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					                                                                                                         4 Keelendi Road
                                       Jolly Discoveries School                                          West Pennant Hills
                                                                                                         NSW 2125
                                        Training Information                                             0419 272 185
                                                                                                         0419 299 047

   ABN 11 548 574 664

                    Jolly Discoveries is passionate about children and education.
           Are you preparing for a staff development workshop that may benefit the entire staff?
  We aim to provide literacy strategies that can be used in the classroom and we demonstrate how your
  entire staff can benefit from implementing synthetic phonics as quality first teaching and intervention.

                                             NSW INSTITUTE OF TEACHERS
NSW Institute of Teachers’ endorsed provider of Institute Registered professional development for the
maintenance of accreditation at Professional Competence.
Scope of Endorsement-Professional Teaching Standards for the following courses:
(1)Synthetic Phonics- An Introduction to Jolly Phonics; (2) Bringing Grammar to Life – Jolly Grammar ;(3)Extending Your
Knowledge of Synthetic Phonics through Jolly Phonics; (4)Comprehension: Becoming a Strategic Reader.
                                                 Session Pricing and Conditions
                                                      Full Day - $995.00
                                                      4 hours - $670.00
                                                      3 hours - $555.00
                                                      2 hours - $440.00
                                                      1 hour - $250.00
                       * Sessions times over two hours are inclusive of one or two scheduled breaks.
                                                  * Prices are inclusive of GST.
                   The above prices exclude the Jolly Discoveries Package. See Jolly Phonics Package for price.
        Travel and accommodation expenses will be added when training is requested outside the Sydney CBD area. Please
         enquire for further details.
        Handouts will be provided and based on a staff size of no more than 30 teachers. Schools with a larger staff
         may be required to assist with copying handouts for additional teachers.

                                                 Session Outlines
                                Synthetic Phonics- An Introduction to Jolly Phonics
                                       Are you thinking about starting to use Jolly Phonics?
                      Have you been using Jolly Phonics but would like the entire staff to be informed?
Jolly Phonics – An Introduction provides a guide to the three basic skills of synthetic phonics: letter sounds, blending and
segmenting. The session is suitable for teachers and schools with little or no experience of Jolly Phonics or for a general staff
meeting about synthetic phonics.
Suggested timeframe: 2 hours
 NSWIT Endorsed Course – Elements 1.2.1; 1.2.2; 1.2.3 and 2.2.3

                                      Synthetic Phonics – Jolly Phonics in Detail
                         Have you been using Jolly Phonics but need more strategies to implement it?
                              Wondering how to assess the children through synthetic phonics?
This session explores Jolly Phonics in detail and provides hands-on strategies to take back to the classroom. We highlight how
the program can be adapted with a focus on phonemic awareness to help children with blending and segmenting.
A full day includes the introductory session (see above) together with: how digraphs are introduced in Kindergarten, ongoing
assessment of phonemic awareness, a planning framework of the 42 sounds and how it is incorporated into the reading and writing
Suggested Timeframe: full day or 4 hours
 NSWIT Endorsed Course – Elements 1.2.1; 1.2.2; 1.2.3 and 2.2.3 (half day only)
                                    Jolly Phonics and the Interactive Whiteboard
                        Are you interested in using the interactive whiteboard to teach Jolly Phonics?
Jolly Phonics has moved to a new learning dimension with the introduction of the interactive software. This session explores the
three steps found in the program and how to use the units effectively in the classroom.
Suggested timeframe: 2 hours
                    Extending Your Knowledge of Synthetic Phonics through Jolly Phonics
                                   “I have finished teaching the 42 sounds, what do I do now?’
   This session explores this question providing teachers with plenty of hands-on activities which can be incorporated into any
  synthetic phonics classroom. Suggestions for a yearly plan of Jolly Phonics will be given along with suitable activities to assist
            with the areas of phonemic awareness, blending, segmenting and the initial stages of reading and writing.
Suggested timeframe: 2 hours
 NSWIT Endorsed Course – Elements 3.2.4; 3.2.6;4.2.5 and 6.2.1
                                      Bringing Grammar to Life – Jolly Grammar
                         Have you been using Jolly Phonics and are now wondering where to go next?
                        Wondering how to extend the children’s knowledge of the alternative spellings?
                                Wondering how to make grammar fun and exciting to teach?
In this session we focus on the writing process with an emphasis on spelling and grammar throughout the infant grades. It
develops the ideas from Jolly Grammar 1 with plenty of hands-on activities to take back to the classroom. It explores a systematic
and structured spelling program to assist with the alternative spellings of sounds. A full day includes: a planning framework for
spelling and grammar, extending Jolly Grammar across a K-6 perspective plus more hands-on grammar activities.
Suggested Timeframe: two hours to a full day
NSWIT Endorsed Course – Elements 1.2.3 ;2.2.3 and 2.2.4 (3 hours only)
                                              Jolly Grammar 2 – Building On
The course continues developing the concepts from Jolly Grammar 1. The two components of Jolly Grammar 2 - spelling and
grammar - will be explored with exciting activities which can be implemented immediately into your classroom.
Spelling: Teachers will be given fun activities to include in spelling lessons. Teach children how to Dot Dash and Dive and Phoneme
Finger Count their spelling words.
Participants will explore the advanced code of the English language to help students when investigating spelling rules.
Grammar: Teachers will explore exciting ways to teach grammar using a multi-sensory approach. The course will focus on
grammatical concepts which build on from Jolly Grammar 1. Once again, the Jolly Discoveries trainers will demonstrate how to
adapt the program to suit an Australian classroom and most importantly how to include hands-on activities rather than relying on
                                    Comprehension – Becoming a Strategic Reader
Are your children engaged in their reading? The workshop examines how to build children’s comprehension skills using strategies
which promote strategic reading. Programming your literacy block is explored and the numerous activities that can be
incorporated in a strategic reading classroom.
Suggested Timeframe: two hours, three hours
NSWIT Endorsed Course – Elements 1.2.1 ;3.2.2; 4.2.3 and 6.2.1
                                        The Struggling Child – the Early Years
                             Still have children who are having trouble reading and writing?
   This workshop details the importance of phonemic awareness and provides teachers with hands-on strategies, which can be
                                               implemented into the classroom.
Suggested Timeframe: two hours
                                          Classroom Demonstrations


                           Working together with Celeste and Santina in the classroom.
Gain an increasing awareness of Jolly Phonics, Jolly Grammar, a comprehension strategy or simply synthetic phonics
                 through a demonstration lesson. Lessons will be no longer than half hour sessions.

                                              ***conditions apply***
                                                          Jolly Parents
Introducing parents to synthetic phonics and how to help their children at home.
   Jolly Discoveries provides parents with an informative and practical guide to supporting children’s reading and writing using
                         synthetic phonics. The session will also include times for questions and answers.
 Suggested timeframe: two hours
                                                 Jolly Phonics Package

Jolly Phonics – An Introduction along with a further follow up session (two hours). The follow up session will be devised
according to the school’s individual needs and in collaboration with the staff. This package is offered to schools within one
hour of the Sydney region.
                                                 Jolly Design
Plan your staff inservice day using a combination of our training services.
We will tailor the day to suit your needs. Just tell us what courses you want for the day.
Example: Jolly Phonics – In Detail + Jolly Grammar
           Jolly Phonics – In Detail + Jolly Parents

                                                 CPR and First Aid Training
                                    Does your staff require an update with CPR or First Aid?
Our trainer is an official trainer and can provide full training and up date training not only for staff but also for secondary
students. Participants will receive official documentation from the NSW Royal Life Saving Society.
              ◊ Prices vary according to the course required ◊ Prices are based on a group of 30 ◊
                                    Please contact us for further information.

                              0419 272 185       0419 299 047

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