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									                          Mainframe Services Adding Business Value

The modern day technological implementations for software developments have witnessed quick
conversions over the past few years. Every technology has achieved its own share of criticism and praise
as has each one faced its own golden era. Today the usage of legacy applications and systems are
actively prevalent in this time of desktop virtualization and cloud computing services. The contributions
made by legacy techniques cannot be averted as these innovative tools are the roadway to advanced
developments. Mainframe services are one of the latest methodologies that have rendered IT its
prominent character.

Advent of Leading Mainframe Services
There are some business organizations that have been reliant on mainframe systems, though for them it
has been difficult to spot a competent and qualified mainframe expert to help them face business
challenges effectively. The role played by mainframe exponents is very crucial for software development
as well as application lifecycle management. The solutions offered have to be efficient in maintaining the
present mainframe products, modernization, legacy systems, code conversions, code re-engineering and
many more.

Today renowned Product R& D service companies offer ongoing mainframe solutions that involves legacy
application management services, tool enabled migration, critical mainframe application assistance and
modernization services. Some of the focus areas include are:-

    ● Mainframe support and maintenance of existing mainframe products
    ● Software product development for mainframe platforms
    ● Legacy system modernizations (such as moving to newer technologies like Java EE)
    ● Code re-engineering and code conversion (such as Assembler to PL/1 or COBOL)
    ● Documentation and technical writing

Mainframe Services and Business Value
Business organizations can reap in business value by using mainframe services. Some of them are listed

    ● Minimized TCOs and enhanced ROIs
    ● Improved SLAs, resulting in enhanced infrastructure and application uptimes. This also translates
          down to greater business by increasing the profit share as a whole
    ● Process orientation, that results in reduced people dependency and unexpected outages
    ● Improved response to the business modifications and challenges, thereby transforming your
        organization into a market leader

Many enterprises throughout the world depend on mainframe systems to assists their business processes
and infrastructure. Hence it is crucial to opt in for expert software engineers with quality mainframe
expertise. This has become all the more essential with the rising popularity in JEE and .NET and other
technologies. Eminent Product R& D Services companies help organizations to attain their business
objectives by offering solutions with efficient legacy systems and mainframe competencies.

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