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                            Internet is the latest development in the communication
                            world and has changer the way of life in respect of
                            communication. It has increased the pace of communication.
                            Internet can be defined as the network of network that are
                            connected through telephone lines, satellite or radio links. It
                            connects thousand of computer users through networking and
                            helps to explore for information and data and share global

Electronic commerce (E-Commerce) is based on the architecture of internet and helping
business firms to do business with perspective stake-holders. It can be used for sending
email, teleconferencing, video-conferencing, VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) calls,
chatting and messaging etc. interne provides sources of any information and it is matter
of few seconds to collect information relating to home and abroad. Private and public
sectors are very much dependent to internet and without which life is impossible now a

Advantages of Internet
Internet provides a wide range of benefits and some of them are as follows:

                                           1. Advancement of communication: the
                                       target of internet has always been the
                                       communication. Interne has excelled beyond the
                                       expectation. Our earth has become a global
                                       village due to introduction of it and now can
                                       establish global friendship to explore in a fraction
                                       of second.

                                          2. Availability of information: Internet
                                       provides a vital source of information. We have
       search engines like google and yahoo where we can find about every subject like
       government law and service, financial matters, economic affairs, market
       information, education, educational and academic issues, new ideas and technical

   3. Provide entertainment: Entertainment is another popular reason for which
      people prefer internet, games, movies, and chatting are available through internet
      and people love surf it for fun and amusement.

   4. Access to service: Many services are now provided on the internet such as on line
      banking, job searching, purchasing and booking tickets, hotel reservation
       guidance and tips services etc. internet allows service at cheap rate overcoming
       time and distance barriers.

   5. Basis for E-commerce: Buying and selling on the internet is known as electronic
      commerce or E-commerce. Every single product and service and be available at
      out door steps because of E-commerce and this possible across the globe via
   6. Downloading Software: This is the most happening and fun things to do via the
      internet. We can download huge game, music, video, movies, fun clips and other
      entertainment software from the internet at free of cost.

Disadvantages of Internet
In spite of providing a wide range benefits, internet is not free from the below limitations.

                                     1. Theft of personal information: Culprit ca hack
                                  and steal personal information like name, address, credit
                                  and number etc. which bring financial loss to a person.

                                      2. Spamming: It refers to sending of huge
                                  unwanted e-mail intentionally to destroy the computer
                                  systems. Such activity is harassment to the computer

   3. Virus threat: Virus is a program which damages the functioning of computer
      systems. It comes through internet and can crash the total system on the sly.

   4. Pornography: There are thousands of pornographic sites on the internet which
      can be easily found and can cause damage to the children’s mental life.

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