10 Things no one tells you when you start a business and You Need to Know by MachfudzWalker


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									   10 Things no one tells you when you start a business and You
                           Need to Know
While writing the title of this post, I thought it important and necessary it is to talk things
clearly when we start a business.

And it sounds funny, I thought that this issue should contain the "Naked Truth" about to
undertake. So I tried to express in these lines 10 things nobody tells you when you start a
business and you definitely need to know.

Put another way, these are 10 things I wish someone had told me before starting my first
business and I'm sure would have saved me money and many headaches.

1. A business takes time. If those thinking about starting a business to work less,
think again (a). A business requires much investment of time, especially at the beginning and
probably for many months or years, you have to work twice as much as you think.

2. You must work harder than before. Similar to the previous point, many
people quit their jobs abruptly because they are tired of long hours and endless hours of work.
Well let me tell you that your business is no different. In fact, you probably have to work
longer days and more hours in your office than before if you really want your company to
stand up and grow.

3. Will end the problems. This is perhaps the biggest myth in this topic. To think
that your company and you will not notice or you will not need pesky people support is
illusory. Building a business requires much skill to actually SOLVE problems . You'll have
to deal with customers, suppliers, employees, partners, shareholders, etc.. And the leader will
need to be able to solve them all everyday situations.

4. You will earn much money. This may be true and indeed this is one of the
most important reasons why we undertake a business. However, what many entrepreneurs
ignore or omit is the fact that the money is in proportion to work smart. You can win a lot of
money with your company, but as you are willing to innovate, create, improve what others
do, be the best at your trade and become a whole strategist.

5. You have great company in a few months. This is another common
fallacy. Believing that just make an investment, hire some employees and advertise on the
Internet , come orders and hundreds of customers interested in your product or service is
completely false. Building a business is the product intelligently integrate the various factors
we discussed in this post and this requires a lot of dedication, vision and tireless work.

6. You can do your own and do not need anyone else. I have seen
that only in the movies when Rambo ended with his enemies in a matter of minutes. In real
life, working alone can be career suicide. You should know that to drive a business toward
success requires different knowledge and skills. If you can surround yourself with smart
people who give you good advice and help you troubleshoot and plan your course, then you
will most likely be victorious if you intend to do everything your own way and style, without
consulting anyone.

7. Just being good at what you do. This can be a trigger of success at first.
Doing things right is a good thing. However, many companies have failed in the absence of
innovation. Every business needs evolve, learn and improve every day what he does.
Especially in the information age, pretend that you know today will be good for the next 5
years is a hoax. Surely for when that time will be more competition, new products, more
technology and consumer cultures. So if you want to grow, be willing to innovate and to
always improve what you do. The Japanese call this: Kaizen.

8. Work hard and forget about the numbers. If something surely end
with many companies with good potential is neglect # 1 of entrepreneurs and forget about the
numbers. If you want to be a good businessman, you should give high priority to your
business accounts. If you are not an expert, you should advise by someone else but not evade
your responsibility to make decisions in light of the numbers. Always know how much you
invest, how much you spend, the invoices and what is your profit. You manage budgets and
have a re-investment category. Remember, work hard and be good at what you do not replace
in any way to know the numbers and make good decisions.

9. "My product sells itself." Yeah right! Leave it in your warehouse and wait for
your customers to come looking for you to compare. You should know that every company,
regardless of size, must have a sales and marketing strategy . I do not mean investing
millions, but this principle applies even if your company be just you!. You sell, sell and sell .
If you can not do it, hire someone to do sales or receives a course. But there is no other way
on this planet that allows growth of an organization that has nothing to do with sales.
10. Legal is not important. I think that what is legal is like oxygen for your
business. Many people make the mistake of dismissing the legal part of a company. Comply
with formal procedures, finance, tax registration, licensing, health, etc.. We will get rid of
stress audits or that at some point you see above (a) to problems that can easily wipe out the
profits of a semester in fines and payments to the government. And of course, even for this
there are consultants and people who can guide and advise. The key is to be aware of the
importance of legalizing your business.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, perhaps these points will seem hard and direct
and the least we want is discouraged. On the contrary, the spirit of this post as the 1000
Business Ideas is to encourage, equip and guide entrepreneurs to build companies that are
solid, they can grow and give you the financial freedom you crave. And the only way to start
on the right foot is talking about these things that nobody tells you when you start a

And I can tell you for sure that a company based on consistent principles, professionals will
give you great satisfaction and long-term economic.
As always, my best wishes for success in everything you undertake.

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