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									Everybody needs their own website and the first thing one should do is to
register a domain name. It usually costs $9.95.There are a couple of
well-known companies such as Go Daddy and YahooDomains where you can
register a domain name and if you search on the Internet for their promo
codes, you might be able to get it for less.

I was thinking of starting another blog. It would be all about phones and
how each one of us chooses our phones based on our own character just
like the way we choose our cars.Is it notamazing how people would choose
an iPhone over an Android phone and vice versa?

I came up with a good domain name something that is relevant to the topic
I want to blog about. I quickly checkedthe domain name on GoDaddy if it
is available and surprisingly it is. What I usually do after is try to
get a promo code and was pleasantly surprised that there is an ongoing
promo from GoDaddy that you can get your very own domain name for $.99and
thatis truly a bargain.

I have no idea until this promotion will run but try to come up quickly
with your own blog name and check if it is available and maybe you can
finally create yourvery first website. It does not have to be fancy. You
can quickly have it running by turning your domain name into a blog and
install WordPress as your blogging platform.

As for the new blog on phones I am thinking, the order I did on GoDaddy
just went through and with some extra charges it finally came at $1.17
which is still a good buy. Who knows if the blog ever becomes famous then
I can write a book with the title "How I Became an Instant Millionaire
With a One Dollar Website".

Because technically it all starts with registering your domain name and
for now the one I just registeredmy website forone dollar.

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