R.
       2354, Vote #548, 7/12/11]

Supported Retaining Jobs over Energy Efficiency in BULB Act

In July 2011, Fitzpatrick spoke in support of the Better Use of Light Bulbs Act (BULB) legislation that
would repeal part of the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) that would have the federal
government phase out any light bulb that cannot meet new energy efficiency standards.

Fitzpatrick said that he feared that if the 2007 EISA Act is left unchanged, it could mean a loss of
domestic jobs, due to the predominance of Chinese-made CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) and halogen
bulbs over American-made incandescent light bulbs.

The National Electric Manufacturers Association criticized the BULB Act and said that consumer
preference has shifted from the incandescent bulb, and that CFLs are more energy efficient.

Fitzpatrick said, “Every action you take sometimes can have a consequence somewhere else in the
economy…while we all want to be energy efficient and reduce our energy consumption and energy costs
(the bill would result) in the loss of jobs.” [, 7/12/11]

       Said BULB Act Wasn’t About Energy but Preserving American Jobs

       In July 2011, Fitzpatrick said that the BULB Act wasn’t about “energy or lighting our homes,
       this is about preserving and saving American jobs.”

       Fitzpatrick said, “Bulb manufacturers that do business in the U.S. want this to pass…Members of
       Congress that have manufacturing jobs in their district want those jobs to remain in the U.S. I want
       those jobs to remain in the U.S.…What we need in this economy – where we have declining
       revenues and increasing expenses- is more workers…We need to get unemployed people back to
       work.” [, 7/12/11]

       Said Energy Independence Doesn’t “Trump Right of Consumer to Use Bulb of their Choice”

       In July 2011, Fitzpatrick said, “I consider myself as green as any other Pennsylvanian…I want to
       be energy independent and I want to reduce our energy usage, but that doesn’t trump the right of
       the consumer to use the bulb of their choice.” [, 7/12/11]

Environmental Issues
Voted to Delay Toxic Pollution Controls

In October 2011, Fitzpatrick voted for a bill that would make the EPA rewrite regulations created to
reduce pollution at 150 cement plants worldwide.

In addition, the bill also increases the number of years that companies have to comply with the new
regulations. The bill is the first of two to delay rules to cut toxic air pollution and mercury from cement
plants, solid-waste incinerators, and industrial boilers. [, 10/7/11]

Opposed Preventing Fish and Wildlife Service from Designating Critical Habitats

In July 2011, Fitzpatrick supported an amendment to the Interior Department spending bill that struck
language preventing the Fish and Wildlife Service from listing new species and designating critical
habitats. [The Hill, 7/26/11]
Sponsored Legislation to Conserve Delaware River

In June 2011, Fitzpatrick co-sponsored the Delaware River Basin Conservation Act, legislation aimed to
protect and restore the Delaware River watershed. [Mid-Hudson News, 6/24/11]

Voted to Ban the EPA from Regulating Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In 2011, Fitzpatrick voted yes on a bill that would bar the Environmental Protection Agency from
regulating emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. [, 4/08/11]

Claimed to be an Advocate for the Environment

In 2011, while discussing his support for Marcellus Shale drilling in Pennsylvania, Fitzpatrick claimed he
has a long record of being an environmental advocate.

“I am an advocate of environmental protections and have a long record that supports that. If we are to
obtain natural gas, it has to be done in a way that protects the environment and that is responsible. I would
like to see an increased resolve by the state DEP guaranteeing that the waters in the Commonwealth are
protected, including the underground aquifers and drinking water supply. [, 3/21/11]

Ethics Issues
Campaign Donor Investigated for Insider Trading

In February 2012, Rep. Spencer Bachus, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee and a
prominent Fitzpatrick campaign donor, was under investigation for insider trading.

Bachus’ PAC, Growth and Prosperity, donated $18,000 to Fitzpatrick from 2004 through 2011, including
$5,000 in March 2011. [, 2/15/12]

       2010: Called on Murphy to Return Rangel Money

       In 2010, when he was running against incumbent Patrick Murphy, Fitzpatrick called on Murphy to
       return “$19,000 of potentially tainted campaign donations” that Murphy had received from Rep.
       Charles Rangel, who was then being investigated by the House Committee on Standards and
       Official Conduct. [, 2/15/12]

               Fitzpatrick: “A Real Difference” Between Bachus and Rangel Cases

               In February 2012, Fitzpatrick said the investigation into Bachus was not similar to the
               Rangel situation.

               “Charlie Rangel admitted to wrongdoing and ultimately was censured by the ethics
               committee,” he said. “Mr. Bachus, on the other hand, has denied any wrongdoing and has
               moved to fully cooperate with the Office of Congressional Ethics. There’s a real difference
               there. And I will follow the matter closely.” [, 2/15/12]

Paid $40,000 in Legal Fees Regarding OCE Complaint

In February 2012, Roll Call reported that Fitzpatrick paid $40,000 in legal fees to D.C. law firm Patton
Boggs when he was investigated and cleared by the Office of Congressional Ethics in 2011. The
investigation stemmed from a complaint filed by an independent watchdog group.

Although the allegations against Fitzpatrick were raised in the press at the time, the existence of the ethics
probe had not previously been reported. [Roll Call, 2/15/12]

Supported Congressional Transparency

In February 2012, Fitzpatrick voiced his support for congressional transparency.

 Fitzpatrick said he “would invite the conference committee to fully support robust reforms that prohibit
any use of congressional knowledge. Serving in Congress is a privilege and should not be used for public

“Anything that strengthens disclosure, transparency and moves ethics requirements forward, I’m voting
for it,” he added. [, 2/15/12]

Leased County Office at Reduced Rate

In 2011, the Bucks County Board of Commissioners agreed to lease county-owned office space in
Doylestown to Fitzpatrick for $350 a month. Commissioners Robert Loughery and Charley Martin
approved the lease over the objections of Democratic Commissioner Diane Marseglia, who said
Fitzpatrick would be paying less than fair market value.

Fitzpatrick began renting the vacant office in January 2011 for $350 per month on a month-to-month
basis. When he indicated he wanted to stay for two years, county staff checked rentals on comparable
spaces and suggested a two-year lease total with a higher rent. Fitzpatrick’s representatives countered
with a simple extension of the $350-per-month rate through 2012. [, 4/07/11]

Had Close Relationship with Suspended Philadelphia Priest

In 2005, Fitzpatrick called Rev. Joseph Logrip a “spiritual man who conveys his spirituality in a very
gentle, unassuming way,” even inviting the Reverend to say a prayer on the House Floor. At the same
time in 2005, a report said Logrip, then pastor at Immaculate Conception, sought the removal of an
abusive priest as head of the parish’s Catholic youth organization in 1996.

By 2011, Logrip and 20 other priests were placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into
allegations of sexual abuse or other improper behavior. [, 3/11/11]

Fitzpatrick Involved in Bush White House Investigation

In January 2011, Fitzpatrick was named in the Bush White House Investigation, looking into the expenses
of a trip he and an administrator of the Drug Free Communities program took in 2006. The report,
released in January 2011, stated that the trip was incorrectly classified as official because it was, in fact,
used for political travel. An official trip meant that taxpayers would be paying for it. Incorrectly
classifying a trip as official violates the Hatch Act. [Morning Call, 1/25/11]

Fitzpatrick Held Fundraiser in Capitol

In January 2011, Fitzpatrick violated a House law by holding a fundraiser in the Capitol complex. The
invite to the event clearly asked for a contribution to his campaign. There was also a $30 charge that was
used for the bus fare to Washington. Members are allowed to hold swearing-in parties in the facility but
not fundraisers. [The Hill, 1/19/11]

New York Times: Fitzpatrick Off To An Embarrassing Start

In January 2011, the New York Times called Fitzpatrick’s swearing-in snafu “the ultimate
embarrassment,” and recommended that the incident by “thoroughly investigated” by the House Ethics
Committee. The paper wrote of the incident, “It should be an early and clear warning to members that
fund-raising, as 24/7 as it is in Washington, must not take precedence over lawmaking, even though too
many members behave otherwise.” [New York Times, Editorial, 1/14/10]

Philadelphia Inquirer: Fitzpatrick Setting a Bad Tone

In January 2011, the Philadelphia Inquirer criticized Fitzpatrick for missing his swearing-in ceremony to
allegedly attend a fundraiser. They opined that the incident was “a pretty good sign that [Fitzpatrick]
believes his main job is to raise money to get reelected.” Calling Fitzpatrick “cynical” and “clueless,” the
paper said he had “subjected himself to national embarrassment” through his actions.

“Representing a district that seesaws back and forth between Democratic and Republican control,
Fitzpatrick has less than two years to live down this episode. Maybe that’s why he’s so focused on his
reelection effort already.” [Philadelphia Inquirer, Editorial, 1/14/11]

CREW Filed Ethics Complaint Against Fitzpatrick

In January 2011, CREW filed an ethics complaint against Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick following his swearing-
in day mishap. Fitzpatrick missed his swearing-in ceremony, allegedly to attend a fundraiser on Capitol

According to The Hill, “Members are allowed to hold swearing-in receptions that are paid for with
campaign funds, but an invitation for Fitzpatrick’s reception listed a cost of $30 per person and included a
standard form for making campaign contributions. Fitzpatrick’s spokesman Darren Smith has said there
was no fee to attend the reception and that, while some constituents paid $30 for transportation to
Washington, the event was open to the public and others provided their own transportation. Smith did not
respond Friday to a request for copies of the checks that attendees of the event gave to the campaign.” [The
Hill, 1/12/11]

         Fitzpatrick Denied Hosting a Fundraiser on the Day He Missed His Swearing-In

         In January 2011, the Bucks County Courier-Times reported that Fitzpatrick asked constituents for
         a $30 donation made out to Fitzpatrick for Congress for his swearing-in day celebration. Said
         Fitzpatrick: “To claim this is a fundraiser is just wrong.”

         About 500 of his supporters attended the event, fairly equally split by bus riders and those who
         used their own transportation. Cold-cut sandwiches and soft drinks were free to all in the Capitol
         Visitors Center, the large room Fitzpatrick secured.

         “There was no fee to get into the reception,” Fitzpatrick said. “It was open to anyone. I think
         Sunlight misinterpreted both the event and the manual.” [Bucks County Courier-Times, 1/9/11]

Fitzpatrick Missed House Swearing-In

While supposedly “meeting with constituents” in the Capitol Visitors Center during the January 2011
swearing-in ceremony, Fitzpatrick took the oath of office while watching a televised version of it—a
ceremony later deemed invalid. Speaker Boehner gave the oath of office to Fitzpatrick on the House floor
a day after the official swearing-in ceremony. [The Hill, 1/06/11]

         Eight of Fitzpatrick’s Votes Ruled Invalid after Missing House Swearing-In

         In January 2011, the House Rules Committee announced that the votes Fitzpatrick and NRCC
         Chair Pete Sessions made between the time they supposedly swore in and were legally sworn in
         were invalid. [Roll Call, 1/06/11]

         Fitzpatrick Missed Votes on Rules Package and Five Percent Congressional Office Budget

         In the day that Fitzpatrick was not an official member of Congress, he missed votes on the new
         Rules package and a five percent cut in committee and legislative office operating budgets.
         [Washington Post, 1/06/11]

Fitzpatrick Charged Constituents $30 to Attend “Swearing In Celebration”

In January 2011, Fitzpatrick asked constituents to donate $30 in order to attend his swearing-in ceremony
in the Capitol Visitors Center. As fundraisers are not allowed in the Capitol Building, Fitzpatrick’s
spokesperson issued a statement saying, “There was no fee to attend the event. Some people paid $30 for
bus transportation to Washington, but the event was open to anyone who showed up, including several
hundred people who drove down on their own.” [, accessed 1/06/11; The Hill, 1/06/11]

       Potentially Violated Campaign Laws

       Fitzpatrick missed the swearing-in because he was hosting a reception for his constituents in the
       Capitol Visitors Center. House offices or facilities are not to be used for campaign or political
       events except in the event of a swearing-in reception. However, the invitation to the event asked
       for $30 per person, allegedly to cover transportation costs. The money, goes to Rep. Fitzpatrick’s
       campaign account, is accompanied by a FEC disclaimer, and is solicited in whatever amount the
       donor chooses to give--contributors could select amounts ranging from $30 to $120 or more.
       [Sunlight Foundation, 1/07/11]

       May Have Violated Law Regardless of the Use of the Money

       Craig Holman, an election-law expert with Common Cause’s Congressional Watch, said that it
       doesn’t matter whether the funds went to offset costs. “Any solicitation for fundraising purposes --
       and that would include any solicitation to cover expenses -- is included in campaign finance law,”
       he said.

       “One of the most important questions is whether Congressman Fitzpatrick was holding a
       fundraiser under the dome of the Capitol. That’s what we need to know,” said a spokesman for
       Rep. George Miller. [Huffington Post, 1/07/11]

       Fitzpatrick Denied Event Was a Fundraiser

       In response to the criticism he faced, Fitzpatrick denied any wrongdoing and claimed that there
       was no charge and no intention to raise funds. House ethics officials “gave us very specific
       instructions that campaign funds could be used for that purpose,” Fitzpatrick said. “The reception
       was open to anybody. . . . There was no charge. It was not a fund-raiser, and it is quite a stretch to
       suggest otherwise.” [Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/08/11]

Foreign Policy Issues – Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea
Fitzpatrick: Obama Will “Trade Away” Intelligence Secrets If Re-elected

In April 2012, Fitzpatrick told constituents that Obama should not be reelected because he would “trade
away” the nation’s intelligence secrets in a second term.

“Finally the third reason is … the things that the president may do in a second term,” Fitzpatrick said.
“When he left the microphone on in Russia, we all heard what he said … left unrestrained, without the
inhibitions of the next election -- he’d have flexibility, he said, flexibility to do what he wants to do.

Whether it’s trade away … the secrets of our national intelligence, to, what he could do to the United
States Supreme Court in the next four years.” [Huffington Post, 4/19/12]

Called for Immediate Troop Drawdown in Afghanistan

In November 2011, Fitzpatrick, after a trip to the Middle East, called for immediate drawdown of troops
in Afghanistan as opposed to the 2014 date suggested by the Obama Administration.

Fitzpatrick based his decision on conversations he had with service members in Afghanistan who said that
more personnel were needed to get the job done. He said, “They believe additional resources are required
to make the difference that they believe can be achieved. If it is not going to be forthcoming from NATO
or the United States, they’ve done everything they can. It’s time to begin bringing them home in a safe
and organized manner rather than leave them in a place with insufficient resources until 2014.”
[, 11/16/11]

Fitzpatrick Voted for House Resolution Against U.S. Intervention in Libya

In June 2011, Fitzpatrick voted with the House resolution stating that no ground troops should be used in
Libya and requiring the President to report to Congress on the reasons for the intervention in Libya. [Office
of Congressman Fitzpatrick, 6/03/11]

Fitzpatrick Visited Guantanamo Bay And Called The Prison “Humane” and “invaluable.”

In May 2011, Fitzpatrick announced that he had participated in an “inspection of the detention operations,
living conditions and medical facilities” at GTMO and found that the “Department of Defense has proven
its commitment to ensuring that all detainees are kept in a safe, secure and humane environment and that
the terms of treatment are to provide a safe, humane, legal and transparent custody of the unlawful
combatants.” Fitzpatrick said that GTMO “provides an invaluable support to intelligence collection, law
enforcement and war crimes investigations” and that “information provided by detainees has proven
critical to our defense and security.” [Office of Congressman Fitzpatrick, 5/29/11]

Called on Obama Administration to be ‘More Specific’ About Libyan Intervention

In March 2011, Fitzpatrick said that he hoped to hear more specifics about the President’s policy
including the purpose, cost, and possible consequences.

“What happens if things get rough on the ground in Libya? We’ve already committed air cover to
suppress the regime’s air defenses. But what additional commitment is he prepared to make?” he said.
[WFMZ-TV 69 News, 3/28/11]

Gay and Lesbian Issues

Gun Issues

Health Care Issues
Said “We Must Be Willing to Engage All Options” In Medicare Reform

In July 2011, Fitzpatrick said, “We must find a way to slow the growth of health care spending, and
Medicare spending along with it. We must be smart. We must be willing to engage all options, encourage
wellness, and promote choice and competition for the next generation’s seniors. Most independent
analysts agree that there continue to exist incredible amounts of fraud and abuse in the Medicare system.
We need to focus on reductions in those areas first.” [, 7/08/11]

Avoided Supporters of Healthcare Reform at Local Town Hall Meeting

In 2011, after a town hall meeting in Middletown, Fitzpatrick avoided talking with supporters of
healthcare reform.

A Fitzpatrick spokesman says the congressman did not know the protesters were trying to get his
attention. [, 3/24/11]

Discussed Alternative Solutions to Make Healthcare More Affordable

In 2011, Fitzpatrick discussed his solutions to making health care more affordable.

“First, I believe premiums for people purchasing individual plans must be tax deductible. We should also
permit individuals to purchase health plans across state boundaries,” said Fitzpatrick. [, 3/21/11]

       Tort Reform Will “Hopefully” Lower Costs for Patients

       “We need to enact tort reform, which would reduce the price of insurance for providers.
       Hopefully, doctors would pass that savings on to their patients. Tort reform would also reduce or
       eliminate the practice of defensive medicine.” [, 3/21/11]

Voted Against Ensuring that No Funds Be Cut From Social Security or Medicare

In 2011, Fitzpatrick voted against an amendment that would ensure that no funds in HJ Res 48, the House
resolution to keep the government funded through April 8, could be used to cut Social Security or
Medicare benefits, privatize Social Security, or switch Medicare to a voucher plan. [, 3/20/11]

Hired Former Lobbyist to Work on Official Staff

In March 2011, the Center for Responsive Politics released a database showing that Fitzpatrick had hired
Patrick Lyden to be their chief of staff. According to CRP, Lyden had previously lobbied for National
Federation of Independent Business. [Center for Responsive Politics, accessed 3/08/11]

Fitzpatrick Said He Supported Health Care Bill’s Tax Credits for Small Business

In February 2011 during a town hall, Fitzpatrick defended himself against a Republican who asked why
the congressman thought repealing the healthcare bill was better than fixing it. Fitzpatrick responded that
although he supports measures in the bill, like tax credits, he was disappointed it didn’t include others,
like tort reform. [National Journal, 2/06/11]

Mike Fitzpatrick Expressed Disapproval Over Health Care Bill

In February 2011, Fitzpatrick said he supported measures in the bill, like tax credits for small businesses,
but he was disappointed it didn’t include others, like tort reform… Fitzpatrick added that he thought the
individual mandate to buy insurance was unconstitutional. An interview with Fitzpatrick suggested his
criticism was that the health care law interfered with the doctor-patient relationship. He saw the measure
as socialism. Fitzpatrick said, “On balance, the bill did more harm than good.” [The National Journal Daily,

Fitzpatrick Opted Out of Congressional Health Care Plan

In January 2011, Fitzpatrick said he would not take the congressional health care plan. Asked if he’d give
up federal insurance lawmakers have access to if his repeal effort is successful, Fitzpatrick said he has
opted out of the federal plan. He’ll be covered by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, where his wife is a
teacher. “I did not want that question to interfere with my ability to do what needs to be done or limit the
confidence you have in me,” he said. [Bucks County Courier Times, 1/11/11]

Immigration and Border Issues

Fitzpatrick Called On President Obama To “Retract And Reassess” His Comments On The Israel-
Pakistan Conflict

In May 2011, Congressman Fitzpatrick released a response to President Obama’s speech on the Middle
East commenting that the President’s position on the Israel-Pakistan conflict was “irresponsible and
misguided. […]I call on the President to retract and reassess his policy for the Middle East.” [Office of
Congressman Fitzpatrick, 5/19/11]

Labor and Working Family Issues
U.S. Chamber: Fitzpatrick Protected Pennsylvania Jobs

In February 2012, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce praised Fitzpatrick in a television ad for “protecting”
Pennsylvania jobs. The Chamber of Commerce claimed Fitzpatrick believed in free enterprise, not big
government. [YouTube, uploaded 2/07/12]

Unemployed Protest Outside Fitzpatrick’s Office

In August 2011, close to 100 people marched in a mock funeral procession symbolizing the death of the
middle class outside the Middletown office of Fitzpatrick.

Protestors vented their frustrations regarding Fitzpatrick’s campaign promises to aid small businesses and
cutting the budget during his time in office. A spokesman for Fitzgerald said that, “While restoring federal
fiscal sanity is an essential first step to creating an atmosphere where small businesses can grow and begin
to hire, Congressman Fitzpatrick is also focused on closing corporate tax loopholes, eliminating excessive
and redundant federal regulations and working towards realistic solutions to our economic problems”
[, 8/19/11]

Other Social Issues
Opposed Cut to Senior Food Program

In July 2011, Fitzpatrick voiced his opposition to a $38 million budget cut for the Commodity
Supplemental Food Program, which pays for parcels known as “senior boxes,” which contain enough
food for 12 meals a month.

Fitzpatrick said, “It was a vote I cast in opposition to most in my party…Seniors are especially affected
by increases in prices for food and energy. My mother volunteers in a food bank in Levittown. I know a
lot of needy seniors.” [, 7/28/11]

Voted to Repeal the Home Affordable Modification Program

In 2011, Fitzpatrick voted to repeal a program that used federal subsidies to induce banks to ease the
terms of mortgages before they reach foreclosure. Under the banks either reduce mortgage payments to 31
percent or less of monthly gross income or facilitate a property sale before foreclosure occurs.

The program has produced about 600,000 loan modifications toward a goal of three million. [,

Suggested Ending all the Programs in the Making Home Affordable Initiative

In 2011, when Fitzpatrick was asked about the ways in which he planned to reduce the national debt, he
mentioned that ending programs like the Federal Housing Refinance Program could reduce the national

“The FHA refinance program is one of four programs in the Making Home Affordable initiative. All of
these programs are spending federal dollars without achieving the promised results.” [, 3/21/11]

Used Question of CEO Bonuses through TARP to Criticize Stimulus Program

In 2011, when asked about the success of bank bailouts through the TARP program, Fitzpatrick
commented on how the stimulus package had failed to create jobs.

Fitzpatrick was asked: “Since the economic downturn, the federal government has had to bail out a
number of banks and corporations. Now, it’s being reported that the CEOs of many of these very
companies are taking home huge bonuses and earnings. What is your view on this?”

“I say no more bailouts. In the end, these bailouts provided very little help for the homeowner. I believe
there should be no more bailouts of organizations that are deemed “too big to fail,” like Fannie Mae and
GM. The promise of the $787 billion stimulus bill was that jobs would be saved, something we have not
seen,” said Fitzpatrick. [, 3/21/11]

Voted to Repeal the Neighborhood Stabilization Program

In 2011, Fitzpatrick voted to repeal the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. The program provides cities
and nonprofits with funds for buying, repairing, and selling foreclosed, abandoned homes in order to keep
neighborhoods intact. [, 3/20/11]

Stem Cells

Tax Issues
“Walked Away” from Middle Class Tax Cuts

In December 2011, Fitzpatrick acted as Speaker pro tempore for a pro forma session of Congress. He
adjourned the session and left the dais, despite the presence of Reps. Steny Hoyer and Chris Van Hollen
on the floor requesting a vote on a two-month extension of the payroll tax cut.

“Mr. Speaker,” Hoyer said as Fitzpatrick left the floor, “I would like to ask for unanimous consent that we
bring up the bill to extend the tax cut to 160 million Americans, as you walk off the floor Mr. Speaker,
you’re walking away, just as so many Republicans have walked away from middle-class tax payers, the
unemployed, and very frankly as well from those who will be seeking medical assistance from their
doctors — 48 million senior citizens.” [, 12/22/11]

Signed Letter to Encourage Leadership to Act on Repatriation

In December 2011, Fitzpatrick signed a letter to GOP leadership to act on repatriation of overseas capital.

The letter said, “Estimates have shown that at least $1.4 trillion in foreign earnings are kept overseas
because of the uncompetitive tax policies here in the U.S. Unlocking this capital has the possibility of
creating over 2.9 million new jobs, and increasing GDP by nearly $360 billion…As negotiations continue
with the White House and Congressional Democrats on a number of expiring tax provisions,
appropriation bills and comprehensive tax reform, we strongly urge you to consider repatriation tax
policy, this session, to stimulate the economy and get Americans back to work.” [Frank Guinta Press Release,

Said Republicans Were Moving to Accept Pay Roll Tax Cut Extension

In December 2011, Republican leadership was set to say yes to Democrats on extending unemployment
benefits, extending the pay roll tax holiday, and passing year-end spending bills.

Fitzpatrick said, “I’ve seen a movement of the party…an increasing acceptance [of the payroll tax cut].”
[Politico, 12/1/11]

Signed Letter Saying He Was Open to Tax Increases

In November 2011, Fitzpatrick was one of 40 Republicans to join 60 Democrats in a letter to the
Congressional “Super Committee” that said “all options” should be included in a deficit reduction
package, including increasing revenues.

The letter stated, “To succeed, all options for mandatory and discretionary spending and revenues must be
on the table. In addition, we know from other bipartisan frameworks that a target of some $4 trillion in
deficit reduction is necessary to stabilize our debt as a share of the economy and assure America’s fiscal
well-being.” [, 11/02/11]

Co-Sponsored Freedom to Invest Act

In October 2011, Fitzpatrick co-sponsored legislation that would provide incentives for American
businesses to bring back $1 trillion in global earnings by allowing U.S. companies to repatriate (in a one-
year tax holiday) at a rate of 5.25 percent.
Fitzpatrick said, “We need long term tax reform, but in the mean time we need innovative proposals to
create new American jobs in order to reduce the unemployment rate, which has been stubbornly stuck at
over 9 percent since the end of last year. Repatriation is a bipartisan idea - I was pleased to learn that the
House Blue Dogs endorsed the Freedom to Invest Act this week. With that, I believe that if the
administration is serious about the idea of ending trillion dollar deficits, we need to bring American
money back to our shores and engage it in research and development and facility construction and hiring
because we are better off with this capital here in the United States.” [, 10/16/11]

Called for Federal Tax Code Reform, Especially to Corporate Tax Loopholes

In July 2011, Fitzpatrick called for reform to the federal tax code to add “predictability and stability to
future federal budgets.”

Fitzpatrick said, “Too often the tax liability of corporations and individuals alike depend on how much
they can spend on lawyers, accountants and lobbyists. When corporations can use loopholes to avoid
paying any federal taxes at all, it hurts both the federal government’s bottom line, and millions of hard-
working American taxpayers who have to pick up the slack.” [, 7/24/11]

Called for a “Fairer, Flatter Tax Code”

In July 2011, Fitzpatrick called for lowering the corporate tax rate to encourage job creation and called the
tax code “overly complicated…I believe that the goal should be a fairer, flatter tax code with fewer
deductions and loopholes.” [, 7/08/11]

Said Tax Increases Could Be Part of Debt Limit Deal

In July 2011, Fitzpatrick said that tax increases could be part of a deal to increase the nation’s debt limit.

The Congressman said, “The potential for revenue increases are on the table, and are being discussed.”
[, 7/08/11]

Supported Permanent Tax Credits for Farmers Supporting Conservation

In June 2011, Fitzpatrick introduced the Conservation Incentive Easement Act, legislation to make a
federal credit that “gives low- and moderate-income farmers and landowners a tax break for donating a
conservation easement on their land” permanent.

The program would cost $761 million over a decade, but Fitzpatrick said that “cost is well-exceeded by
the benefits…It’s a credit against income…Those dollars go directly back into the pocket of the farmer,
dollars that stay in the community.” Fitzpatrick went on to say that “Every farm is a small business.”
[, 6/30/11;, 6/30/11]

Announced Legislation Providing Tax Credit for Small Businesses

In June 2011, Fitzpatrick announced legislation that “will provide a, one-time, $1,000 tax credit to any
small business that hires a new employee.” Fitzpatrick commented that the act “will help foster small
business growth and facilitate new hiring.” [Office of Congressman Fitzpatrick, 6/06/11]

Tea Party
Fitzpatrick: Obama Will “Trade Away” Intelligence Secrets If Re-elected

In April 2012, Fitzpatrick told constituents that Obama should not be reelected because he would “trade
away” the nation’s intelligence secrets in a second term.

“Finally the third reason is … the things that the president may do in a second term,” Fitzpatrick said.
“When he left the microphone on in Russia, we all heard what he said … left unrestrained, without the
inhibitions of the next election -- he’d have flexibility, he said, flexibility to do what he wants to do.
Whether it’s trade away … the secrets of our national intelligence, to, what he could do to the United
States Supreme Court in the next four years.” [Huffington Post, 4/19/12]

Fitzpatrick Inducted Into Patriot Program Because Of His Expected “Difficult Path To Reelection.”

In June 2011, Politico reported that Congressman Fitzpatrick would be among the first 10 inductees into
the NRCC’s Patriot Program, which provides financial backing to those members who reach certain

campaign benchmarks. All inductees are seen as potentially vulnerable and “represent districts that
President Barack Obama carried in 2008, making them all but certain to be at the top of the Democratic
target list in 2012.” The Patriot Program is, “a tough-love incumbent protection effort designed to assist
freshmen and a few longer-serving lawmakers expected to face difficult paths to reelection.” [Politico,

Fitzpatrick Had Lowest CQ Party Unity Score Of Freshman Class

In April 2011, Congressional Quarterly Weekly reported that Fitzpatrick has “the lowest party unity score
in the Class of 2010 at 79 percent, he also ranks third-lowest among all House Republicans.” The paper
also reported that, “quantitatively and qualitatively, Fitzpatrick’s record is more conservative this year
than it was during his previous term. He stands out as a moderate outlier only because the Republican
freshman class of 2010 is so dominated by fervent conservatives.” Fitzpatrick commented, “My record of
votes reflects my district.” [Congressional Quarterly Weekly, 4/30/11]

Transportation Issues
Fitzpatrick: “I Am For Stimulus Programs”

In April 2012, Fitzpatrick expressed support for the federal government funding transportation projects
through “stimulus programs.”

“I am for stimulus programs. I am for stimulus projects,” he said. [YouTube, 7:05, 4/13/12]

Fitzpatrick Applauded DOT Plan To Increase Amtrak Capacity

In a May 2011 press release, Fitzpatrick “applauded” an announcement that the Department of
Transportation would “expand capacity and improve speed and safety on the Amtrak Northeast Corridor.”
[Office of Congressman Fitzpatrick, 5/09/11]

Supported Controversial Construction Project on Route 413

In 2011, Fitzpatrick supported the controversial road projects on Route 413 in the area of Bristol. The
plan, proposed by Penn DOT, will close down all northbound traffic from the Super Wawa on Veterans
Highway up to Route 1 starting the first week of April.

“(Route 413) is in a lot of respects, is the lifeblood of our town. We need to make sure that for tomorrow
and the next generation that it continues to be a vital part of our community,” Fitzpatrick said. [,

           Local Business Owners Encouraged Fitzpatrick to Delay the Project

           “I’ve been in business for 25 years in Bristol Township. I think at this point of time it’s the
           scariest time to be in business. With the economy the way it is, it’s hard to stay afloat. I think with
           this project, the business we have in Bristol Township will suffer,” a business owner pleaded to
           Fitzpatrick. [, 3/24/11]

Veterans Issues
Missed Event for WWII POWs

In November 2011, Fitzpatrick had an aide fill in for him at an event to honor WWII POWs because he
was attending to other matters.

Fitzpatrick has supported veterans’ causes in the past. [, 11/06/11]

Sponsored Amendment for Veteran-Owned Businesses

In June 2011, Fitzpatrick sponsored an the Fairness to Veterans Act, an amendment to the Military
Construction and Veterans Affairs Act requiring that “veterans be afforded the same contracting
preferences extended to other groups for projects funded” under the legislation. [Office of Congressman
Fitzpatrick, 6/13/11]

Voted Against Home Loan Modification Program for Active-Duty Military

In 2011, Fitzpatrick voted against continuing the Home Affordable Modification Program for active-duty
military personnel and Gold Star families. [, 4/03/11]

Voted to Cut Veteran Benefits

In 2011, the DCCC issued a press release detailing how Fitzpatrick’s claim of not cutting veterans
benefits was inaccurate.

“We said we would cut $100 billion without touching veterans or active service members, and we did
that,” said Fitzpatrick [, 3/22/11]

Fitzpatrick opposed a measure that would have preserved the Emergency Mortgage Relief Program for
members of the armed forces, veterans, and Gold Star recipients such as widows, parents, or next of kin.
[HR 836, Vote #173, 3/11/11]

Women’s Issues
Named One of Planned Parenthood’s “Toxic Ten”

In April 2012, Fitzpatrick was named to Planned Parenthood’s “Toxic Ten,” a list of members of congress
who have supported legislation to cut federal funding for family planning.

“Liberals and their hacks are hopelessly trying every hackneyed trick in the book to misdirect voters from
their failed policies which have stalled our recovery and put America’s future at risk,” said Fitzpatrick

campaign representative, Faith Bender. “The real issue for women is putting our country back on the right
track.” [PoliticsPA, 4/18/12]

Boockvar Endorsed by EMILY’s List

In February 2012, EMILY’s List endorsed Kathy Boockvar for Pennsylvania’s eighth district.

“We are proud to put a strong leader like Kathy ‘On the List,’” Stephanie Schriock, president of EMILY’s
List, said in a press release. “Kathy has tirelessly dedicated herself to public service during her time as a
legal services attorney, and has fought hard to help women who are victims of domestic abuse. Her
common-sense attitude and dedication to women and the disadvantaged are just what we need in
Washington. The entire EMILY’s List community is excited to support Kathy’s bid for Congress.”
[, 2/08/12]

Spent $995.24 in Key Largo

On March 13, 2012, the campaign made two separate payments to the Ocean Reef Club for lodging.
[Fitzpatrick for Congress’ FEC Pre-Primary Report, filed 4/12/12]

Praised by Mitt Romney

In March 2012, Fitzpatrick received praise from GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

“Congressman Fitzpatrick shares my vision of cutting spending and getting Washington out of the way of
the private sector,” Romney said. “With his help and the hard work of those supporting me in
Pennsylvania, we can defeat President Obama and turn around the country.” [Romney press release, 3/27/12]

Fitzpatrick Spent $98,300 on Mass Mailings in 2011

From October to December 2011, Fitzpatrick spent $48,314.43 on mass mailings. That figure brings
Fitzpatrick’s total to $98,309.16 on mass mailings in 2011, more than 70 percent of his House
colleagues. [2011 4th Quarter Statements of Disbursement, 2/29/12]

Blasted Democratic Challenger Boockvar for “Lack of Leadership”

In February 2012, Fitzpatrick criticized Kathy Boockvar for a lack of leadership and experience.

“There would be a robust discussion on how to get people back to work,” Fitzpatrick said. “And what
appears to be a very clear distinction between my pro-growth economic policy and her lack of record, lack
of leadership, and lack of experience on job creation.” [, 2/03/12]

Fitzpatrick: I Found It Difficult to Disagree with Biden

In January 2012, Vice President Joe Biden spoke to students about the importance of getting a college
degree, and specifically mentioned Fitzpatrick, who was in attendance.

“Michael won a great race and is a good guy,” Biden said. “When I got to the Congress, Democrats and
Republicans actually liked one another. I’m not joking.”

Fitzpatrick said he was happy to attend the event, and that he had trouble find disagreements with Biden’s

“He demonstrated a sincere willingness to tackle the issues and to reach across the aisle for real solutions
that would bring college education back into the reach of middle class families. I found it difficult to
disagree with anything he said,” Fitzpatrick said. [, 1/17/12]

       Biden to Students: “Fitzpatrick Cares About You”

       Biden also told the students in attendance that he, Fitzpatrick, and the rest of their elected officials
       cared about them and their success.

       “Guys, I care about you,” Biden said. “Fitzpatrick cares about you. We all care about you. The
       question is what are we going to do for you? What we are going to do for you is give you a
       chance, because I am absolutely convinced all we’ve got to give you is just an even chance and
       you guys will hold the world.” [The Morning Call, 1/18/12]

NRCC Labeled Boockvar a ‘Radical Activist’

In January 2012, NRCC spokesman Nat Sillin characterized Boockvar as a “radical activist.”

“While her empty rhetoric may resonate with the independent minded voters in Bucks County, the fact is
Boockvar is a radical activist,” Sillin said. “Her former employer, The Advancement Project, did legal
work for ACORN and is run by left wing bomb throwers like Harry Belafonte. Yes, the same Harry
Belafonte who likened Former Secretary Of State Colin Powell to a “Plantation Slave” and suggested that
Jews were to blame for not stopping the rise of Nazi Germany. [, 1/12/12]

Opposed Closing of Former High School

In January 2012, a Blue Ribbon Commission recommended that Conwell Egan Catholic High School be
closed. Many students and parents were surprised by the recommendation, including Fitzpatrick.

“I couldn’t be more disappointed,” Fitzpatrick said. “Conwell Egan has given much to me and to my
family. I have two children in school at the moment and even today Conwell Egan continues to provide
the same outstanding education that my wife and I benefitted from and continues to provide to Lower
Bucks families.” [, 1/09/12]

Opposed Restrictions on Marketing Unhealthy Food to Kids

In July 2011, Fitzpatrick was among a group of lawmakers who wrote to federal agencies complaining
that proposed guidelines restricting the marketing of unhealthy food to children represented “an alarming
regulatory overreach.” [Sunlight Foundation, 12/22/11]

Spent $54,035.33 on Printing

From July-September 2011, Fitzpatrick spent $54,035.33 on printing and reproduction, including a one
time cost of $14,927 from Capitol Direct. [2011 3nd Quarter Statements of Disbursement, 10/5/11]

Spent $50,879.50 on Franked Mail

From July-September 2011, Fitzpatrick spent $50,879.50 on franked mail distributed via the U.S. Postal
Service. [2011 3nd Quarter Statements of Disbursement, 10/5/11]

Reimbursed Himself $3,139.68 in Travel Expenses

From July-September 2011, Fitzpatrick was reimbursed $3,139.68 in private auto mileage, taxis, parking,
and tolls. [2011 3nd Quarter Statements of Disbursement, 10/5/11]

Americans for Prosperity Challenger May Primary Fitzpatrick

In September 2011, Jennifer Stefano, communications director for the fiscally conservative organization
Americans for Prosperity, expressed her anger at Fitzpatrick for a pro-labor vote and considered about
challenging him in a primary.

Stefano said, “If you had asked me two weeks ago if I were running for Congress, I would have dismissed
it immediately. That is, until Mike Fitzpatrick voted against reining in the out-of-control National Labor
Relations Board.” She said that she will make a final decision on whether or not to run after seeing how
Fitzpatrick votes on the debt-reduction plan from the ‘supercommittee.’” [The Hill, 09/26/11]

Urged Flood Victims to Apply for Help

In September 2011, Fitzpatrick arranged information sessions with FEMA officials for flood victims and
urged flood victims to apply for aid.

Fitzpatrick said, “My role is to make sure our agencies have the money to give out to you.” He also said
he would support the $6.1 billion bill pending in the House, recently approved by the Senate, for disaster
relief. [, 09/19/11]

Asked for Irene Disaster Declaration

In August 2011, Pennsylvania Governor Corbett, along with other state officials, wrote to President
Obama to request a federal disaster declaration in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.

Bucks County was badly affected by flooding of the Delaware River and Fitzpatrick wrote to Obama to
support a major disaster declaration. [Politics PA, 08/29/11]

Received 51% Score From Heritage Action for America

In August 2011, Heritage Action released a scorecard that encompassed 30 key votes and 5 co-
sponsorships. Fitzpatrick received a 51 percent score from Heritage Action for America in 2011. [Heritage
Action for America, accessed 8/29/11]

Said Government Should Stick to Constitutionally Granted Jobs

In July 2011, Fitzpatrick said, “Abraham Lincoln said ‘Government should only do for the people what
they can’t do for themselves.’ I wouldn’t be good at paving roads or building a house, I would try; maybe
if I had to I would be better at it. But I’m good at certain things and that’s what I do and I earn my income
and I pay others to build my house and work on my car.

“So, there are certain things that government does, such as providing the common defense, but if you go
back to the Constitution, national defense, inter-state commerce and controlling the currency. That is
government’s job, for the most part.” [, 7/16/11]

Benefited from NRCC Patriot Program Fundraiser

In June 2011, the GOP house leadership raised $1.5 million at a fundraiser for “endangered incumbents”,
including Fitzpatrick, recently named to the NRCC’s Patriot Program. [Roll Call, 6/22/11]

2012 Campaign
Targeted by Super PAC

In April 2012, Fitzpatrick was one of ten lawmakers (“the Tea Party Ten”) targeted by a Super PAC
affiliated with Credo Mobile.

“Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick is being targeted by CREDO members because he is a national embarrassment and
his radical Tea Party values are not Pennsylvanian values,” said a press release from the group. “Rep.
Fitzpatrick not only chose to attend a fundraiser instead of his swearing in at the U.S. Capitol on his first
day in office, but since then he also voted to defund Planned Parenthood, redefine rape, and destroy
Medicare as we know it with his vote for Paul Ryan’s radical budget.” [, 4/06/12]

Received $1,000 from Koch Industries

On October 31, 2011, Fitzpatrick received $1,000 from Koch Industries’ PAC. [Fitzpatrick for Congress, 2011
Year-End FEC Report, Filed 1/31/12]

Received $2,000 from American Bankers Association

On December 9, 2011, Fitzpatrick received $2,000 from the American Bankers Association PAC. This
contribution brings Fitzpatrick’s total from American Bankers Association to $5,000 year-to-date.
[Fitzpatrick for Congress, 2011 Year-End FEC Report, Filed 1/31/12]

Received $1,000 from Goldman Sachs

On December 14, 2011, Fitzpatrick received $1,000 from Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. PAC. This
contribution brings Fitzpatrick’s total from Goldman Sachs to $2,000 year-to-date. [Fitzpatrick for Congress,
2011 Year-End FEC Report, Filed 1/31/12]

Received $1,000 from National Rifle Association

On December 19, 2011, Fitzpatrick received $1,000 from National Rifle Association PAC. This
contribution brings Fitzpatrick’s total from the NRA to $2,000 year-to-date. [Fitzpatrick for Congress, 2011
Year-End FEC Report, Filed 1/31/12]

Received $1,000 from Wells Fargo

On December 28, 2011, Fitzpatrick received $1,000 from Wells Fargo Employee PAC. [Fitzpatrick for
Congress, 2011 Year-End FEC Report, Filed 1/31/12]

Spent $20,000 on Legal Consulting

On December 20, 2011, Fitzpatrick spent $20,000 on legal consulting from Patton Boggs, LLP.
[Fitzpatrick for Congress, 2011 Year-End FEC Report, Filed 1/31/12]

Carrying $16,000 in Debt to Vendor

As of January 2012, Fitzpatrick’s campaign was carrying $16,000 in debt to Strategy Group for Media,
Inc. [Fitzpatrick for Congress, 2011 Year-End FEC Report, Filed 1/31/12]

Boockvar Backed by DCCC

In January 2012, the DCCC announced that Kathy Boockvar had been added to its “Red to Blue”
program, qualifying her for additional DCCC support in her race against Fitzpatrick. [Morning Call, 1/18/12]

Boockvar Declared Candidacy

In January 2012, attorney Kathryn Boockvar officially announced her bid against Fitzpatrick.

“I am running for Congress because so many people are having trouble supporting their families, covering
their college tuition, and paying for their prescriptions, while our current Congress does nothing,” she

Boockvar also accused Fitzpatrick of being too conservative.

“Congressman Fitzpatrick has spent the past year voting with the Tea Party to end Medicare, cut benefits
to veterans, gut environmental protections, and deny tax breaks for the middle class, all for partisan power
politics,” she said. [, 1/12/12]

Ansinn Opted Against Challenge

In January 2012, Det Ansinn posted on Twitter that he would not challenge Fitzpatrick.

“It’s not going to be the time for me to do it,” he said. [, 1/05/12]

Tea Party Director Won’t Challenge Fitzpatrick

In January 2012, Jennifer Stefano confirmed she would not run against Fitzpatrick in the primaries.
Stefano instead took a new job as the Pennsylvania director of the Tea Party-affiliated Americans for

 “It’s off the table. I run only when chased, and then only reluctantly, she said. “How can I best serve?
The best way to be effective is to hold them all accountable. Not just the ones you don’t support; all of
them.” [, 1/04/12]


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