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									                        Preparatory Academy Pre-Schools
ASU Preparatory Preschools create diverse school and family partnerships for our community preschool
programs that develop confident, caring, creative children.

Providing a strong foundation in academics and social development to support success in Kindergarten and
beyond. The pre-schools will prepare students to succeed at ASU’s preparatory academies. The goals of ASU
Preparatory academies are to provide personalized, university embedded academic programs that empower
students to complete college, excel in a global society, and contribute to their communities.

                                  PRE-SCHOOL INTEREST/ WAIT LIST FORM
Please select desired location:

 ASU Polytechnic Preparatory Academy(Mesa)             ASU Phoenix Preparatory Academy (Downtown Phoenix)

  Please return by fax to (602-496-3323)965-1286 or Email to or turn in to
  the school office.
 Family Name (Last name):


 City, State, Zip Code

 Home:                                         Cell:

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                                                                             Full day, AM or PM Preference*
 Legal Name of Children to be Enrolled              Age and Date of Birth           *not guaranteed

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