Our Commitment to Diversity and Equality of Opportunity by 9lulQ121


									                    Our Commitment to Diversity and
                         Equality of Opportunity

Phoenix Futures believes that diversity is our strength, and that we actively
support equal opportunities in all areas of our services, recruitment,
employment and management practices. We expect everyone that we work
with to contribute to an environment in which people are treated with respect
and their contribution is valued.

The way we work reflects the mission of Phoenix Futures and is governed by
the legislation that outlaws discrimination and promotes equality and diversity.

Phoenix Futures delivers services in a way that genuinely recognises the
importance of an inclusive society that brings opportunities and access for

We will make reasonable adjustments to working practices, equipment and
premises and offer, where appropriate, additional support so that people are
able to take a full and active part in our work.

We will:

     o       Ensure that our Equality and Diversity policy is known to everyone
             we work with and to potential clients and employees.

     o       Provide training to support this policy.

     o       Monitor and review the policy through our Equality & Diversity
             Working Group.

     o       Take appropriate action against those who do not keep to this policy.

Diversity Leaflet - 2008
                                Diversity Monitoring Form
Phoenix Futures is committed to equal opportunities in its employment policy, practices and
procedures. To help us impliment and monitor this policy, please could you provide us with the
following information:
Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy):

Gender:                  Male                                    Female             

Sexual Orientation:             Heterosexual         Gay       Lesbian        Bisexual     
                                Other                                       I Prefer not to say

Do you consider yourself to have a disability?                  Yes          No           

Religion:             Baha’I              Buddhist           C of E        Catholic     
                      Christian             Hindu            Jewish        Muslim       
                      Parsi               Rastafarian  Sikh               

Ethnic Origin:
a. White              English            Scottish        Welsh         Irish 

b. Mixed              White/ Caribbean           White/African        White/Asian 

c. Asian/ Asian British         Indian                Pakistani           Bangladeshi         

d. Black/Black British                    
                                Caribbean                    African            

e. Chinese            Chinese                    f. Other

How did you hear of this position?

Have you ever received treatment for substance misuse?                Yes                No        
Was this treatment through Phoenix Futures?                           Yes                No        

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