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UpToDate The Fix by 9lulQ121


									           The fix

Rahim Remtulla, MD
   As you know we in the Navy no longer have
    access to UpToDate.

   Having access to the USUHS LRC does NOT mean
    that you will have access to UpToDate.
    ◦ The next slides will show you how to determine if you
      have LRC access to UpToDate.

   Another option, which should work for at least all
    Active Duty and likely possibly for civilians:
    ◦ If you don’t have an account. Click “Don’t have an
      Account” on the left side of screen.
      Affiliation: National Capital Consortium
      Comments: please write “ [Your position -
       Attending/Resident/Intern] in Internal Medicine at
       NNMC Bethesda”
    ◦ If you do have an account  login.
   Type into the QUICK TITLE SEARCH box:
    ◦ UpToDate

    ◦ As you are typing, it will autocomplete the word
      UpToDate, click that.
   Some of you will see an icon for UpToDate, click it
    and it will take you there without problem.
   For most, the screen below will appear.

    ◦ “Sorry, no resources were found.” This means USUHS LRC
      does not have a faculty appointment for you.
    ◦ You can contact USUHS LRC 301-319-4039 and/or USUHS
      Human Resources for further assistance 301-319-4301
   This one should work
   First you need your AKO username and
   Google: Army Knowledge Online (or click this)
   Many of you have access to AKO already
    ◦ IRBNet is a part of this thus use that username and
    ◦ Click links to reset password
    ◦ Username: first.lastname
   Once you have reset your password:
    ◦ Answer the security questions
    ◦ Register your CAC card
    ◦ Once all of this is done log out of AKO.

    ◦ Next step…
   Then Google: Amedd Virtual Library
   This website has a ton of resources that you
    can access with your AKO username/password
    ◦ Journals, databases, Travax, UpToDate, textbooks
   Scroll down and bottom
    left has UpToDate Link.
   Click it and enter your
    AKO username and
   You are in!
   Can be done from home!

   You can register through
    the Amedd Virtual
    Library website for your
    own UpToDate account
    ◦ Manage CME, etc
   Click on link on right of
   You can access UpToDate through the Amedd
    Virtual Library using your AKO account
    username and password.

   I hope this helps and saves some money.

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