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									                                        Cultural jewellery fashion

Trends in fashion jewelry - wedding
Wedding jewelry has become very popular in modern culture, in large part due to attempt to imitate the modern culture of
celebrity weddings and disclosure to others. This fine jewelry the main play a variety of methods. Clothes of the bride and
provides an excellent opportunity for your wedding, bold innovation, and part of the fun and elegant, wedding and others.

If you are interested in the bracelet, necklace, and / or operation of this jewelry in many cases, design the wedding
costume. Wedding Jewelry also offers a good opportunity to tie in with the decoration of wedding, or just a collection of
clothes of the bride. However, remember that you can choose two different sets of jewelry, it has become increasingly
popular the bride and her wedding party, to change the private and public ceremonies.
Here are some of the most popular this year in the fashion jewelry wedding.

                                        May come chandelier earrings • Love is a good choice, especially when it is
                                        composed of crystals or pearls.
                                        Jewelry reaction of 40.30 and 50, is a good choice for wedding jewelry. These Art
                                        Deco style, fashion and Hollywood.
                                        It is expected • hair and the growing popularity of the crown of fashion jewelry to
                                        make a comeback.
                                        Crown composed of stones, wire, crystal, and it will be a good way. You can also
                                        see the Crown Prince. And will be combing the hair and fashion jewelry sales are
                                        big this season.

                                        Beads of marriage is likely to become more popular, because we have to focus on
                                        the future. As more and more widely wedding is likely to see more styles and new
                                        trends. But do not worry, because most of the style, in a local dealer.
Artificial jewelry and fashion history
Jewelry Co. and emerging companies in India today. As we all know, India is known as the Golden Bird, so India is the
origin of gold and jewelry. In addition to the trend towards imitation jewelry. In today's world, young people are more
interested in fashion jewelry.

 Jewelry Co. and emerging companies in India today. As we all know, India is known as the Golden Bird, so India is the
  origin of gold and jewelry. In addition to the trend towards imitation jewelry. In today's world, young people are more
                                                          interested in clothes
When we talk about the historical period from the floor and from different ages, and was in our minds. Please let us know
                                           the history of the jewelry here at different times.
   First of all, if it is early in our history when people of Africa was born the first sign of jewelry. In Kenya, and ostrich
eggshell beads drilling in the month, more than 40,000 years ago. About 7,000 years old, the first sign of copper jewellery
                                                                is to see.

In Egypt, the most common metals, gold and jewelry, such as gold and other metals. About 3000-5000 years of jewelry in
the first signs of ancient Egypt. Egyptians used the place colorful, precious stones and glass. According to the Egyptians,
because each color represents something different, they use a color camera, and the development of jewellery.

                                                                           Now, when we come to Europe and the Middle
                                                                           East. If we are talking about 4000 years from
                                                                           Mesopotamia, jewelry-making to become an
                                                                           important process of the cities of Sumer and
                                                                           Akkad. Paper, jewelry, and a large number of
                                                                           colored gemstones, in Mesopotamia. And then
                                                                           began talking about the Greeks, for the use of
                                                                           gold and precious metals, stones and jewelry in
                                                                           1600 BC. In 300 BC, the Greeks created using
                                                                           the color amethyst, pearl and emerald jewelry in
                                                                           the first place. Greeks usually wear jewelry,
                                                                           mainly for public appearances or on special
almost in the South and Central America. And use all these materials to produce a variety of jewelry.

Wholesale Jewelry
Fashion jewelry, riding a global wave. Fashion jewelry today, and the design pattern in different regions of the world, and
made part of the world, and eventually was sent to a different market, and sell them to consumers is different.
Fashion jewellery market is very dynamic, and wholesale trade is very fast, in the product life cycle is very short, the
supply chain is very thin. Asian countries are vying for a piece of fashion jewelry wholesale sector. China actively
promotes the rapid period of time and the manufacturing sector, to strengthen its
position in the global market of fashion jewelry, with aggressive pricing. The
form of manufactured products, from belts, earrings, bracelets, jewelry set and
more accessories.

There are other types of range of products in the Indian market. India offers a variety of patterns and embroidery, and
came from different countries. Each state has a different approach and clear and how to use the materials and
manufacturing processes are also different. India is very wide and Jewellery Export Fashion wholesale. Jewelry export
source of a large number of local production in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Ludhiana, New Delhi and surrounding areas. Hyderabad
also has their own flavor and touch of the market for fashion jewelry. Gujarat is another type of state in South India, Tamil
Nadu is India's traditional design is known.
Design and fashion jewelry in India in traditional dress culture. New designers and bold new experiment with colors and
designs and materials from India, and jewelry. There are a lot of precious stones and pearls in the fashion jewelry in India.

  Indian jewelry and the bride fashion, calling global attention. Complex rotation pattern embroidery and weaving dreams
   bride stream diversion, and crystal, pearls and semi-precious stones, gold and silver zari threads. Western countries are
                                                                          cortejando Design Indians and Indian marriages.
  Jewelry from India, Indian fashion clothing wholesale to showcase their work in Paris and other capitals of fashion. It is
  not often to see the fashion, jewelry and India through the Western women's clothing, and it seems like the bright colors
                                                                                                              and beautiful.

It is well known in the Chinese market to provide prompt delivery and direct fashion jewelry for. Approved wholesalers
for a short period of time from design to delivery anywhere in the world. Active marketing support and large production

   It will certainly be beautiful jewelry gift unforgettable Holiday gift or special birthday, but if you do not know exactly
what you're looking for, and how to choose jewelry as a gift? If you want high quality jewelry, and a ring or pendant stone
 diamond, a wise investment, you should make sure you get the best. The wisdom means to give a gift, do not look great,
                                                             but at that time 20.30, or up to 50 years old, gentle on the eyes.
Style no expiration date
And can even help with the purchase of the recipient of jewelry, with timeless style and complexity of the real can be
difficult, especially if you have to know the jeweler of your choice. America West once said: "I have always felt a gift
diamond shines much better than buying your own," Maybe she was right, but Mr. Diamond to buy a wonderful
association will not enjoy the benefits of using the Internet to find the diamond "gift." Fortunately, the quality of the
                                                                   material of some excellent jeweler on the Internet, you
                                                                   may just want to famous Bond Street in London. With
                                                                   these types to choose from, it is not nothing wrong with an

                                                                    The best online jewelers offer customers online intelligent.
                                                                    Summit on online jewelry, the most obvious benefit is that
                                                                      you can search that you can not find on other parts of the
                                                                         products, the most luxurious product is not necessarily
                                                                        what is just around the corner. This means that you can
                                                                          find jewelry that you really want, not just the jewelry
                                                                       available. The best online jeweler invest money that you
                                                                    save the existence of non-payment of the streets, and work
                                                                     to provide the best designer, designers, real, fashion, style
                                                                              has nothing to do, who knows no expiration date.

                                                                                                       Out of imitation jewellery

    It is well known imitation jewelry, unwanted jewelry and fake, and fallalery all these different terms, such as "jewelry."
      Jewelry is basically a luxury jewellery, especially to match or complement to a particular team (or "fancy" clothes and
 beautiful will because he knew once), instead of jewelry real, and which does not take into account can be combined with
     the design itself. "Unlike the jewelry are real, and jewelry /, therefore, often use cheaper materials and precious stones,
   such as metals, glass, plastic and synthetic, not made of some rare metals and diamonds. Most people are aware that this
  stems from the early 20th century to the 1940s or 50 years, including the necklaces, bracelets, earrings luxury, especially
section (ears pierced, they should pursue them because they are in fact incivilizado tradition that in generations past few of
           the myriad of fertile section of the pattern of pearls on earrings) clip on earrings of semi-precious stones, earrings,
  Swarovski crystal, and clips. In fact, today, old clothes, and usually are stored jewelry in a range of fantastic if it is a real
                                                                                                              gem and minerals.

                                                              Can be the source of cheap jewelry and decorative, and not
                                                              really have, especially at the time, of course, but to mimic the
                                                              real age, and known today as they appeared in around 1930,
                                                              when he made the follow-up fashion, at different times.
                                                              Therefore, also opened women are able to survive, without
                                                              spending a fortune in jewelry trends, and thus a new means of
                                                              artistic freedom, and the production of jewelry and design. No
                                                              longer the main commemorative jewelry, investment, real
                                                              estate, or an expression of appreciation for the direction of
                                                              fashion and clothing, the same capacity, as well as a variable. ,
                                                              And clothing and have seen several times in the project, to
                                                              reflect the fashion, in particular, it is generally recognized that
                                                              the three main "period", which is during the Art Deco period of
                                                              retro and modern art.

                                                           The Art Deco during the period 1920-1930, and of course, but
                                                           also clothing to the first real mass production. Style of design is
                                                           the feelings and point of view of artistic creativity, and
machine-oriented mass production of the marriage between the prevailing industry. Geometric patterns and symmetrical
design, replacing the soft curves and rotation. Bangle bracelet also collect, the length of earring, rings and accessories
cocktail decoration, such as cigarette cases, and the owners of properties. However, the Art Deco movement to take over
                                                                                                        period of modern art.
          Of Modern Art after the Second World War, around 1945-1960, traditional jewelry design trends, and this period
witnessed a bold retro period of decline in the two main themes. Under normal circumstances, 50 and 60, and jewelry tend
     to be more targeted and underestimate its subject, and reference, if not bold in its appearance underestimated. Jewelry
from this era is very bold and generous, with a thick bar or the use of diamond, jade, agate, topaz, and citrine bracelet. The
   legs are popular these pins, and the expression of often more pronounced on a particular subject or the representative of
 jewelry from a picture of modern art, Christmas and Holiday pins like a dog. In fact, under the title Birth Holiday jewelry
                                                                                                    collection is very trendy.

After 1960, it is a little difficult to determine the general trend of
fashion jewelry. It is said that mixed tradition and wide so that there
can be further said to focus on a particular style, theme and trends in
the time usually in the jewelry are numerous. Today, especially in the
global market, so that the average consumer of jewelry from around
the world countless fashion style, cultural, and selection of mode, and
even the whole story. This does not mean that there is the appearance
of a recognized too, or that the general trend in our generation, but it is
difficult to identify more with the explosion of global
communications, and global production, and global communications,
trends in fashion, where the Internet is evolving rapidly and can be
designed TV. Yes, jewelry, fashion, and reflect the time in our
existence today, in an expeditious manner. Pearl is still thriving, it is often a kind of mixed and variable, as well as all
modern industries, art and media.

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