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Planning and getting a Divorce
Divorce is very tough phase in everyone's life.

There are many thing that take into consideration

at the time of divorce.

Each thing related to divorce advice, take into consideration.

Take a advice before getting a divorce.

Here we are considering 2 divorce related topic.
These are the 2 main point :-

  Divorce Adultery

  Divorce Custody
              Divorce Adultery
What is Divorce Adultery:-

In divorce adultery involves sexual relations between
two parties.

It means one married person/party has sexual relation
With other outside party.
There are grounds for divorce adultery.

Adultery is consider as a important ground for divorce.

Following are ground for divorce adultery.

1- Adultery
2- No-Fault.

Providing Adultery:-
Adultery is not easy for proving.
You must prove the grounds of adultery.
1 - Direct Proof
2 - Indirect Proof
Direct Proof :-

Generally, you won't have direct proof of adultery,
such as an eyewitness account or photos.

Indirect Proof :-

It means showing any proof which include showing any
 record of hotel or travel.
 There are other many factors that we can consider.
 The time limit is consider in this.
                 Divorce Custody

Divorce Custody is mainly take into consideration.

There are many types of divorce custody.

1- Divorce Child Custody

2- Divorce Joint Custody
Divorce Child Custody :-

In this type Almost all courts use a standard that
Gives the "best interests of the child" the highest
 priority when deciding custody issues.

Child Custody also include physical, legal,
sole custody etc.
Divorce Joint Custody :-

In this custody the parents will share custody of a child.

Upon the death or disability of either parent, legal custody
will go to the remaining parent and will give the active
parent the sole ability to act as parent for the child
without further order of the court.

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