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					                            Web Design 1

Ms. Thesing                                                       #321-235-7800
Technology Instructor                                              Ext. 5577
e-mail suzanna.thesing@ocps.net                                   Room 5-567

Welcome to Timber Creek High School, I look forward to an exciting and
rewarding school year. This is a basic syllabus.

Gold Seal Vocational Scholarship: Course substitutions as defined in the
Comprehensive Course Table for this program area may be used to qualify a student for
Florida’s Gold Seal Vocational Scholarship, providing all other eligibility requirements
are met. Eligibility requirements are available online at

This course is designed to provide a basic overview of the Internet, Intranet, and WWW.
The content includes operating systems; basic HTML commands; navigation of the
Internet, Intranet, Web and Web page design. Software applications include but are not
limited to Dreamweaver, Flash and Photoshop.

Resources available:
http://oc.course.com/sc/dwcs3/chapter/default.cfm - Dreamweaver online companion
http://oc.course.com/sc/pscs3/learn.cfm - Photoshop online companion
http://teacher.ocps.net/suzanna.thesing/ - Instructor and student website.
www.webmonkey.com – Excellent site for html tutorials and more….

Due to printing, use of paper and ink, a tax deductible lab donation of
$10.00 is requested. All monetary donations are greatly appreciated.

Wednesday is Dress for Success!                  Mandatory Management
Student ID’s must be worn at all times

Materials Needed for Class:
 1 – 3” Binder                                   Paper
sheet protectors                                 Flash drive
Pen / Pencil
Ear phones/head set

Basic Classroom Rules:

   1. Arrive to class on time and prepared to work.
   2. Be quiet during lectures and announcements.
   3. No classroom disruption or horse playing.
   4. Be respectful at all times.
   5. Follow all Safety Rules.
   6. No gum, candy, food, or drinks allowed.
   7. No Electronic Devices (cell phones, ipods, etc…)
   8. No Obscenities of any kind.
   9. All rules and procedures as governed by the OCPS Student Code of Conduct.
   10. All rules and procedures as governed by TCHS.

TCHS Motto
                                  Think Responsibly
                                   Come Prepared
                                    Have Respect
                                  Show Self-Control

Grading Procedures are as follows:               Grading Scale
Assignments         20%                          90 – 100 = A
Quiz’s              10%                          80 – 89 = B
Tests               30%                          70 – 79 = C
Labs/Projects       30%                          60 – 69 = D
Management          10%(classroom participation) 59 and below = F
Total               100%
Tardiness and absences are detrimental to yourself as well as others, please be on time,
being late for work would not be tolerated, you would be dismissed. While unforeseen
accidents and illnesses occur I look forward to your presence everyday. If you will be
absent please call and leave a message on voice mail or send an e-mail.

             Welcome, the opportunities are endless, knowledge priceless!

        Parents/Guardian I need to be able to contact you as quickly as possible with
exceptional news of your student, PLEASE provide the following information and
return, Print as clear as possible!

Thank you,

Student Name: _____________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Name: ______________________________________________

Home Address: __________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian e-mail: _____________________________________________

Cell/Home Phone: ____________________________________

Business Phone: _____________________________________

                            E-Mail is the quickest response!!!!

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