SEO Companies Guarantee Top 10 Ranking in Search Engines - Is This for Real

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					Obviously, the traffic is important to make more sales and in turn, more
profit! If you are having huge problems getting within the top 10 ranking
for any keyword based on your domain, then you are actually fighting a
lost battle to make any money from your website!

Nowadays, there are companies who guarantee Top 10 Ranking on Google,
Yahoo and Bing. There are companies of different industries and domains
who have benefitted immensely with perfect search engine positioning
which has boosted their site's search engine ranking to the top spot.
Some vendors have been instrumental in improving SERPS too.

It is no secret that the website which features in the Google top 10
results attracts 60% more traffic than any of the sites which find a
place in the second page. The traffic is more than what one can ever get
from pay-per-click or other paid advertisements too.

The Overall Procedure

Phase 1

Our SEO techniques and procedures are innovative and professional. We
commence with Phase 1 where we conduct website analysis and technical
audits to assess the existing position of the website along with a
detailed competitor analysis for getting the perfect market view of
competition. Our range of assessment includes:

Inbound & outbound links
Cached pages
Alt Tags
Browser Compatibility
URL Architecture
Keywords Density

SEO companies which provide one of the best SEO services in the market
always provide a detailed competitor analysis assessment which would
deliver the domain results, incoming links and the overall ranking of
their sites.

Phase 2

The phase 2 would include on and off-page optimization wherein keyword
research will be conducted, pre-ranking audit report will be prepared,
and HTML coding corrections will be introduced. Next, SEO providers start
automated and manual submissions of content to thousands of directories.
A report will be prepared too after the submissions.

Phase 3

Phase 3 of our Top 10 Google Ranking Services will include getting links
from popular sites especially from those with higher page rank and
industry relevance. Press Releases, Articles and Comments need to be
posted on such sites to create one way links towards the main site.
Tagged videos will also be used for more and more popularity.

Phase 4

Lastly, the best SEO services provided by the best SEO companies would
include a comprehensive report about the whole process. The maintenance
services will include directory submissions and use of Google Analytics
for time-to-time assessments and updates.

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