A Staunch Temperament with the Anti Phishing Tools

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					                         A Staunch Temperament with the Anti Phishing Tools

Different online risks are on the rise ready to incapacitate your business permanently. If you do not heed
to the warnings in advance there is very little chance of survival. The risks today are potentially
malevolent compared to the earlier ones. Phishing attacks are common in the web world and they do
not target specific individuals or organizations but the entire mass. The phishing operations take place in
the form of emails that are sent out blindly to all.

If the receiver of this email is unaware of the effects of phishing he will open the attachments or click on
the links that are provided with the emails. Once he takes the first step he is transported to a fake
website that looks exactly like a genuine website. Usually the fake websites plagiarize the banking and
financial investment websites. Here, the innocent victim is asked to provide his confidential information
such as bank details or credit card details etc for updating the records. The poor victim is unable to
detect the evil intentions behind these activities, and shares the information which starts his suffering.

You may be aware of phishing and some of your technical administrators may also be aware. But are
you sure that all your employees are aware? Have you ever considered measuring the level of
awareness in your organization? You cannot even imagine the consequences you will face if your
business falls prey to these terrorizing attacks. Thus it is imperative to employ advanced anti phishing
tools that can provide you with consistent and robust protection from phishing.

You can deploy the automated anti phishing software that spreads awareness in your organization by
testing the abilities of your employees while addressing this risk. It launches a mock phishing attack, and
monitors and records the actions of your employees. The software provides detailed analytical reports
which help you to understand how vulnerable your business is and gives you an opportunity to make
amends before it is too late. After the completion of the test the software sends the report to individual
employees through personalized emails with the results and tips to handle the risks in a more effective

The anti phishing tools renders exceptional services by saving you from financial losses. They identify the
vulnerabilities in the people, processes and technology and recommend comprehensive solutions that
help to curb the menace effectively. The anti phishing software ensures that your business operation is
completely safe and secure even in the midst of deadly threats.

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