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Tutorial How to setup mybb by pbagus


tutorial how to setup mybb board script

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									First make acc on some free webhost i recomand, then make your site


When u do that go to MySQL and make your database...

Now Go To File Zilla Or Smart Ftp ( I Use
Smart Ftp), And In Adress Bar Put Ftp. Yourdomain.Com Or
Ftp. Your Forum
Name.Com In Login Username U Resived When U Created
Forum U Have On
Image 2, And Tipe Ur Password. After That Enter In
Public_Html, Delete
Default.Php And Add All Files From Upload Folder (U Have
Download Link
Up For Mybb)
Once all is uploaded, go to your forum, and it will be show
like this. just tipe in adress barr /install
Will Be Show U Instalation Progress Go Next Till This Apear.
Use Ur
Database Information On 000webhost.Com Your Forum
Cpanel/Mysql And Put
It Here. And Few Times Next, Then Create Administration
Account Apears.
And Once U Finish Go Ur Forum And In Smart FTP Delete
Instalation Folder

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