Outline 02E by 9X14dh


									                             Private Security Services
                             Training Course Outline

Private Investigator (02E)
Private Investigator (02E)

Course Time: 60 Hours

   1. Orientation: applicable sections of the Code of Virginia; Administrative
      Code 6VAC 20-171; standards of professional conduct; and ethics - 6

   2. Law: basic law; legal procedures and due process; civil law; criminal
      law; evidence; and legal privacy requirements - 16 hours plus one
      practical exercise

   3. General Investigative Skills, Tools and Techniques: surveillance;
      research; and interviewing - 16 hours plus one practical exercise

   4. Documentation: Report preparations; photography; audio recording;
      general communication; and courtroom testimony – 8 hours plus one
      practical exercise

   5. Types of investigations: accident; insurance; background; domestic;
      undercover; fraud and financial; missing persons and property; and
      criminal – 14 hours plus one practical exercise

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