Information Communication Technologies and Society

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					Americans spends nearly 14 hours of a day on Internet. Around 233
countries surf WWW. There are almost 50,562,886 active domains are
attractive crowd to surf. Google, Yahoo and MSN dominates search engine
market. Once again human has been successful to develop virtual world and
no doubts we are greatly fascinated by its effects.

 Rather simply calling to shopkeepers and ordering necessity through
telephone, we are becoming now habitual to meet shopkeepers or mall
sellers online, browsing catalog and just marking checkbox to select
product and pay through credit cards to order checked products. E-
commerce and e selling are strongly backed up by supply chain of delivery
boys or services like FedEx.

 Our society is a collection. It is made of communities, nations, broad
groupings based on common traditions, interests, activities, philosophy,
race, mythology or religious practice. We have a family, home, friends,
opposites and unknown around us. Our life is influenced by fashion,
trends, social, political and economical aspects. The foremost I should
mention is technology and science.

 With growth of science and technology, we are forgetting the fraction.
Earlier fraction was the major invention. Alexander Graham Bell, a
pioneer in the field of telecommunications invented "Electrical speech
machine" in 1876. The same telephone is a fraction to use Dial up
Internet. Yet it has not lost its value. However there are set of
examples which has lost its value due to rapid changing faces of society.
It should not be wrong to say that we are moving slowly to Internet based

 Learning from history, I would say, technology that supports business or
makes business is paid highest attention and driven to growth.
Information Technology is from the same disk. The site that has in depth
relation with business is mostly visited. However, any sites that look
for donation for the cause of society benefits need to wait for visitors.

 The growth of Information Technology and the growth of business are
tightly intermingled. If you talk about IT, you have taste of business
somewhere in your tongue. With idea of sharing and improving on knowledge
and wealth, it has been possible to do business & commerce over mobile
(M-Commerce). We are the witnesses of such an explosive growth in
networking and telecommunication industry. According to Forrester
Research, worldwide B2B and B2C was expected to grow to an exceptional
$6.8trillion by 2004. B2C e-commerce in the United States was expected to
reach at $184.5 billion by the same year.

 The most successful players in quick running race were Amazon, eBay,
Napster, Google, HotMail, Expedia and Yahoo! No doubts Dot Net burst
crashed many small companies.
 With business Information Technology brought a series of business words
e.g. ERP, SCM, CRM, BPM, B2B, B2C, KM, Offshore and many more.

 Where it sounds great of hearing e-business with nice cup of tea on
mobile, you fail to avoid pornography and music or data piracy on moving
cameras or laptops on other hand. Either Internet has become easy medium
to commit old crime like fraud, obscenity, incitement to hatred in a new
way or it has further facilitate to birth of crimes such as pedophilia
and child pornography. Due to digitalization and speed of Information
Technology and Communication, privacy has gone in danger. Exchange of
materials over Internet like material relating to sex, violence,
discrimination, drug addiction and cult worship are some examples proven
as harmful, if not illegal. Censorship or blocking or controlling crimes
are standing and being very active challenges to society.

 The benefit that I cannot really ignore presented to world by ICT
(Information and Communication Technology) is covering up distance
shorten. Internet Relay Chat is mostly tossed word over Internet. Because
of ICT, the establishment of more numbers of virtual societies has been
possible. There are millions of people to be heard here.

 The fast conversation of paper to electronic forms, we are able to read
books, newspapers, magazines and thesis over Internet or Intranet. The
knowledge sharing process is speedier now. Conversation through Internet
Telephony or data transfer through NET has made virtual office or virtual
libraries and e-learning concept possible. We are now enough open to
share world's information making it available and useful universally.

 Accepting ICT as one medium of communication, spiritual groups are well
establishing their feet on Internet. Thoughts and notes from great
religious & spirituals manuscripts or Vedas are available to read on
Internet. Video, Sounds and group chats become strong to spread knowledge
and messages.

 The investment made in Search engines and Internationalization reaps
benefits of availability of text, graphics, video or voice over Internet
in accepted languages.

 It depends on our countries policies & attentions and our intentions to
fetch good out of newborn & developed society leaving illegal & harmful

Description: When you are thinking domains, you are thinking of a unique name the the world will come to appreciate from yahoo. A domain name is a marketing address that you use to announce yourself to the world. Yahoo is the domain name for the website and it comes with an extension .com which means commercial. There are other extensions and they include .net, .info, .us and so many others.