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Bridal Designer Sarees

VIEWS: 58 PAGES: 6 - The Chandigarh Punjab India's online store for Bridal Designer Sarees, Salwar Kameez, Wedding Lehenga, Bridal Lehenga - sharara, Readymade Suits, Bridal Trousseau, Bollywood Sarees in Chandigarh

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									         Bridal Designer Sarees

     Known to accentuate a lady’s
gracefulness, the Indian Saree is truly
   a must in every lady’s wardrobe.
  Though western casuals are a rage
with young college-goers and working
professionals, yet the Indian Saree will
  never loose it prominence when it
         comes to formal wear.
Bridal Designer Sarees

          • The Indian saree comes in different
            variations as per its color, fabric,
            prints and of course its make like
            machine made, handwoven and so
            on.Among the most popular sarees
            in India as per their fabric are:
            Silk Sarees: These are
            comparatively expensive sarees but
            are preferred by all women for their
            elegance, beauty and diversity.
            Some of the varieties include
            Mysore silks, Kanchipuram silks,
            Arani silks, Valkalams, Kora silks,
            the Patola silk and printed silk
            sarees. Buy silk saree and see how
            you become the centre of attraction
               Bridal Designer Sarees
• Designer Sarees:
  Complemented with designer
  wear blouses, the bridal
  designer sarees are one of a
  kind. They are exclusively
  designed to suit individual
  tastes. The designer sarees may
  be made of any material, and
  are usually heavily
  embroidered with zari work,
  sequins, beaded work, brocades
  etc. Some ladies make special
  designer sarees for occasions
  like weddings etc.
• Casual Sarees: The casual
  Indian saree may range from
  cotton sarees to georgette and
  crepe. These sarees are less
  expensive and are usually
  worn at home.
Bridal Designer Sarees
             • Cotton Sarees: Cotton sarees in
               India include the famous
               Kolkatta cotton saree, Venkatgiri
               cotton, Mangalgiri cotton, or the
               Kota sarees from Rajasthan.
               Besides this ‘Tangail Cotton’
               and ‘Shantiniketan Cotton’
               sarees from Bengal are examples
               of well woven cotton sarees. If
               you are looking for earthy shades
               then ‘Sambhalpur cotton’ is the
             • Georgette Sarees: These are
               absolute lightweight fabric, often
               made of silk or polyester. They
               are often accompanied with
               zardosi or other embroidery
               work to give it a grand look.
               Latest Indian sarees without
               embellishments could be worn as
               daily wear saree.
            Bridal Designer Sarees
• Chiffon Sarees: These are
  thin and light weighted
  sarees and often come in
  floral prints or designer
• Crepe Sarees: Crepe
  sarees usually come in two
  varieties namely hard
  finished crepe and soft
  crepe. They come in both
  bright and pastel shades.
  They can be used both for
  casual occasions and well
  as high profile outing
  depending on the work
  done over it.
Bridal Designer Sarees
         Nowadays, smart shoppers prefer to
           shop for all kinds of sarees at online
           stores, as they offer great gifting
           options as well as stock sarees
           according to individual types. This
           definitely makes it easier for the
           customer to enjoy hassle free saree

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