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									Application No:40251                                                                                  Details of examination fee remitted

Online Registeration on : 25-09-2010                                                            a) Amount remitted

                                                                                                b) Where remitted

                     BOARD OF TECHNICAL EXAMINATIONS                                            c) Chalan / Receipt No

                             KERALA STATE                                                       d) Date of remittance

                                                                                                e) Name of Treasury ****

        Register Number          10042148                                   Name of Candidate     RAHUL M

        Name of Branch           Electronics                                Name of Course        DIPLOMA IN ENGINEERING
                                                                                                  Government Polytechnic College ,
        Scheme                   10                                         Exam Center

                                                                Details of Registration
           SlNo      Year/Sem           Type                                    Registered Subjects                              Fee Without Fine*

           1395          1             Regular         1001 1002 1003 1004 2001 101 201                                                300

        *Note Fine will be collected as per Rules.

                                               Certified that details furnished by me above are correct

        Name& Signature of the candidate

          Verified attendance and Recommended

                                                                                                                  Head of Section/ Group Tutor

          Certified that the entries are carefully verified and found correct with this office records

                                                            Section Clerk                              Principal/Head of Institution

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