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									Palmistry – What Do The Hands Indicate? –
Part- 3

               Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Flexibility of the hand:

1) Stiff Hand: The hand which is stiff and hard to open, with the fingers cured
inwards, is called the stiff hand. Narrow-minded; of cautious nature; and clings
to old conventions and traditions.

2) Flexible Hands: fingers bend back without any difficulty. Elasticity of mind
and quick receptivity. Highest degree of versatility and possessed of quite
sympathetic, generous and emotional nature.

3) Straight Hands: Hands, when pressed back, open readily until the fingers
become straight but would not bend back or would bend just a little. Well
balanced in their actions. They are of a hopeful nature and appreciate the
difficulties of others. They are broad-minded, sympathetic and thoughtful.

4) Extremely Flexible Hands: The fingers bend back at the knuckles. Execute
assignments with finesse.

Palms – Sizes of Palms:

1) Narrow Palm: Lack of imagination, courage and cheerfulness, no
consideration for others.

2) Wide Palm: If the width of the palm is proportionate to the size and character
of the fingers, the possessor will have robust health ad a balanced
temperament, and a tolerant and generous nature.
3) Too Wide Palm: Imagination inclined towards immorality. Violent nature, with
deceiving instinct.

4) Square Palm: Fond of physical activity.

5) Hollow Palm: Very hollow palms indicate failure and disappointment in life
and signifies misfortunes.

Color of Palm

1) Pink Color: Persons with pink-colored palms should be full of life, energy
cheerfulness and vitality. They look attractive and are king and generous. They
are optimists, enjoy life and bring cheerfulness to others and as such are in
demand for their company.

2) Red Color: Indicates excessive blood. Such persons will be intense in love
and haters. Unable to exercise self-control. They are voracious eaters and
strong in action.

3) Yellow Color: Indicates existence of bile in the blood which reduces the
vitality and energy and makes the possessor sad and pessimistic. They keep
away from society and become gloomy, superstitious and irritable, and thus
face failures in life.

4) Blue or Purple Color: Indicates improper and sluggish circulation of blood.
This comes in the way of proper functioning of the heart.

5) White Color: This indicates lack of force and strength in the blood. Persons
with white-colored palms are selfish, lack enthusiasm and warmth, and shun the
company of others. They have few friends and are cold hearted.

Texture of the skin of the palm:

1) Dry Palms: The possessor does not show his feelings. Persons with dry palms
lack emotion and are ruled by their brain rather than heart. They are of a
dejected temperament.

2) Damp Palms or Dam Skin: Palms which are most at all times indicate
improper circulation of blood and some organic deficiency. In case of persons
whose palms become most through fear, not because of improper circulation of
blood, it is a sign of an unhealthy or profound effect on their emotions

3) Thumb: The thumb of a person reveals the logic, self-assertion, vitality he is
possessed of the size of the thumb will indicate quantum of these qualities.

Size of the Thumb:

1) Long Thumb: When the thumb is held against the adjoining finger (Jupiter
finger) and reaches the top of the third phalange of the finger, it is long. The
possessor has energy, initiative and a fine capacity for thought and action. He is
possessed with more intellect than emotion and is physically well-built. Persons
with long thumbs generally have a bent of mind towards engineering and the
industrial arts.

2) Very Long Thumb: The thumb crosses the top f the third phalange of the
Jupiter finger when held against it Persons with very long thumb are governed
by their head rather than by feelings, and are of a tyrannical and uncontrollable
nature. They suffer from obstinacy.

3) Short Thumb: The thumb reaches the base of the Jupiter finger or crosses it
marginally. The possessor is undetermined and has weak reasoning. He is
emotional and is governed by feeling rather than intellect. He lacks initiative
and will power and is careless.

4) Very Short Thumb: The thumb is nowhere near the base of the Jupiter finger.
The possessor goes form one extreme to the other, and may have to face

5) Normal Thumb, Average Thumb: The average thumb is that which, when
held against the Jupiter finger, reaches half-way of third phalange. Persons with
thumbs of this size are balanced and have strength and will power.

Position of the Thumb:

1) High Set Thumb: Where the thumb grows out from the side of the hand and
the distance between the thumb and Jupiter finger is comparatively less, it is
treated as high set thumb. Persons with this type of thumb have lower
intelligence and adaptability.

2) Low Set Thumb: The thumb is positioned low on the hand and opens wide
from the hand, with a larger space between it and the finger of Jupiter. Persons
with this type of thumb have abundant human qualities. They are friendly,
sociable, generous, helpful and share their prosperity with others. They are
friendly, sociable, generous, helpful and share their prosperity with others. They
are sympathetic towards people in distress. However, they do not like to e
closely attached to someone, to be obligated or dominated as they like freedom
and independence.

Shape of the Thumb:

1) Large Thumb: Indicates strength of character. The possessor will be self-
reliant, difficult to influence and will be governed ad guided by his head rather
than by emotions.

2) Small Thumb: Small thumbs show weak character. The possessor will be
easily influenced and will be ruled by emotions. They are generally planners and
do better in planning than operations.

3) Thick Thumb: Primitive tastes, brutality in thinking and in passions. Persons
with thick thumbs hardly care for other people's feelings.

4) Slender Thumb: Delicate and has even thickness. Denotes poetic and artistic
genius. The possessors have a strong character and attract people.

5) Broad Thumb: Persons with broad thumbs have strong determination and
good physical strength. They are aggressive and overcome obstacles in their
life, and would not mind using even violence for achieving their ends.

Shanker Adawal

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