Using Yahoo Site Explorer to Analyze Competing Websites

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					Out of the hundreds of millions of domains on the internet most get
almost no traffic. We can all agree that it is useless to create a
website that no one sees. This is why more and more entrepreneurs are
interested in learning how to effectively market online. The good news is
there are many free tools available to anyone who wants to take the time
to use them. In this article I will discuss the use of Yahoo Site
Explorer to analyze the competition.

Of course, the first thing to do is to go to This site will allow you to put in any URL
and find out how many pages are on the site, how many back links are
currently connected to the site, and exactly what backlinks those are!
This information will allow you to know what you will need to do to get
ahead of those other sites in the search engines. A basic understanding
of search engine optimization (SEO) will allow you to take advantage of
this information.

Here is what you will want to do:

1) Pick the keywords that you want to rank for. Run through a few search
engines and list at least the top 5 competitors that you want rank ahead
of. Most folks like to use Google to do this step.

2) Run your competitors sites through Yahoo Site Explorer. Just enter the
URL. Then check out the drop box for "show links."

3) Write a list of 25 to 50 of the top inbound links that your
competitors are on. (remember that the links that have the highest Google
page ranking will usually carry the most weight. There are a number of
sites that allow you to check page rank for free- ex.

4) Use the highest ranked sites that have your competitors have links on.
Depending on your competitors, you will find that most inbound links are
on blogs, directories and websites. You will likely be able to get your
link on those sites. Sometimes you have to write an article or post to do
so. Usually you can post your link in those places for free. Others may
be paid links. Those you will obviously have to pay for it you decide to
use them.

Although there are other factors that account for SEO ranking, inbound
links are very important. I like to think of inbound links as "votes" for
a site. If you have the ability to vote for yourself why wouldn't you.
Many folks pay thousands of dollars to online marketer to do what they
can do themselves with the use of a combination of free tools!

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