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					                                                                                                                                                         Claremont COURIER/Saturday, April 21, 2012   4

   POLICE BLOTTER                                                                                   South Claremont targeted in auto burglary spree
                                                                                                       Six vehicles were targeted in a south        were parked at a neighboring complex.
Wednesday, April 11                              for his mother. Police were finally able           Claremont auto burglary spree be-               All cars showed signs of forced entry,
   A truck driver was caught off guard           to detain Mr. Stokes, who was arrested             tween Monday, April 16 and Tuesday,             according to Lieutenant Shelly Vander
Wednesday morning when a 40-to-50-               for resisting an officer and a drug viola-         April 17. Four of the burglarized cars          Veen, who says the police have no sus-
foot tree branch fell on top of his vehicle      tion.                                              were located in the carport and rear            pects at this time. The investigation
as he was driving down Claremont                                                                    alley of the Vista Valle Townhomes,             will continue.
Boulevard near Earlham Drive, sustain-           Thursday, April 12                                 670 W. San Jose Ave. The additional 2
ing injuries. The driver was transported           A crook left a trail for police after
to a nearby hospital with complaint of           breaking and entering into 2 vehicles
pain to his neck. His car was towed from         parked on Mt. Baldy Road. Both cars           with 2 laptops, ran to the car and drove                           ****
the scene and city maintenance workers           were parked in a turnout near San Anto-       off. Police were unable to locate the bur-          Police got more than they were ex-
were called to remove the tree branch            nio Dam. Sometime between 4:15 and 6          glars.                                           pecting after arresting an intoxicated mo-
from the road.                                   p.m., the thief entered the vehicles by                         ****                           torcyclist Saturday night. Police stopped
                  ****                           smashing a window. The possessions lo-           Police are searching for a hit-and-run        Rafael Rodriguez, 46, of Montclair, near
   A drug trip quickly went downhill for         cated in one of the cars were left un-        driver responsible for abandoning his car        Indian Hill Boulevard and Auto Center
a Palm Springs man hanging out at the            touched, while the other was reportedly       in the center median near Arrow High-            Drive and soon after determined that he
Chevron/McDonalds at 860 S. Indian               missing a wallet with money and credit        way and Notre Dame Road. A man                   was under the influence of alcohol. He
Hill Blvd. Wednesday night. Shane                cards, a purse, 2 school backpacks with       claiming to be the passenger of the car          was also found to be driving with a sus-
Stokes, 22, began violently hitting the          books and an MP3 player totaling a loss       was found standing nearby, the smell of          pended license. Upon searching the man,
countertop inside the McDonalds and ad-          of about $500. Though the thief has not       alcohol on his breath, according to Lt.          police discovered a loaded pistol hidden
mitted to an employee that he was hallu-         been located, a stack of driver’s licenses    Vander Veen. After making an unsafe              under the waistband of his pants and sev-
cinating, according to Lt. Vander Veen.          and credit cards stolen in burglaries out     turn, the driver reportedly lost control of      eral concealed knives. He was booked at
Police responded, but were initially un-         of San Bernardino County and Santa            the car and crashed into a tree in the cen-      the Claremont jail.
able to locate him. He was found 10 min-         Ana were found nearby. Investigation is       ter of the median. The driver then fled,
utes later at a nearby Sprint Store.             ongoing.                                      leaving his passenger behind. Police             Tuesday, April 17
   When police arrived, Mr. Stokes was                                                         were able to obtain the driver’s identifi-          A Mountain View Elementary student
talking rapidly on his cell phone, in-           Friday, April 13                              cation from his abandoned friend and             got in trouble with police Tuesday after-
forming the person on the other line that           Claremont police are searching for 3       follow-up is being conducted.                    noon after her can of pepper spray went
he was being followed. He put down the           men involved in a house burglary in the                                                        off at school. The juvenile was keeping
phone and admitted to the officers that          4000 block of Tenango Road. A witness         Saturday, April 14                               the can, given to her by a parent, in her
he was under the influence of metham-            watched as the 3 burglars, described as          College Park was left in the dark after       backpack for safety. A fellow student
phetamine, for which he was also on pro-         white males estimated to be 25 years old,     the power wires were cut in what police          went into the girl’s backpack for a pencil
bation.                                          got out of a dark gray newer-model Toy-       believe to be an attempted theft. The            and the pepper spray was discharged on
   Mr. Stokes suddenly became paranoid,          ota Camry with paper plates parked            power outage took place sometime be-             the ground. No one was reportedly in-
jumping up and screaming that the offi-          nearby and forced their way through the       tween Friday, April 13 at 4 p.m. and Sat-        jured. The girl was given a citation for
cers were not “real cops.” The officers          front entrance of the home. The men ex-       urday, April 14 at 11 a.m. Despite the           being a minor in possession of pepper
tried to grab him, but he resisting, yelling     ited the residence less than a minute later   attempt, the task was left uncompleted.          spray.
                                                                                                                                                                                —Beth Hartnett
                                                                                               All of the wiring remained on scene.

continued from the previous page                   According to the report, Mr. Vos asserted
                                                                                                      California Endowment CEO to explore
1946, currently enrolls about 1261 students
and is ranked ninth on the 2012 list of Best
                                                   that, though he was acting alone, he felt
                                                   pressured to maintain or increase SAT
                                                                                                      healthy communities at Drucker School
National Liberal Arts Colleges, as published
by U.S. News & World Report.
                                                   scores. However, legal counsel maintains
                                                   that the level of pressure felt by Mr. Vos did
                                                                                                      ‘Skittles, the Supreme Court and Social Change:
   “We regret and are deeply disappointed          not exceed “the norm” for his position. No         Seeking Justice Through Healthy Communities’
by this episode,” said Harry T. McMahon,           evidence of verbal abuse, economic pres-
chair of CMC’s board of trustees, in a re-         sure or intimidation was found.                        Robert K. Ross, M.D., president and         strengthening the capacity of commu-
cent letter to the community. “Throughout             To address the pressures, the college has        chief executive officer for the Califor-       nity health centers, improving health
its history, the college has been defined by       decided to combine admissions, financial            nia Endowment, a foundation estab-             services for farm worker and ex-of-
its core values of honesty and responsible         aid and student affairs under a single vice         lished in 1996 to address the health           fender populations, and strengthening
leadership.”                                       president. In doing so, the university will         needs of Californians, will discuss            the pipeline for bringing racial and eth-
   Max Benavidez, the college’s associate          “better permit the college to capture our           “Skittles, the Supreme Court and Social        nic diversity to the health professions.
vice president of public affairs, communi-         balanced desire for both academic excel-            Change: Seeking Justice Through                   Dr. Ross was named as one of Cali-
cations and marketing, says CMC officials          lence and non-academic qualities that de-           Healthy Communities” on Monday,                fornia’s most influential civic leaders in
are “gratified by the finding” and are hard        fine a CMC student,” according to Ms.               April 23 at The Drucker School begin-          health policy by Capitol Weekly in
at work to ensure a repeat will not happen.        Gann. Vice President for Student Affairs            ning at noon.                                  2006.
   News broke of the intentional misinfor-         Jefferson Huang, who has worked with                   Prior to his appointment to the Cali-          The California Endowment was es-
mation submitted by Richard Vos in Janu-           CMC for the last 18 years, will take over           fornia Endowment in September 2000,            tablished in 1996 to expand access to af-
ary, following a tip provided to President         the newly-redesigned position.                      Dr. Ross served as director of the Health      fordable, quality health care for
Pamela Gann by CMC personnel. Em-                     In the aftermath of reported inaccuracies,       and Human Services Agency for the              underserved individuals and communi-
ployees had discovered inaccuracies in the         CMC leadership has corrected freshman               county of San Diego, and Commis-               ties, and to promote fundamental im-
SAT scores reported for entering students          SAT scores and application statistics. In-          sioner of Public Health for the city of        provements in the health status of all
in fall 2011. Mr. Vos admitted sole respon-        terim measures for reporting accurate data          Philadelphia. Dr. Ross has an extensive        Californians, with regional offices in
sibility for inflating the annual scores, fur-     have been put into place and officials are          background as a clinician and public           Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacra-
ther revealing that he had been doing so           working on a set of guidelines to “regulate         health administrator. His service in-          mento, Fresno and San Diego and pro-
since 2005. An internal audit showed that          the compiling and reporting of all material         cludes: medical director for LINK              gram staff working throughout the state.
he had routinely raised the scores each year       institutional statistics,” according to a news      School-Based Clinic Program, Cam-                 Additionally, the Endowment makes
by an average of 10 to 20 points.                  release.                                            den, New Jersey; instructor of clinical        grants to organizations and institutions
   “We take this situation very seriously,”           “We have learned a great deal from this          medicine, Children’s Hospital of               that directly benefit the health and well-
Ms. Gann told the community, noting that           unfortunate matter and will become even             Philadelphia; and faculty member at            being of the people of California. For
the school immediately turned to legal             stronger as a result,” Mr. McMahon con-             San Diego State University’s School of         more information, visit www.calen-
counsel to review admission data and the           cluded.                                             Public Health.                       
way the process is conducted.                         The college will not pursue criminal                During his tenure at the California            The lecture will take place at The
   O’Melveny & Myers found that Mr. Vos            charges against Mr. Vos, according to Mr.           Endowment, the foundation has fo-              Drucker School’s Burkle building, 1021
had not only reported inaccurate SAT               Benavidez. “It was never a consideration,”          cused on the health needs of under-            N. Dartmouth Ave., room 16 from noon
scores, but had doctored ACT, class rank           he said.                                            served Californians by championing the         to 1 p.m.
                                                                                 —Beth Hartnett        cause of health coverage for all children,
and application statistics as early as 2004.

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