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					PERSONAL FACEBOOKING - Facebook is THE social media outlet. Where the
eyes are, is where you need to be (in some capacity). But the key to
translating Facebook into revenue is not in ads on the side of the page.
It's not setting up a fan page with daily specials. The key to turning
Facebook into cash is in personal messages. You don't have to be friends,
but you do have to already have to know their name. So this isn't an
advertising technique as much as a customer relations technique that
translates into revenue. I use this method to drive repeat sales. Ex. Hey
Breanna, It's Adam from so-and-so, I saw you bought our thingamajig in
March and it just went on sale! And if you pay cash, you will get 15%
off. Hope to see you soon. I also use this to reach out to customers that
haven't bee in a while. Ex. Hey Jessica, I haven't seen you in a while. I
hope you had a great summer and I hope to see you soon! I'm careful not
to include a sales pitch in this message. I never send facebook messages
more than once/2-3/months. Just remember, keep it really personal so it
feels like a conversation instead of a solicitation.

2. KEYWORD-HEAVY DOMAINS - I have an anchor webpage, that is, my main
site where I want traffic to flow. Then... I have my keyword-heavy
websites (17 and counting). These are domains that I purchased to help me
with Google/Yahoo organic results. These domains are highly specific to
my business and geographical location. Ex, I own a tanning salon in
Tuscaloosa, Al. My primary website is But I
also buy tuscaloosatanning dot com, tuscaloosatanningsalons dot com etc,
You get the idea. Which ones do you buy? Ask yourself this question- "If
I just moved to Norfolk and wanted to find a coffee shop, what would I
type in Google to find one"? Odds are you type something like "coffee
shops in Norfolk, Va". Buy that one. Use a keyword tool to find what
people are searching and then buy them. Build a static, simple page that
has a lot of text info and links to your anchor site

3. ONLINE REVIEWS - To maximize your local results on search engines like
Google and yahoo, get a handful of friends and family to "write a review"
of your business.

4. MORE VIDEOS - Google likes videos. Facebook likes videos. Youtube
likes videos. People like videos. Customers like videos. Make more
videos. Use descriptive titles that include your business name. No longer
than 2 minutes. Be creative. Use Tube Mogul to disseminate.

5. PRESS RELEASES - Don't use this technique if you don't have anything
interesting to say. If you wouldn't see your idea on the five-o-clock
news, then you don't need to do a press release. It has to be newsworthy.
It has to be huge. It has to have impact. I send press releases when I
have a major event planned. Not only will you get links online, but free
exposure on TV, newspaper etc. about your huge newsworthy impact. If your
business is small, regional, national or global; submit to digg, prweb,
local TV stations, newspapers, relevant magazines etc.

6. CHALKING - This is one of the best ROI marketing techniques out there.
Find out where people are walking and chalk it up. 5-10 words max. I do
this monthly.
7. RELEVANT CROSS-PROMOTIONALS - I administered a survey to 40 of my
customers and asked them to name three local stores they frequent (other
than Wal-Mart, Publix etc). There were a lot of businesses in common. I
now know where my target demographic goes shopping, eating, drinking etc.
These are the businesses I partner with.

8. BATHROOM ADS - If you don't want people seeing the name of your
business when they tee-tee then don't use bathroom ads. But if you are a
tanning salon near a university, then I'm asking every bar owner in town
if I can affix my laminated, color flyers to the back of the stall door
in all of the ladies restrooms.

9. CLUB FLYERS - There is no better place to buy your business cards, 4x6
postcards, flyers and banners than For brand recognition,
I have an array of different cards on hand. I go to apartments, parking
lots, dorms, and public events and disseminate my cards.

10. MICRO-SPECIALS - I've found that highly targeted specials work very
well. Downtown Savannah workers, Student special, Active military
discount, etc. Whoever your target demographic, invent a special for them
and advertise where they are. This is when I print special 4x6 postcards
specifically for this special and distribute where these people are.

11. HAND-WRITTEN LETTERS - Older customers will appreciate this much more
than the younger demographic. I write my loyal customers a letter at
Christmas, thanking them for their business and loyalty. I let them know
without them, I wouldn't be in business. That's it. Be honest. Nothing
cheesy and no sales pitches. I always say something personal like "Tell
Jeff I said hey". Just something to show you care about them and you
better care about them; they are your livelihood.

12. COMPLEMENTS - This is another customer relations technique. People
don't want to hear about you. They want to talk about themselves.
Furthermore, they want you to listen to them talk about themselves. So
ask questions about what's going on in their lives. Listen and make a
mental note so you can follow up the next time you see them. Pay them a
complement. Don't shower them with complements. One good complement a
month is perfect. "Did you darken your hair, it looks really good", "I
like those shoes", "You look nice today" This is powerful.

13. PERSONALIZED REWARDS - Find out which customers you want to reward.
Whether it's loyalty or the amount of money they spend; personalize their
rewards based on what they have bought or valued in the past. This will
drive repeat sales and increase customer loyalty.

14. OUR PRICE/COMPETITORS PRICE - Value. Saving money. These are
important things, but rarely do we see the savings in front of our face.
When you are at Office Depot you don't see Staples' price on the same
tag. Imagine if you did see this. I would remember that Office Depot's
price was better than Staples the next time I need printer ink. If you
are able to do this-Do it. Keep it tasteful. Show people that we give you
the best product or service for the best price.

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Description: When you are thinking domains, you are thinking of a unique name the the world will come to appreciate from yahoo. A domain name is a marketing address that you use to announce yourself to the world. Yahoo is the domain name for the website and it comes with an extension .com which means commercial. There are other extensions and they include .net, .info, .us and so many others.