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					                                                Girls Fashion Tees

                                                                  T-shirt girl - a few of my favorite style (Part I)
                                                                  This is the basic premise of your youth lifestyle. In my
                                                                  opinion, the loose dirt / opposite. In fact, the big picture of
                                                                  your head in the neutral shirt yesterday parallel lines, cut
                                                                  boxy and crew - you can almost see the man's shirt, right?
                                                                  Now, we are referring the case back and wildfires are
                                                                  more sensitive and unobtrusive crew. A comprehensive,
                                                                  taper layer curve cutting the feminine form of the
                                                                  In addition, the "girl", style and comfort, usually in the 5-
                                                                  6 grams of weight reduced. Combed cotton crop, excellent
                                                                  materials, and woven 1x1 baby rib expansion. You can
                                                                  have a long-term and short-term annual favorite. Another
                                                                  option is usually short sleeve options: regular or "cuts"
                                                                  (cut, cut high at the shoulder, showing a little more).
                                                                  In my view, move, at least one size in this model. Not
                                                                  only makes you more freedom of movement will also
                                                                  enjoy more generous crop of the vital interests of the
                                                                  collar. Although there is no exchange deeply virtual
                                                                  fashion round neck, usually the traditional baby toys
                                                                  "Scoop" cut, especially in the large-size T-shirt Design /
                                                                  printers (like me) outside, I would like a variety of colors
                                                                  to choose this style because It provides all kinds of
                                                                  "sound" design.
                                                                  Raglan / Baseball Close
                                                                  Find inspiration from the baseball shirts, sportswear,
                                                                  which is the formula for women, but masculinity! The
                                                                  same quality and weight of softness and style of the above
materials, but also raglans. However, the largest of the tail, or vertical length, is usually a pop-up. Raglan sleeve cut the
neck hole and many women find more comfortable and in the diagonal, reducing forearm. The crew and sleeves are
one color, the shirt's body is different contrasting colors - the combination of multiple choice and variety of results.
Short-sleeved style, almost all the upper limit of the above composition, while the long sleeve cooler weather option is
a traditional ¾ length. ¾ miles of the coordination of design / printing baseball-style habits of the poor "hug" (different
version of the people, the significant equation in the style of the lotus leaf color in India) to take joy, mixed carefully to
you the pleasure of ink screen print these shadows to accommodate kilometers.
Girls spring and summer fashion trends 2011

Lock in the spring season in the spring of 2011 to prepare. The recent fashion show, there are a lot of new girls and a
happy 2011 spring and summer fashion trends. This is a stylish retro dress or blouse in the spring, it is time to start
talking about this season's fashion.

                                                                                         Scan the Internet, I have written
                                                                                              some of the most popular
                                                                                              spring and summer 2011
                                                                                          fashion trends, the list of girls
                                                                                          and women. This fashion blog
                                                                                         from the fashion show last fall,
                                                                                             your fingers the number of
                                                                                           In the 2011's fashion trends,
                                                                                             spring flowers decoration.
                                                                                         Floral dress, girl, pants, jackets,
                                                                                            sweaters, shirts, and applies
                                                                                             throughout the spring and
                                                                                           summer one. Flower dress in
from the hull. They are sexy, so a little imagination, this is perfect if you want to keep them coming back. The choice
                                      of dress, absolute and complete, short or full.
  Pants and wide is a fashion statement this spring and summer. 2011, 1971 looks like these trends, the loft and your
mother, you will be a fashion clothing. Pants high and wide leg pants. This pants is the 2011 spring / summer fashion,
                                           let them come back certainly is wide.

                         Katrina Kais strict "three direct links, but the sweat in order to promote

 Have a lot of discussions and ride the "three" three direct links Khan’s but the film's charm, it is at the box office, but
we will ignore what is AI and what is the "three direct links but Khan said that we are now Katrina Kais , Sheila, "three
     direct links, Mary, Joel Khan," doll girl Glam, Kasha Kumar and flirting, and the pressure bomb on the screen.
 Girls how to promote "three direct links, but sweat." Recently, she has Kasha Kumar in the Jehu Beach dancing in all
the exhibition, but the sweat, the "three links" a private matter. A girl, dressed in white. She is an angel, but the idea of
 Barbie dolls, roaming the actress, because he has recently started her own Barbie doll. Kat knew she was a singer, her
 style and fashion sense, more accurately, over our heads, we can not pay dispute, the fact remains the same. However,
            in any way, in order to save manual fashion girl, because her clothes are very fashionable women.
If you are the "three links", but Khan's concessions, they also completed shooting "brothers Dolan only" star Iran Khan.
    It is also married to Iran on January 8, because the film is finished, because Iran vacation, he and A Wake shady
 agenda. Beloved cat accommodate her dates and her annual Christmas holiday, so she can be a stressful time and Iran
  to complete the shooting freedom. She said, she found that it is really cold sweat, and probably can be seen shooting
                                         continue, but Iran’s wedding will be held.
              overcome all obstacles, style, fit, and gender equality a global "must have" for every cabinet.
  Graphic T-shirt, also known as T-shirt logo, the rock band is still far from retro cartoon characters selected works of
 art, cartoon pictures, printing T-shirts 80 (which is still impressive!) And search for the face, tattoo art, the popularity
  of iris, wings, skulls, logos and data intelligent design publications - as we would like to invite their expression. At
 every price point, you will see all graphic T-shirts, a girl sitting next to you, the most important representatives of the

Another reason of the diversity, printed T-shirt, very cool. On the silhouette, you can have a good balance of design and
shirt slogans, all kinds of fashion.

Another increasingly popular map. DIY technology and resources to mobilize and express your shirt is a simple,
inexpensive, and create a completely individual fashion statement. Iron and heat transfer in your favorite old T-shirt
images from the back of your closet is a wonderful personality and creative expression. If you do not have the
innovation of a hand, but still want to create a girl or a personal magic T-shirt, you can improve the design of the
clothes iron to move to the top of his head, you get a class! They can also unique gifts and special care or any occasion!
If not enough, you can T-shirt $ 10 low!
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Children's fashion clothing, baby boy
Like his father, his son. This is the one at any time, the most famous quotes. We heard this argument several times,
when someone said he was the father of a son the exact agreement.
We are very pleased when we see our children how to speak, how to behave, so they think. We are pleased that our
model, like our children feel that their own fashion dress. This is not a problem, because we know we have a fashion
sense. This is because the children's fashion fashion adults are not very far. Today's children's fashion, giving us the
same. But if you do not know what style, how can we ensure that your son is a modern clothing, will appear from the
date? In addition, those who want their children to see it?
Nowadays more and more hip and cool fashion children. Printed with a cartoon character T-shirt is an outdated method,
but they give your child a pair of fashionable clothing.

                                                           Do not see the wine fashion
                                                           Normal and cool retro clothes and relax, this trend
                                                           seems to have never been. This will be a timeless
                                                           fashion direction. The vintage clothing is the easiest and
                                                           safest to take a peek. If you do not have enough
                                                           knowledge of what is fashionable today. This is to look
                                                           at where you can easily mix and match the clothing.
                                                           See, will do the retro-style T-shirt, blue denim shorts, a
                                                           pair of shoes, and vice versa. You can ask for a
                                                           multilayer film of a boy - a checkered polo will do the
                                                           trick. You can layer kick off a jacket, your child will
                                                           stay warm in cold weather.
                                                           An edgy look, you have to do is play of color and print.
                                                           Choose a dark-colored shirt, dark jeans, faded, or a
                                                           crazy click of a few, or a pair of shoes and sandals.

                                                           You look cool server
                                                           Server boy cool and casual look is very common
                                                           nowadays. There is nothing more than a starting point,
                                                           the wine is made from a soft cotton cloth. Cargo pants,
                                                           khaki shorts or board of directors. Baby boy Levi
                                                           overalls cargo short - Chinchilla is also a good choice. It
that when we see our son. Things not mentioned above have made a significant contribution to your son. Really,
children's fashion has changed dramatically overtime. Finally, the selection of clothing and other apparel, your son, to
comfort and confidence to ensure that it can run. It really boils down to rest. Congratulations!

                                                         School-age children and infants and children, development

                                                         Children and children's fashion
                                                         Return to the previous academic year, once again reminded of
                                                         a large part of this annual event fashion. The manufacturer's
                                                         trend is to promote, but adapted from the kindergarten to what
                                                         is hip and chic. The changing nature of fashion.
                                                         Adult children and a large part of the children return to a
                                                         stylish fashion inspiration, motivation European fashion,
                                                         fashion, Asian and Hollywood's most famous designers. This
                                                         is the specific impact of the children from the singer. In the
                                                         White House when there are young children can be used as a
                                                         catalyst for a fashion and children.
                                                         This growth in the choice of clothes and baby clothes, as well
                                                         as the arrival of an additional brick and mortar and online
                                                         retailers. Clothing, unique and very wide range of virtual
                                                         shopping space giants looking for opportunities.
                                                         Fashion inspiration from Hollywood

                                                         Children, parents magazine, a town a few concrete examples of
                                                         Hollywood fashion influence. Fashion shoes ballet actor Tom
                                                         Cruise and Katie Holmes, daughter of the Syrian sample
                                                         transfer. The parents of the price of 230 yuan, despite the lack
                                                         of close. They also reported that Cater Blanket’s son Dash ell
                                                         carry President T-shirt, Darth Vader, Star Wars fans is perfect.
It even includes a small flower Jason Priestley, daughter Ava wearing a clip.

School supplies, bags
A project was afternoon of fashion and
fashion accessories. Today, in the back, and
clothes, to the greatest extent possible, a
fashion, so that. Parents magazine dinosaurs
back now, and the back of a beautiful
animal and error, the back of the dashed
outline and DIY version
Lead to eco-friendly clothes, organic
material of the prestigious awards of several
projects, including hemp and recycled
materials and children's shoes infant boy by
the parents room. If the baby has been born
in England, in the same way, in the fashion
of the Beatles era, then one of the model is
very large already exists. This may continue
in the next few seasons, fashion has become
a trend.
Fashion repeat
Is "suspicious noise on past trends, some fall
fashions. Hierarchical fashion T-shirts and
camouflage girls and boys one mile and
What kind of clothes? Thick knitted gloves and hit a girl.

Fashion Tip: to express themselves with color
Uncomfortable because of what color to wear? Make you look good, what color? In addition, the fashion of his own.
You choose to wear every morning, thinking of you, I said the same day. Even if your handbag some contribution to
the short story.
Mix and match is a personal choice, you can create your own style!

Well, let us know the color and fun
The color of fashion. Light and neutral, it is a fine color.
The summer color, the Summit is a good choice. Will always be in your closet. Very easily with any color, a pair of
blue jeans, shorts and hiking boots, gray coat, bright and colorful the bottom of the Bermuda beach? Your name!
Beautiful and pure, innocent and gentle, it gives the feeling of your salary in a free and open. Women always look at
the right, which is a beautiful white dress?
Tip: add a white light or to ease the mind, like you touch. White dress, a simple denim hot pink velvet baby doll dress,
a simple and neat appearance or just white, blue and white cotton jacket Bacon
choice of shirt, the wearer look smart,. Complementary light color pink in color evening bag and other accessories for a
diamond necklace ...
Mystery, it can make your point of view and depth perception point. A symbol of elegance and refinement, it is always
a popular color.
Tip: a black, deep color of the couple, as an adult looks. Boot cut pants tweed wool button before the brown and gray
and black striped jacket, a black jacket, cut stretch pin tuck pencil skirt

The terms of the widely used color model.
All colors are the most obvious and most important, it creates attraction and excitement. Impatient so desperately,
enthusiasm, vitality and confidence in the normal screen image. It also shows a red lady feeling of excitement?
Physical inspiring color often associated with love, power, ambition and passion.
Tip: a variety of emotions, for example, the color red in the red family itself. Retro style T-shirt red maroon pleated
skirt, hot pink cotton V-neck red wool skirt, a small number of tanks
The color is commonly used in the model.
Similar to the red, it creates attraction and excitement. However, this showed that the mood of fun and sun. Then tend
to make our entertainment pleasure. As usual, those who accepted the change.

The color of the sun, often associated with vitality and joy and optimism.
Tip: some cool and dark tones or bright yellow, looks much younger, such as, eye-catching. The yellow and black wool
dress ruched halter top layered, the introduction of the miniskirt and turquoise polka point of the edge of the yellow T-
I like the most popular KL

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