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The business of Indian handicrafts


Indian Handicrafts. Find Quality listing of Indian Handicrafts, Inadian Handicrafts Gifts, Antique Handicrafts, Handicrafts Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in India.

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									                  The business of Indian handicrafts
Basically the Indian handicrafts are some decorative and attractive items that are prepared by
hand or some basic tools. There is a huge Indian market of wooden handicrafts, horn handicrafts,
iron handicrafts and more. This Indian craft tradition has given significance to religious belief as
well as local demand.

Handicrafts has helped for domestic as well as foreign trade that resulted, the import export
business of these handicrafts is getting popularity. In the history of India, you can find the Indus
valley civilization which is known for its excellence in handicrafts. This is the process to develop
the useful and artistic product creatively using natural raw material. These things which come in
this category are decorative items, wooden coaster, and table top items.

These handicrafts are come in the category of traditional products because of their deep relation
with the culture. There are many products that are exported to foreign countries that also help in
country economy.

There are different kind of handicrafts are available in the market like wooden handicrafts, horn
handicrafts, iron handicrafts etc. the wooden handicrafts presents the inner spirit of
craftsmanship. You can include wooden chess set, painted figures, wooden frame work, pretty
pen holders etc. Rajasthan is known for wooden handicrafts, wooden door, frames etc. the horn
handicrafts are the integral part of the handicraft industry. These kinds of handicrafts are the
example of perfect finishing and artist look. Due to this reason this industry is getting rise day by

The import export business of these handicrafts has importance. Approx 90 percent of the Indian
handicrafts are exported to other foreign countries in order to get more benefit on the same. The
people who are in the export business purchase the products from local markets and sell in
foreign markets. So that it can help them to increase the profit. Thus the industry of the
handicrafts is wide; you just need knowledge of import export to start the business of these

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